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c an recall a time when I loathed Greensboro. The agitation was never personal; I simply needed a change of scenery. The curry accented walkways of Tate Street, the hurried bustle on UNCG's campus as 2:00p promptly approached and the benches outside of Yum Yums were constant reminders that I developed a dream here. Embarking on new adventures and continuing to discover an even cooler and weirder me was imperative now. I reached a breaking point; where reveling at the idea of being safely anonymous in a new city with new people was a no-longer-acceptable line on my wish-list. Leaving Greensboro needed to happen. It was so vital that my fiancĂŠ and I believed the series of unfortunate events that occurred throughout almost the entire year of 2013 was the universe giving us a nice shove out the door (way sooner than we planned). And it wasn't until I returned from Atlanta that I really missed Greensboro. I came back and realized Greensboro is an amazing city filled with even more amazing people and I was thankful to have been a resident to such a progressive community. "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..."

The Cool Community of Greensboro: a lov e sto ry

Jasmine Simmons Contributing Writer

Imagining Greensboro: When I shut my eyes and envision

Greensboro, plenty of people, places, and memories surge from my heart. As I stroll onto Tate Street, my inner-foodie overrides any previous plans that may have been set and urges me to grab a Mixed Bowl and a bubble tea (amongst other scrumptious eats) from my former second residence, Boba House Vegetarian Restaurant (332 Tate Street). The friendly and earthy staff at Boba House is family to me, so I make it a point to catch up when I'm in town. Additionally, there is NO place like Boba House outside of Greensboro; I've discovered it's a tiresome journey searching for delicious budget-considerate vegetarian/vegan eateries. And Valentine's Day! Boba House is the go-to place for your Vday plans. Already outfitted as a charming date night venue, the energy that fills the restaurant on the holiday of love is perfect for sharing an amorous night with a special friend. Staying on Tate Street, I have to run across the street to pizzeria/live music venue, New York Pizza (337 Tate Street), to see what bands are playing for the night and give hugs to my favorite staff members. NYP welcomes live independent music of all genres and provides a platform for visual artists by commissioning art installations that also garnish their walls. The building hugs the corner of Tate Street and serves pizza into the wee hours of the morning. Any local restaurant that stays open late is "okay in my book" as Stuntman Mike would say. By now I'm bouncing off the walls, ready to visit my derby family, Greensboro Roller Derby (www.greensbororollerderby.com). Catch me and my fiance on a bout day and our excitement meter is turned up to colossal. Follow us to the Greensboro Coliseum and you'll be sure to see our faces covered in paint, screaming our lungs out for the All Star team, Gate City Roller Girls and my home-team the Mad Dollies.

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It's one thing to keep up with updates and watch this skater-ran community via their website, but it's an adrenaline pumping experience to see these amazing athletes in action. My love for Greensboro doesn't end there and neither does the adventure. Greensboro Roller Derby usually houses their special after-parties at the local watering hole, Westerwood Tavern (508 Guilford Ave). Tucked away in the neighborhood of Westerwood, lives a locally owned dive bar that attracts a community of hilariously fascinating characters who enjoy indulging in the company of Greensboro's finest of citizens. The faces behind the bar are my favorite part of Westerwood, but I can't deny the Jello shots are pretty tasty and occasionally support a non-profit organization. The commonality within just a few of my favorite places, & spaces & people to play with mentioned above is the sense of community; each of my aforementioned loves, support non-profit organizations and local enterprises. This is what I love most about Greensboro and it is a rare find! Supporting your local community is how you enhance your future. Supporting a small business, independent artist, or local sports team is way bigger than the tangible item you purchased. You are investing in the hours of trial and error, fits of frustration, and thousands of failures. You are acquiring the upchuck bile of the terrifying guttural feeling that comes with following your dream. You are obtaining the overwhelming chill-bumps of joy and success. Already support local businesses? Well, keep on keeping on! New to this idea? Start by supporting one of the businesses mentioned here today! A home away from home, Greensboro will always have a piece of my heart; the community makes the city exponentially cooler. To my Greensboro family, “I miss you--A little too much, a little too often, and little more every day.�


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February 2014  

We Are Greensboro magazine is dedicated to serving our community by supporting our local businesses, arts & events. KEEP IT LOCAL

February 2014  

We Are Greensboro magazine is dedicated to serving our community by supporting our local businesses, arts & events. KEEP IT LOCAL