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Hypnosis for athletes is becoming more and more common. You often hear both coaches and athletes themselves talking about the "mental" part of the game. Hypnosis is a great way for athletes to fully develop this part of their performance. It's been over three decades since athletes at the Olympic level started using visualization as a method of preparing for their events. Since then, it has become common at all levels sports. In its simplest form, visualization is simply a mental rehearsal of the desired performance. For example, an athlete might imagine of running every part of a foot race. They would vividly imagine feeling the excitement before the competition, stretching and warming up, approaching the starting blocks, anticipating the start and continuing on this way until they had imagined every part of the race. Similarly, a basketball player might imagine consistently sinking shots from three point range or masterly handling the ball against a tough defense. While visualization alone is quite effective, combining it with a hypnotic trance makes it even more so. Using hypnosis, the effects of the visualization work even more profoundly because it's received at the subconscious level. Sometimes athletes will work consistently with a therapist but most often they'll use some form of self hypnosis or a hypnosis recording. The advantage of this approach is that it can conveniently be done every day or even multiple times a day. The basic technique is to enter into a relaxed hypnotic state and then embed positive suggestions. As with visualization, the athlete can imagine their ideal performance. They can also mentally rehearse how did like to respond in different situations. Often athletes were performing at peak performance notice a shift in their perceptions. This is often referred to as being "in the zone". For an athlete in the zone both time and space seem rather flexible. A baseball player may relate that a fastball pitch moved so slowly he could see the stitching on the ball. To a basketball player in the zone, it may seem that the basket is many times its normal size. An athlete using hypnosis may want to emulate this state by imagining such distortions in the least a few of their sessions.

An advantage of hypnosis for athletes is that it allows continue mental practice without leading to over-training and physical deterioration. There is a limit to how many free throws an athlete should practice a day but essentially no limit to how many times they can mentally rehearse a perfect free-throw. As always, the outcome of an athletic competition is often determined by the preparation that comes before it. Hypnosis can give an athlete the edge they need to succeed.

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