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Ambleside Gallery

Contents 524 S.Elm St. Greensboro, NC

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living Diversity Visitors to the Cultural Center of Greensboro are afforded an oppotrunity to explore the culture, customs and art that make us unique, yet prove we are the same.


Artist Spotlight

This month it’s a twofer...Two you should definitely not miss.


Visitors Must Eat

This month it’s off to the Mediterranean for Shish Kabok and Shawarma at Sarah’s Kabob Shop


Skin Deep part 3 In this 3rd installment of our 5 part series we take a peek into the world of piercing


Events Calender

Selected events in and around our fair ciity

26 Boo Bash

A pictorial look at this years fun holloween event...Boo Bash.


The Fountains of Center City

If Center City Park is a beautiful Gem in the middle of downtown Greensboro, it is the fountains that make it sparkle.


The Golden Corner Arts and crafts that are the perfect activity to keep your mind sharp and your fingers active.


Food for Thought A caterers are not the same and Simply Classy Caterers is out to prove it!


Fun Fest

A photographic look back at the Greensboro Sportsplex’s annual fall event

Contents <<< 05

01. Art e 02. Afric atriu

06 >>> cultural center

Tony Bates Greensboro, North Carolina

01. 02. 03. Dancers at the Greenhill Center for NC Art

exhibt in the atrium

can folk music in the um


othing speaks to the true nature of a city like its ability to embrace diversity, and in Greensboro, NC, nothing says diversity like the Greensboro Cultural Center. Located in a four-level building at 200 North Davie Street, the center is part of a two block cultural complex known as Festival Park. A beacon of cultural arts in Greensboro since 1990, the center is city owned and managed through a partnership with the United Arts Council. Through corporate sponsorships, government grants and generous public support, the center is able to serve as a rent-free home to sixteen different arts organizations, spanning the cultural spectrum from Native American Art to the Greensboro Ballet. While the Cambridge Seven Associates designed atrium is itself a work of art, it is the glass fronted art galleries lining the walls that provide the main visual stimulation. Stepping into the impressive glass, steel and concrete three-story atrium is akin to entering an art gallery lined with paintings that are actually doorways to other worlds. Displaying selected pieces of artwork that can be viewed from the atrium, the centerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s galleries create a unique â&#x20AC;&#x153;window shoppingâ&#x20AC;? experience providing the medley of visitors an opportunity to get a feel for a genre, before entering a particular gallery. The assortment of galleries which include; The African American Atelier, The Green Hill Center for North Carolina Art, The Guilford Native American Art Gallery and The Center for Visual Arts, offers a wide variety of options not often found in single galleries. While visiting the center, I was afforded the opportunity to speak with Barbara McKenzie, Facility Manager for the Cultural Center and Festival Park. Overseeing operations at the center for the last six years comes with many responsibilities. With so many organizations, each with their own schedule of events, one of the most important and certainly most daunting of these responsibilities would have to be coordinating the happenings throughout the center; ensuring there are no timing conflicts and that everyone has a memorable, pleasurable experience. Genuinely passionate about all of her work, Ms. McKenzie is perfectly suited to the task, seeming to hold a special place in her heart for the center and the more than 70,000 (and growing) people that are touched by the Cultural Center each year. (cont. on page 25)

Living Diversity The Greensboro Cultural Center cultural center<<<07

08 >>>



hen pausing to consider prevailing attitudes, it seems quite amazing that piercing is at the same time one of the most common and generally accepted body modifications, while simultaneously being one of the most extreme and socially taboo. How is it that we can find pierced ears on a young girl, even a baby, so cute and adorable while cringing at some of the less common piercing locations? Examining both piercing and tattooing we find a commonality in the perceptions “main-stream” America has placed on both. Several studies, including one by the esteemed Pew Research Center, have concluded that the majority of Americans consider people with tattoos and/or piercings (with the exception of earlobes) to be living on the edge of society. The irony of this disconnect between piercing earlobes and other areas becomes apparent when notes that 83% of all Americans have their earlobes pierced; with another 14% having piercings in other locations. Compare that to the 20% of all Americans (40% of those 26-40yo) that have at least one tattoo and it becomes obvious that piercing is by far this country’s most popular form of “permanent” body modification. Other areas such as the naval, nose and ears, other than lobes, (33%, 19% and 13% respectively) are becoming more common, but these numbers do little to explain why some areas of the body are considered more proper if not actually more appropriate than other locations. With the oldest incident of pierced earlobes having been found in a 5000 year old mummy frozen in an Austrian glacier, the fact is pierced earlobes have been around for a very long time. With so much time to get used to the idea, it hardly seems strange that ears (ear lobes in particular) would be exempted from the “taboo” nature of the general public’s attitudes towards piercing. Moreover, pierced ears for both men and women have

