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This issue Innovative new channels What‟s new? What‟s old? What works?

Social media How does it work and will it work for me? Facebook – What you put in, will generate leads, build relationships, and get info straight to your target market.

Apps –what‟s to know? It‟s all about application The latest and greatest – what are the most downloaded apps? Finding the niche and making it work for your business

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Andy Collyer Andy Collyer owns a number of businesses –but his real passion has been helping business owners to grow and succeed. With 30 years experience in a range in industries from Europe to Australasia, Andy has built a technical expertise base that covers all areas of business management, strategy and innovation. With so much to share, What‟s my BMI was the first logical step.

Who‟s out there doing it On the street – meet the leading edge One coffee shop taking business to the next level Using iPod Application innovation.

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Sophie Russell Every business leader needs a fantastic right-hand man. Sophie is the master of the market research, keeping the Cloudberry team on track, and the editor and producer of the current publications. With a communications degree under her belt, Sophie sees that there are exciting and innovative developments underway by Kiwi media gurus. With a fixation for all things „social media‟ – Sophie will be keeping you up to date with the latest and greatest developments. All things that you can use in your business.

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What’s New Doc? It‟s not all new. Old ways of doing business can be complimented by new ways of doing business. You can pick up a whole bunch of how to type books at any book shop that will give you the inside track on how to market your business. But at the end of the day, it‟s down to how you use them. The smart way to do things now is to mash them up – keep your prospects and customers interested by using the old and the new. For example, we all know you can use an electronic newsletter and track the recipients behaviour to the content and their responses, click throughs etc. Problem here is that the recipient knows you‟re going to be doing that, which probably affects their reaction to your correspondence. So what do the results actually tell you? People still like to receive something in the mail that isn‟t a bill. Something original and personal but well designed and executed. One easy example would be to produce your newsletter in a simple one page printed format. Personalise the envelope and add a personal note to each newsletter that you mail out. In the content of the newsletter, refer the reader to a new and exciting page on your web site, which they can use to find out more detail on your article. What‟s different? You can still measure the response to the article but the whole medium of delivery is much more personable and one to one. You can stretch this to other media like YouTube, Uview, Facebook etc.


So why not go the whole hog and switch to solely „new media‟ as your marketing platform? Well, in our experience you‟ve got to bear in mind the following – You‟ve still got to maintain differentiation in your value proposition and this extends to how you tell people what you‟re doing • If you‟re working with a broad demographic then mix up the media and let your customer determine how they want their info • A gradual process of reeducation is far better that a shock change to ‘’keep your prospects and everything the customer is customers interested by comfortable with using the old and the new’’ • Whatever you call it, new media tools are being conceived daily • So don‟t throw the whole caboodle into one new way of doings things, that may well be superseded next week! • The key is to produce good, honest, valuable, informative content and then chop that up and deliver it across multiple platforms • Consider the need in your business for a new type of marketing person, younger, skilled in new media, capable of creating a buzz • Never forget that people buy from people, you can‟t just switch to doing everything remotely so you have to retain the quota of old media. •

Philip Bidwell Architecture Limited one organisation that thinks differently. They sat down with their clients and their professional associates to understand what everyone wanted in terms of type and frequency of communication. Their bi-monthly newsletter (printed!) and website gallery are pivotal to the ongoing growth of the company and have been fantastically well received by their audience of past, current and future clients. The galleries are particularly stunning – check out gallery number 4

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New meds Ever get the time to stop and look at your business? Hear the noise, smell the money being made, or not? There‟s a persistent background noise these days and it‟s saying apps, iphone, tweet, facebook, social media. Who get‟s it? Who understands how it works and more importantly who understands how it should be applied. All good questions. All valid. So, answers on a postcard please.. Seriously, a few weeks ago, Sophie the Ed and me attended an event promoted as a „Social Media Seminar”. Ok, nothing new in that, and perhaps there isn‟t that much to do in Christchurch on a Wednesday evening in Autumn. But there was something new.


