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September 2012

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Editorial There is a growing trend, not only in Greensboro, but throughout the entire country. By the millions, people are recognizing the importance and advantages of KEEPING IT LOCAL. Buying local, supporting local businesses, artists, farmers and non-profits, not only helps people you may know in your community, the reward is returned to you in the form of local tax dollars and services. In short, people are seeing more and more, that keeping it local helps everyone, including themselves. We Are Greensboro magazine, is a local, family friendly consumer publication, dedicated to the support of our community. Through informative articles, insightful commentaries and editorials and with many illuminating photographs published each month, we will continue to deliver our “Keep It Local” mantra to community members throughout the Greensboro area. We Are Greensboro magazine is dedicated to our community. We offer an endorsement of Greensboro that goes far beyond civic pride to include active support for: Locally Owned Businesses - Arts - Farmers - Community & Civic Organizations - Non-Profits We practice and encourage others to: • Volunteer at local charitable organizations • Purchase local produce • Support local artists and musicians • Shop at local businesses whenever possible KEEP IT LOCAL We are the people, the businesses, the churches, the civic groups, the arts and the communities that make up this city… We are Greensboro!!! We live here, shop here, go to school and church here and enjoy all of the opportunities Greensboro has to offer. If we don’t support Greensboro, if we don’t make sure our economy, our businesses and our city thrive, who will?

Tony Bates

more than a magazine it’s a MOVEMENT

A Look At The Natural Science Center Steffany Reeve: Marketing Director, Natural Science Center

The Natural Science Center of Greensboro (NSC) is one of the most unique family attractions in the Piedmont Triad and if you haven’t been to visit the place lately, you are missing out! What was once just a small nature center and petting zoo is now a thriving, accredited, state-of-the-art science museum, zoo and full dome theater that is setting attendance records year after year. It is one of only 14 institutions nationally accredited by both the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and the American Association of Museums (AAM) and has recently been selected to be a model for other museums and zoos around the country. In 2011, the Center welcomed a record 320,000 visitors from across the state and beyond, up 10% from 2010 visitation and more than double the attendance figures five years ago. With several recent major exhibitions added this last year and a $20 million, seven-year, three phase, Master Plan Expansion in the works, this growth seems like it is just the beginning in what visitors can expect from the NSC in the coming years! From the moment you turn into the parking lot off of Lawndale Drive, you’ll instantly notice major construction projects. The Center is expanding its parking to accommodate the visitor growth and the monstrous new building taking shape is the new Carolina SciQuarium - a 22,000 square-foot LEED designed aquarium with a focus on science education. High profile animals such as penguins, sharks, otters, fishing cats, stingrays, eels, tamarins, anaconda, and many more species will be featured here along with educational science stations. Expected to open in early summer 2013, the new SciQuarium will be the first center-of-state aquarium in North Carolina. Inside the Science Center, there have been several major exhibit and gallery renovations in the last two years that are popular draws for visitors young and old. The HealthQuest Exhibit is unlike any human health and biology experience in the nation. It combines 21st century medical science with state-of-the-art videography, real preserved human bodies, a unique End-of-Life section and over a hundred ‘kid-cool’ interactives like a giant nose that sneezes on you 04 >>> science center

and a machine that amplifies the sound of your gurgling stomach. The Extreme Weather Gallery offers visitors a chance to feel the wind force of a category five hurricane, touch simulated lightning panels and learn about different extreme weather conditions. Adjacent to this exhibit is a cool Tornado Tunnel that dares visitors to experience 78 mph winds of a simulated tornado. New full-dome and 3D shows in the stateof-the-art OmniSphere Theater offer visitors of all ages unique visual experiences. Young children love watching Big Bird, Elmo and other Sesame Street characters travel through the universe in One World, One Sky and Sammy the sea turtle embark on imaginary, undersea adventures in Turtle Vision 3D. This past spring, we launched a new National Geographic show called Wildest Weather in the Solar System that has received great reviews and we recently brought back the popular 3D show Sea Monsters, where underwater dinosaurs appear to “pop” out of the screen. For visitors who like interactive experiences, the public shows in the NSC’s remodeled Adventure Theatres are a big hit. Audience members help Indiana Bones solve riddles to stop the evil Dr. Dean O. Saur from taking over the Animal Discovery Zoo in “Indiana Bones and the Kingdom of the Camarasaur.” A new show called “KATS: The Meerkat Musical” is scheduled to open this September and is sure to be a Broadway/Science Center smash. KATS will magically “transport” visitors to the Kalahari Desert where an adorable Meerkat pup and her family tell an inspirational story about their lives through song and dance. Both Indiana Bones and KATS are free with general admission. Longtime exhibit staples including the Dinosaur Gallery, Kids’ Alley, the Herpetarium and touch labs located inside the Museum are always popular areas for visitors. Those who dare can come face-to-face with a roaring 36-foot Tyrannosaurus Rex model and touch live snakes and reptiles. Toddlers enjoy hands-on learning and imaginative play in Kid’s Alley and the remodeled Nature Nook. In the coming years, each of these areas will receive major face-lifts making the experience even more exciting! (continued on page 18)

The gre

06 >>> Sportsplex

eensboro sportsplex Let the games begin A Anthony

T Bates

Greensboro, North Carolina Tucked away in a corner of northeast Greensboro, behind the Walmart Supercenter off Cone Blvd., lives what could easily be described as an indoor playground for children of all ages. The Greensboro Sportsplex houses courts and indoor fields for basketball, inline hockey, indoor soccer, and volleyball, as well as convertible spaces that accommodate a wide range of additional sport and recreational activities. Sports enthusiasts of every game can find room here to workout, practice or play, but the space itself only scratches the surface of what this facility really has to offer. (continued on page 19) sportsplex <<< 07

Social Networking A Gift or A Curse? Twi Brown

Contributing Writer

You see it every day, it’s all around us and completely unavoidable. Whether it’s Tweeting your friends, FaceTime from your iPhone, updating your Facebook status, or checking in on Foursquare, social networking has had and continues to have a daily impact on our lives, even the lives of those who don’t use it. Watch any news program and you will see politicians and celebrity’s Tweets becoming increasingly more newsworthy and quoted during broadcast. “Did you see what so-and-so posted on Facebook” is common water cooler talk in any office around the world. While social networking has allowed us to be more connected than ever before, it has also inhibited our daily interactions in the more conventional sense, in person. Why even go through the stress of making that trek across the country to go to your cousin’s wedding when you know you can just log onto Facebook and see the videos and pictures while avoiding the hassle of trying to stuff that taffeta gown into a carry-on bag? What’s the mystery and excitement in going to your 10 year high school reunion when you’ve already been timeline stalking your high school sweet heart via Twitter for the past four years and already know every minor detail about him, down to how much his hairline has receded since winning prom king? Though social networking has many positive aspects and allows us to share ideas and connect with each other in a way never before possible, it is important for us to remember that life isn’t lived behind a screen. You can’t taste the amazing cake your Nanny made for the wedding behind a screen or smell the beautiful roses she ordered by sniffing your phone. Likewise, you can’t hug that favorite teacher who changed your life when you were an awkward ninth grader via a Tweet. Life isn’t always about convenience, sometimes it’s simply about living.

