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drilling foundations

Using soil displacement technology, the Enteco E9080 drilling rig plays a starring role in installing at an incredible rate the foundation piles required before starting work on the 132 kV substation in Collesalvetti, Tuscany (Italy). And bauma witnesses the arrival of the new Enteco Electra E 9080 with rated power of 1,000 kW


The soil displacement STAR



SANDVIK DD311 PRODUCTIVE SINGLE BOOM DRILL Sandvik DD311 development drill is a single-boom electro-hydraulic jumbo, designed for fast and accurate drilling with low operating costs. Thanks to its compact carrier, a fixed or telescopic feed and different power types, it is a flexible solution for safer operations in 40 square-meter cross section drifts.


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The soil displacement star

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drilling foundations


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Using soil displacement technology, the Enteco E9080 drilling rig plays a starring role in installing at an incredible rate the foundation piles required before starting work on the 132 kV substation in Collesalvetti, Tuscany (Italy). And bauma witnesses the arrival of the new Enteco Electra E9080 with rated power of 1,000 kW Outline Stroke

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we are

drilling foundations

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e only

Terna, the company that manages the Italian electricity grid, has tendered the contract regarding “civil engineering work for the 132 kV substation in Collesalvetti (Livorno, Italy)”, i.e. a project of exceptional importance, to Salvati S.p.A., that for the foundation work has turned to the machinery and equipment of the company Locafond S.r.l. and in particular the Enteco E9080. The latter has been called on to install numerous foundation piles using soil displacement technology (lateral soil compaction). There seems little point in stressing that the site called for exceptional output capacity and speed of execution, re uirements fulfilled to perfection by the nteco drilling rig that actually set records. The piles of 32 m in length were installed in 9 minutes: 4 minutes of downward boring to make the hole, 5 minutes to cast the concrete.

switching station in the village of Guasticce. The new infrastructure will link the Livorno Marzocco-Marginone, Guasticce-Cascina, Guasticce-Pisa Porta a Mare and Guasticce-Acciaiolo Livorno overhead power lines, making the local grid safer and more efficient, reducing grid losses and the risk of power cuts. It will also help to deal with the increased demand for energy following strong residential and industrial development in the area that is located close to the Amerigo Vespucci Freight Village in Livorno. The new 132 kV double busbar facility with air-insulated switchgear will be completed in around three and a half years, extending over an area of more than 18,000 m2. The substation will be placed on an embankment in order to ensure optimum safety based on the hydraulic properties of the area in question.

The new infrastructure

The Tuscan construction site

Terna is the company that runs the national high and extra-high voltage power grid and is responsible for distribution. The company, a coordinator and enabler of energy transition and an increasingly structured and innovative electrical system, has always been committed to and focused on the sustainable development of infrastructures so as to protect the environment and local communities. To this end, Terna has opened the construction site for the new Collesalvetti 132 kV

In the circumstances, Terna has awarded the contract to Salvati S.p.A., a leading player in the Italian construction sector. Founded in Terni as a sole proprietorship by the surveyor Francesco Salvati, in the nineteen sixties the company began to grow and branch out into other areas with the first si able contracts from and Today it is a joint-stock company operating in the sectors of road construction, manufacturing facilities, renovation, civil engineering and special structures. In short, the ideal

The complex stratigraphy led to the choice of soil displacement as the drilling technique

#AT.SHOW Look for ENTECO at bauma, outdoor area, booth FN.523/12


drilling foundations


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company to take responsibility for such an important contract as the Livorno one. However, the Collesalvetti construction site is also a nice tale of synergy between Italian businesses. For the special-foundation work, Salvati used the plant and machinery of the Treviso company Locafond and in particular an Enteco E9080 drilling rig (therefore designed and constructed by Enteco in Venice) equipped with the soil displacement kit and an Enteco E 8018 crane for installing the cages and site service activities. We are talking about a total of 720 piles installed using soil displacement technology with diameter of 420 mm and 620 mm and depth varying from 31 to 33 m.

Complex stratigraphy

s happens on all construction sites, the first thing to do is check the condition of the soil. Down to a depth of about 22.5 m, the Collesalvetti site had a fairly uniform stratigraphy with the sequence of alluvial, silt and paludal deposits, followed by lagoonal soft clay deposits and finally sands n digging deeper, an important lateral variation of gravel and sand was noted. Careful geological studies revealed greater density only when approaching a depth of 30 m. As can easily be imagined, this is not a simple stratigraphy, given that as far down as the soft clay, the soil has no bearing capacity. This led to the choice of soil displacement as the drilling technology. To support this technology, the natural choice was an Enteco E9080 drilling rig equipped for soil displacement application in which the company from Venice is a veritable specialist.

Soil displacement technology

In order to increase the bearing capacity, the E9080 SP300 installed thick-mesh piles (2.5 × 2.3 m) of depth ranging from 31 to 33 m with lateral compaction provided by the Flagship of the E9000 series, the Enteco E9080 features the exclusive E9000 Mast Support System

The new Enteco Electra E9080 Bauma witnesses world debut of the new Enteco Electra E9080 with recordbreaking power rating ter de ti the first hy rid drilling rig, the Enteco Electra , at ia e a s e id trade sh , the talia a a t rer veils another innovative model at bauma (Open Area FN 523/12) with improved power and performance. The blueprint for a hi-tech engine/motor unit r se the e tire ra e te pr d ts has there re become even more tangible with the debut of a drilling rig


we are

drilling foundations

r the series ith hy rid, pl i hy rid a d ll electric operation. A machine with incredible power: 1,000 kW the ase the te le tra , e plai s Renzo Porcellato, Enteco hair a , the diesel e i e has a p er rati hilst a hi e de a d is less tha , the diesel e i e, esides deliveri p er, als a ts as a e erat r, th s har i

the atteries s s as a hi e devi es de a d greater power, the electric motor es i t play a d i ediately delivers the p er required up to a maximum of 420 kW (570 HP). Indeed, the te le tra is fitted with a 420 kW electric motor h se p er, he added t that the sta dard e i e, pr d es a rated apa ity


he latest te del a per r h rs ti s d ty i ll ele tri de deed, y erely eed t i rease the er attery pa s t pr vide the a hi e ith the e er y needed to work in full-electric mode for the whole time

#Technical spe ifi ati Model Soil displacement diameter Max. soil displacement depth Rotary stroke Crowd force Extraction force Rotary head Maximum torque Drilling speed Kelly extension Engine Undercarriage Main winch Service winch Operating weight


Enteco E9080 SP300 320-800 mm 40 m 24,000 mm 330 kN 870 kN Enteco RH51/2 320 kNm 33 RPM 6, 9, 12, 17 m Caterpillar C13B Stage V, 400 kW (536 HP) Caterpillar C18 Stage V, 563 kW (755 HP) extendable (3,000-4,500 mm) 270 kN 150 kN exceeding 90 tons

the world. Whilst the rear stabilisers and soil pressure and stability monitoring have been standard features on all Enteco machines for more than twenty years, we must also mention the numerous patents designed to obtain a considerable increase in daily output, faster execution and on-site safety. Solutions also designed to reduce costs, vibration, noise and consumption. special rotary displacement tool also designed by Enteco. he benefits of soil displacement are now well known: this technology produces no drilling waste, therefore reducing transport costs, keeps the site area clean and, above all, is safe for the workers. And should that not be enough, it enables an increase in the natural density of the soil, so that the pile has greater bearing capacity. In this respect, Enteco studies have shown an increase of between 25% and 40% compared to a CFA pile of the same diameter. Thanks to sizeable research and development investments, use of state-of-the-art components and extensive experience in the field, nteco machines have received important international acclaim for their soil displacement capabilities in construction sites all over

re ested he s it h r e perati de t the ther is si ple a d ha dled dire tly y the ard ele tr i s ith t e ter al assista e he as s the ele tri t r t step i he re p er is eeded a d a a es the atteries Along with the exceptional p er availa le, there is als a sharp red ti i sts r the pa y a d plete e vir e tal s stai a ility day, re ith less really is p ssi le i reased power, greater output, lower

s pti , less ise, e er vi rati s, red ed CO2 e issi s ll this ea s e efits r the perat r as ell he i hy rid de, r i the sti e i e at l revs a es it a l t quieter. Furthermore, maximum iet ess rs he the a hi e perates i full-electric mode. te le tra is there re the ideal s l ti i ities a d str ti sites here pr e t a a ers re ire sile e a d vi rati s

