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FRONT London You can be cool while still keeping your feet warm!

Front London is the new destination for bespoke designer rugs. We present our highly awarded designers, Jan Kath and Michaela Schleypen in our new showroom.

Jan Kath and Michaela Schleypen Front London, 20 Bruton Place, London W1 (020-7495 0740;


Jan Kath is a stand out amongst the best and recompensed mat fashioners on the planet. He has attained worldwide distinguished with his carpet gathering ERASED CLASSICS, where established Italian divider wrap designer rugs and conventional Oriental fancy floor covering outlines offer the patina of a hundred years of adoring mind through his advancement of upset impacts.

MICHAELA SCHLEYPEN Michaela Schleypen is a genuine pioneer and the maker of numerous unique procedures and materials. She was the first to begin floor covering chiseling, taking carpet outline to an alternate level. Michaela has even created her own particular unique shade scale empowering her to make mats with an exceptional mixed bag of shades.


All contemporary rugs are only hand crafted utilizing a thick tufting strategy with New Zealand fleece and Chinese silk and additionally striking and astounding materials, for example, radiance cotton, neon strings and denim and dampness safe filaments. Whilst a carpet of gems may sound like a fable, Michaela Schleypen provides for some of her mats a gleaming sparkle utilizing Lurex strings and Swarovski precious stones. Modern rugs are hand-tied to an amazingly great quality and give a luxurious, profound, delicate carpet. In the event that you need an eye-catching focus on any room in your home, various companies’ rugs are an absolute necessity. It serves to make the structure of the room look good in your home or office. The various handmade rugs gatherings feature an enormous assortment of colors, for example, red, tan, blue, ash and numerous contemporary rugs with a suitable reach of sizes which will suit to everybody's plan. Some of the various modern region rugs are made from hard-wearing man-made strands, for example, acrylic or polypropylene, which implies they are stain safe and agreeable to clean.


It will make your room excellent. Silk rugs can pull together your inner part design rugs and are accessible in a wide assortment of styles, sizes, shapes and colors. This makes it agreeable for you to discover a thing that matches your existing adornment totally. Whether you're totally refurbishing your couch or essentially need to tidy up an existing room, various stores have got modern region rugs to fit any necessities. The greater part of several modern zone rugs are popular for their sturdiness and solace capacity and additionally suitable for zones that encounter substantial footfall.

Select from exclusive thick downy or strong synthetic and elegant designs that will suit your home ornamentation. Sizes range from little to the additionally extensive. A large portion of various modern rugs can additionally be made to measure for those cumbersome measured deck spaces. The rugs London Shop offers one the greatest determinations of Modern style Award Winning Rugs accessible to buy online. It would be ideal if you feel good to see various accumulations of modern designs, a large portion of many rugs are accessible online with different sizes like medium sizes to extensive sizes.


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Hi London! Visit us now in our energizing new showroom. We will be extremely joyful to present you Jan Kath and Michaela Schleypen excellent...