08 >>> social networking

Contents Sportsplex

Natural Science

Skin Deep


524 S.Elm St. Greensboro, NC

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03 Editorial

KEEP IT LOCAL...that simple idea can be of tremendous value to literally every member of our community. Buy local, listen local and support local events whenever possible.


Social Networking Technology has it’s benefits, but is social networking the gift we use it as or the curse many feel it has become?


Artist Spotlight Marilyn Ruberg takes us along on her travels. In her own words, she tells us of the joy photography has brought her.


Natural Science A look inside the Natural Science Center of Greensboro. It’s a fun, learning adventure, right here in Greensboro.


Skin Deep

Body art uncovered...There’s way more to a person than what they have on or in their skin.


Child Care It’s easier than you may think. Then again, there’s nothing more important than our children.


More Than Apples It takes more than eating fruit to get and stay healthy. Dr. Darcy Ward and the Center for Chiropractic and Wellness show us how.


Let The Games Begin

The Greensboro Sportsplex is one of Greensboro’s hidden treasures. Find out where it is and what you could be doing in it.


Events Calendar The what, the where and the when...The who is up to you!


The Golden Corner Seniors are being targeted by con artists and scammers more than ever. Find out how NOT to be a victim.


We might as Well Move It can’t be said enough. If we do not support our community, NO ONE WILL! Contents <<< 09

SKIN 10>>>Skin deep

Tony Bates

Tony Bates

Greensboro, North Carolina

Once, the mere mention of the word tattoo conjured up images of an inebriated sailor staggering into a seedy shack at the end of a pier in Singapore, getting the word MOM inscribed in his skin. Well, that may have been great-grandpa’s thing, but today, things are a whole lot different. The same could be said for body piercing or just about any other form of Body modification. The world of skin beautification has evolved and what was once done in the dark has come into the light. In an effort to clear up any misconceptions that may remain, in this and each of our next four issues, we will take a look at four areas of skin beautification or modification; Tattoos, Piercing, Henna and Permanent Make-Up, and hopefully, in the process, open a few eyes. We’ll start with tattooing, but in order to begin, we should first understand the basics. Unlike piercing, tattoo, henna and permanent make-up are often confused with one another. Therefore:

Tattoo – In short, tattoos are created by inserting indelible ink

into the skin. While there are methods for either partial or full removal (most notably laser), the removal process is very difficult, costly and painful, therefore they should be considered permanent. They are available in a wide range of colors. Henna - In terms of body decoration, henna, also referred to as Mehndi, is an application of dye, on the exterior of the skin. It is a temporary adornment, usually lasting up to two weeks or longer depending on how well it’s applied and the level of aftercare. Although there are a number of products purporting to be henna, true henna, is all-natural and applied as a paste made from the dried leaves of the Henna plant.

Permanent Makeup – Commonly referred to as permanent cos-

metics, derma-pigmentation or micro-pigmentation, permanent makeup is at its essence a form of tattooing and as such is subject to the same permanent nature. Just as an accomplished tattoo artist needs high levels of artistry and technique, permanent makeup artists need an advanced skill set and additional training to produce desirable results.

The Art of Tattoo


Ink, tats, work, art, pieces or as industry insiders refer to it, tattooing (thank you Christi), has been around in one form or another quite literally since the Stone Age. And, while in many societies throughout the world they still maintain traditional and cultural implications, the modern significance of tattooing, especially in the U.S. is generally quite personal and as varied as the individuals who get them. (continued on page 23)

Jason Spainhour works his magic at Tried & True tattoo Skin deep<<< 11


September ‘12





Planning an event? List it for free at Visit us online for additional events


Music in the Vineyard

At Raffaldini Vineyard, enjoy the music of Rob Jordan performed live on the piazza. Admission is free, just bring your blanket. 450 Groce Road-Ronda, Elkin. Visit Raffaldini Vineyards online at or call them at (336) 835-9463

10 Auditions

Adult & teen auditions for The Wizard of Oz. This is the 18th year of the Community Theatre of Greensboro’s production and they need you! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come out. Visit CTG online at ctgso. org for more information



Art Quest

ArtQuest Studio Projects: Eat Sleep Play and Laundry Puppets, Paper Making and Nature Study at Green Hill Center for NC Art, September 4th - 8th as the Greenhill Center, 200 N. Davie St. Visit for additional information

11 Noon @ the Spoon Tour

Noon @ the ‘Spoon Tour: “On the Path to Abstraction” at the Weatherspoon Art Museum. Includes highlights from the permanent collection Visit for ticketing and additional information


OIL PAINTING OPEN STUDIO Through Dec 10th, demonstrations and individual instruction presented by Center for Visual Artists 200 N. Davie St. Check them out online at or call (336)-333-7475 for more info.

Children’s Museum Edible Schoolyard Growing up GreenDaily Digs. Designed for children ages 4-10 and their families. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30. Visit them online at or call the Greensboro Children’s Museum at (336) 574-2898 for additional information



carolina theater AFI’s Top 100 Film Festival: Ben-Hur (#100). Presented by the Carolina Theatre 310 S. Greene St. Call (336) 333-2605 or visit them online at for showtime and additional information

carolina theatre

AFI’s Top 100 Film Festival: Yankee Doodle Dandy (#98) Presented by the Carolina Theatre 310 S. Greene St. Call (336) 333-2605 or visit them online at for showtime and additional information

Oct. 6th 10am-4pm



Children’s Museum

Bring your little ones to the Greensboro Children’s museum for Wildlife Wednesdays. Every Wednesday from 9-1 at 220 N Church St. Visit them online at or call the Greensboro Children’s Museum at (336) 574-2898 for information about this and other museum events

12 Children’s Museum

Simply Storytime at the Greensboro Children’s Museum, every Wednesday at 3:30. Visit them online at or call the Greensboro Children’s Museum at (336) 574-2898 for information about this and other museum events


Free computer class at the Greensboro Public Library. “Introduction to MS Word” this is an ongoing series with limited space. Visit the Central Library at 219 N Church St call them at (336) 335-5430 or go online at for information

26 carolina theatre

AFI’s Top 100 Film Festival: Swing Time (#90). Presented by the Carolina Theatre 310 S. Greene St. Call (336) 333-2605 or visit them online at for showtime and additional information








Natural Science center

524 S.Elm St. Greensboro, NC


Senior Spanish Class Brush up on your Spanish at the Greensboro Senior Center. Lessons will be broken down into 2 sessions. Cost is $30 per session. Space is limited so register early. 301 E. Washington St. Call (336) 373-4816

13 WAM Jam

New one hour music performances by students at UNCG. Call (336) 3345770 for additional information


Presented by Dance Project: the School at City Arts, this onging program provides comprehensive training in a nurturing and non-competitive atmosphere, through Dec 15th. Visit online at or call 336373-2727 for additional information

27 Children’s Museum

Noodlebugs. Join the Greensboro Children’s Museum while they use pool noodles to get your body moving, wiggling and hopping to music. Thursdays at 4pm. Call (336) 574-2898 for information about this and other museum events

336-274-1010 “like” our facebook page


Tattoo convention September 7th, 8th & 9th at the Greensboro Embassy Suites. Visit for details. first fridayon Elm St.

