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Imagine being able to train your subconscious mind where you would be better at any type of sports. While you may be great physically, it is the mental game that is just as important. In many cases, the mental game of sports is even more important. The use of self-hypnosis in sports has been around for some time now. Many athletes will see a professional hypnotherapist or sports psychologist who will induce trance and make suggestions while in a hypnotic state. The same hypnotherapist or sports psychologist may even teach the athlete how to do self-hypnosis. Once the athlete knows how to do self-hypnosis, it just takes some practice to master it. Once mastered, self-hypnosis will start to flow when needed. It will help you (the athlete) improve your mental game and even help you to train better. Doing self-hypnosis is easy once you get the hang of it. You are not going to go to sleep (as you may have noticed in some movies). Being hypnotized, whether through self-hypnosis or being hypnotized by somebody else requires that you stay awake - just much more relaxed. Hypnosis is a natural state that we go through on a regular basis. If you've even been to the movies and was drawn into the movie you were watching as if you were a part of it, you experienced a form of hypnosis. Some people have gotten so drawn into it that they were still foggy a few minutes after the movie ended. If you want to get started in self-hypnosis, you'll need to find a comfortable and quiet place. Once you get the hang of it, then you will be able to do this anywhere. Do this initially by sitting in a comfortable chair. Keep your feet flat on the floor and your hands on your lap. While sitting straight and relaxed on the chair, close your eyes. Take a deep breath and then relax further. Tell yourself the following: "I imagine that a beam of light is entering the top of my head. I imagine that light starts to relax me even more creating a sense of calmness starting at the top of my head. That relaxing and calmness travels down my head, through my scalp, and around my face and eyes. It moves around my mouth and my jaw muscles relax. It now travels down the back of my neck and into my shoulders, relaxing them. It continues into my arms moving down into my forearms and into my hands. That relaxing and calm feeling moves down my back and chest and into my abdominal area - it is very relaxing there. It continues to move down into my hips and then into my legs, relaxing and calm. That feeling continues into my calves, ankles, and out my feet - my body is completely relaxed and calm. I will now count myself down starting at 5 and going down to 0. At 5 I am becoming more relaxed, at 4 - I am going deeper, at 3 - I am opening up my mind, at 2 - I am completely opened, at 1 - I am ready for suggestions, and at 0 - I am at deep hypnosis. I am now

taking in 3 deep breaths to further relax me into a state of hypnosis." Next are any suggestions that you want to make to yourself. Here's an example of one that you could use. I now imagine walking onto my field of play and seeing and feeling myself full of confidence. I imagine what that confidence is like. I imagine that I have all the power and all the confidence of some of the greatest athletes of all time within me. I feel their presence as if they are a part of me. I feel their power combining with mine. I know that I can conquer through anything that is thrown at me. This is because I am confident and powerful. And anytime I walk onto my field of play, I will conquer it. Once any suggestion is made, you can anchor it. Finally, count yourself up - from 0 up to 5. 5 means you are fully awake and make that suggestion to you, "I am fully awake." That's pretty much it. You may still opt to seeing a professional to help you through this. I wish you success as an athlete.

Helping You to a Higher Level of Performance and Fitness by Training the Mind and Body Bob Choat, MS, CH.t., CTNLP, NASM-CPT does Peak Performance Coaching & Training and also works as personal trainer in Southern California. His training in hypnosis, psychology, and fitness enables him to best help in both mind and body towards complete fitness. He has a Masters in Psychology and degrees in business and leadership. He also completed leadership training from Rapport Leadership International and the U.S. Marines. Phone: 818-620-2494

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Using Self Hypnosis For Sports