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2nd Intra.NET Reloaded 2013 25th - 26th April 2013 | KOSMOS / Andel´s Hotel Berlin / Germany we.DO it again: we.CONECT is bringing together Managing Directors and leading managers to the 2nd annual Intra.NET Reloaded conference in Berlin. th th Taking place from the 25 -26 April 2013 at the KOSMOS cinema in Berlin/Germany, the Intra.NET Reloaded 2013 refers to its status as one of the leading conferences for strategic approaches and operational challenges within the management of complex intranets, employee portals and digital communications. The World Café will be again a special and unique part of the conference! What is a World Café?

Creating an atmosphere of a coffeehouse, conversations can be held more informal, relaxed and open. The specialized setting allows participants to identify new ways of thinking and developing new visions and apply the invisible power of conversation. By discovering the power of talks as a process of change, participants can apply it effectively to their mutual benefit. The World Café is based on the theory that people already possess the wisdom and creativity to tackle the toughest challenges. In the appropriate context and with the right focus, it is possible to gain access and share this deep knowledge. How is it organized?

Based on the theory that there is collective knowledge, on the second day the participants are brought together in a constructive discussion focused on topics that are introduced by a short 10 minute presentation. At the round tables – the “world café`s”- no more than 12 participants will discuss on best practices, challenges, new ideas and potential solutions. The goal is to draw on the collective intelligence and the power of the group. To fix and outline your visions, tables are covered with white paper tablecloths and pens or markers, mind maps can be created and everything will be put online after the event by we.CONECT Every 30 minutes, participants change the tables clockwise to explore other topics, mindsets and resume discussions The results are being presented and debated upon in a panel discussion after the lunch break of the second day. After the event, the participants will receive the results. On the 2


Intra.NET Reloaded 2013 business leaders will moderate the streamed 10 world café sessions

Mairi Willis, Head of User Experience Design at Philipp Morris International Management will use the interactive setting of the Wold Café Sessions to discuss in detail on how optimize tools and methods within the field of user experience design. A certain focus will be put on the question of how to engage employees and their specific needs or business functions. In order to better understand how to create more contextual formats, responsible managers need to know “how business intelligence can be integrated into collaboration and communication.”

Sven Zirnité, Vice President Internal Communications Siemens Energy Sector at Siemens AG is focusing in World Café 6 the challenge of search engine optimization. “How to provide the right things to the right people?” will be one of the questions he is targeting within the comprehensive setting, full of space for suggestions, drawings and possible evolutions. On the Intra.NET Reloaded 2013, participants will be invited to join these and 8 other world café sessions in order to benchmark their ideas interactively. Further Highlights of the Intra.Net Reloaded 2013

Participating on the international event on 25th-26th April 2013 you would be part of:  

More than 34 extraordinary sessions from cutting edge speakers from Europe & US. An exclusive format, offering:  2 Streams of all together 10 World Café Sessions  10 Challenge your Peers Round Tables  An exceptional evening dinner, highlighted by the first Intra.NET Award Ceremony  4 Interactive Morning Sessions  2 surprising Pecha Kucha Icebreaker Session on the eve before the start of the conference  a “German Schnitzeljagd” (a german treasury hunt combined with a sightseeing tour) on the 27th April 1 Primary Partner: e-Spirit AG + 4 Business Partners: Tieto Corporation, Zyncro Tech S.L., Infocentric GmbH, Sensika Technologies

Follow our event on Twitter: #intra_reloaded, where 1300 tweets were exchanged during last year’s conference and join our Linkedin group The Intra.NET Reloaded in the KOSMOS cinema offers the perfect opportunity to share experiences and discuss on current challenges, brand new approaches and future trends within the field of internal communications, intranet design and management as well as corporate strategies 2.0. Be part of the 2nd intra.NET Reloaded 2013 in April in Berlin/Germany and discover in more than 36 cutting edge sessions the latest developments within your industry! We are looking forward to welcome you at the intra.NET Reloaded 2013 from the 25th to the 26th of April 2013 in Berlin! Peter Haack Marketing Development Manager we.CONECT Global Leaders GmbH Phone: +49 (0)30 52 10 70 3 - 0 | Fax: +49 (0)30 52 10 70 3 - 30 Email:

Intra.Net Reloaded 2013  
Intra.Net Reloaded 2013  

we.DO it again: we.CONECT is bringing together Managing Directors and leading managers to the 2nd annual Intra.NET Reloaded conference in Be...