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Andrew Patrick Garrard Welding, Fabrication, Machining and Design. Phone 801.231.6371

Welding and Fabrication I

have been fortunate enough to work alongside world renowned industrial designer Gerard Minakawa. during that time, I was responsible for fabricating a variety of different components for artistic and structural sculptures. I frequently made Jig patterns, allowing me to manufacture components quickly and to ensure that dimensions remained accurate and consistent. I learned the value of creating clean and precise work to guarantee that the aesthetic quality of the product met or exceeded the designers’ expectations. I have also lead teams of up to four welders to manufacture pressure vessels. The tanks that my team welded ranged in thickness between 1/8th” to 1/4” steel. Our welds were hydrostatic pressure tested to 400 psi in order to make sure there were no leaks. I have been 4G certified in vertical, horizontal, and flat weld positions with both a MIG and 7018 1/8th” and 1/16th” sticks. The certification processes consisted of a six inch x-ray and visual inspection. My work as a welder has taught me how to lead a team, problem solve to fabricate unusual designs, and properly maintain machines with preventative maintenance.

Salt Lake Community College: Vocational Education, Welding / Fabrication

Samples of TIG

• Oxy-Acetylene • gtaw, gmaw, smaw • Aluminum • Stainless • Cutting • fabrication • Pipefitting

CAD, 3-D design, Adobe Graphic design IMAGINAL TECHNOLOGIES INC. I have been developing several prototypes for a small Technology start up in San Jose to design a system for the collection and processing of plastics from the Oceans. I have identified and priced all the various components of the process. Currently I am working on the 3-d rendering of the project in order to get a more accurate understaning of the equipment layout of the process.

R&D ENGINEERING INTERNSHIP I prepared substrates for processing and samples post-process for inspection. I was responsible for taking and recording hardness measurements with a Rockwell hardness tester, removing parts from our robots to take accurate measurements with callipers and micrometers, and translating the measurements into Auto CAD drawings. I was also responsible for designing simple parts for the robots in Auto CAD. I learned how to be accurate and pay attention to small details and measurements to ensure that the parts came back from the machinist with the exact specifications of the design.


Engineering, Drafting and design.

My 3-D rendering of a water pump for the Ocean Restoration Project. My 3-D rendering of the Vorticep de-emulsification device for use in the Imaginal Ocean Restoration Project.

Machine FAMILIARITY and Lab background

Having worked in silicone manufacturing, I know the value of precision and a clean work environment. While working in this industry I was responsible for the management and day to day operations of the photolithographic systems. I operated and ran routine maintenance on complex machines such as the Cannon FPA-2500 I3 and the FPA-3000 EX4. I also ran coaters, developers, and semi-automated microscopic inspection equipment.

It has also been a personal hobby of mine over the last 8 years to rebuild and restore classic motorcycles. I have rebuilt five motorcycles, including a ‘74 CB-450, ‘84 CB-650, and a triumph bonnevile. My proudest moment was the CB-650 rebuild from the transmission up. the project involved transporting over 250 pieces from one facilty to another to be reassembled into perfect mechanical order. This required skill and great organization. I am very familliar with all things mechanical and understand how to take apart complex machinery and reassemble it, using my memory and systems of organization.

Cannon steppers FPA 2500 and 3500 (respectively)

Rebuilt CB-450

Project Management

As a founder and the adminitstrative manager for my own company, Lucidity Festival LLC, I have been responsible for many duties. I have overseen and developed budgets of up to $750,000 for production and company costs including pricing of equipment, materials, and supplies. My company has always come in under budget and as a result it has turned a profit every year since its inception. I work alongside our engineering staff to develop stage designs to meet structural soundness and adhere to an aesthetic caliber commensurate with that of the needs of the event. I have been responsible for the company’s logistics planning, systems development, as well as the day to day operations which include: • • • • • • •

Designing and reviewing budgets Equipment sourcing Equipment Scheduling Mapping and Layout of events sourcing material and supplies stage design and development the management of our leadership staff to coordinate over 400 personnel and volunteers

I know that the skills I have acquired while managing my company will benefit any organization that I work within. I have honed my abilities to work under pressure, be a team leader and player, work under tight deadlines and under even tighter budgets to ensure the mutual success of all.

Structures designed by myself and my staff.

Andrew Garrard 801.231.6371

Andrew garrard (welding, fab, design)  
Andrew garrard (welding, fab, design)