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My focus for creating ADKT was to provide an outlet for undiscovered talent within specific cities, allowing innovative artistic individuals to have their chance to shine. The first edition will be based on the city i grew up in, which is Cardiff. ADKT showcases talent such as, artists, illustrators, musicians, photographers, models, writers and many more. ADKT exposes the true talent that we don’t get to see everyday without searching for it. Every collaborater within this edition is from or based around Cardiff. I feel ADKT gives people living within different subcultures the chance to connect and view a different perspective of life through a creative eye. Finding talented people around this city really wasn’t hard, as it oozes imagination. I am extremely proud of the city i’m from and this has since grown due to the individuals i have worked with in this edition of ADKT.

Featured within will be some of my personal illustrations, along with shoots i have styled and edited, as ADKT is a zine that showcases talent, i really felt it was important to ensure i made it personal, creating something that i was extremely passionate about, along with having alot of my own personal input and personality. I would like to use this page also to thank everybody that have been involved in the making of this issue, for their time, support and outstanding talent. I look forward to working with future talented individuals within the next edition. WILL IT BE YOU? Nia xo

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Credits Founder, editor & creative director - Nia Hardwicke - Photographer - Agnes Smith// Maddie Williams// Nia Hardwicke// Models - Kait Morse// Ben Greenhaf// Harriet Baugh// Sarah Morris// Joe Thomas// Ryan Thomas// Designers - Melissa Afonso// Vicky Harris// Perry Sugden// Antonia Golding// Bands - Hot Damn// Budwolf// Artists - Agnes Smith// Hannah Law//AHA// Journalist - Sarah Morris// MUA - Abbie White// Sophie Dunn// Filmographer - Louise Lawrence// check video out on -

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Cardiff, a place of Myth and ledgend according to ‘The Valleys’, but for ADKT it’s home. Being the home of Rugby, sheep and perfect scenary Cardiff really does live up to it’s expectations. For ADKT Cardiff is where alot of the team found their inspiration, the thought and the drive to do what they are doing now. What perfect way to showcase all this than in a Zine where this issue is based on our hometown. ADKT has taken trips around the city to find up and coming talent that you may never of heard of if there wasn’t us to share it with you. Along the way we have found Models, Photographers, Journalists, Artists, Designers, Bands and many more. Cardiff has shown that is oozes talent. Who needs BGT when you have ADKT? Many of the things that people love Cardiff for are; The historic shopping arcades, boasting masses of boutiques where you can find one off pieces along with vintage gems and quaint cafes. If its a beautiful day, you will find nearly the whole of the city at Bute Park and Roath Park, here you can find idealic scenary where you can relax and escape from the bustling city centre. Both parks have cycle tracks available, and Roath park is host to a lake nearly a mile long. Perfect for a pedlow trip? Cardiff Bay - The perfect day trip, showcasing gorgeous views, restaurants and bars. If you’re coming with a partner, you need to take a visit. Be sure to come and see the Millenium Stadium, a treasure to the Welsh as avid rugby fans






Artist - Agnes Smith. (collage with found materials) I’ve never been good at drawing but I’ve got a love for image making.I started photographing when I was around thirteen. I always had my camera on me wherever I went. I took images of people, creative self-portraits and just random abstract compositioins. I always loved doing fashion shoots with my friends, just for fun you know. I’ve always liked creating and making - I would say that my collages are a mix of surrealism, mystique and nostalgia- that’s what I aspire them to be anyway.


The Surrealsit movement in the early 1920s is a huge inspiration for much of my art but I am also moved by contemporary fashion photography, art and collages from magazines such as VICE or Dazed and Confused. I very much like works of John Stazaker and Max Ernst. Right now i am just enjoying life and the course it is running with an aspiration of becoming an artist or photographer.

View Agnes’ work at:


Street style finder Cardiff. We found a mix of styles in Cardiff that we really loved, but here are just a few we thought we would showcase that really caught our eye. Each feature a different style showing the diverse creativity the city has. We absolutely love the oversized tee’s, leather jackets & denim cut offs. Have you been caught by our style finder? Check out more cheeky street snaps on our blog..

8 ADKT //Photography - Nia Hardwicke//

Chris Evans, Morgan Waters, Liam Torrance, Wil Coburn, Ian Price - we are the band.