SKIN DEEP Piercing T Bates Greensboro, North Carolina

Kevin mick piercing a nostirl at carolina tattoo company

10 >>> skin deep

PArT 3

“How is it that we can find pierced ears on a young girl, even a baby, so cute and adorable while cringing at some of the less common piercing locations?” even garnered positive mentions in the Bible’s Old Testament (Genesis 24:22 and Exodus 32:1–4). Unlike tattoos where the majority of those who have them have done so because of some personal meaning, an overwhelming preponderance of people with piercings have them because they believe in their aesthetic value and herein lies the issue. Does there exist a point where there is too much to consider reasonable and who makes that decision? How many is too many? As with any alteration to our appearance piercing is a matter of personal preference. Seeing a person with typically pierced ears, we hardly notice and certainly have no opinion about nor do we wonder why they did it. Especially on women, a few piercings in certain locations will draw only minimal notice and usually with no adverse reaction. Even several piercings in the same ear, a pierced naval or small stud in the nostril has become relatively common. However, as the number and locations increase and vary, the response from the public at large becomes increasingly more critical. We could discuss arithmetic all day, but then the math is not the issue here. This is not about how many holes someone has chosen and where the number and location stop being acceptable. Does it really matter if the earlobe is pierced once or five times? (continued on pg. 33) skin deep<<<11

Th 12 >>> fountains

he Fountains of Center City Park

T. Bates


14 >>>



e’ve promise from the beginning to shine a spotlight on at least one artist (creative talent) each month. Of course artists are found in many genres often with multiple talents and Greensboro is rife with talented artists. This month we are enacting the “at least” clause in our original statement and expanding the spotlight to include one artist AND one location where multiple talents can be found. Let’s begin with…

The First Friday Indie Market Located on Elm St, just on the south side the railroad tracks at the corner of Martin Luther King Blvd., the First Friday Indie Market is small in stature by comparison to other markets, yet huge with talent. Taking place the first Friday of every month (April through December), the market hosts a variety of gifted artisans showcasing arts and crafts of every imaginable (and previously unimagined) style. Within the confines of what is ordinarily a corner parking lot, the space is transformed into a museum/gift shop where weavers, woodcarvers and welders display their wares side by side with pottery, paintings and other pretty things. Unique items that will tantalize every taste and budget are on display for

16 >>> artist

browsers and shoppers alike. It’s important to point out

that as part of downtowns First Friday monthly event, the Indie Market is but one of the many stops you should make as part of your monthly exploration. There are a great many things to see (and of course purchase) on First Friday, so start early to cover as much ground as possible. As we head into the Christmas shopping season, finding those one of a kind gifts for the people on our shopping lists becomes more difficult each day. Likewise

with the economy tightening its grip on our finances, finding reasonably priced items that will hold valued meaning is ever more important. Enter the Indie Market. With only two potential first Fridays (Friday November 2nd & Friday December 7th), the opportunities to shop here are dwindling, but that’s al-

right, because it doesn’t take much. However, if you don’t find something at the Indie Market for someone on your list (or yourself for that matter), then you’re not really shopping anyway, you’re perusing…And that’s alright too.

Artist Spotlight T Bates

Greensboro, North Carolina

A New Dimension in Art B

eing constantly on the lookout for new artists in Greensboro quite literally leaves me in a state of amazement, often wandering about aimlessly too awestruck to select just one. Luckily, my wife happened to meet someone who so inspired her that I was relieved of the pressure of choosing a local artist for this month’s Artist Spotlight. I have seen artwork created out of many materials, but until I met Paula Scaffidi and looked at her work, I had no idea fabrics and materials could be transformed into true art. A textile artist who has taught professionally since 1976 in a variety of settings, Paula began her foray into the world of art in college. Still an avid watercolor painter and drawing enthusiast, she became immersed in the textile arts in the early 1990’s; and has been combining fibers in her own art for a number of years. As a pioneer in machine needle felting, AKA Needlepunch, Paula has intensively explored the possibilities of this field; and developed the very equipment she now loves creating with. Her vision for a new tool and the talent of a top notch engineer at BERNINA I n t e rn a t i o n a l in Switzerland, were both key ingredients behind the BERNINA #45 Rotary Punch Tool. Distinctively new in its capabilities, Paula was so intrinsic to its development that she is named on both the US and Swiss patents. The tool can be manually driven and also directed through the use of software. “It’s great for both sides of the brain!” Paula goes on to say that, “I always love being in the creative stream, and most especially in this case: I’ve been there all the way from the tool’s inception

