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Hi, Local, Independent Business Owner! I am so glad you are interested in becoming a founding member of We Are Athens! These limited membership spots are for local, independently owned businesses whose offices and operations are in the Athens Metropolitan Statistical Area (Clarke, Madison, Oconee and Oglethorpe). I am also happy to inform you that we have recently become an affiliate of the American Independent Business Alliance which offers a huge amount of operational and marketing support to local chapters. Our next goal is to form a strong founding network of local, independently owned businesses that will be committed to helping us in the preservation and promotion of the benefits of buying locally and the education of how doing so improves our community and keeps the Athens area unique. Currently, we are made up of concerned community members, local business owners and business professionals at locally owned businesses. All of our funding thus far has been acquired through personal, non-tax deductible donations with the interest of helping to bring the Buy Local movement to the Athens area. We are now asking for more concerned community members and local, independently owned business to step up and help us strengthen our foundation by donating $100 and joining us in our grassroots efforts to build membership. In exchange, we are going to provide all of these individuals with a year of basic member benefits; which is a window decal, a listing in our local business directory online (designed but not yet launched), and the right to post the We Are Athens logo in promotional materials. In addition, we intend to bring special recognition to all of our founding members through stage announcements at events and placement in promotional materials. Our ability to have these events and extra promotional materials are all very dependent upon the participation of individuals like your self. So far, the money we have raised has gone to pay for our affiliation with AMIBA. The money you donate will go to help up us plan a launch event, to website hosting, and to printing promotional materials. I have attached a quick presentation to give you a little background information into the organization and the definition of "local business." Once you see that your business meets the definition of “local business,” you can join by mailing a check and your business info (address, phone, email and website) to 188 South Milledge Avenue, Suite 2, Athens, GA. Make your check payable to We Are Athens and keep our tax ID number, EIN 27-188438 for your records. It is $100 per business to join as a founding member, and once we open our regular membership, businesses with more than one location will be able to add each location for an extra $10 after their annual dues. Again, thank you so much for your interest. We are so excited about bringing this initiative to Athens, however, we can't do it alone. I know your greatest reward will be able to see the change you have helped bring to our neighborhoods and local business community. It is going to be great! Warm Regards, Catrina Cook Chair, We Are Athens

We Are Athens' mission is to promote local business in the Athens area through the education and promotion of the benefits of buying locally, local business advocacy, and the importance of preserving what makes the Athens area unique. A “local independent business” is one to whom the following points apply: Private, Employee, Community or Cooperative ownership; At least 50% owned by area resident(s) Full decision-making function for the business lies with its owner(s); Limited number of locations, all within a within a single state or region.

We Are Athens Founding Member Invitation  
We Are Athens Founding Member Invitation  

Invitation for local businesses in the Athens Metro Area to join our network as founders.