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It is quite tempting to have an ability to secretly hypnotize anyone anytime. Imagine what it would be like if you could force your girlfriend to share your passion. Maybe you want to watch soccer while she wants to watch volley game. By using hypnosis instead arguing you can smoothly direct her into watching soccer. It is not as hard as you might think; let's take a look at how to secretly hypnotize anyone anytime. Principle No 1 - Make Her Trust You In order to successfully hypnotize you target, first thing you must to do is to earn his or her trust. You can't successfully hypnotize anyone, if the people you want to hypnotize don't trust you and feel comfortable around you. You can earn his or her trust in 2 ways: talk as though you are talking with old friend, and the second one is mimicking his or her breath pattern. Mimicking breath pattern is a very advanced technique and can only be done successfully after hundreds of practices. If you can mimic the breath pattern of people you want to hypnotize in the first 5 minutes after meeting her, done in the right way, your subject will feel as though she has known you for years. Principle No 2 - Changing Moods Not Minds Don't try to explain why she has to do what you want her to do. Remember in hypnosis field what you want is to change her moods not minds. When her moods agree with you, her minds will find a reason to agree with your suggestion. Principle No 3 - Make a Suggestion After she has a good mood, the next thing you want to do is giving suggestion. Give her a suggestion what you want her to do. The most effective way to give suggestion according to my experience is by using indirect approach. Say something like this "last week I met a girl that said how much she loves soccer matches."

Conversational Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can be used in close to any situations. To learn more visit my guide to conversational hypnosis Learn conversational hypnosis to improve your life and get more of what you desire.

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How to Secretly Hypnotize Anyone Anytime