to the art itself. The artist and the teacher in me both light up as artists worldwide explore what’s possible in their art, and with this tool. It’s a joyful swim in a vast pond of shared creativity.” Though personally Paula enjoys writing about creativity, teaching, and using many types of art media, her special affinity for the use of fiber is reflected in her online persona, namely “Fiberella” ( Paula’s new Fiberella Studio Online offers live, interactive eLearning courses that combine beginner friendly art basics, textile craftsmanship and approaches to enhance the ability to tap into personal creativity. At the heart of it all, she’s really a creativity coach. She enjoys interacting with students via this international live studio. “What fun, to work with artists from all around the world!” You can check out her studio here: A greater Greensboro resident since 2000, Paula loves working in her studio tucked in the trees of Summerfield where she lives with her husband Len, and their two entertaining cats; son Michael is a recent graduate of Appalachian State and is pursuing his career in Nashville, TN. Now rooted in NC, and through the portal of her computer, Paula routinely meets textile enthusiasts and students from all around the world, and can still be home for dinner. “I’m grateful for the balance of time spent quietly working in my studio, and interacting online in a meaningful way with other artists. Reaching out into the world, and being able to live and work here in NC, is something I’m truly grateful for.” Paula has quite literally taken art to a new and exciting dimension. The tactile feel and visual depth of her work make it stand out in what can too often be a flat world. Paula’s academic and artistic accomplishments are quite extensive. You can find out more about her by visiting her online at Once there you can also get information about her classes while checking out her work and the work of some of her students. Until then, here’s a small sample of Paula’s art to hold you over .



November ‘12


18 >>> events



Visit the Natural Science Center of Greensboro at for ongoing events all month long. AND don’t forget the international exhibit “Accidental Mummies of Guanajuato” will only be here through December 30th at which time it will be gone forever. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.


Ambleside gallery Group exhibition... Multiple artists on display. contact

12 The Wizard of Oz’ Community Theatre of Greensboro 310 S. Greene St. Tickets $10 to $30 plus $2.50 Carolina Theatre restoration fee. Call (336) 333-2605 or (336) 3337469 for details



ArtQuest Through November 10th Studio Projects: Self Portraits and Wood Collages at the Greenhill Center for NC Art. for additional information about this and other events.

13 NC Baptist St Convention Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center November 12th & 13th... 8:00am-11:00pm visit for details


Business event Introduction to Microsoft Word 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM at theCentral library 219 N. Church Street. This is a free class and one of many available through the library. all 336-335-5430 to register or get additional information

Business event How to Write a Business Plan... Free event 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM. Central library 219 N. Church Street. This is a free class and one of many available through the library. all 336-335-5430 to register or get additional information



Festival of Lights 6-9pm at Tanglewood Park. Get ready for the 21st season of this winter spectacular. Call 703-6400 or visit festival_of_lights.aspx for details.

UniverSoul Circus Through December 2nd in the Greensboro Coliseum parking lot. Tickets are $15.00 to $28.50 visit greensborocoliseum or for additional information


ambleside gallery Group exhibition... Multiple artists on display. contact Amblesidearts. com


Intro to E-mail 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM at the Central Library 219 N. Church St.This is a free class and one of many available through the library. all 336-335-5430 to register or get additional information

21 ArtQuest Family Night 5-7pm at the Green Hill Center for N.C. Art. Free for the whole family. Visit greenhillcenter. org or call 333-7460 for additional information.

28 UniverSoul Circus Through December 2nd in the Greensboro Coliseum parking lot. Tickets are $15.00 to $28.50 visit greensborocoliseum or for additional information



01 Junie B. Jones







ambleside gallery

ambleside gallery Group exhibition... Multiple artists on display. contact for details

Show times 9:45 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. at the Greensboro Coliseum . A new musical by TheatreworksUSA. visit for additional information.

