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ronda rousey There's only one top dog in UFC. The sport doesn't simply hand a title over to a fighter since he occurred to make it to the fight that night. It takes effort, commitment and also an appreciative winning streak to grab the glory of true championship. The UFC now has a women's division. However, former Strikeforce Bantamweight Champ, Miesha Tate, finds herself lost in the shuffle. The phenomenon known as ronda rousey has changed the landscape of the women's division and it might be a while until the dust settles. WMMA is set to get a major bump in April when Invicta Fighting Championships opens their doors. Invicta FC is an all-women promotion that will run their first event on April 28. Strikeforce veteran and former champion, Marloes Coenen will compete in the main event against Romy Ruyssen in the inaugural event in what will give the sport a boost. Tate also states her side of things in an interview with MMA Weekly saying that she is seeing the productivity of hyping this fight although she still thinks Kaufmann was rightfully next in line. She wants to build fights that fans want to see the most. Tate does not deny that Rousey will be a challenge and a tough opponent, but she is not her favorite person by any means and I see the fire in her eyes when she says that. Tate promises that Ronda will get what she came for and she isn't going to like it and this fight will last more than a minute. After the games, she transferred again with her boyfriend to further their wrestling careers at Columbia University. On a drive to Washington, Sara's vehicle overturned and her boyfriend, Steven Blackford, was pronounced dead at the scene. Sara suffered injuries but did recover. Miesha -I was never offered this fight with Ronda. I would have taken it if offered. It's an opportunity that I would never let pass me by no matter what was going on in my life I would have made it happen. I did mention I wanted to take some time off after my last win in August, but like I said this is an exceptional opportunity. I was never considered for the fight. I believe they want to have me win a few fights before Im considered for a rematch. I understand and I'm ok with the idea of EARNING my way back to the title shot. Early in the round, Pa'aluhi took back control over Nunes like a monkey she just could not shake off. Pa'aluhi tried to secure a rear naked choke and an armbar submission, but Nunes managed to slip out of both. When Pa'aluhi lost her position, Nunes turned the tables completely. She took her back and secured the same rear naked choke she had just slipped out of moments before rendering Pa'aluhi unconscious. Nunes took the victory in round 1 by a rear naked choke submission at 2:24 and definitely giving one of the most interesting fights of the night. Most of Rousey's comments refer to the marketability of a fight with Miesha Tate, playing on both the women's beauty to sell tickets and gain popularity. ronda rousey video

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