The construction site star: Enteco E9080

he nteco is the flagship drilling rig of the series that includes models from 75 to 200 tons. Its main feature is the exclusive E9000 Mast Support System providing the mast with excellent rigidity and high torque along its entire length. Improved rigidity is provided by a large triangle conformation formed by, at the bottom, the connection between frame and mast and two long backstays (comprising extremely solid steel hollow sections) that connect the frame (at the centre of the machine base) to a point very high up the mast. The system also allows the mast to be lowered and touch the ground. The mast’s articulated joints are also of great

i e the ith sta dard engine, the Enteco Electra is als ltip rp se, th s all i a ast s it h ver r one piling method to the other. re spe ifi ally, the te le tra sh i i h is set p r te h l y, i.e. down-the-hole hammer for lar e dia eters he is fitted ith a spe ial ltip rp se r tary head a t r e ith hydra li tilti devi e he r tary head tilts r ard s as t e a le, h ri tally, pla e e t the

asi the drill pipe ith the aid the servi e i h his a es it p ssi le t li t a drill stri pipe asi pt i e ith t a y eldi s l ti that pr d es a lear i rease i tp t pared t ve ti al rther re, a d this is als a i p rta t i vati , the te r tary head a als e sed r all ther types te h l y ith t difi ati he sheet pili vi rat ry ha er a als e applied t the sa e r tary head tr lley we are

drilling foundations


#The. Cover @ENTECO

benefit during transport as they allow it to be lowered backwards. The mast is constructed using internallyreinforced high-strength-steel and the guides made from Hardox wear-resistant steel are welded to the mast and machine-tooled along the entire length. The E9080 used in uscany is fitted with a specially designed Enteco rotary head (RH51/2) delivering maximum tor ue of 2 k m rotary head that is remarkable for not only its sturdiness, but also its duration with a service life actually exceeding 30,000 hours, an exceptional figure, especially in soil displacement technology. Furthermore, the star of our construction site is highly regarded for its user-friendliness and

Exclusive s l ti

Renzo Porcellato, Enteco Chairman

easy maintenance with all components being readily accessible. The entire layout of the machine is designed to allow easy maintenance of the components through a special opening in the bodywork and a corridor in the middle of the frame. At the same time, the engine is readily accessible by opening the hatches located on all sides. Another feature of the E9080 is the EIAS (Enteco Interactive Automation System). The EIAS means that all machine operations, from work to transportation, are automated and continuously monitored. The EIAS also allows remote troubleshooting and consequently a fast response from the service department.


a ds drilli ri sed y alvati t per r the i p rta t i s a y has a er e l sive s l ti s e ti st a e spe ial r ds, pli s a d t ls vari s dia eters a d a d syste s t s pp rt the asi rete that e a le it t e ved a ay r the r area a d the perat rs the selves, th s i reasi sa ety


we are

drilling foundations


r the





# C o m p a n y . v o i c e s / @M A R I N I Q U A R R I E S G R O U P

The extension plan for the Marini Quarries Group facility


n ever-growing market and the desire to introduce continuous innovation are the driving forces behind Marini Quarries Group investments, resulting in not only new machinery, but also complete renovation of its manufacturing facility. An investment that proceeds hand-in-hand with increased staff levels.


All new, facility included Marini QG modernises and extends its manufacturing facility and brings the new MR-P 400 hydraulic piling rig to bauma 10

we are

drilling foundations

“Thanks to a market that is supporting us and the innovation we intend bringing to the drilling world”, advises Luca Zaninetti, Marini Quarries Group General Sales Coordinator, “we are going to develop our manufacturing site, modifying the structure of existing areas and adding two new ones to which the entire assembly line will be transferred. This means that all areas within the facility (assembly line, CNC machinery, painting and structural work) will be connected,

#Technical spe ifi ati

The new MR-P 400 in kelly bar con guration

Body machine Undercarriage Gradeability Maximum speed Swing speed Hydraulic power pack Diesel engine Power rating Main-winch line pull Service-winch line pull Rotary head Maximum torque Drilling speed Discharge speed Cylinder Pull Down Effective stroke Crowd force Pulling force Kelly bar diameter Max. kelly bar depth CFA extraction force 3rd winch crowd force CFA maximum diameter Auger maximum length CFA maximum depth


Eurocomach ESP 100 UR-4 extendable from 2,230-2,920 mm 60% 2.5 km/h 10 RPM Green Line Yanmar 4TNV98C-T 54 kW at 2,600 RPM 6,500 daN 2,700 daN R-40 4,000 daNm 0-60 RPM 70 RPM CPD 1,200 mm 9,000 daN 6,000 daN 500-1,200 mm (below mast) 500-850 mm (along mast) 27 m (9-section), 22 m (7-section) 18,000 daN 5,000 daN 750 mm 8,000 mm 11 m

of every component is not linked merely to quality, but must also consider the question of after sales support, that is essential”.


this solution enabling us to organise the entire machinery construction process in the best possible way. Furthermore, the availability of a larger area will also enable us to better manage the construction of larger machines, as our market is requesting”. The company has also invested in another CNC centre (the company has now a total of five a ak centres for high precision components, i.e. the components needed for rotary heads, drifters, motors, clamps, etc. Through this project, Marini QG will increase its indoor area by around 50%. The expansion began in October and will be completed in two stages, this autumn and next spring, without the need to halt

production. It is also worth pointing out that there is a test field next to the manufacturing area where drilling can be performed, both in the ground (whose stratigraphy is actually quite demanding) and also in rock due to the presence of a block of granite that is regularly replaced and enables verification of machine drilling speed and operating efficiency, particularly when fitted with external percussion systems. “90-92% of our machines”, Zaninetti advises, “are built in-house. As regards mechanical parts, only surface treatments of materials are outsourced, whilst we source our components from Italian manufacturers, or European ones, with Germany in the front line as far as hydraulic parts are concerned. The internal combustion engines are eut , ohn eere, anmar and Kohler. In any event, the choice

ne of the ve a ak machining centres used by Marini Quarries Group

As previously mentioned, Marini QG will be unveiling the brand new MR-P 400 at bauma. “We entered the piling market”, Zaninetti resumes, “with the small MR-P 350, following a request from our Californian dealer who was looking for a machine in small sites. After this first rig, we built several others in a couple of years and this led us to look at this market more closely. Available in kelly bar or CFA version, the MR-P 400 stems from our desire to establish an increasing presence in the piling market where compact,

we are

drilling foundations


# C o m p a n y . v o i c e s / @M A R I N I Q U A R R I E S G R O U P

The M-Tronic i ter a e

mongst the recent innovations also applicable to track-mounted machines, worthy of note is the M-Tronic, the new operator interface with 7” display that allows the entire machine to be controlled electronically, including through the dedicated app, available for computers and smartphones The system unveiled at bauma, actually installed on the MR-P 400, can support the operator and manages to provide interesting feedback from the machine. Indeed, whilst in use, the operator can monitor drilling depth, mast angle, operating pressures and interact with the machine in order to change principal settings in real time. The new M-Tronic system, whose software arini developed in-house, will be offered as an optional also for all drill rigs of the - line

