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eddings. Such a heartwarming and absurdly fun occasion where friends and family gather to witness two people seal the deal. Ah, but all of the chaos that planning a wedding conjures, the audience doesn’t witness that. The obligations, the finances, the little details, the commentary from the peanut galleries, and the out-of-body bridezilla experiences are all unspoken treasures that come along with the unavoidable and unique stress that planning a wedding ensues.

name a few. And you know who takes the brunt of it all, at least in my home, the fiancé. Poor, poor fiancé. I had to turn to Facebook to inquire what to do when your inner-bridezilla emerges from your soul and attempts to destroy your future hubby. I feel for those whose future spouses are not understanding or are absent from the planning process; it makes the runaway bride and groom concept so much clearer. We’ve seen Sex in the City right? That moment when Big doesn’t show up, wants to marry Carrie but is completely overwhelmed by his transformed bridezilla fiancé. Within minutes, Big realizes that he made a mistake and returns to the venue to find a furious fiancé beating him with her very expensive bouquet.

“Wedding planning was so very easy and completely stress-free!” – said no bride...ever. Like Kim Kardashian, some women mentally plan their own weddings years

Jasmine Simmons ahead of time and honestly, wedding stress Image by Heather Lashun Photography Contributing Writer is a contagion that even the Martha Stewartlike compulsive organizers can’t dodge. I was told, “it is the one Carrie was on to something...bouquet beating! That could be a day where everything should go the way you want it to unfold.” great stress reliever! I’ve said all that to say this...It totally makes That glorious power of perfection is enticing, however, [wo]man sense why people jet from the altar. If you don’t manage that stress, plans and God snickers. A wedding is a party, not a performance. how does fiancé know this won’t last forever?! If nothing else goes right, if at the end of the day you are married to the one you want to grow old with, everything went perfectly. There are a throng of articles identifying wedding stress but none I have to constantly remind myself of this. I’m marrying my soul- of them truly inform you how to relieve said stress. Here are a few mate on August 30, 2014 in Winston Salem and I cannot wait tips for when your scaly bridezilla is looming and ready to strike until the week of, because I just want to scream “I’s married now!” down poor, poor fiancé. When fiancé initially proposed I literally heard a hundred wedding stories. My favorites were when the former bride gloated and said, “I didn’t have to lift a finger, my friends/family asked me what I wanted and voila! I just showed up” – That’s almost as dreamy as McDreamy himself planning the wedding and baking the cakes! But when that doesn’t happen, the bride takes full responsibility of making sure everything falls into place even when tasks are del-

I had to turn to Facebook to inquire what to do when your inner-bridezilla emerges...

egated. As a newly engaged couple, it’s important to discuss why you want to have a wedding as opposed to eloping. While lavish and entertaining, weddings can ruin a perfectly good relationship. Between the stress that builds up on the bride and groom and the financial stress of $25,000 spent or making magic happen with a very slim budget of $5,000, you go into the marriage on the wrong foot from the start. The stress comes from all directions too; family and their negative input (and I may be venting here) but don’t tell a bride that her location or date is inconvenient for you, simply RSVP no. Flaky vendors, maybe RSVP’s, friends requesting plus 5’s, and expecting perfection without performing Santeria are some stress factors to 28

No wedding Wednesdays: This can be implemented at the beginning of planning. At least 1 day a week, you and your significant other will NOT talk about the wedding or anything related to it. There are six other days to gab about your never ending Pinterest board. You do have lives outside of the wedding, indulge in each other. Focus on the ceremony: We center so much attention on the party specifics that we leave the most important part, the ceremony, to get thrown together or templated. Unity candles and sand are cool and all, but make it yours! Brainstorm a tear-jerker surprise or conjure up a moment of hilarity within your ceremony. It will keep your witnesses engaged and feel closer to the bride and groom. I’m personally aiming to make fiancé sob. Interweb surf: When you are at your breaking point, visit YouTube and look up musicandmuffins. MusicandMuffins is a doodle artist that creates animated videos to love songs. It will make your little bridezilla heart swoon. Or, you can do what I do whenever I’m in a bad mood...look at pictures of chunky babies! I’ve learned to be mindful of dropping stress bombs on those around me, especially my future hunnybunny. I know he’s the one for me because puts up with the unsuspecting bridezilla breakdowns and simply tells me “keep calm, it’s just a wedding.”

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We Are Greensboro magazine is dedicated to serving our community by supporting our local businesses, arts & events. KEEP IT LOCAL