Remembering Frances Baker.. Please join us on First Friday, Nov. 2nd from 6:00 until 9:00pm for a reception and exhibition preview. (Live music and refreshments) for details



science center Kats: The Meerkat Musical... The Kats are coming! Meerkats, that is. visit for additional information about this and all of the events at the Natural Science Center of Greensboro.

15 Disney On Ice “World of Fantasy” through November 18th at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex call (336) 373-7400 or visit them online at for additional information

22 thanksgiving day

Home with family and friends... best event

29 UniverSoul Circus Through December 2nd in the Greensboro Coliseum parking lot. Tickets are $15.00 to $28.50 visit greensborocoliseum or for additional information

live - the who Quadrophenia and More at the Greensboro Coliseum 7:30pm visit for details

16 science center Greensboro Astronomy Club meeting 7:30pm for details

23 craftsman’s classic Through november 25th. The 39th Annual Craftsmen’s Christmas Classic Art & Craft Festival at the Greensboro Coliseum. Original designs and work from hundreds of talented artists and craftsmen from across the nation. for details

30 Improv at The Idiot Box Every Friday and Saturday night visit The Idiot Box’s for hilarious improv comedy. 348 S. Elm Street. idiotboxers. com or (336) 274-2699 for details


Veterans Day event Guilford Courthouse National Military Park Guilford Courthouse National Military Park 2332 New Garden Road Greensboro, NC 27410 call (336) 288-1776 for info

17 Kats - The Meerkat Musical. This popular ongoing show can be seen Saturdays, Sundays and Guilford County school holidays. Visit for details

24 In the Garden with Santa The Greensboro Council of Garden Clubs. Come enjoy decorated trees and holiday displays. Vendors will have gifts and crafts for sale. Cup cakes and other baked goods available for purchase. Call (336) 282-4949 for details

Triad stage Shipwrecked! Through November 11 performances 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. for information including additional showtimes.


Science center Veteran’s Day Discount for all Military 9am-5pm for details TRIAD STAGE Last performance of Shipwrecked! pm for details

18 Gso Roller Derby 5 p.m. at the Greensboro Coliseun. Visit for details.

25 craftsman’s classic LAST DAY!!! The 39th Annual Craftsmen’s Christmas Classic Art & Craft Festival at the Greensboro Coliseum. Original designs and work from hundreds of talented artists and craftsmen from across the nation. for details

Planning an event? List it for free at Visit us online for additional events



Creating Crafts

Senior Projects

G e Th

d ol

Carol Bates Morris Staff Writer

or C n

r e n

20>>> the golden corner

Photography & Mosaics


or this month’s Senior Corner, since the holidays are right around the bend, I decided to switch gears, lighten the mood a little and talk about arts and crafts. Arts and crafts are a great outlet that can cross many boundaries of interest. More and more seniors are discovering the rewards of finding a new hobby or rediscovering a pleasurable craft from the past. The difficulty isn’t finding a craft to pursue; it’s trying to decide which one to try because there are so many. For seniors, making simple crafts is beneficial because it keeps fingers moving and stimulates the imagination. Keeping active is an important concern for many seniors as well as their family members. Health limitations associated with aging can limit certain activities, but arts and crafts are not one of them. Seniors that continue to be interested in daily activates as well as new and existing hobbies find that they sleep better, keep their mind active, fight the onset of depressions, and generally have a healthier outlook on life. Health limitations associated with aging can set limitations on what arts and crafts projects an individual can do, but it cannot stop them from thriving in the creative process associated with those projects. I have spent some time researching and trying out some different art related projects. There are quite a few different ones that can be easily accomplished at any stage in a person’s life. Completion of a project can fill a room with smiling faces and fill the crafter with a sense of pride. There are many simple projects that can produce a wide variety of results. For our first time, I thought that we would focus on photography and mosaics. Photography is a fabulous arts and craft project for senior citizens. While someone with limited mobility in their hands may not be able to work all of the small gears on a camera, they should be able to push the most important button, the one that takes the pictures. Digital cameras have taken over the world of photography. Using something as familiar as photography is a great way to introduce seniors to computers. The landscaped grounds around the community are a great place to photograph flowers and people. Digital cameras and computers are becoming so affordable, that most people have access to them readily. Take advantage of them and create some truly great works of art. This is also a great project for someone who is bed ridden. You can involve family members to make this really fun. Have the children go take the photos and then everyone can be part of the process of deciding what to do with the photos. You can also use existing photos to create images on mugs, t-shirts, aprons, and even magnets. All of these art supplies are readily available at your LOCAL craft stores. Mosaics are also a great choice for groups at different levels of mobility. Putting together a mosaic is very much like putting together a puzzle. Small pieces of tile are arranged to create a design. The process is very simple and even someone who has never created a mosaic can have great success their very first time.