The small MR-P 350 has now been joined by the new MR-P 400

versatile machines are required”. This piling rig has a fairly long reach for the installation of standard bored or cased piles. “At bauma”, Zaninetti continues, “we will be exhibiting a machine with a seven-section kelly bar for a depth of 22 m, but you can have also a nine-section kelly bar to reach 27 m depth: the machine is supplied ready to accept both solutions. Whilst our competitors for machines of approximately 15 tons tend to offer a single-engine rotary, we wanted to offer a little bit more durability and rotary torque, and we opted for a twin-engine head offering greater speed (rpm) and allowing better torque control, especially in the CFA version. Furthermore, the twin engine gives the rotary head better protection by distributing the torque over the main gear in a more uniform manner he kit can be fitted very easily and thus installed on-site in about one working day without any assistance. Additionally, in CFA mode you have the possibility of fitting a third auxiliary winch (pull down that can also be retrofitted and combines with the main winch and the service winch. It is also worth pointing out that the machine is mounted


we are

drilling foundations

on a ero tail swing base, making it easier to handle on sites with confined spaces or when working at the roadside. Also ideal for the Italian market, it has a reduced height and can also be used in low headroom situations. “The machine exhibited at bauma” Zaninetti resumes, “has already been sold to our french distributor, whilst the second one, with both kelly bar and and CFA kits, has already been reserved

Outline Stroke The new MR-P in con guration

#AT.SHOW Look for MARINI QUARRIES GROUP at bauma, outdoor area, booth FN.723/2A

by the US West Coast dealer. This second MR-P 400 in CFA version will be exhibited at Conexpo, Las Vegas in March 2023”. At bauma, Marini is also exhibiting an MR-C 85 which is a drill rig designed for anchoring works, an MR-C 20P and a MR-2PN, along with drifters and rotary heads. “This is our debut at bauma and we have a booth of around 150 m2”, Zaninetti concludes. “It is a very busy period, so we expect a really interesting show: the first truly 1 international event. There are one or two doubts about the American market, because Conexpo is going to be held ust five months later and this could put off a few visitors”.

mr - 2pn 2 pn


# C o m p a n y . v o i c e s / @M A I T

70th anniversary This year, MAIT celebrates its 70th anniversary. Throughout this period it has enjoyed great success, guided by the passion and entrepreneurship of the Tonti family


this year. Seventy years of business, seventy years of history, seventy years of drilling. We are talking about MAIT’s anniversary, stretching over a period almost equal to the life of a generation. And in a way it is.

THE BEGINNINGS MAIT was founded in 1952 by Emilio Tonti with the help of his wife, Enrica

Camilletti: together, they worked very hard to establish and grow what was, historically, the drilling sector’s first Italian company he fifties were characterised by great spirit of enterprise: the memories of the war and its pain and sacrifices were still vivid in everyone, prompting a desire to start again, rebuild, put into practice and realise new ideas and dreams that would improve or even change lifestyles. At that time, there was a widespread spirit of enterprise that would eventually lead our country

ne of the rst pieces of drilling equipment manufactured by MAIT

#AT.SHOW Look for MAIT at bauma, outdoor area, booth FN 622/9; inside, hall A5, booth 506

into a period of sizeable growth, both of consumption and the economy. Many companies were established and the regional or provincial geographic areas began specialising in certain types of product, laying the foundations for what future generations would come to know as ‘Made in Italy’, characterised by family-run businesses forming the basis of a social and economic fabric comprising ideals, traditions and innovation. Yes, there was already a lot of innovation: every businessman was fully focused on the development and improvement of his product and not on bureaucratic or social issues. As a result, MAIT immediately offered reliable, hard-wearing products that have been the basis for solid corporate growth.

Outline Stroke


Ts original premises and the current main plants


we are

drilling foundations

As in the past, MAIT’s distinguishing features are still the same: the same enthusiasm, the same work ethic that was handed down to Enrica and Emilio Tonti’s daughter, Maria Grazia, a spirited businesswoman with an

Face to face with Maria Grazia Tonti


e interviewed aria ra ia Tonti, the second generation in charge of a long-established company operating in an e tremely specialist, technical, maledominated, niche market D: What does it mean to be one of the few female entrepreneurs in a sector like the drilling rig one? M.G.Tonti: t means having worked well, with commitment and professionalism, in a highlycompetitive global market where the challenges really are becoming increasingly more difficult D: MAIT was founded in a period in which a sort of ‘drilling valley’ was developed and where today various companies are operating: but unlike these, besides growing

unlimited supply of energy and a unique style that have earned her respect and admiration throughout the entire sector, both in Italy and abroad. All this enthusiasm passed on by the founders and their family

until becoming an international player, it has diversified its business into other sectors, thanks to the development of composite materials and interests in the on-shore sector. How much of company turnover concerns activities relating to the development and marketing of composite materials? M.G.Tonti: omposite is certainly going to be the steel of the future and this can already be seen, for e ample, in the automotive sector The e perience and knowhow that T has ac uired in the wind power sector has enabled us to perceive and nd new and different technical hori ons for composites that can be applied to drilling rig construction urrently, all T hoods are manufactured in composite

the result is not ust costeffective, but also very pleasing on the eye the department is currently conducting analyses and tests in order to e tend the use of composite materials to the construction of the most important components of drilling rigs The aim is to reach rig composition of t is currently difficult to uantify the turnover achieved by the composite business, but it is certainly en oying strong growth D: A word about the future development of the recently acquired MDT: which range of models are you going to sell? R&D and manufacturing will be in Osimo or at another facility?

How will sales and assistance be organised? M.G.Tonti: The MDT range adds another tried-and-tested models to the T product portfolio that now has a complete product range for each si e and type of application anufacturing, sales and servicing of T rigs will be handled at our head uarters in simo D: A performance forecast for 2022 and what do you expect in 2023 and 2024? M.G.Tonti: The T group will close with consolidated sales of around million euro and will be two years of strong growth for the company that aims for respective annual sales of and million

mean that MAIT is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drilling rigs and crawler cranes, machines whose characteristic longevity and reliability are famous and appreciated by the market.

milio Tonti and his wife, nrica amilletti, founded T in

long with the , the will be one of the agship rigs at Ts stand at auma

As always, every MAIT product is designed and constructed with skill and attention to the smallest detail. All manufacturing is handled in-house, at the MAIT facilities in Osimo (AN), Italy, in order to have the fullest possible control over both the quality of the machines leaving the production line and procurement management. Its idea as to the absolute necessity of investing in its own warehouses, in stark contrast with the new corporate management models imported from the East, is something of which the company is really proud: indeed, direct procurement management has always allowed MAIT to enjoy notable manufacturing flexibility and respond to Customer requests immediately, characteristics that, especially in the we are

drilling foundations


# C o m p a n y . v o i c e s / @M A I T

➜ The is a hydraulic drilling rig for large diameter shafts, Ts agship product at the auma trade show

The other businesses

T manufactures a vast range of drilling rigs and e uipment hydraulic bored-pile, diaphragm-wall and drilling rigs water well drilling geotechnical investigation and ground improvement and et-grouting t also produces casing oscillators, power packs, casing tubes augers and buckets, as well as hydraulic diaphragm wall grabs, continuous ight augers, tremie pipes, teeth and round shank chisels for drilling tools , but it is also very well-known in other product sectors ndeed, about years ago it began developing considerable know-how in the sector of composites for use in several industrial applications such as automotive, sailing and components for industrial machinery urthermore, the company boasts numerous patents for the design and construction of on-shore wind turbines

the 2 cline, 5 and 5, I I I and 5 In this article, we want to draw your attention to the , a machine designed to drill large diameter shafts in any type of soil using a rotary system equipped with kelly bar, augers and buckets. This model combines MAIT’s trademark reliability and quality with an updated design: the new cabin is designed to offer maximum operator safety and comfort thanks to extensive gla ed areas, ergonomic arrangement of controls for a more user friendly experience and a new air conditioning and heating system he may current post-pandemic situation, have placed MAIT in a secure position compared to many other manufacturers that have suffered delays in the supply chain. In order to expand its range of microdrilling rigs, at the beginning of 2022 MAIT purchased and introduced into its own line the MDT brand of drilling rigs.

