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Pinterest Crushes Facebook –

Pinterest Crushes Facebook [infographic]


Written by Wealth Magnate

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Pinterest Crushes Facebook –

Facebook or Pinterest? You might think Facebook is by far the better social networking option, yet it turns out Pinterest Crushes Facebook when it comes to traffic timing, conversions, bounces and page viewing. Is that a surprise? yeah it is… according to readwrite while Facebook delivered more than 7.5 times the traffic, Pinterest handily won the remaining four areas: - Pinterest traffic spent 60% more than did traffic coming from Facebook. - Pinterest traffic converted to a sale 22% more than Facebook. - Facebook traffic bounced 90% of the time, compared to 75% for Pinterest. - Facebook users viewed an average of 1.6 pages. Pinterest users saw an average of 2.9 pages – a 76% difference. Facebook is still number one when it comes to brand awareness though, since it has the biggest user base and people still go there to hang out the most. Despite those facts research shows it might be difficult to return your investment immediately when marketing on Facebook. Let’s get right to the infographic and see why Pinterest Crushes Facebook

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Pinterest Crushes Facebook –


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Pinterest Crushes Facebook