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Do you ever find yourself in a rut? Doing the same things constantly? Do you yearn to be more creative? To do different things? Maybe even do the same things a different way? You are not alone. Many people want to be more creative. They want to make things or do things that haven't been done before. One way to help in this goal is to use hypnosis. Now I know what you are thinking. The same thing most people think when they hear hypnosis. You are seeing a dimly lit lounge with a guy in a cheap tuxedo making grown men bark like a dog whenever they say the word biscuit. This does happen, but there is another side to hypnosis. First off, what is hypnosis? Webster's Dictionary defines Hypnosis as: a trancelike state that resembles sleep but is induced by a person whose suggestions are readily accepted by the subject. What this means is that you are put into a relaxed state. When you are in this state you are more susceptible to suggestion. In this state you can be "retrained" to make changes in your behavior. Hypnosis has been proven to help with a variety of problems, everything from stress management to weight loss. It has also been used as a means for people to get more creative. Hypnosis is not a cure all; rather it is a piece of a puzzle to help in the achieving of goals. There are many benefits to hypnosis. It is easy to do, is relatively inexpensive, and there have been no negative side effects associated with it. By entering the hypnotic state you are both very relaxed and focused. When you are in this state you can learn about yourself. You can find out what is stopping you and break through those roadblocks. To put it simply you can get more unlock the creativity that exists in you. Let's talk a little about creativity and what it is. Think back to when you were a child. Think of the way you saw a stick on the ground. The possibilities of that stick were endless. It could be a magic wand, or a sword. As we get older that sort of thinking is stifled by time and circumstance. If you look around you right now, everything was created. At some point in time nothing around you existed. It was created. In today's society creativity is sometimes stifled. Many times there is a "One size fits all" mentality and we end up in a rut. A lot of the time it is incredibly difficult to get out of that rut. That is where hypnosis can help. While you are under hypnosis you learn on the subconscious level. While you are in this state a therapist can unlock the part of your brain that controls creativity. By using hypnosis to get to this portion of the brain and unlock it your creative ideas will begin to flow. You will become more playful and start seeing things differently. By using hypnosis to improve your creativity you can start to see the things in the world around

you differently. You can tackle a nagging problem in a different way to get a positive result. That stick can be a sword again instead of just one more piece of yard clutter that you have to pick up. There will be no end to the possibilities once you have used hypnosis to open yourself up to the creativity that exists inside of you.

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==== ==== Find further info about Self- Confidence at ==== ====

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