East West BBQ Fest

Sep 7-9 at Festival Park

14 Central Carolina Fair

September 14-23 at the Greensboro Coliseum. Bring the whole family, there’s fun for all. Visit the coliseum website for more ticket information and


The best jazz in town, each Thursday from 7:30-10:30. Come checkout The Upperlineup and have a good time! At Bin 33 324 S. Elm St. visit Bin 33 online at or call them at (336)-609-1833 for additional information

28 Natural Science center The Natural Science Center presents the “Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon” laser show. Visit the Science Center’s website at info greensboro sportsplex Hoops & Dreams Fall Exploision thru 9/30


02 triad Stage

Traveling exhibit - Accidental Mummies of Guanajuato. This fascinating, exhibit is available daily but only until December 30. Visit the Natural Science Center of Greensboro online at natsci.orq for more information.

“Trouble in Mind” Beginning today and running through Sep. 23rd, Don’t miss this comedy-drama by Alice Childress and directed by Preston Lane. It’s sure to be another hit. Visit the box office at 232 South Elm St or their website,



Tattoo convention

Day two of the The 18th Annual NC Tattoo Convention September 7th, 8th & 9th at the Greensboro Embassy Suites. Hosted by Little Johns Tattoos, w/tattoo artists from around the nation! Tattoo contests! Art Fusion! Body Piercing! Jewelry! Live music & Entertainment!

15 Kats-the meerkat musical Come see the inaugural debut of “KATS: The Meerkat Musical” featuring adorable meerkat performers taking center stage. ALSO “El Grito” Mexican Independence Celebration (Day 1) Visit the Natural Science Center online at for event details

22 Astronomy Day

At the Natural Science Center. Hosted by the Greensboro Astronomy Club. Free with admission/membership

madea gets a job

Tyler Perry is back on stage and funnier than ever. visit the coliseum website or for details

29 Dinosaur Train

Join Buddy the Dinosaur from the PBS’ show Dinosaur Train. Visit natsci.orq

sidehow at the Park

Music festival with arts & crafts, local food and beer in Festival Park. Visit their website for ticket info...

Grandparents day

The Natural Science Center of Greensboro is offering grandparents 50% off admission with purchase of a child’s ticket. Visit for details.

tattoo convention

Day 3...See September 07 for info

16 “El Grito”

Day 2 of “El Grito” Mexican Independence Celebration. This is the second day of this two day interactive event. Visit the Natural Science Center online at for event details

23 17 DAYS

Hosted by the United Arts Council of Greater Greensboro., 17Days features more than 100 events and performances between September 21 and October 7. With music, visual arts, theatre, dance and more, visit for more information.

30 Romeo and Juliet

NCShakes’ 35th MainStage & North Carolina Shakespeare Festival Presents “Romeo and Juliet”. Tickets are $10 -$ 30. Showtime is 7:30pm Contact the Highpoint Theater online at for additional information


It was only by chance that I met Marilyn one rainy day not too long ago. We happened into a local store close enough to find ourselves at the counter together when I noticed her beautiful greeting cards. From the moment I saw the first one, I knew they were something special and after a few moments talking with her I knew Marilyn was special as well. It didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take long to realize that Greensboro needed to meet Marilyn and her spectacular photos, and what better way to meet her than through her own words and images. I asked Marilyn to share some of herself with us, and what follows is her introduction... A Letter From Marilyn.


Marilyn Ruberg - A World of Photos

02. 14 >>> marilyn



T Artist Spotlight Marilyn Ruberg Tony Bates

01. Magnificent 02. The Overseer 03. Fan in the Sky 04. Skies on Fire

here is no better time than right now to be Happy! Greensboro is a wonderful city to reside in. My husband and I have been here for twenty years and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Although, being a “Buffalo” gal, I wouldn’t mind a lot less “hot and humid” and a little mix of “Buffalo winter” in our summers. My pursuit of Photography emanates from my passion for life and nature. I’m selftaught for the most part, and feel naked without my camera at hand. Each new day offers a unique opportunity to capture a precious moment in time; a surprise waiting around the next turn. I have traveled extensively with my husband over the last thirty years. With family in England, I’ve enjoyed the many offerings in their lush gardens, sites and the history. Children and grands near the Rocky Mountains offer a mix of seasonal delights. China and Japan increased my yearning for the Asian Culture, and offered a splendid opportunity for my photographer’s yen. Europe, followed by Egypt and Russia delighted and astounded me with their centuries of precious antiquities. Now, it’s back home to enjoy the magnificent National Parks and jewels of our country. I’m overflowing with the wonder and gifts of time and nature in the American landscape. What treasures abound. “Cards by Marilyn” started as gifts for special occasions and as a thank you to close family and dear friends. It is the result of years with a camera by my side. I love and enjoy photography, and am elated when the light, composition and subject matter come together for that dynamic photo. It’s just a lot of fun for me; a hobby, I truly enjoy and love to share with others. My affiliations include Alamance Artists Guild, Guilford Horticultural Society, and volunteering at Cone Health. I am also a past president of both the Tar Heel Garden Club and Ikebana International, Chapter 63 of Winston Salem. Take a moment and gaze at the clouds on a sunny day - gift wrapped in a blue sky, kissed by the sun, with their ever changing colors and compositions, and adrift on their way and......Enjoy! Marilyn Ruberg

A Letter From Marilyn marilyn <<< 15

05. Gift-of-Summer. 06. Marilyn Ruberg 07. Glowing Trees. 08. Winterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Glory



08. 07.

The evidence of Marilynâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s artistic eye can be seen in the vivid expressions of her photographs. These images are but a small sampling of the magic she has brought back from around the globe. Through her lens, Marilyn has captured lightning, the first blooms of spring and the wonders in white that are the forest in winter. From seascapes to mountain peaks and from sunrise to the shades of night, her camera allows us to travel the world with her.