visitors must eat T Bates

Greensboro, North Carolina

If you’ve never had an authentically spiced Shish Kabob then you have no idea what you’re missing, if have then you should be putting your jacket on and heading out the door to Sarah’s while I inform everyone else. Anyone can skewer some beef or chicken and toss it on a fire, but marinate those same meats in genuine Mediterranean spices and grill them to perfection and you’ve got something special. Sarah’s Kabob Shop sits tucked away right next to the DMV tag office on West Market St. which, lucky for us makes it conveniently located with plenty of parking. The décor is simple, clean and comfortable and while I didn’t meet Sarah I did meet the warm and welcoming owner Hassan Ragab who explained that the shop is named after his daughter. He may have named it after Sarah, but the food is all his. Equipped with the recipes he’s been honing for 19 years in the restaurant business, Hassan and his wife opened Sarah’s a little over two months ago. As this was my first visit I felt there was no choice except to try the Shish Kabob, I mean with Kabob in the name there’s no way I could go wrong. I ordered the Mixed Kabob Plate and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. What I got back was one skewer each of beef and chicken on a bed of toasted flat bread. Both were tender, juicy

Oakcrest Family Restaurant

and full of well-balanced flavors. The golden brown French fries and Greek salad that accompanied my Kabobs were the perfect sides. Sarah’s entire menu which includes homemade soups, subs shwarma, kafta, and more is very reasonably priced with single Kabob’s starting at just $2.75. They have college and daily specials that make this a great place to take the family for something different and they even offer delivery for orders of $15 or more. I’ve enjoyed Shish Kabob from a lot of restaurants in many states and a few different countries, and Sarah’s is right up there at the top. The food is authentic and rich with bold flavors that stand up to the sides instead of being too mild and getting lost in them. Since I’m known as somewhat of a Shawarma/Gyro expert (at least in my own mind), I already know what to try when I return with friends and relatives. After all, visitors must eat and with me they’ll never dine alone.

Sarah’s Kabob Shop

5553 West Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27409 (next to the DMV) 336.355.9260 M-F 10:30a – 9:00p Sat 12-9 Closed Sun

The “Must Eat” List visit more information

2435 Battleground Avenue Greensboro, NC 27408 336.288.7585 Family restaurant with a huge variety of menu options

Zali Mongolian Grill 4929 W. Market Street #2108

Greensboro, NC 27407 336.676.4425 Assorted fresh meat seafood and veggies, cook hibatchi style

visitors Mustmust Eat<<<13 eat<<<21


Linneaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Boutique State Street


“The synergy in this building is amazing” (cont. from page 6)“The synergy in this building is amazing” says Ms. McKenzie, when referring to the, level of diversity and excitement generated by both the organizations that call the center home and the visitors that enjoy it each day. Ask about what the center has to offer and you’ll see Ms. McKenzie’s eyes brighten like an adoring mother, speaking about her child. She smiles and is quick to point out that the center is far more than a collection of art galleries, as the casual observer may conclude. “For our citizens and out of town guests, young and old alike, we want the center to thrive”, continuing to explain that “We want everyone to have the opportunity to feel the magic of the arts in our building”. The center is an expression of culture through the arts. Several of the galleries offer studio time as well as art lessons to people of all ages. Ms. McKenzie goes on to describe how in addition to the studio 24 >>> cultural center

and lessons, the Center for Visual Arts gives artists of various ages and styles, an opportunity to exhibit their work in its gallery The galleries and art classes are only the beginning; the center also houses The Community Theatre of Greensboro, The Greensboro Symphony Orchestra, The Greensboro Ballet, and Greensboro Community Television (cable channel 8). You can even spend a summer evening watching an outdoor movie or concert at Price Bryan Performance Place at Festival Park, which is part of the two-block Cultural Arts Center complex. Ms. McKenzie describes the entire complex as “very handson“. City Arts Dance offers classes in a host of dance styles from classic ballet to African folk, there’s acting and theatre classes from The Community Theatre of Greensboro and music lessons and a concert series offered by The Music Center. There truly is something for everyone. A