Sarah - Can you introduce me to the band.. Chris - Im Chris -lead vocalist, Morgan - lead guitarist, Liam - guitarist & vocalist, Will - bass player, Ian - drummer. Sarah - When i looked you up on a google search the first result was a band from Mississippi, were you aware of that? would you have to change your name for a Europe tour? Chris - Nope, no i know about them. Sarah - If you had to come up with another name for the band off the top of your head, what would it be? Chris - Prize Fighter Morgan - Prize fighter??ummm Chris - Will came up with that, i thought Crows, but ... Morgan - I’m going to go with ‘A bugs life’, coincidently my favourite film. Sarah - Where did the name of the band come from? Who thought of it? Chris - We were in our local, throwing around stupid names for songs & we just came up with it. I’m a really big everytime i die fan & thats the name of their first album, so i said it & everyone was like ‘yeaah’ ... & 3 years down the line here we are.


Sarah - How would you describe the sound of the band? Chris - People say, we are pop punk but is there anything more... Sarah - I don’t think you are. Chris - No, i love pop punk but we are very hardcore influenced, we are the fine line between hardcore & pop punk. Morgan - Not grunge, i would say a mix of alot, a little bit of emo, little pop punk and hardcore. Chris - Yeah so, pop punk/hardcore/call it what you want. Sarah - Are there any familiar bands that people say you sound similar to? Morgan - Metallica Chris - Metallica everytime Sarah - Really?? ‘Laughs’ M & C - No Noo, haha (lol) Chris - People say the story so far, which is a massive compliment, but i don’treally see it, then again, people say i look like stiffler & i don’t see that either. Sarah - I definately see that. hahaha,so Chris, you’re the lead singer & Morgan lead guitarist Chris - /sex appeal Sarah - So who writes the songs? Chris - Well Morgan writes, then we all get together. Morgan - To begin with it’s kind of a group thing, i come up with the riff, then everyone dips their fondue in. Chris - He is chief design. Sarah - If you were not playing in the band, what else would you be doing? Chris - I have no idea, this is the only thing i am good at. Morgan - Well i’m in uni so it’s hard to deal with time between that and the band.

//Photographer - Agnes Smith// Band - Hot Damn ft Chris, Morgan, Liam, Will & Ian// 10 ADKT

Sarah - Silly question, but who would you say is the most unstylish of the group? Morgan - Straight away i would have to say, um, Ian Price. He likes his t-shirts tight and his trousers tighter Chris - He didn’t want to take his jumper off tonight because he is wearing a tshirt saying ‘the Atrium’, haha, a free tshirt from uni. Ian Price style icon. Sarah - So who is the most stylish? Morgan - Right by here (points to him) look at these Janoskis. They are beautiful. I get compliments daily. Chris - No probs Liam Sarah - If you could colaborate with anyone who would it be? Chris - well i look at Freddie Mercury & think you can’t get better than that, so Queen in general.


Listen to us on -


We are Jack Jarrett, Alex Inglefield and Dara Hillier-Smith. We are all 20 years old and all live in crickhowell, Wales. We have been friends since primary school and have been making music together since we can remember. Jack: I was in a band with Ali (Alex) and Dara called Fate Fell Through when we were about 13-14?, we only practiced in Alis barn and never really got anywhere. Ali: well we did play at you’re birthday party! (laughing) Jack: ha yeah! I was the guitarist in the band Angel To Enslave with some other people aswell. We did quite a few gigs. Dara: haha! We were all too young, just like the bands everyone does when their younger. Our favourite bands and inspiration are people like Architects, Bring Me The Horizon and Letlive. The rapping parts probably come from people like Lunar C, Leaf Dog, Dirty Dike and Devlin. We always end up messing about making new songs just because there is nothing to do in Crickhowell. Mary Jane usually helps us a lot with our inspiration!


//Photographer - Nia Hardwicke// stylist - Antonia Golding// Band - Budwolf//

PEEWEE SAYS: Hi i’m Jacks dad. All of Jacks friends have been coming around my house making music since I can remember. Jack has always been really into recording bands. Im very into music myself and have always wanted to record a song of mine with him. All of Jacks friends are very musical, each playing different instruments, they mainly play drums and guitar. Every time I go upstairs to see what their doing its either killing aliens on their computer or making music! Try and sit at the dinner table with them without one of them drumming away with their hands on their legs! (laughs). All in all I am very happy that they are such nice boys and just want to make music rather than going out getting into trouble like some other kids you see.



//Photographer - Nia Hardwicke// Stylist - Antonia Golding// Budwolf//

//Photographer - Maddie Williams// Stylist - Nia Hardwicke// Budwolf ft some close friends having fun with some powder paint// Jack, Alex, Dara, Dan & James//


//Photographer - Agnes Smith// Stylist - Nia Hardwicke// Designer - Melissa Afonso// Models - Kait Morse & Harriet Baugh// MUA - Sophie Dunn//



Models. Harriet Baugh & Kait Morse

Deriving from the theme of travel, the collection developed into time travel. Through studying films such as Luper and Beaches, studying sci fi and futuristic themes. The fabric and silhouette is based on holographic panelling with negative line and space. The fabric for the collection showcases transparent fabrics alongside holographic panelling, which is the main focus for both dresses and jackets.