Cards By Marilyn Marilyn has turned her hobby into a business we can all enjoy. By attaching actual prints of her photographs to high quality note cards, Marilyn has created the perfect gift idea. By signing each card personally, she lets you know that each and every card has been touched by the artist. Cards by Marilyn are available at select locations and online through her beautiful website,

16 >>> marilyn

There’s Nothing More Precious Than Your Child Are you looking for a babysitter or nanny, but you aren’t sure where to begin? Increasingly, families are having to look outside of the family for occasional childcare. How do you go about finding a reliable babysitter? How do you know that the sitter is right for your children? There are steps you can take to insure that your children are well cared for when you need a break. How old should your babysitter be? There is no single answer to this question. All families have different needs from their babysitter depending on their children. Some families are content with middle schoolers as babysitters and some families prefer a 60 year old. The best thing to do is to sit down and think about what age your sitter should be for your child’s needs. Always be prepared for any emergencies and know that if you are not close by then you probably want a babysitter that has the ability to drive and has a safe driving record. What qualifications should you look for in a babysitter? It is highly recommended that all babysitters have some experience with children in similar age to your child’s. Also, ask for and always check references to see how the babysitter would work with your family. All babysitters should be CPR and First Aid trained. This qualification will teach them what to do in any type of incident or emergency, even dealing with simple things like a splinter. Your family will be much more comfortable knowing you have left your child under someone who is trained and qualified. Meet and Greet Make sure your family has the babysitter over to your house to meet your kids and possibly babysit for a short time before actually leaving them for several hours. A meet and greet will let you know if your children and the babysitter get along and mesh well. Where to find a perfect babysitter Close friends or relatives with children - The best source for information is other parents, just like you, who know you well and would recommend the best for your family. Talk to them about their experience with their babysitters and go from there! Childcare Placement Agencies - A local agency will do all of the searching for you. Agencies typically go through an interview process, run background checks and require their babysitters and nannies to be CPR and First Aid certified. After talking to a family, the agency will then find the perfect match for your needs as well as your child’s personality. No matter which route you choose to take it is most important to trust your instincts. Before you walk out of the door you want to feel certain that your child is in safe and competent hands. childcare<<< 17

The once small petting zoo some of you may remember is now a 12-acre, fully-accredited Animal Discovery Zoo that offers up-close encounters with tigers (you won’t find these animals at the NC Zoo!), meerkats, lemurs, wallabies, monkeys, crocodiles, farm animals, maned wolves and many more animals. Each day offers something new to see and it’s always fun to watch the animals play. In the Zoo’s Discovery House, visitors can even touch small animals like bunnies and ferrets and see tarantulas and a black widow up close. With phase III of the Master Plan expansion, Animal Discovery will double in size and add more fascinating animals like orangatans, tree kangaroos, komodo dragons and pigmy hippos. (from page 4)

But wait, there’s more! On the heels of showcasing the block-

buster traveling exhibits, Bodies Revealed and Titanic, the Center debuted another fascinating traveling exhibit called Accidental Mummies of Guanajuato in July. Exhibited for the first time on the East coast right here in Greensboro, this powerful traveling exhibit features a rare collection of 28 accidental mummies from Guanajuato, Mexico who were naturally mummified in their crypts. In the exhibit, visitors can meet these mummies, learn how forensic science is used to study them and e x plore the culture that reveres and celebrates them. The exhibit is open daily through December 30th and is expected to bring in an estimated 50,000 visitors from across NC and beyond. Once the Master Plan is complete, the Natural Science Center will be the only attraction of its kind in the nation to offer an accredited Science Museum, Zoo, OmniSphere Theater and Aquarium in one destination. Glenn Dobrogosz, the NSC’s Executive Director predicts the new additions and expansion plans

will increase visitation to half a million people per year and position the Natural Science Center to be a top 10 tourist destination in North Carolina. Although it started as a small neighborhood science center 55 years ago, the NSC is well on its way to become a signature national tourist attraction that is not to be missed in Greensboro! Whether you’re looking for an adventurous family outing, a casual date option or just something different to do, then you should definitely come visit. For more information on the Natural Science Center, events, show times and admission prices, please visit Natural Science Center Information Website Address: 4301 Lawndale Drive, Greensboro, NC 27455 Museum hours: 9 AM to 5 PM Animal Discovery hours: 10 AM to 4 PM Admission: $8/adults, $7/children 3-13 and seniors 55+. Children 2 and under are free. Group rates are available. Parking is free.


18 >>> science center

(from page 7) Formerly the Sports Center at Pyramid Village, the 106,000sf space was purchased by the City in February of 2003 and after considerable renovation has emerged as the premiere indoor public sports facility in Greensboro. Managed by Greensboro’s Department of Parks and Recreation, the Sportsplex maintains a flexible admission policy, opting to utilize daily passes, eliminating the often foreboding expense of monthly or annual memberships. For as little as $5, city residents can spend all day comfortably practicing jump shots, layups, soccer dribbling or hockey dekes, in a safe, climate controlled, supervised environment. League and tournament prices for participation vary depending on the type of event and the co-sponsor or host, but the rates are always a bargain. There are even conference and lounge rooms available to rent for various meetings and gatherings. Still, there’s so much more, but to discover what the Sportsplex is really all about, I needed to go to the source. Sportsplex General Manager James Goodyear and Operations Manager Kathy Mabe were kind enough to take time from what is obviously a very hectic day, to show me around and speak with me about the facility and some of its many facets. Noticing the abundance of happy young faces throughout, they opted to “begin with the obvious question”...What goes on here? Open 7 days, the average 550 and 650 daily visitors have plenty to do. The Sportsplex is home to no less than twelve summer camps, with a variety of offerings for each age group and sport. There are four summer soccer camp options alone, with various levels dependent upon age and skill. The same holds true for basketball, hockey and volleyball. There’s even an “All Sports” camp for the young player with multiple skills to hone. Kathy was quick to point out that the camps listed on the website are only the ones sponsored (or co-sponsored with other sports organizations) by the Sportsplex. There are many other day camps that come in to use the facilities, making it a favorite day trip for many of the areas off-site summer camps. Sports means competition and competition in team

sports invariably means leagues and tournaments. And, with premiere leagues like Delany Rudd’s Pro-Am Basketball leading the way, the Sportsplex is like league central. Hosting such notables as the USSSA Girls Tournaments, Achievements Unlimited Basketball School and the 3-on-3 Summer Round Ball Tournament, the Sportsplex tourneys have garnered national attention, drawing scouts from across the country, including those from NCAA schools. Not to be outdone by basketball, soccer players can take part in the competitive and non-competitive league play available for every age group from SoccerTots through Adults. The Greensboro Sportsplex is also home of the Greensboro Indoor Roller Hockey (GIRH) program, which provides skaters with a structured environment in which to improve their skills while testing them against others in the league. The volleyball program, one of the area’s best, is affiliated with two leagues, USA Volleyball and Carolina Regional Volleyball as well as the Jr. Olympics. Having a large, flexible space and knowing how to use it wisely ensures that the award winning programs offered here can continue with plenty of room to play both now and in the future. That flexibility also allows for the space to be rearranged so that other sports teams can practice here should weather or other circumstances make it necessary. Yet, even when a popular tournament with 1500-2000 attendees is taking place, there is still enough room in the building for a perfectionist to work on their jump shot without interruption. James explains that these are “high tech” facilities and sports programs from football to lacrosse (TYLA-Triad Youth Lacrosse Association) to tennis (GTP-Greensboro Tennis Program) have used the Sportsplex at one time or another. The courts are composed of the same hardwood, floating-floor system the pros use, complete with breakaway rims. (continued on