first time walk-in visitor might simply stroll through the atrium and admire the art from afar, while the more curious will venture into one or more of the galleries. However, the ones that “get it” are the ones that take advantage of what the center is truly there to offer. There are much larger cities that don’t offer what we have here in Greensboro. At different times throughout the year the atrium is filled with the bright costumes, enchanting sounds and even the enticing aromas of the ethnic celebrations that take place there. Representatives of almost every ethnicity found in Greensboro have made use of centers available spaces to show off their culture’s unique aspects. The visitors that get their hands dirty in a Native American pottery class or learn the meaning (and steps) of a traditional Chinese dance, sit in while the Symphony

01. A First Friday event at the Greenhill Center for NC Art

02. Atrium from the 3rd floor


02. 03. A small get together in Festival Park

practices or produce their own show for cable TV, those are the people that understand the center and its deeper purpose. Through art, dance, drama and music, the center provides a means of bringing people together for fun, entertainment and often unique experiences. It goes back to the synergy Ms. McKenzie discussed, Greensboro is growing and it’s not one culture or group of people that’s making it happen. However, it is the people that make an effort to learn about other cultures that are changing the awareness in their own, and the Cultural Arts Center is proving to be the perfect vehicle for effecting that change. We can hear about diversity on the radio, see it on TV, read about diversity in the newspaper or even discuss it at work, but bring the family to the Cultural Arts Center to experience the vivid colors and unique sounds of the Dragon Dance at the Chinese New Year celebration, or any of the other cultural exhibitions and events throughout the year, and you will not just see, hear or read about diversity, you’ll be living it.

The Greensboro Cultural Center 200 N. Davie St Greensboro, NC 27401 336-373-2712 03. cultural center <<< 25

Natural Science Center of Greensboro

Boo bash

26 >>> boo bash










What happens when you take the awe and wonder of the Natural Science Center of Greensboro and open it up to ghosts, goblins, assorted super heroes and princesses? BOO BASH thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s what! On October 30, over 1000 creatively costumed youngsters along with their equally excited parents descended upon the Science Center for their annual Halloween Celebration. For years this holiday staple has delighted kids from all over the Greensboro area and this year was no exception. Above are just a few pictures of the delighted visitors and some of the events they participated in. For more pictures visit the natural science center online at www. and click on the photo gallery. We are looking forward to seeing each and every one of you there next year and at all of the exciting Natural Science Center events. A listing of these events as well as a world of additional information is also available on their website.

The Natural Science Center of Greensboro 4301 Lawndale Drive Greensboro, NC 27455 Phone: 336.288.3769 | Fax: 336.288.2531

Boo bash<<< 27

Food for Thought

T Bates

Greensboro, North Carolina


ormally, we would keep our dining suggestions to the “Visitors Must Eat” section but this is a serious situation that’s affecting the households of hundreds if not thousands of Greensboro residents. The holiday season is upon us and with it that frantic family fun fest…dinner. For many, much of that fun revolves around the kitchen as preparations are made for Thanksgiving, Christmas and all of the seasonal meals around and in between. However, if the thought of cooking another meal for twenty-five hungry family members and friends is about to drive you insane or if being relegated to the kitchen is simply not your particular cup of tea, or even if you just want a break from the shopping and cooking and cleaning this year and would rather just relax and enjoy yourself, there is a solution… Let someone else do it! I’ve spoken to people who, although frustrated with the idea of cooking large family meals, continue to do so because they haven’t found a place that caters truly “home cooked” food. Unfortunately, I had nothing to offer in the way of a suggestion, until now. While dining at the Oakcrest Family Restaurant I joked with owner Sam Helmi that he should begin to deliver. In response he told me that while he doesn’t actually deliver from the restaurant, the same “home cooked” food is available through his catering company Simply Classy Caterers.