AT BAUMA There was no doubt that MAIT would be attending the Munich trade show, especially in such an important year. The company will be present with a booth of more than a thousand square metres in which to display a full range of drilling rigs (both large and small in diameter) and microdrilling rigs, including the flagship models , I and 1 , in addition to


we are

drilling foundations

be fitted with a pushdown pullback cylinder ( or pushdown pullback winch ( he version is modular since the drilling depth may be modified by fitting a mast extension, varying from 50 m to 80 m when adding a2 m upper mast extension The rotary stroke can be increased considerably by fitting the rig with the THD system, this version being particularly suitable when driving casing tubes. Whatever its configuration, the can be transported whilst fully assembled. t auma, composite and structural steel products will also be on show.

pagina pubblicitaria Bauma ING 08 2022-03.pdf












# C o m p a n y . v o i c e s / @H P M

Continuous growth

2022 is a great year for HPM. The 10 years of activity coincided with a further increase in machines sold and an unrelenting growth in terms of company solidity


e saw it with our own eyes. We attended the the open day organized to celebrate 10 years of activity of the company and we had the opportunity to touch first hand a young, extremely dynamic reality, confident in its technical skills but at the same time with its feet firmly on the ground represents a perfect example of an Italian company, where the guiding presence of the founding family is a sign of confidence, of the intention to grow steadily, without leaps of faith. All this coming from a high level technical foundation that


we are

drilling foundations

has been dealing with extremely competitive markets, such as the American and Japanese ones, for years. As of today, the company’s goal is to further expand its horizons, focusing on technical evolution and, for the first time, the introduction of machines for rental use, but also and most importantly, the creation of new types of construction machines (stay tuned!).

A SPECTACULAR YEAR It is good to say that has been following an upward line for 10 years now”, says Giacomo

Giacomo Cartechini, CEO of HPM

artechini he year 2022 in particular sees us growing not only in terms of machine sales but also in terms of strength. A push forward that required us to invest in resources, expanding the staff of the technical and design department. In addition, through the large increase in material in stock, we have been able to shorten delivery times significantly at a time when the opposite is much more likely to happen hese choices have opened the door to new possibilities for growth in markets still unexplored for us o conclude a splendid

Outline Stroke year, now there is the bauma. “We want to experience the fair as a real party”, says Cartechini, “After a long break, bauma will be an opportunity to get together with the big players and exchange opinions and ideas about new projects. When it comes to news, always has a lot to tell o confirm this, we will present our 1 , a small machine incorporating two new patents”.

WIDEN THE MARKET ntil now, the

market has been

The company has seen major investments in all departments: from design to production

#AT.SHOW Look for HPM at bauma, outdoor area, booth FN.624/2

#The Range HPM100J Model Cat 313 NGH Base Effective Torque 105 kNm / 77,450 lb.ft

HPM125 Cat 323 NGH 130 kNm / 94,000 lb.ft

Drilling Diameter

1,000 mm / 3.28 ft

1,800 mm / 6 ft

Drilling Depth

21 m / 68 ft 11 m / 36 ft (Short Mast)

36,5 m / 120 ft 14,5 m / 46 ft (Short Mast)

Operating Weight

26,5 ton / 58,400 lb 24,5 ton / 54,000 lb (Short Mast)

HPM180 Cat 330 NGH 180 kNm / 132,000 lb.ft 216 kNm / 160,000 lb.ft (HPM180J-HPM180R-HPM180+) 1,800 mm / 6 ft

17 m / 54 ft 25 m / 82 ft (HPM180J) 13 m / 42 ft (HPM180R) 46 m / 150 ft (HPM180+) 36 ton / 79,400 lb 38 ton / 84,200 lb 32,4 ton / 71,000 lb 43,5 ton / 96,000 lb (HPM180J) (Short Mast) 39,3 ton / 86,700 lb (HPM180R) 53,7 ton / 118,400 lb (HPM180+)

HPM200 Cat 330 NGH 251 kNm / 185,000 lb.ft

HPM250 Cat 336 NGH 315 kNm / 232,000 lb.ft

2,400 mm / 8 ft 3,350 mm / 11 ft (HPM200 11”)

3,050 mm / 10 ft 4,000 mm / 13 ft (HPM250 13” TM) 49 m / 160 ft 27,5 m / 90 ft (HPM250 13” TM)

36 m / 120 ft 20 m / 65 ft (Short MastHPM200 11”) 58,2 ton / 128,300 lb 48,2 ton /106,200 lb (Short Mast) 53 ton / 116,000 lb (HPM200 11”)

78 ton / 172,000 lb 70 ton / 155,000 lb (HPM250 13” TM)

we are

drilling foundations


# C o m p a n y . v o i c e s / @H P M

Blaze Equipment

“Blaze Equipment is the exclusive North America dealer for HPM. Blaze Equipment was founded to directly address a lack of support for foundation drill rig operators in the eld and the poor uality of after-sales service often found in the industry The founder was a previous drilling Contractor and much of our staff were Managers of Drilling Businesses or Owners themselves. Our extensive background in drilling means we understand how to create a reliable partnership that helps you, the Drilling Contractor, succeed. Working with HPM has been one of the best relationships you could have between a Dealer and Manufacturer. The corner stone which HPM laid may have been small to start, but it was a strong corner stone that turned into the large and growing foundation that is the HPM you see today. That foundation has been built on ease of communication between HPM, end users, and Blaze Equipment. The advantages that HPM has over other rig manufacturers are 10 Rotary Speeds, Self-Erecting counterweight System, upper House lock, Parker IQUAN System, Larger Tooling Capacities in front and under the Mast, and more importantly, the best torque/weight ratio in their class. Blaze Equipment services the U.S. for all after sales and support la e has a rental eet of units and continues to invest in the growth of the rental market”. Matthew Loghry, General Manager Blaze Equipment

essentially oriented toward the U.S. and then apan he participation in bauma and the recent 1 year celebration event mean an interest to the Italian and European markets. “We have always wanted to be part of the Italian market and make our contribution”, explains Cartechini, after all, ours is a proudly ade in Italy production o demonstrate this, we are investing in the rental field by offering the possibility to rent our machines for short or long periods, directly from us, without going through local dealers o date we already have 5 models of machines available that can be configured as needed he goal is to have at least one machine per model always available in the rental fleet

THE TECHNICAL INNOVATIONS In addition to the new commercial purposes explained, bets on technical and technological innovation he strengthening of our technical staff and design staff is giving us the opportunity to work on multiple projects simultaneously”, says Cartechini. “Staying true to the drilling industry, in 2 2 will introduce two types of machines that are completely different from what you are used to seeing. In addition, through the study of specific pps we are revolutioni ing after sales services and interfacing with users by giving periodicity to exchanges of information in order to make routine and extraordinary maintenance as quick as possible”.


we are

drilling foundations


FN / 624









Proud of our journey. HPM - Hydraulic Performance Machines info@hpmitaly.com www.hpmitaly.com

# G r e a t . M a c h i n e s . W o r k i n g / @G E N N A R E T T I

Reliability, versatility, technology Gennaretti centrifugal systems are used in the “Costa Francara” microtunnel construction site, in the batch 2 of the gas pipeline San Salvo-Biccari from Apulia to Abruzzo


n Molise countryside, surrounded by a landscape with sea view and by the elevations of Campobasso province, the hills are not just a place of agricultural development, but they become the main character of an important excavation work. The centralsouthern position of Molise region makes it one of the main places of gas pipeline San Salvo – Biccari crossing, which travels through southern Italy from Apulia to Abruzzo. Right there, immersed into the green landscape of Larino in Campobasso province, Italy, there is a MTBM of I.CO.P. S.p.A. (a company specialised in special ground work construction), which is working for a microtunnelling excavation, contributing to the construction of batch 2 of the gas pipeline, which will guarantee a direct connection between southern and northern Italy for 88 km.