“There’s something for everyone”

page 26)

sportsplex <<<19

ne r

Seniors Beware You Are A Target

Carol Bates Morris Staff Writer

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20 >>> the golden corner


kay, I can see how the title may be disturbing. But, if you think it’s a bit too much or a tad over the top, think again. Did you realize that the scam and fraud threat to senior citizens is growing…and changing rapidly? According to FBI statistics Baby Boomers born between 1946 and 1964 are now the largest segment of our population at an estimated 78 million people. Medical advances and a push towards a healthier lifestyle, means the number of senior citizens is rising, and this increase is proving tempting for a global criminal element. The situation is serious. To learn just how serious and why seniors are such an attractive objective for con artists, read on. There are a few key reasons that seniors make such a tempting target for scammers, for instance: • Many seniors have a “nest egg”, rainy day assets that younger people have yet to accumulate • They are less likely to report a fraud because they don’t know where to go for help or are simply too embarrassed to talk about it. • If they do report it, it is sometimes hard for them to remember the details. • Many of the products/services being offered by these criminals appeal to individuals of a certain age such as investments related to retirement savings or health care services and products. Many younger boomers have considerable computer skills, so con artists are modifying their targeting techniques. They are not only using traditional telephone calls and mass mails but also online scams like phishing (pronounced fishing, this is an email fraud method in which the perpetrator sends out legitimate-looking emails in an attempt to gather personal and financial information from recipients), and email spamming. Another trend is that these people targeting the elderly are increasingly located outside of the United States which makes it difficult for US authorities to track them down. Some of the most common fraud and scams are: • Identity theft • Health insurance frauds • Home repair schemes • Foreign lottery/sweepstakes • Advance fee/credit card fraud • Investment fraud • Charity schemes Another scam is the Recovery Scheme. In this scenario previous victims of fraud are later convinced that their money has been recovered by law enforcement or government officials, but in order to get it back, they must pay a fee, which of course is redirected to an offshore bank account and can rarely be recovered. As a regular service to our readers, we will be highlighting some of the most frequent and damaging schemes geared towards seniors. For this installment we will be discussing…

Reverse Mortgage Scams

The FBI and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Inspector General (HUD-OIG) urge consumers, especially senior citizens, to be vigilant when seeking reverse mortgage products. Reverse mortgages, also known as home equity conversion mortgages (HECM) have increased more than 1,300 percent between 1999 and 2008, creating significant opportunities for fraud perpetrators. Reverse mortgage scams are engineered by unscrupulous professionals in a multitude of real estate, financial services, and related companies to steal the equity from the property of unsuspecting senior citizens or to use these seniors to unwittingly aid the fraudsters in stealing equity from a flipped property (flipping refers to purchasing property and quickly reselling it for a profit). In many of the reported scams, victim seniors are offered free homes, investment opportunities, and foreclosure or refinance assistance. They are also used as straw buyers (a person who makes a purchase on behalf of another person) in property flipping scams. Seniors are frequently

• Do not sign anything that you do not fully understand. • Do not accept payment from individuals for a home you did not purchase. • Seek out your own reverse mortgage counselor. If you are a victim of this type of fraud and want to file a complaint, please submit information through the following resources provided by They will prove to be very helpful if you are a victim of fraud or suspect that someone is attempting to scam you: Credit Bureaus TransUnion: 1-800-680-7289 Equifax: 1-800-525-6285 Experian: 1-888-EXPERIAN (397-3742) Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357). The nation’s consumer protection agency, accepts consumer complaints including complaints related to fraud and identity theft.

“The threat to senior citizens is growing ...and changing rapidly” targeted through local churches and investment seminars, as well as television, radio, billboard, and mailed advertisements. A legitimate HECM loan product is insured by the Federal Housing Authority. It enables eligible homeowners to access the equity in their homes by providing funds without incurring a monthly payment. Eligible borrowers must be 62 years or older who occupy their property as their primary residence and who own their property or have a small mortgage balance. Reverse mortgages can and do help many people, but the circumstances must suit the individual’s needs. All we are saying here is that those interested REMAIN CAUTIOUS and seek guidance from a trusted financial advisor.

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) – www.ic3. gov/default.aspx. A joint effort between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National White Collar Crime Center and the Bureau of Justice Assistance, accepts online Internet crime complaints from people who believe they have been defrauded. United States Postal Inspection Service – Pursues crimes related to the fraudulent use of the U.S. Mail.

Tips for Avoiding Reverse Mortgage Scams:

Once again, this is the first article in a series relating to frauds and scams against senior citizens. The next installment will address telemarketing schemes and how you can protect yourself.

• Do not respond to unsolicited advertisements. • Be suspicious of anyone claiming that you can own a home with no down payment.

You can also contact the FBI electronic tip line at tips., HUD-OIG at waste.cfm or by calling HUD’s hotline at 1-800-3473735.

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(from page 11) Contrary to mainstream belief, most peo-

ple do NOT get tattooed because they think it makes them look cool or sexy or even for any number of the perverse reasons society has imagined. The fact is most people get, at least their first, tattoo in remembrance of a person, place, or occurrence in their life. In addition, there are spiritual reasons; there are the passions people have they wish to express or it may be a simple matter of body beautification. I could even list the “bad” reasons to get a tattoo, but there are a hundred websites to find them, when in reality none of it really matters. What does matter, the only thing that really matters, is that whatever the reason and regardless of how anyone else feels about it, in the end, it’s all about choice; choice and the individual’s right to expression. Similarly, tattoos as well as henna, piercing and other body modifications are artwork, a means of expression. And, while these types of expression may tell some things about the person displaying them, they are only skin deep and can never tell the whole story. Just as you can’t judge a book by its cover, you will never know everything about a person by looking at their skin. For a city its size, Greensboro has a large number of tattoo shops, each of which must be inspected. In addition, every artist must have a permit to legally operate in the city. The process started at Little John’s and thanks to the efforts of John Bury and people like Jason Spainhour (Tried & True) and Donna Henderson (Carolina Tattoo), legislation now exists to protect customers and artists from unsafe practices. When speaking with Lynn who manages Carolina Tattoo, I was impressed with how knowledgeable she was about the laws and regulations surrounding tattooing. “They’re important” she says of the regulations, “not just because it’s the law, but because of safety. It protects the customers as well as us”. Lynn told me that they are the oldest shop in Greensboro and that their five artists have 45 years of combined experience. That may be the case, but when I went inside, nothing seemed old or out dated. In fact the entire shop looked freshly painted and the tattoo rooms we’re clean. I asked what set them apart and her answer surprised me. “Customer service” she said. “Treating all customers with respect is something we stress to every employee from the artists to

