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April 25 – 26, 2013 Berlin, Germany

Intra.NET Reloaded – From Broadcasting to Collaboration – The Leading Event for Intranet & Enterprise Social Web Minds in Europe 2013

150+ Decision-Makers

More than 150 board-level attendees gathered at the INTRA.NET Reloaded 2013 to share, discuss and evaluate the most pressuring issues in digital internal communication within the enterprise 2.0. Participants, speakers and business partners joined in one of the highlight international conferences on this topic and had the opportunity to exchange experiences, widen their network and debate the upcoming challenges in a multi-facetted format. The Intra.NET Reloaded clearly positioned itself again as one of the leading, most innovative conferences at international level in the field of strategic approaches and challenges to the management of complex intranets & employee portals.

25+ International Case Studies & Keynote Speakers

2013’s Intra.NET Reloaded EXPERT SPEAKERS


INTRA.NET AWARD 2013 At the evening of the first conference day, the INTRA.NET Award 2013 ceremony took place: An award was given to company that had shown excellence in developing a sophisticated and sustainable corporate intranet strategy, connecting internal communication, digital workplace, internal branding and internal marketing on a single platform, integrating intranet technologies within the enterprise 2.0 or transforming intranets into digital workplaces, virtual business and collaboration worlds.

The winners of 2013 were MAN Diesel & Turbo SE and their project to create a common platform and connect a large number of employees within different fields, as well as bridging the gap and uniting global sales and operational services throughout the company.

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Who attended Intra.NET Reloaded 2013

we.CONECT presented 3 Icebreaker Sessions before the conference start. Participants had the first opportunity to network, benchmark and discuss Intranet focused topics in small groups, while getting to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere over snacks & drinks under the motto: “Breaking the ice and getting the show on the road!”

we.CONECT created 9 innovative & stimulating Challenge Your Peers Round-tables each of which dealt with individual matters:         

Intranet Reloaded – challenges of engagement and ownership Crowdsourcing, engagement and innovation – treating your employees like customers How to set up, manage and maintain the intranet in an e 2.0? Collaboration and Communication – what is needed to foster knowledge sharing in an enterprise 2.0 Mitigating the pitfalls of social media Building innovation communities in Sharepoint 2013 The social workplace: Rethinking communication and collaboration in the age of social networks Making the value of social & collaboration visible: how to measure the value added of maximised employee enagement? User Experience Design and Optimised Usability

10 World Café Sessions Offered newly intensive, interactive ways of exchanging experiences & knowledge collectively with peers:          

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media as Multidimensional Challenge Mobile and Mobility: Lessons on extending the reach of the intranet to mobile devices Managing the evolution into a connected enterprise: Start point determination, roadmap & scoping With the emergence of blogs, communities and wikis, has the CMS become a thing of the past for intranets? How to manage diverse user experiences within a common digital workspace? Simply social vs. social everywhere – review engage-ment and effectiveness of broad based usages compared to that usages deeply integrated into workflow processes The Challenge of Letting go From diversity to commitment in approaching a shared concept Painless migration – managing change in the move to a new intranet platform Bring the “facebook attitude” inside the Enterprise






The Chairman of the conference Jörn Bodemann welcomed the community with the question Usability matters – why on earth did they design it that way? while his World Café Session dealt with the question whether CMS has become a thing of the past for intranets with the emergence of blogs, communities and wikis. WOLRD CAFÉ · KELLI CARLSON-JAGERSMA, WELLS FARGO INC. Kelli Carlson-Jagersma led a World Café Roundtable with her colleague Darius Miranda regarding the engagement and effectiveness of broad based usages compared to that usages deeply integrated into workflow processes.


CHALLENGE YOUR PEERS · BRITTANY BROWN, U.S. ARMY OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS Brittany Brown moderated one of nine inspiring Challenge Your Peers Roundtables. The community had the opportunity to thoroughly discuss how to mitigate the pitfalls of social media.

CASE STUDY & CHALLENGE YOUR PEERS · FRANK HATZACK, NOVOZYMES A/S Frank Hatzack set his focus during the Challenge Your Peers Session on Building innovation communities in Sharepoint 2013. The main topic of his case study was Going Social: online idea generation, leveraging rapid adoption across the organization, business process & skills and dimensions of crowd mobilization.

Sven Zirnité talked during his World Café Session about the search engine optimization and the social media as a multidimensional challenge. He described social media as an internal communication tool within a diversified structure. Additionally he explained the challenge of providing the right things to the right people.



► Intra.NET Reloaded 2014 April 10 – 11, 2014 in Berlin


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Post Event Report of the Intra.NET Reloaded 2013 conference in Berlin  

More than 150 board-level attendees gathered at the INTRA.NET Reloaded 2013 to share, discuss and evaluate the most pressuring issues in dig...

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