THE CHALLENGE The “Costa Francara” microtunnel construction site is located in an uncommon place, just behind a hill. Despite the panoramic setting, this hill presence makes the excavation works difficult, since the incline


we are

drilling foundations

Who is Gennaretti


ennaretti is an Italian company from Jesi in Ancona, Italy province and it works in industrial equipment sector from 1983, by producing centrifugal systems and plants for water and slurry treatment. It has a strong presence both on Italian and international markets, by having more than 400 installations. The company studies, plans and builds its centrifugal systems and guarantees the high quality of “Made in Italy”, which stands Gennaretti out from the competitors. Innovation and high-technology are the main principles on which the production is based and through which Gennaretti can adapt to the development of sectors, such as tunnelling, drilling, mining and special foundations.

Let the customer speak ➜

“The experience with Gennaretti is absolutely positive” says Ing. Marco Dusso, construction manager of Costa Francara Microtunnel, “from different points of view: for the system, really efficient and safe, for the people that work in this company, for the continuous assistance both in electronic and mechanical components, and for the process”.

causes an unstable ground and its geology seems to present some management problems. The preparatory geological studies highlight the presence of clay, a material whose density and viscosity are not adequate and which would get slower the works. Therefore, separating drilling slurries becomes a necessary action in order to keep

on with works without obstacles. Thus, the company decided to seek help from Gennaretti and his separation technology. It is not the first time Gennaretti takes part to these major works, since the relationship with I.CO.P. is longstanding. The company has relied on Gennaretti separation technology for years, whenever it has

# G r e a t . M a c h i n e s . W o r k i n g / @G E N N A R E T T I

to face problems related to ground slurries and waters.

THE SOLUTION Generally, there are two problems within building sites: the first one is the space management, since it is limited and it should be organised and optimised; the second one is the time management, as the works should go on constantly and without delays, which in this case are caused by the ground geology. I.CO.P. has found an innovative and rapid response to those issues thanks to the Gennaretti centrifugal systems. The S.P.A.C.I. 22 plant is the convenient, flexible and adaptable-to-space solution provided by the Italian company. It is supplied with all the mechanical and electronic components and it does not require masonry or civil works. The installation in container allows the product to be easily transportable and, mainly, transferable from a building site to another taking up a minimum amount of space. Inside the container, Gennaretti has installed a GHT 403VF-75kW decanter centrifuge, that can guarantee process speed, since it can treat several flow rates (from 1 to 25 m3/h) and can reach high-speed rotations (from 500 up to 2,000 rpm).

#AT.SHOW Look for GENNARETTI at bauma, pavillion C2, booth 303

THE RESULTS Reliability, versatility, high – technology: three key factors from

The service

The centrifugal system is supplied turnkey and it can be powered up as soon as it arrives in building site, without external operators. Gennaretti specialised technicians support the process of commissioning and start-up of the system and are ready to provide assistance in case of difficulties and to carry on ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.


we are

drilling foundations

which excellent results come from in building site. On one hand, the opportunity to generate water useful for construction site activities means immediate availability, which helps the excavation continuation rapidly complying with construction times. Moreover, it is a good way to save clean water. On the other hand, solid-liquid separation produces outgoing dry solid, which is highly stackable. The material volume to dispose of will be clearly to a lesser degree and it will be possible to transport it and dispose it of as excavation rocks and ground. In addition, the work will not be obstructed by a soft clayish material and density and viscosity will be adequate for an optimal advance of the MTBM.

Outline Stroke

THE OPPORTUNTY OF DECANTER CENTRIFUGE Separating drilling slurries definitely represents an economic advantage from disposal costs’ point of view, which will be lower, but it undoubtedly represents an opportunity. Nowadays, the trend towards a circular economy, to the issues related to water scarcity and everything concerning water consumption lead us to adapt us and our products to this necessities, as well as to limit any waste. The

opportunity derives exactly from there: the water generated from the separation process can be recovered and reintroduced in building site. Generating clean water means producing a liquid, which is adequate to reuse for its chemical features. The high-quality construction of the Gennaretti centrifugal systems, supported by a suitable cycle of organic-based additive dosage, allows to separate clay’s finest particles (from 0 to 63 µ). The microtunnelling company will be able to reuse water for excavation works, a necessary requirement for the construction site beginning.

Getech Srl – Gennaretti Via Roncaglia, 10 60035 Jesi (AN) tel. +39 0731 200 200 sales@gennaretti.com www.gennaretti.com

HI-TECH CENTRIFUGAL SYSTEMS We give an innovative solution to any solid-liquid separation necessity

Cement slurries

Bentonite slurries

Drilling slurries

Discover more


Design and production 100% Made in Italy Getech Srl - Gennaretti - Via Roncaglia, 10 - 60035 - Jesi (AN) - Italy - tel. +39 0731 200 200 info@gennaretti.com -

# G r e a t . M a c h i n e s . W o r k i n g / @S I P & T

AUTO... matically. In Germany Stuttgart. The company Geopunkt is installing 63 cased piles of diameter 600 mm and 900 mm to depths of between 10 m and 21 m. In order to tackle the difficult stratigraphy it is employing several SIP&T Automatic Casing Drive Adaptors (AUTO CDAs) and tools


he quality of SIP&T products demonstrates its worth abroad as well. e are in the indelfingen stadium where the automatic casing drive adaptors patented and manufactured by SIP&T are showing their worth on the

construction site along with double wall screw type casings, buckets, augers, core barrels, tremie pipes and the accessories needed to meet all site requirements. The pile installation speed is ama ing and beyond all expectations. The AUTO CDA eliminates the need for manual

connection of the casings to the drive adaptor and so there is no downtime.

THE JOB he restyling of the indelfingen stadium calls for the installation of foundation piles, of which 52 with diameter 900 mm and the remainder with diameter 600 mm, to a depth ranging between 1 m and 21 m, all with full length casing feature of these piles is the use of metal energy cages: indeed, with the aid of an additional PE pipeline and a ground source heat pump, these piles will be used to generate the energy needed to heat and cool

Geopunkt foreman and operator, Ciro Ponticelli, whilst he uses the AUTO CDA, Super Heavy Duty rock bucket and casings. All manufactured by SIP&T


we are

drilling foundations

A word from the parties “I know SIP&T and have been using its products for more than twenty years” explains Ciro Ponticelli, Geopunkt foreman and operator. “Right from my earliest experiences, I have always appreciated the willingness of its engineering/sales team to understand my requirements and transform them into the right tools for the project, stratigraphy and the drilling rig to be used. People often make the mistake of considering the drilling rig as the one element required and sufficient to carry out drilling This is a serious blunder, because without an operator with the necessary experience and without bespoke tools, you cannot meet deadlines and budgets that are now the main targets in a project. I introduced SIP&T to Geopunkt management and I must say that as things stand we are e tremely satis ed with the partnership because the on-site results obtained in terms of rapid execution demonstrate perfect synergy between the manufacturer of the drilling tools and their user. The AUTO CDA really impressed me, it is an innovative, sturdy and userfriendly tool. Before starting to use it, we received training from SIP&T engineer, Francesco Cantisani, who pointed out the operations to avoid. After more than a year’s use, it has been entirely problem-free and we have yet to replace a component. This is also thanks to the scrupulous manner in which we operate that includes frequent lubrication of mechanical parts”.