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the front desk”. I was little taken aback because I expected something like how great their artists were, but she explained “our artists are great, but there are a lot of really great artists in Greensboro”. In addition to that, “we want everyone, first time or fiftieth time, to feel comfortable and safe”. Lynn also told me that while they get a good mixture of clients, most of them are college students, which made perfect sense considering their location on W. Lee St., minutes from UNCG. Another shop, one that follows a similar pattern with the college crowd, is Jolly Rogers located on Battleground Avenue, closer to Guilford College. I spoke with shop owner Ashley Cobbler who said that location has played a big part in the success of their business. Most of the tattoo shops in Greensboro are located either on or near Lee St. or downtown. In either case, this is good news for Jolly Roger in North West Greensboro. Already in their 4th year of business, Jolly Roger is a proven success story for a shop owner with no previous tattoo experience. However, her business acumen has proved invaluable in putting the right people in the best position. A smaller shop with only 2 artists, Ashley attributes additional elements of the shops success to their friendly/ personable staff and upscale environment. While the artists they have don’t have the same level of experience as some of the other shops in town, they have been honing their skills for a combined five years. Ashley actually feels this is a plus, as the artists are not “stuck in their own ways” and have “an open frame of mind” when it comes to giving the customer what they really want. With their pirate motif, vibrant interior and very clean tattoo/piercing rooms; Jolly Roger has a light, fun vibe that seems to fit very well with their clientele, making them feel relaxed, comfortable and most importantly, safe. Speaking of interiors, when I first walked into Tried & True Tattoo Company on S. Elm St., I was truly impressed with the décor, not something I was actually expecting to be impressed with in a tattoo shop. The lobby/waiting area had more of an art gallery feel, which I came to learn after speaking with shop owners Jason and Christi Spainhour, was because they feature pieces by local artists throughout the shop.

Christi explains that “every sculpture, every painting, every drawing, all of it, is by local artists”. Although it is one of the newer shops in Greensboro, if not the newest, Jason is a 16 year veteran artist and very well known throughout the area. In that time, he has seen the industry grow and evolve in a decidedly positive way. One of the people involved in getting tattooing regulated in Greensboro, Jason has used his years of working in and managing different shops to create an ultra-clean, very upscale environment that still caters to “every conceivable type of customer”. Jason and Christi have fashioned a shop where first timers can feel completely at ease in their surroundings, while even the “extremely modified” are impressed with the level of talent and professionalism.

524 S.Elm St. Greensboro, NC

01. Lilies by Jason 02. Jason Spainhour at work 03. The awards pile up at Tried & True 04. The comfortable waiting area doubles as an art gallery

336-274-1010 “like” our facebook page

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With five artists including Jason, as well as two piercers and a certified makeup specialist (Christi), Tried & True is equipped to handle all levels of tattooing from flash (the pictures of pre-drawn tattoo suggestions seen on many shop walls) to full freehand pieces either from the clients’ pictures or the artists’ imagination. Most of the artists at Tried & True are local and have varied levels of experience; however all of them are “very creative with their own styles, yet equally comfortable in crafting whatever the client wants”. If Tried and True was reminiscent of an art gallery (actually, it really is an art gallery worth visiting on its own merit), then the first impression at Golden Spiral Tattoo is that of a high-end boutique. I honestly thought I was in the wrong place, until Manager, Ron Bishop, introduced himself and confirmed that I was, in fact, where I should be. After 2 years on Spring Garden St. owner/artist Sean moved the shop to its new upscale home on S. Elm St. where they have been for the last 3 years, and he has never looked back. Aside from the custom clothing, jewelry and artwork on display in the front of the shop, there are several aspects of Golden Spiral that differentiate it from other shops. One such difference can be found in the artists themselves, or at least where they’re from. Instead of only looking for talented artists locally, Golden Spiral recruits their artists from around the country. In this manner as Ron puts it “each of our artists has a different, unique style that in most cases is a byproduct of their home environment”. He continues “we have succeeded in having a wide assortment of talent, without overlapping styles”. Like Tried & True, Golden Spiral displays the work of only local artists (something We Are Greensboro is behind 100%), in this case though, the work is primarily that of the shop’s tattoo artists. All of this serves to reinforce the last and maybe most important difference at Golden Spiral, no flash. Unlike every other shop I visited, Golden Spiral does not even display the standard “flash” pieces on their walls. Instead, each artist displays pieces of their own work as samples of their style. Of course the client can bring in something they want done or as a starting point, but for the most part, clients of Golden Spiral have tremendous trust in the insight of their artists, in many cases allowing them to simply create original, one of a kind pieces. All of this serves to reinforce the last and maybe most important difference at Golden Spiral, no flash. While allowing the artist free rein is nothing new, deviating from the standard of at least offering flash options is. In truth, there are many, many very talented tattoo artists in Greensboro, and each, I’m sure has a reputation for a particular style and a following that both appreciates and opts to have that work done. However, this does not seem like the right choice for the first timer or the faint of heart. Once the decision has been made to get a tattoo, and make no mistake it is a decision with permanent consequences that should be well thought out, there are a few core things to consider. The design, the location of the design, the shop and the artist all must be considered before taking the plunge. So how does one navigate the world of tattoo? Well, that depends. If you are experienced and have tattoos already and feel comfortable about the work you’ve already had done, then there’s really nothing I can tell you except, if you’ve had work, but never had work done in Greensboro, you’re really missing out. However, if you’re new, or still relatively new and you’ve already decide to do it and need a little advice, here’s the consensus of what every shop owner/manager/artist I’ve talked to has said; 1) Ask around. Check out the work you see on other people and if you like it, ask where they had it done. Most people will be glad to share that information. Then ask to see some of the artist’s work 2) Make sure you’re sure 3) Make sure the artist/shop is permitted. 4) Make sure the shop you choose is CLEAN!!! 5) Pay attention, unwrapping of needles, etc. should always be done in front of you

Top left Art mixes with function is side a Golden Spiral tattoo room top right Snakes Eats Rats store in the lobby of Golden Spiral Tattoo 24>>> skin deep




01, 02, 03. totem by Russell, Flowers by Sebrena Horne & Josh Cecil’s bald eagle 04. Inside the shop at carolina Tattoo 05. The entrance to Carolina Tattoo 06. Robbie at Jolly Rogers 07. The Waiting area at Jolly Rogers 08. Kalea King tat Jolly Rogers Tattoo



6) Make sure you’re sure 7) Make sure you feel comfortable. Instincts are rarely wrong in this sense. If something 06.

doesn’t feel right, don’t do it! 8) Don’t hesitate to ask questions....Size, location; colors (especially in relation to skin tone), style or style combinations, and aftercare are all in the experienced artist’s realm of expertise. It’s your body, so ask away! 9) Make sure you’re sure 10) Look for an artist that listens AND is on the same page with you BEFORE you begin. They may be good, but do they really get what you’re telling them you want and can they incorporate that into the work itself? So far we visited 4 shops and nothing we saw gave any indication that rules weren’t being followed. In fact, everyone we spoke with was acutely aware of the laws and more importantly, the correct procedures and how to follow them. In short, these are professionals, but it never hurts to be vigilant.


