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Man's fascination of hypnosis may have been driven by his fascination for magic. Without any grasp of understanding the nature of human mind, the effects of hypnosis were then considered magical. Later on, with man's frustration in decoding, understanding and controlling the workings and practice of hypnosis, the act was regarded demonic and a form of witchery. But as time goes by, the same passion that has driven man to discover practical technologies has also driven his quest of studying hypnosis. In introducing psychology as a branch of science, man was given the opportunity to freely explore the nature of hypnosis. Many psychologist and experts have spent years of studying, explaining and discovering known and unknown aspects of hypnosis. Finally, scientific evidences were gathered to prove the significant benefits of hypnosis control in improving the quality of life. Hypnosis is an act that puts and individual under a trance-like mental state. With the use of an organized and perfected technique of administering pattern suggestions through verbal persuasion, it puts the individual under a state of complete relaxation. The act may be self-induced or facilitated by a trained or professional hypnotist. Popular applications of this mental practice range from life counseling to psychotherapy. Sometimes, certain aspects of hypnosis are integrated into various psychiatric and psychological treatment programs to optimize their benefits of healing. For so long, hypnosis control or the act of hypnosis was perceived as the practice of touching man's unconscious mind. In the early part of its application in the practice of psychology, it was used as a tool for diagnosis. For patients suffering from recurrent dreams and anxiety disorders brought by traumatic experiences turn to hypnosis in their quest of finding the root of their problems. Scientific evidences have shown that the human brain has the ability to contain some experiences and keep it far from the conscious mind. In effect, people forget these details or experiences of their lives. The problem is that the subconscious part of the human brain poses possibilities for these details and experiences to resurface, commonly manifested in recurrent dreams and inexplicable fear of objects, ultimately causing fatigue and sleeplessness to patients. Hypnosis control was then used as a tool that enables therapists and psychologists to dig deep into man's unconscious mind. Today, methods of hypnosis are integrated virtually in all forms of treatment, willing the body to heal and be at excellent state of health. According to the American Psychological Association, hypnosis control is effective in making changes to an individual's subjective experiences, alterations in perceptions and sensations to promote positive thoughts and behaviors. By bringing the body in various levels of hypnotic state, the techniques of hypnosis facilitates healing and was found to optimize the benefits that other treatment methods offers. With the prevalence of stress fatigue and other chronic health conditions, certain facets of hypnosis are used to promote total body relaxation. By fostering a habit of control, it was found to help improve the performance of athletes. The applications of

hypnosis are virtually present in all aspects of life. With man's continuing fascination with hypnosis control, we can expect greater things in his quest of fully decoding and determining the nature of hypnosis.

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