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No Water? No Problem

BY: Mikaelea Witter


h to have a refreshing shower in this unbearable heat with water restrictions in full effect! Jamaica may be known as the land of wood and water but we have always had a persistent water problem, whether in drought or in between. Innovator 33-year-old Jovan Evans has developed a solution to that problem which will make the most daunting tasks during water lock-offs possible.

Whether it is for residential, commercial or recreational purposes such as taking a shower, flushing a toilet, washing hands and use on trips, help is contained in a bottle. Jovan Evans has introduced Pump-N-Spray - a foot operated water dispenser- to the nation. Pump-N-Spray is the flagship product of AquaFlow Products and Services Ltd., manufacturers of versatile water dispensers. Chief Executive Officer Jovan Evans says with the focus on smaller water storage sources, the company provides affordable solutions to the varying water challenges of its customers without the use of electricity and large water tanks. AquaFlow's product line encourages the recycling of plastic bottles, helps to conserve water through use, reduces the inconveniences of limited water supply and for some customers, improves their quality of life. No water? No Problem.

What is Pump-N-Spray?

It is a device that transforms your water bottle into a portable water dispenser. It works by removing the cap on a water bottle and replacing it with the cap bought from AquaFlow Products and Services Ltd. The cap is an extended nozzle similar to a shower head with a foot pump attached. There are two versions of the Pump-N-Spray - a 5 litre or 1.3 gallon bottle and 5 gallon bottle. Mr. Evans says the 5 litre bottle in particular helps with the conservation of water in households He explains that on a normal basis we use between 6 and 45 litres of water per minute when showering. "Customers with Rhino Tanks use it to fill their Pump-N-Spray and have said it is great with kids around. Our


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