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At some point in time in your life, you have probably wanted to have hypnosis control over someone else's mind. It is no wonder that this is such an attractive skill. Having the ability to control people's minds can help you in many areas of your life. You could make your kids pick up after themselves, or you could make your boss give you a raise. Even though most people have heart of hypnosis, many people are skeptical about it, or they are afraid of it. Salespeople use a form of hypnosis control every day in order to maximize the sales that they make. When someone is getting hypnotized, they will not be aware it is happening to them. They will feel calm and relaxed as it happens to them. You may have been hypnotized by a sales person yourself if you have ever walked away from a store with something and you have no idea why you bought it. This type of hypnosis can be seen at any store where the sales people have to work for commission. If you ever get a chance to see it first hand, you will be able to see the techniques used. The sales person will use a lot of hand gestures and facial gestures. They will also hold eye contact in order to give the person they are speaking to a sense of security and trust. You can easily master this technique and hypnotize anybody with the information found on You may have already seen hypnosis control done on TV where people get hypnotized to quit smoking or lose weight. This is the same sort of idea, and it is often used to make a lot of money. The most commonly used field is sales, but it is used in other instances as well.

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