the surface above, thus keeping running costs low ite stratigraphy is uite varied: on the surface, we initially find reinforced concrete coffer dams, followed by layers of gravel and very sandy and abrasive silt ext there is crushed stone, peat and layers of fine grained sedimentary rock with a compressive strength value of up to a o, it is a demanding construction site, re uiring all the attention needed to provide suitable tools that enable piling to be completed as uickly as possible and with the maximum return on investment

ON-SITE EQUIPMENT indelfingen is the sort of construction site where SIP&T e uipment feels right at home indeed, the company from ampania has designed tools especially for this type of stratigraphy in order to achieve the loads re uested he engineering and sales department worked closely with Geopunkt, the piling contractor, in order to design and manufacture the tools. The two companies have formed a solid business partnership and exchange know how and experience he main driver of this

The AUTO CDA has been summoned to work on a demanding construction site in Germany

project was certainly the need to meet the deadline herefore, all equipment was custom built to suit stratigraphy and the hydraulic drilling rig’s rated tor ue he main worry was the presence of reinforced concrete coffer dams that would need to be crossed during drilling this is because, when encountering the metal reinforcement, if the drilling parameters are not modified, penetration becomes extremely difficult with a strong possibility of damaging the tool cutting edge, casing couplings and drill rotary head I designs and we are

drilling foundations


# G r e a t . M a c h i n e s . W o r k i n g / @S I P & T

manufactures vertical drilling e uipment based on rig rotary head tor ue and crowd force, keeping stratigraphy in mind at all times Geopunkt was supplied with top of the range buckets, augers and core barrels, with original e uipment from etek (Germany , a sector leader in the manufacture of cutting tools designed to handle the most exacting drilling conditions as found in indelfingen I tool design is the result of years of experience in different constructions sites where the various performance details have been recorded and analysed he geometry of the cutting tool arrangement is optimised in order to achieve excellent cutting performance, whilst pitch is specially designed to obtain the best loading unloading characteristics of the material ejected from the pile and suitable for drilling rigs with high rated tor ue he optimised cutting geometry enables high drilling speeds with excellent ripping characteristics in the


we are

drilling foundations

case of rock: this is thanks to the angle of the blades on which the cutting heads are installed that is reduced or increased depending on the nature of the terrain. here is reduced, user friendly maintenance: the wear plates are made from ardox (o similar , easily replaceable and highly wear resistant, whilst the special corner allows the etek chisels to sharpen themselves as they rotate, notably reducing the need for replacement that is, in any event, uick and easy hese tools have high operational reliability: uality and design resulting from 25 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of drilling tools he casings (metal liners supplied by I are designed to form a high uality, solid, welded steel structure the oints provide high resistance to wear. Joints are securely connected by tapered bolts, threaded and tapered rings, once again manufactured by etek for whom I is the official distributor in Italy Gaskets

Metal energy cages

#AT.SHOW Look for SIP&T at bauma, outdoor area, booth FN.623/4

Outline Stroke

are used to make all connections leakproof he various types of cutting head fitted to the casing shoes are also manufactured by etek and selected according to the type of terrain on which they will be working In any event, you can customise the equipment design and type to suit customer requirements. Once the pile cavity has been bored and the reinforcement cage inserted, tremie pipes are used for pouring the concrete. The use of these pipes is necessary to prevent segregation of the concrete or the formation of gaps and in particular to avoid contamination of the concrete when mud and water are used whilst drilling he tremie pipes are constructed from drawn steel plate, thus obtaining light, but sturdy, elements he type used by Geopunkt has a steel cable to speed up assembly dismantling operations of the various sections whilst pouring the concrete and, by fitting two rings, ensure a waterproof seal.

AUTO CDA ip ’s utomatic asing rive daptor is an interesting, completely mechanical coupling system (it has no hydraulic, electrical or pneumatic components for casings that can be used on all piling rigs It increases safety and productivity when installing cased piles, eliminating ha ards and lost time caused by manual coupling of casings he fully mechanical operation makes this tool user friendly: the automatic drive is secured to the casing string whenever a section is pushed inside or extracted from the borehole this ensures compliance with the obligatory safety first’, reducing damage to the casing, avoiding downtime and saving on repair costs his system’s value for money, customisation options, readiness for immediate use, easy maintenance and emergency system guarantee a high return on investment Geopunkt has once again chosen to use the I AUTO CDA because the German company really cares about its employees and their safety. This avoids the need for working at height in order to couple release the casings, thus putting safety at risk hat is it and how does it work he system in question can be used on all I manufactured casings, but is also compatible with those of other manufacturers. The AUTO employs a mechanical lock release system for the two male female joints located at the ends of the casings (the drilling rig’s rated tor ue does not matter The operator controls the system directly from the drilling rig cabin, making manual operations a thing of the past and offering clear benefits for safety, on site arrangement of the casings and use of the rig itself s a result, this connection system is used on construction sites all over the world: feedback received has been positive and we can now say that it is considered a must have tool o sum up, the application can make a significant contribution to improving safety in the special

foundations sector, especially in the case of bored piles. his locking system increases productivity since, unlike in the case of standard manual operations, the various sections of the casing string can be assembled uickly urthermore, when dealing with very long sections, the is a uick and safe solution inally, there are clear financial savings as the staff normally required can be switched to other on site operations. Remote control and management of the I are a fine example of

Super Heavy Duty at rock auger

technical innovation that improves safety and productivity in the special foundations field Sip&T via Giovanni Agnelli, 6 Zona P.I.P. 84081 Baronissi (SA) Tel. +39 089 956 6338 info@sipdrill.it www.sipdrill.it Geopunkt Spezialtiefbau GmbH Carl-Zeiss Str. 13 71101 Schonaich Tel. +49 7031 20697 00 office@geopunkt.de www.geopunkt.de we are

drilling foundations


# C o m p a n y . v o i c e s / @A U T E C

4.3” colour display

Not to be missed!


In Munich, from 24th to 30th October, Autec will be at bauma to display its entire range of cableless control systems and premiere new technical features

fter three years, the most important and best attended trade show for the building, construction, mining and transport sector is back hree difficult years that Autec has tackled by setting itself several objectives aimed at getting through this historic period with confidence and determination

ALWAYS CUSTOMERFOCUSED In Autec, the main priority is to remain customer-focused, dealing with their needs, requirements and the problems encountered in their daily work. To achieve this, all Autec teams have worked together to meet these needs, showing faith in a mission calling for the construction of not just the best possible cableless control system, but the best CCS for each individual customer. “In Autec”, the company managers confirm,


we are

drilling foundations

“we have always been proud to promote the idea that a product’s high quality offers guarantees in terms of reliability, life expectancy and sustainability. Therefore, all new products we are introducing at bauma have been designed to meet these prerequisites, essential in tackling planned obsolescence, i.e. deliberately planning for a product to have a limited lifespan, in order to restore a relationship of trust with the customer and harmony with the environment we live in”. The logical consequence of this approach is an enlarged product range. The Autec development teams have undertaken to improve existing models and develop new ones, designing solutions offering greater

capacity, higher performance and more customisation options that satisfy new applications. Furthermore, quite clearly, we have never halted the process of certification and compliance with international standards. Several important innovations will be introduced at the trade show and in this article we can give you an advance preview of the most interesting ones.


