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Would you volunteer...? to be part of an experiment that would make you sick or even kill you? • Have you been ill on a regular basis? • Can you expect an industry that profits from disease and sickness to police itself? • Would you demand answers to why your children have illnesses caused by environmental poisons? • Have you noticed your’re being sprayed by military/commercial planes from above? Now we are unwitting human laboratory rats for untold government /military experiments. Millions (or possibly billions) of infants and young children are now afflicted with a variety of chronic upper respiratory illnesses (asthma, chronic bronchitis, hard-to-treat pneumonia). We all have a basic human right to breathe air that isn’t filled with deadly brews of aerosols, chemicals, bio-weapons and thousands of other toxins. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Geneva Convention forbids the use of humans as uninformed test subjects. These substances being sprayed in large plumes by military and commercial planes are harmful to human and animal life.

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Machst Du mit? Willst Du Teil eines Experiments sein? • Eine laufende Nase? • Kopfschmerzen? • Grippeähnliche Symptome? • Dauerhusten?

Wir werden täglich von Flugzeugen mit Chemikalien und anderen Giftstoffen besprüht! Atemnot, Reizhusten, verschleimte Bronchien – jedes zehnte Kind leidet mittlerweile an Asthma. Die Atemwegserkrankung ist damit die häufigste Erkrankung im Kindesalter. Wir alle haben das Recht auf eine SAUBERE LUFT, frei von Aerosolpartikeln, giftigen Chemikalien, Biowaffen sowie unzähligen Krankheitserregern. Die Genfer Konvention verbietet den Einsatz von Bio- sowie Chemiewaffen seit 1925!

Zu spät! Du tust es bereits! Mehr Info:


WeAreChange Frankfurt Chemtrail Flyer  

This is a flyer that Frankfurt am Main We Are Change completed and handed out to many uninformed shoppers in the center of the city. Use thi...

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