Perhaps I‟m slow on the uptake but normally at these types of event, it‟s the guy with the suit, greying brow and gravitas for Africa telling us all how things should be. Not this time sonny, this time it‟s all the young dudes on the stage telling the suits the way it is. This became more pronounced by the lack of seating, which forced the attendees to make a decision on how to receive this new wisdom from the novotel mount. Funny, the ladies just went and sat on the floor and the gents made like scaffolding and decided the very new walls needed holding up. School disco all over again. So the verdict is….. New World Order. The new gurus are the young guns who get it and moreover get the best application of new technology. Our advice – understand it, embrace it and use it

A Facebook Page – 101 Guide Model Page: Awakening Business Solutions Your Wall: Post latest updates and tips – have conversations with your clients Logo: Build brand awareness Suggest to Friends: A built-in referral system – Can send link to page to all friends on Facebook. Info: All the business services, contacts, photos, upcoming events – right there. People like this: 532 Fans of A.B.S Give your clients the chance to show how much they love you – no hassles, no annoying emails. Everyone likes to feel loved right? Instant rapport and street cred.

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it ain’t what you do, it’s the way


One minute it’s costing $10k and nearly as any techies to build your app. Next ,you can build as many as you like for a few bucks a month. So should you consider an app for your business?

Bloomberg Week at states that “The iPhone is gaining wider acceptance at companies , but the selection of useful business apps is still paltry… The goal is to replace the laptop and have software apps that help users carry out business and non business related jobs.”

The story (so we have heard through the „app-propriate‟ people) there„s are coffee bar – that is trying a very cool system that is going to connect bar to their clientele.. For $29 / month, a cheap and oh so effective way to promote your business, straight to the pocket of your client. Cant get much better than that. Here‟s how it goes: A customer – think the „on – the – go‟ business type, no time to chit chat with the barista, they want the high quality goods (no cocaine puns intended) and they needed it 5 minutes ago. They race into the coffee bar to buy their morning quad shot. A sign at the counter „download our app – order coffee through your iphone, it will be ready by the time you step through the door‟ “Huh” Says the business men – I bet they can‟t beat me, by they time I submit my order, they receive it on their computer and it is made, I could have had 3 quad shots! Well we will see…” Says the business man. He pulls out his Iphone, the very next morning. Opens the app for the coffee shop.

Name: Phil MacIntyre Coffee: Short black Extras (milk, shots): 4 Ready in 5, 10, 15 mins: 5 Choosing to have it ready in 5, he presses send, grabs his coat, and races around the corner to the store. One quad shot, at the counter ready to go. As he leaves the coffee shot – his phone text jingles. “Thank you for being a loyal customer to our coffee bar – tomorrow, you get a free friand with every iPhone App order.” “Well how about that” says the business man, as he forwards the link to all his colleagues along with a message “Order on your iphone and you get a free friand tomorrow, awesome!” The coffee bar instantly gained a reliable clientele – no stress, no queuing and rewards for loyalty. Say good buy to the 10 stamp coffee card system…..

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Once upon a time, businesses used a phone. The phone was attached to a line and the line was fixed to a wall. People gave their telephone number when they answered the phone and when speed counted, we telexed. If we didn’t know something, we asked, or we referred to a manual. Then somebody changed the rules. Today there are applications

‘Don’t worry be app-e’ Thank you for downloading…. With over 100,000 iPhone Applications available in iTunes, what made these applications some of the most popular ‘non gaming’ downloads in the iTunes Store? Marketing Built by – Do It! Marketing - David Newman offers you a streamlined view of the ongoing market conversations from the best minds in business. What makes this a great app: Easy to navigate, quick tips that can be flicked through when sales motivation is low. Document – Allows you to manage and create documents through your I Phone. What makes this a great app: Can edit .docs on the go – by flipping the iphone horizontally, a key board appears for easy typing and editing. Marketwatch – Delivers breaking market news and business headlines – real time quotes, markets analysis and insights. What makes this a great app: No internet searching required, straight to the up to date data, to the minute. FinPlan – Financial Planning Tools – Achieve the goal of independent financial planning. Specific to people who work in the Asia Markets. What makes this a great app: Consultants working in or have clients in Asia, can keep their financials in check – with up to date exchange rates and recording. Others to watch – Ifitness, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, Weather NZ

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