The new DCRF13 compact base station is designed mainly for forestry and mobile applications

Therefore, the October show is not to be missed so that you can finally see the latest technical innovations first hand and chat with Autec sales managers and engineers (open-air area FM, stand 807/9) in order to exchange opinions and ideas.

But what are the main innovations that Autec will be unveiling? Amongst the waist-worn wireless systems, the new M-PRO and R-PRO will attract the greatest attention. These two ergonomic portable stations are designed for the Dynamic/Dynamic+P series and have a medium/high number of actuators available, high control reliability and excellent battery life. The AIR series Sidekick family has two new additions, the waistworn portable stations SK8B (with double row of actuators and possibility of fitting 1 display and SKL (version that enables fitting of up to two linear oysticks

Staying with the AIR series cableless control system, it is extremely interesting to note that the stop function has been certified by the leading international body TÜV Rheinland. This means that the GSS/EMS/ATS safety functions comply with PL e according to ISO 1 1 and I according to I 2 1, meaning that utec control systems are indeed extremely dependable in a market demanding ever increasing reliability.

THE NEW SK8B We will discuss the M-PRO technical features in the fact box below, in the meantime, let us

Amongst its many possible applications, SK8B can be used for drain/sewer cleaning tankers

#AT.SHOW Look for AUTEC at bauma, outdoor area, booth FM.807/9

look at the new SK8B portable station from the AIR series. Sturdy, reliable and larger than the , it is designed to meet applications requiring a greater number of functions. Indeed, to name but a few, it can be used on drain/sewer cleaning tankers, winches, tackle and also small tracked vehicles. he can house a 1 colour display with up to 6 actuators or else a maximum of 8 actuators without display. It is powered by an external lithium-ion battery and provides an operating time on one charge of up to 2 h without display and 1 h with display he 15 dual band radio

Outline Stroke

The waist-worn portable station M-PRO


f you are looking for a waist-worn portable station with a medium/ high number of actuators, excellent control reliability, ergonomic shape and excellent battery life, ts the bill Available for the Dynamic (FJE) and Dynamic+P (PJE) series, M-PRO is a top-of-the-range wireless control system for selfpropelled machinery and drilling

rigs , that will replace Autec portable station size ‘M’, offers the following features: - large panel that can be tted with up to multi-a is joysticks or 9 linear joysticks (a maximum of 20 selector switches can be tted - 3 rows of side buttons for a maximum of 9 buttons per side - up to 12 proportional

commands and digital commands, expandable to 26 proportional and 128 digital using the new control board with e tended con guration - frame optimised to hold the colour display or the new monochrome display alternatively, between and 32 LED signalling lights are available - FHSS dual band radio

connection with automatic open channel search - basket position recognition mode option using contactless coded sensors up to - Zero-G (that, depending on how they are set, will be triggered if the portable station is dropped, knocked or tilted) and IR (infrared) sensors (to restrict the CCS’s area of use

we are

drilling foundations


# C o m p a n y . v o i c e s / @A U T E C

with automatic open channel searching in ( re uency opping pread pectrum mode is fitted as standard ith an I 5 protection rating against dust and water, the safety performance of the GSS/EMS/ATS stop functions

is certified as ( I 1 1 lthough it has a larger control panel than the , the new is still extremely light, whilst mechanical protection of the actuators against unintentional activation is fitted to all sides

Autec solutions can also be used in marine applications

mention should also be made of the set of optional sensors that are triggered if the portable station is tilted, knocked or dropped and the possibility of pairing with any AIR series base station having an radio, in particular, the new 1

M-PRO is the wireless control system ideal for self-propelled machinery and drilling rig

R-PRO is a portable station designed for the Dynamic/Dynamic+P series

DCRF13: the new forestry base station


CRF13 is a new compact base station for the AIR series designed mainly for forestry and mobile applications It complies with standard UNI EN 17067:2019 regulating the


we are

drilling foundations

safety requirements on cableless control systems for forestry machinery, guaranteeing the characteristic reliability and sturdiness of the utec brand The main features include: the

e tensive range of the power supply the working range of 100 m (330 ft) on steep slopes and with vegetation, using the e ternal antenna the option of tting an e pansion board

providing additional outputs the extremely weather-, impact- and dust-resistant housing both relay and solid-state outputs (MOSFET), ensuring excellent versatility

# C o m p a n y . v o i c e s / @T E S C A R

Tescar style

On the occasion of bauma 2022, Tescar will participate with an all-new booth to give the right value to the three machines on display. These are the new CF2.5 Compact, the TT5 and the CF6 CFA. These three models have set the pace and determined continuous innovation in their field


renewed stand, three machines that well represent Tescar design and a great desire to meet customers and enthusiasts of the sector. These are the ingredients that will characterize the presence of the Marche manufacturer at the next bauma.

THE SMALL WONDER The CF2.5 COMPACT, called “The Small Wonder” by the North American customers, is undoubtedly one of the symbols of the brand. A model invented in the late 1980s by the current owner’s father, it was a technological gem that turned the concept of the mini-drill upside down. At that time Tescar had already launched several models of drills mounted on mini-excavators such as the CF2.5 and the CF3 S, with minimum working heights around 3.5m; but, you know, we are in Italy, and many jobsites require working inside existing buildings, awkward spaces with very low working headroom. And it was on the request of one of a longstanding customers from Osimo (“the city of piling rigs”) who needed to work at 2.8 m that Tescar decided to design a machine from scratch, with a special chassis equipped with an extendable undercarriage and mast support with counterslide device to allow working at a minimum height of even 2.5 m. “An achievement”, says Antonello Verdolini, Tescar Sales Director, “that has never been matched by anyone else so far, as an evidence of the excellent work done by our designers”.


we are

drilling foundations

The CF2.5 Compact is called “The Small Wonder” by the North American customers

Now, the new CF2.5 Compact has been equipped with dual hydraulics for the possibility of mounting 2 different rotaries, with 25 and 35 kNm of torque, and has been fitted with a brand new and innovative radio remote control that, thanks to the new electronic system developed by Tescar engineers, allows the operator to see on the display the whole range of information that would normally be shown on board the cab of an excavator. The machine is then equipped with a removable power-pack to be able to work inside delicate and/or inhabited structures, avoiding noise pollution and especially environmental pollution due to exhaust from the heat engine. Mechanically then, the new CF2.5 Compact can also be equipped with a special kit for reverse circulation drilling, an option that enabled an important Japanese customer to win the contract for the construction of a section of the new electromagnetic suspension railway linking Tokyo and Osaka.

CF6 CFA EXTENDED he needs no introduction”, says Verdolini, “being perhaps the most appreciated and recognized Tescar model in the world, a multifunctional machine, equipable in LDP version (in Kelly Bar and CFA), Soil Mixing, Diaphragm Walls, Micropiles, DTH Hammer, etc. boasting a unique

power-to-weight ratio in its class”. In particular, the version at Bauma is the “CFA Extended” i.e. the configuration for 1 m depth (12 m propeller + 4m extension rod), equipped with oil-bath rotary and double slewing bearing for k m of torque, heavy duty expandable undercarriage 2,500-3,500mm, auger cleaner star-type with ropes, 24 t extraction force with main winch on III layer pull, additional 4 t pull-down winch on II layer pull and on-board data logger for recording drilling parameters. All with a total weight of 23.5 t. This model, mounted on a CASE excavator base mod. CX130, is equipped with all the latest safety devices, both active (such as electromechanical limit switches, electronic detection sensors, perimeter cameras, gps and remote control of engine parameters) and passive, such as the ops ops level II certified cabin.