In the coming issues we will discuss piercing, henna and permanent makeup as well as some of the opinions, truths and misconceptions about them all. As always We Are Greensboro cherishes your feedback, comments and concerns. If you have any of those, and/or suggestions, please post to our blog or contact us at 08. “Daddy” by Robbie at Jolly Rogers

A fly by Kalea King at Jolly Rogers

Skin Deep <<<25


(continued from page 19) The four soccer fields are fully enclosed with indoor grass that offers the opportunity to learn and play in real world conditions, while inline roller hockey is played in enclosed “mini” rinks with Sport Court floors, Border Patrol glass, boards, netting, and great lighting. There are even dressing rooms to ensure that sports gear doesn’t have to be worn on the street. They can even set up for a roller derby. The Greensboro Sportsplex is not all summer camps and leagues, there are many other programs filling the roster of activities year-round. The “Midnight Basketball” program for players 12-18 offers a safe and purposeful alternative to unsupervised, outdoor ball at a park or another boring night of TV. This wildly popular program generally hosts between 600-685 players between 8 & 11:30pm on the Friday nights it’s open and is a great program for those looking for competition without the time commitment of league play. The “Fall Festival”, this year being held on October 6th, draws approximately 5000 participants. This free event includes sports clinics and exhibitions, a DJ and much more, for a fun filled, family friendly day.

26 >>> Sportsplex



Sports Clinics... Exhibition The Fall Fe


Many of the popular events that take place at the Sportsplex are co-hosted with other organizations. Likewise, there has been a tremendous response to the joint programs being offered between the Sportsplex and other city affiliated organizations, such as the Hope Project and the Smith Senior Center. Kathy was genuinely proud to point out that the Sportsplex serves members of the community from 18mos. to senior citizens, helping to keep everyone who participates interested, active and healthy. With the whirlwind of activity and constant flow of patrons, it really helps that James and Kathy are both “people” people, but then that can be said of everyone I met at the Sportsplex. Every employee I came across was friendly and willing to help, seeming genuine in their desire to do so. But, what did I expect? This is not some conglomerate whose sole interest is appeasing shareholders. This is Greensboro, and the people who work here are our friends and neighbors. This is our Sportsplex, and even though it is designed to operate at a profit, those profits go to our city, to our

services, benefitting us. James summed it up nicely, when he said “we truly enjoy what we do…we work when people play”. I for one am glad they do. So, get out of the heat, for that matter, in a few months get out of the cold. Get the kids into a league and join one yourself. Don’t just drop the kids off, come in and get active for a while. James, Kathy and the entire staff are waiting for you to let the games begin. The Greensboro Sportsplex is a part of our community that must be enjoyed. Stop by, call or visit the Sportsplex online today.

The Greensboro Sportsplex 2400 16th St. Greensboro, NC 27405 Phone: 336.373.3272 - Fax: 336.373.4120

ns...Food...Fun...FREE!!! est on Qctober 6th...Be There!!!

01. Border patrol glass, boards and netting, gives roller hockey a professional feel 02. Tucked away, you’ll need to look for the sign 03. Professional grade indoor turf on the soccer fields 04. Basketball courts in the foreground, roller hockey rink in the back and the Rush Fitness complex on the right... You can even see the entrance to one of the soccer fields in the top left

sportsplex <<< 27

More Than Apples Tony Bates Greensboro, North Carolina

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. I don’t know who said it first, but I’m pretty sure they were stretching the truth juuuuust a bit. In reality, we don’t have to be “old” to feel the effects of an active lifestyle or unbalanced diet. Young people too, can and often do, have muscle, bone, joint or any number of other ailments that can leave them feeling a little out of sorts. Factor in a few years or even a slight injury or over exertion and even the most health conscious person may find themselves with a few new pains that don’t seem relieved by rest alone. Before you rush off to the pharmacy for a little temporary relief or for more serious afflictions, contemplate invasive procedures, consider the benefits a good chiropractor can offer. To determine those benefits, it seems the first step would be to find a good chiropractor, but how does one find a “good” chiropractor? Easy, since we’re quoting old adages, the proof is in the pudding. The pudding or better, the proof in this case came by way of Sarah. Sarah, a fast pitch softball player, talented enough to be a member of a state championship team, injured her right (pitching) shoulder. Her first stop for treatment was an urgent care facility where she was informed her shoulder was broken AND she had bone spurs. She was referred to an orthopedic doctor who told her she did not have a break but a torn muscle and arthritis to go with the spurs. She was treated with an acid and ultrasound combination that was supposed to break up or dissolve the spurs and told that the tear would basically heal on its own. Three months later, she was still in pain, had very poor motion in her shoulder and the tear was actually worse. Of course, she was advised that she would need surgery, but that she should wait until her condition advanced a little more to get it. By this point Sarah was in excruciating pain and deciding something 28 >>> Health

needed to be done, she opted to visit Dr. Darcy Ward at the Center for Chiropractic and Wellness. Not long after her treatments with Dr. Ward began she noticed an improvement and decided to continue them to see how the treatments would work out. Noting that after a few months she has full range of motion in her shoulder and is completely free of pain, Sarah told me, they worked out great. Could any Chiropractor have helped Sarah? We’ll never know, because Dr. Ward is not just any chiropractor. While it probably helped that Dr. Ward is particularly interested in sports injuries and their related treatments and therapies,

her approach to healing utilizes her experience in not only chiropractic adjustments, but Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy as well. With expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of such complex joint and muscle conditions as carpal tunnel, sciatica, disc injuries, failed surgeries for discs and carpal tunnel, Bell’s palsy, migraines and scoliosis, in addition to shoulder and knee problems, Dr. Ward uses an holistic method which includes

additional considerations such as nutrition and sleep/rest patterns. I visited Dr. Ward to get a better understanding of why her treatment, especially her wonderful results with Sarah, worked so well and to find out exactly what it is that she does (myofascial release?... I was clueless). I already understood the idea of a holistic approach. Treating the “whole body” made sense considering that one part of the body can and often does affect seemingly unrelated parts. Explaining about Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS), which is also referred to as Chronic Myofascial Pain (CMP), Dr. Ward described a condition in which (often severe) pain begins in one part of the body and moves to another. These areas, called “trigger points” can be relatively free of pain themselves, yet be the starting point of myofascial pain elsewhere. Dr. Ward explained that “pain runs along nerves, which explains why back pain is often felt in the legs, or scratching a spot on the arms can cause a tingling sensation in the neck”. Understanding the body’s “network”, where trigger points are located, what areas they affect and how to correct the problem is the basis of her work in myofascial release and trigger point therapy. In essence, the easing of trigger points to free the body of myofascial pain elsewhere in the body. Starting with lifestyle, Dr. Ward considers the patient’s level of physical activity, eating habits and sleep patterns. Following up with a thorough examination, she is able to look outside the box, and determine the root causes of many ailments, enabling her to treat the underlying problem, not just the symptoms.