Already boasting one of the most diverse menus in Greensboro, Sam and his partner in Simply Classy, Kevin Turner have taken catering into uncharted territories. Where once the options were too dry and tasteless or too over the top and expensive to be considered viable for a family get together, Sam and Kevin have created a catering menu and service policies that combine Sam’s years of restaurant experience and Kevin’s vast catering talents. Versatility and variety continue to set Simply Classy Caterers apart with choices that range from simple fruit, vegetable or cold cut trays to shrimp skewers, salmon and steak. And of course they have fresh roasted turkey and all the trimmings for a complete holiday meal, with enough fresh cakes, pies, cookies and cobbler to satisfy every after dinner sweet tooth. Not only is Simply Classy Caterers the obvious choice for holiday feasts, but their elegant yet tasteful presentations are perfect for weddings with any number of guests or corporate functions, whether it’s the entire company or just your team. In truth they’re selection, presentation and price make them ideal for any affair where you want to show your guests you truly care. So, put up the apron and your feet, relax and join the festivities. Call Simply Classy Caterers and get out of the kitchen this holiday season.

Simply Classy Caterers

2435 Battleground Ave. Greensboro, NC 27408 336.676.5193 28 >>> catering

If there was ever a time when a name said it all, this is it. Love Greensboro is on a mission to make you fall in love. Pick up a copy of our December issue and find out why they already do and want you toâ&#x20AC;Ś

Of course if you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t wait, you can visit Love Greensboro online at


3700 Lawndale Dr. Greensboro, NC 27455


Corset by Kevin Mick Carolina Tattoo Company


Double Nostril by Kevin Mick

SKIN DEEP PArT 3 Continued from pg. 11

It really is quite simple, pierced ears have become the norm in American culture while piercing other areas of the body has not, at least not yet. Just as hairstyles, clothing, jewelry, even body weight and level of fitness have changed over the years and are attractive to some and not others, so is piercing. We will always, hopefully, be a society of options and choices. As such we need to be as accepting of the choices others make just as we want them to be accepting of ours. Does there exist a point where there is too much to consider reasonable? Of course there is, but that decision will always remain with the individual and if they never reach that point, well that’s their decision as well. We don’t have to like or even approve of the changes someone else wants to make to their body; they’re not asking us to. But we certainly have to respect their right to do it without being harassed. As much as I agree with a person’s right to style their selves in any way they see fit, I’m not suggesting everyone run out and get something pierced. There are very important considerations to be made before any decisions about permanent (or close to permanent)

32 >>> skin deep

body modifications are done. Even someone with many atypical piercings has to agree that much of the general public will have a tendency label them, even if it’s in their own mind. Right or wrong, multiple tattoos and piercings are often considered representations of irresponsibility and a rebellious nature. Although a rebellious nature can and often does lead to new and innovative thinking and as a society we are becoming more considerate of others, not everyone thinks the same. We live in a large society where at one point or another, we are all interdependent to some degree. Just because someone has the courtesy to keep their negative opinions to themselves, does not mean that those feelings will not interfere with their decisions about someone else. Job interviewers, loan processors, teachers, police, judges and many other people that may have some input into matters that can affect us, will at times (wrongly) use physical appearance as a factor in their decision making process. As unconscionable as it may be, it remains a fact and should be considered before making determinations about body modifications that may be perma-


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nent. There are other factors as well. Health for instance should always be a prime concern. While the risk of a serious infection or allergic reaction may be relatively low, it still exists and should be researched thoroughly before any decision is made. After selecting a trained professional to do the piercing, hygiene becomes a major issue. Having the time and mindset and maturity level to keep up the necessary maintenance (cleaning, etc.) is extremely important too. In the end, there are really only two audiences to consider in terms of piercing, the wearer and the observer. To the wearer (or potential wearer), my hope is that you think carefully about your choice and what’s involved. Body piercing can be a beautiful expression, but at the extremes it can come at a price, so be sure. To the observer, more than tolerance I ask acceptance and respect. Just as no one will like all of your style choices, you may not like those of others, but showing respect and accepting each person’s right to decide what works for them will go a long way towards making this a better place.





Does there exist a point where there is too much to consider reasonable and who makes that decision?

While we were there for tattooing and not piercing, we do have experience with the following two shops here in Greensboro. Both are clean, professional and very well aware of the precautions that must be taken both before and after piercing. Visit them or the shop of your choice, ask to see a portfolio, ask for a tour and by all means, ask questions...

524 S.Elm St. Greensboro, NC

336-274-1010 “like” our facebook page

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