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‘My inspiration with fashion comes from my grandmother, who worked in a fine embroidery up unti her 80’s! I loved the intricacy & detail along with the manufacturing of creating something beautiful. I’m inspired by lots of different things, but mostly form & also colour. I love design houses that have a clean & sleek look with a feminine edge. I hope to do something involving fashion in the future, if not design then something similar, but DEFINATELY still in fashion.’ - Melissa Afonso (2013) 19 ADKT



fit for purpose



//Photographer - Agnes Smith// Designer - Vicky Harris// Model - Joe Thomas// Stylist - Nia Hardwicke//

Models - Joe Thomas & Benjamin Greenhaf

Based on functionality & inspired by various types of workwear. This collection features waterproof fabrics, protective aspects & quilting all derived from workwear qualities. Accent colour orange inspired by use of bright colour in workwear to signify danger/warnings.



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- Vicky Har ris (2013)

My wor k is highly inspired by functions & w

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.W h

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23 ADKT //Photographer - Agnes Smith// Stylist - Nia Hardwicke// Designer - Vicky Harris// Models - Harriet Baugh, Joe Thomas & Benjamin Greenhaf//

Ben, 20 wearing fit for pupose menswear collection by designer Vicky Harris Artwork Top illustration. photoshop and digital drawing - Nia Hardwicke Bottom illustration. mixed media collage - Agnes Smith


//Photographer - Agnes Smith// Stylist - Nia Hardwicke// Designer - Perry Sugden// Models - Benjamin Greenhaf, Kait Morse, Sarah Morris & Ryan Thomas// MUA - Abbie White//





Models Kait & Sarah ft Square oversized sweaters, tee’s & headwear


Square Clothing is an independent lifestyle brand, which was established in 2011. It is a small individually run brand with the help of volunteers. It strives to offer quality goods and affordable prices.





Model Kait ft Square clothing oversized tee & beanie


Sarah & Ben

Kait modelling Square ft Dr Martins

Angry Moon: ‘In collage I was always torn between studying music or fashion because I really enjoyed to play the guitar. I ended up studying music foundation for 1 year and then music technology for another 2 years. I came out of it with all distinctions which I was pretty proud of. (laughs) I have enjoyed arts and crafts since I can remember. When I was younger there was this shawl from a wedding I went to, I used to spend hours wrapping it around me in different ways creating different tops and dresses. I first started making tops when I got fed up of seeing everyone wearing the same ‘new in’ thing in the shops. I just loved the fact that every top I made would be a one off even if it was the same design.

Models - Benjamin & Sarah ft Angry Moon customised tee’s

I think the first few things that got me into cutting tops up was in malia (Greece). It was sooo hot that I just wanted something comfy and cool enough to wear, so I ended up going to the shop and buying a mens top. I cut both sleeves off and tyed the sides. Loads of people asked me to make them one in our hotel! Most of my inspiration comes from things like festivals And I love browsing through instagram looking for new in patterns and colours. Every summer I seen to come back to the hippy kind of scene and through the winter I really liked the galaxy print trend. I am hoping to create more tie dye items ready for the beach. I am in the process of making a tie dye kimono!’ - Antonia Golding - 20 (2013) 29 ADKT

//Photography - Agnes Smith// Styling - Nia Hardwicke// Designer - Antonia Golding//

Models Ryan & Benjamin ft Angry Moon customised tee’s

30 ADKT Models - Benjamin Greenhaf, Sarah Morris & Ryan Thomas // MUA - Abbie White//


Models Sarah & Benjamin ft Angry Moon customised tee’s and Headwear

Models - Ryan Thomas & Benjamin Greenhaf ft Angry Moon customised tee’s


Models - Sarah Morris & Benjamin Greenhaf ft Angry Moon customised tee’s and headwear


//Hannah Law. 21// Untitled fashion illustration - pencil on paper (2013)

“I always loved drawing as a child, my interest for art grew in high school & my passion for fashion illustration started when i studied Fashion design in college, this passion has kept on growing ever since.”