“...encourage the nervous system to work more efficiently” While her explanation made perfect sense, a rarity in my case, I was still somewhat confused about the correlation between myofascial release/trigger points and chiropractic treatments. Dr. Ward clarified by pointing out that “by correcting misalignments, chiropractic adjustments encourage the nervous system to work more efficiently”, helping to improve circulation (blood flow), arthritis pain and a host of other ailments. Furthermore, “when joint segments have restricted movement, the receptors aren’t getting proper information from the nervous system. These misfiring nerves tend to put the body in a state of “dis-ease”, causing pain, which is often the body’s way of communicating a greater problem” Typical orthopedic treatment for muscle and joint injuries/pain (depending upon the level and cause) follows the usual

Opposite Dr. Darcy Ward D.C. B.A. - Managing partner at the Center for Chiropractic and Wellness Top The entrance to CCW on North Spring Street Above Dr Joshua Louwersheimer B.Sc., D.C., C.C.S.P. - Adjusting a patient

pattern of orthopedic exam, medication (pain/muscle/inflammation), physical therapy, surgery, more medication, and more P/T. Chiropractic treatments (or in Dr. Wards case, wellness) generally focus on the step after the initial exam, as way to limit or bypass the need for strong medication or more invasive treatments like surgery. Never one to discount other medical alternatives

completely, Dr. Ward acknowledges that surgery is sometimes necessary, but points out that the holistic approach is gaining in popularity in the medical community. Once considered on the fringe of the medical world, chiropractic care has become more main-stream, to the point that many phy-

sicians now consider chiropractic adjustments, myofascial and trigger point release therapy as treatment options both before and after surgery. The Center for Chiropractic and Wellness began in Raleigh with Dr. Ward and Dr. Jennifer Greenfield as managing partners in a practice that continues to treat the whole body. After her personal move to Greensboro, Dr. Ward, feeling that our city would benefit from the services they offered, decided to quit the commute and open a second office here, enhancing the practice by bringing in Dr. Joshua Louwersheimer. Although the Center for Chiropractic and Wellness has had years of experience honing their specialties, they remain relative newcomers to Greensboro. However, with the push towards holistic and noninvasive treatments, and their expertise in them, it seems obvious that they will have a long and successful stay. So, if you’re feeling a little disconnected, plodding along in the slow lane, or worse, in pain, eat as many apples as you like, they certainly can’t hurt and they do have nutritional value. But since they’re obviously not making apples like they used to, a visit to Dr. Darcy Ward and the Center for Chiropractic and Wellness could get you back in the fast lane in no time.

Above Natural light and comfortable surroundings make for a very relaxing experience

health<<< 29

We Might As Well Move To Opa Locka Tony Bates


ecisions, decisions, decisions, each day we make hundreds of them, many without so much as a thought. From choosing the time we get out of bed (yes, hitting the snooze button is one option), until we decide when to end our day back in it, we are making choices. As rational beings ingrained with self-preservation, most of these choices will be beneficial (or at least not harmful) to us. So, why is it that so many of us opt to ignore an easy choice that can be of immense value to us? Why then, do we shop outside of our community? It is commonly understood throughout economic circles that every $100 spent at a locally owned, independent business returns approximately $45 back to the community through city and local taxes, wages, and the purchase of supplies from other locally owned businesses, etc. Compare that to the $13-$14 average returned by “big box” stores and it’s easy to see the huge benefit of keeping it local. Examined through what is called the “Local Multiplier Effect (LME)” the direct, indirect, and induced impacts of spending locally are quite amazing • • •

Direct impact is spending done by a business in the local economy to operate the business, including inventory, utilities, equipment and pay to employees. Indirect impact refers to the conventional multiplier that happens as dollars the local business spends at other area busi - nesses re-circulate. Induced impact refers to the additional consumer spending that happens as employees, business owners and others spend their income in the local economy.

We all know that economies throughout the country, the world in fact, are struggling at best. We live in a time when every dollar that goes to local salaries, our schools, our street repairs and other infrastructure projects, community development, local events and even many of the public services we receive is more valuable than at any other time in recent history. We can no longer look to outside sources for the same type of support for our community that we enjoyed in the past. This problem, and make no mistake this is a problem, holds true for local arts of every style, artists of every genre, farmers of any type, non-profit organizations, retail and wholesale businesses alike; when we support our local businesses, when we “keep it local”, we are helping ourselves, our families, our friends and our community.

I found mine on State Street...

AJ Bates

...thats how I keep it local

We Are Greensboro We must, each one of us, make an effort to support local businesses whenever possible; you can certainly believe that residents in other communities across this country are supporting theirs. Greensboro and the surrounding areas have some of the best of everything. Locally, we have world class boutiques, restaurants, performers, artists, photographers, shopping, and farming of almost every imaginable type and there is so much more. When we finally make that important decision to “KEEP IT LOCAL”, we are not only greatly increasing the flow of money into our local economy, we are saying that we have pride in our city and what it offers, we are saying that we believe in the people here and want to help them even as we are helping ourselves, we are saying that we care. And if we don’t support the business community that is the life’s blood of our city, well, we might as well move to Opa-Locka.

NEXT ISSUE... Tucked away between N. Church and N. Elm Streets and between W. Wendover and W. Cornwallis Avenues is the State Street Shopping District. With more than fifty boutiques, restaurants and various businesses, this wonderfully quaint shopper’s delight is one of Greensboro’s hidden gems. Next month we will visit State Street and spend some time exploring. Until then, stop by State Street yourself, browse Linnea’s Plus Size Boutique, pop in and say hello to Diana at Cornerstone Garden (you can’t miss it), enjoy a massage at Kneaded Energy, or just spend a few hours strolling the area, taking in the shops and eateries that call it home. Then visit our blog and tell us about it. You never know, maybe you’ll see us there. We Are Greensboro<<< 31

September 2012  

We Are Greensboro magazine is dedicated to serving our community by supporting our local businesses, arts & events. KEEP IT LOCAL

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