Untitled fashion illustration - Pro Marker & fine Liner (2013)

View Hannah’s work at:

NIA - When did you realise your love for art? HANNAH - Art has always been one of my hobbies since i was little, i can’t even remember not loving art. I remember being young and constantly drawing, painting or making something, just being creative. Only since my teen years have i become more serious with it by starting to look at different types of art & finding my own style. NIA - What are your main influences? HANNAH - Up and coming fashion, photography & style icons such as Madonna and Marylyn Monroe. NIA - Who is your inspiration? HANNAH - Iris Van Herpen is one of my inspirations, i love her work, i think it’s so different, there are no limits with her work. NIA - How would you describe your illustrative style? HANNAH - I would say most of my illustrations have a laid back style to them. I like to mix a grungy feel with glamour. I like to experiment with different styles when i illustrate, depending on the mood i am trying to perceive. I love black & white illustrations and my preferred media to use it ink, as i think it creates a dramatic effect. NIA - What are you doing in life right now? HANNAH - I study Fashion Design at Birmingham City University. NIA - What do you aspire to be? HANNAH - I would love to be a fashion illustrator, or something where i could mix both fashion and art - my 2 loves.


Colour me in too

ADKT collaboraters have each contributed to the ‘what to wear section’, letting you the reader into their wardrobe, style and how we dress or what we love to wear. The items above are are menswear pieces, most available on online stores such as Flatspot and various other branded portals. As the reader, your opinion is highly appreciated, send us some snaps of yourself ft your favourite clothing and why you love it, you may get featured in the next edition. @weareAdkt



Monochrome & Hologram

Again, this is some of ADKT’s favourite pieces for the season. All available in various high street and high end stores as shown above. This season shows our most desirable must haves which includes clinical white with added hologram and metallic accessories. Become part of the ADKT look by searching our polyvore. This lists where each item is available from. Is there a new trend you LOVE? if so, let us know! @weareAdkt


See the black & lime

Are you creative? Love outfit building? GET POLYVORE. follow us for our favourite what to wear sets of the week. ‘weareAdkt’

















By Sarah Morris

Hills Street, St David’s, Cardiff The Cosy Club is a trendy new bar and restaurant in an ideal location situated just off the Hayes and next to St David’s shopping centre. There are five other “cosy clubs” scattered across the UK, the Cardiff venue is the largest and opened here in November. Since its opening there has been hype about this new addition to Cardiff, as diners me being one of them were turned away as the restaurant was regularly fully booked. On a Tuesday afternoon I visited the restaurant for a third time to see how it has progressed and to sample some more of the menu.

The action begins upstairs on the first floor where you are met with an impressively large open plan bar and restaurant area. There are heaps of natural light and endless people watching opportunities due to the view over of the Hayes with The Cosy Club’s ceiling to floor windows around the whole of the restaurant area. We were met with an efficient host who took us to a table straight away, no booking was necessary and the restaurant was around three quarters full. The interior of the place comes up triumphs for me, it is has a rustic charm with the dark wood flooring and fringed lamp shades. There are stags heads hanging on the walls and bags of unusual features that I could harp on about, but I will leave you to see for yourself.


Saint Davids shopping

Mill Lane Bars + restaurants

Once at our candlelit table we pondered over what to order as the menu has lots of variety with the choice of all day brunch, sandwiches, tapas and more substantial main courses. The menu is original and differs from what you would expect to see in a typical chain restaurant. A young waitress came promptly to take our drinks order, however the wait for our drinks to arrive took too long. We decided to sample the tapas and ordered a total of six dishes which cost £3.50 each or three for £9.95. The drinks and cocktail menu is worth mentioning as it is very extensive and caters for all tastes. Upon waiting for our order to arrive I felt like the place had a relaxed vibe and the tables are spaced out far apart so that you can’t hear other diner’s conversations, which I liked. The food came sharpish in around 15-20 minutes and looked delicious served on a wooden platter with ciabatta. On trying the dishes I found that the mini fish fingers tasted fresh but came without the tartare sauce that was stated on the menu and the toad in a hole in red inion gravy was not hot enough. The crispy potatoes were satisfying and the hummus smoked parika and extra virgin olive oil left me wanting more as it tasted pleasant on the ciabatta. The chorizo in red wine and garlic was also a pleasing choice, but the broad pea cream cheese and mint pate I found overpowering and had a watery texture. I would describe the tapas as a mixed bag, not terrible but slightly below average. The waitress did not come over to ask how we were getting on with our meals or check if we wanted anymore drinks, therefore I think the service should have been more attentive. After underwhelming tapas I decided to order a dessert to ease my taste buds and went for the salted caramel chocolate pot with rum punch fruit. I must say it was scrumptious and a generous size, therefore I have no complaints on pudding. The bill came to £26.50 which I think is a fair price and there was no added surprise service charges. There are lots of positives with The Cosy Club, in particular I enjoyed the ambience and would love to go back there for casual drinks at the bar. However after a total of three visits each time I have found the food to be unspectacular and the service inconsistent, therefore I give it a rating of 3 out of 5 stars.



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