The CF6 is a multifunctional machine, equipable in LDP version (in Kelly Bar and CFA), Soil Mixing, Diaphragm Walls, Micropiles, DTH Hammer

TT5, TOP-OF-THE-LINE Last but not least is the new TT5. As everyone knows by now, the acronym “TT” (Tescar echnology identifies escar’s full-optional models, and the TT5 is the top-of-the-line version of the already famous CF4. It is in fact a machine with a special double-motor rotary for 50 kNm of torque, pull/push by 8 t chain gear motor, sectionable mast for working outdoors with 28 m kelly bar or in low-headroom version (under m height with 15 m kelly bar. This model is mounted on Eurocomach ESP100 UR4 excavator base with EU Stage5 ier inal certified anmar engine, equipped with heavy duty 2,320 - 2,920 mm extendable undercarriage, with hydraulic blade as standard. Thanks to the chain push/pull, the TT5 boasts a rotary stroke of 5m, which can be extended up to 7 m, allowing easy use of the casing pipes by working with longer tools so as to increase and speed up production on site. Thanks to the modularity of the mast, the TT5 can reach 10 m depth in the version ( m augers + 4 m kelly extension) and

Antonello Verdolini, Tescar Sales Director

Outline Stroke

#AT.SHOW Look for TESCAR at Bauma, outdoor area, booth FN.620/8

12 m in the “CFA Extended” version (8 m augers + 4 m kelly extension). “Another version that is enjoying huge success”, says Verdolini, “is the setting for Micropiling - Hammer DTH: this version allows for a max stroke up to 9m, rotary reduction with adduction swivel head for 1” ½ in passage, 3” ½ Api Regular threaded coupling for 114mm diameter rods, we are

drilling foundations


# C o m p a n y . v o i c e s / @T E S C A R

Easy to transport e remind that all Tescar piling rigs can close on itself or fold the mast backwards for transport, keeping a perfect balance during the loading/ unloading operations and leaving space behind the base to eventually stow a skid-loader, the drilling tools and the other necessary working equipment.


The acronym TT Tescar Technology identi es Tescar s full-optional models

and double clamps mm The machine is then equipped with a shutter for compressor air flow management directly on board the machine and includes provision for the connection of a water pump. All movements are controlled on-board the cabin, but on request we also provide a radio (or wire) remote control for the management of some

#Dati tecnici

controls from the ground, front machine”. The TT5 can then also be equipped with a D-Wall version, with hydraulic grab, for diaphragms up to 2, x mm his configuration is offered either with a square locking rod and pushing device, or with the original kelly bar of the LDP version, thus allowing the customer to save a big bunch of money.

Model Base Engine Emission class Power Hydraulic pumps displacement Max working pressure Radio Remote Control Rotary motors Rotary type Rotary torque Spin-off spide Main winch pull Aux winch pull Rotary stroke with pulldown cylinder/winch Pulldown cylinder pushing force /winch crowd Chain-motor push/pull force Max drilling diameter (front mast) Max working headroom Related depth

CF2.5 Compact Tescar Cummins QSF2.8 EU Stage V - US Tier 4 Final 48 kW (65 HP) 107 l/min 250 bar Imet 1/2 grease bath, single bearing 25/35 kNm 60 giri/min 3t 1t 700 mm 8t / / 1.100 mm 4.560 mm 18 m

TT5 Eurocomach ESP100 UR4 Yanmar 4TNV98CT EU Stage V - US Tier 4 Final 53,7 kW (73 HP) 185 l/min 300 bar / 2 grease bath, single bearing 50 kNm 60 giri/min 5,2 t 2t / / 5.000/7.000 mm 8t 1.100 mm 9.610 mm 28 m

Min working headroom Related depth Trucks Transport lenght Transport width Transport height by truck Transport height by vessel Weight (without kelly bar / augers)

2.750 mm 10 m 1.350-1.850 mm 3.985 mm 1.390 mm 2.350 mm 2.350 mm 7t

5.920 mm 15 m 2.320-2.920 mm 7.690 mm 2.320 mm 2.970 mm 2.560 mm 14 t


we are

drilling foundations

CF6 CFA Case CX130D Isuzu AR-4JJ1X EU Stage IV - US Tier 4 Final 78,5 kW (107 HP) 258 l/min 340 bar / 1 Oil bath, double bearing 60 kNm 60 giri/min 24 t (on III layer pull) 3,5 t 12.000 mm 4 tRotary stroke with chain-motor 12,000 mm 10 t 700 18.237 mm 16 m (12 m augers + 4 m kelly extension ) / / 2.500-3.500 mm 10.850 mm 2.500 mm 3.000 mm 3.000 mm 23,5 t

# E x h i b i t i o n s / @G E O F L U I D

Geofluid on hold

The most important international trade fair for the drilling & foundations sector will be held in September 2023


ollowing a 2021 edition which has registered record numbers (250 exhibiting companies with more than 350 brands, almost 9,500 visitors including 12% from abroad representing 54 European and non-European countries) confirming the validity of the Geofluid exhibition format, the show scheduled for September 2022 has been postponed until 2023 due to the pressure on the supply chain that is affecting all sectors, along with an outlook of instability that does not guarantee sufficient international mobility to meet exhibitor expectations. We must also consider increasing energy costs that are severely affecting manufacturing. Therefore, Geofluid will next be taking place from 13th to 16th September 2023, a time that will become extremely important when planning future work in the drilling, foundations and underground engineering sector, not only on the strength of a desired market recovery, including as regards international stability, but also new challenges associated with the post-pandemic upswing. In the EU 2021-2027 budget, a

large part of the resources of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), running into billions of euro, will be allocated to renewables, decarbonisation and energy efficiency improvement and the use of funds from the ational ecovery and Resilience Plan will be in keeping with the provisions of the European Green Deal. The actions to be taken regard renewable energy investment and research programmes, schemes to combat hydrogeological instability, efficient use of water and improvement of inland water uality The plan allocates substantial resources to land safety, meaning hydrogeological risk mitigation (with prevention and restoration projects), the elimination of water and soil pollution and the availability of water resources as primary infrastructures and purification

Two encouraging news items


n the decision-making front, between June and July actions have nally been agreed and implemented giving the go ahead to numerous construction projects that will also involve the special foundations and drilling sector. In June, the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility approved the projects

submitted by the country’s 72 ‘Inner Areas’ to improve accessibility and road safety, for which 300 million euro have been allocated from the Complementary National Plan to the ational ecovery and esilience lan pproval memoranda were also signed for the operating plans submitted by motorway concessionaires

and the decree issued by ANAS ational ighway uthority regarding the implementation of dynamic monitoring systems for remote observation of bridges, viaducts and tunnels on the main road network that will result in an investment of 450 million euro funded by the CNP. Furthermore, in July ‘CIS Acqua’ was launched: on the 21st of the

month, a preliminary meeting was held, a large Institutional evelopment ontract that will provide sizeable investments targeting the entire water cycle: sustainable use of resources, wastewater treatment, integrated surface water and groundwater resource management for civil and agricultural use.

we are

drilling foundations



Outline Stroke

Fill Shape

# W e . A r e . . . E d o a r d o P a ga n i / @P A G A N I G E O T E C H N I C A L E Q U I P M E N T

A New Generation

The TGAS-12 launches a new generation data-logger on the market. Outline Stroke Fill Shape The model developed by Pagani Geotechnical Equipment represents an evolutionary leap for systems acquiring data from geotechnical tests BY CRISTIANO PINOTTI


should pursue as part of their company’s social responsibility. Obviously, innovation cannot be an objective in itself, but should rather provide an effective response to latent or evident market needs. Discussions and listening to the technicians carrying out tests in the field were essential in defining the TGAS-12’s characteristics.

Drilling: What do technicians r i i the field re ire from a data logger? Edoardo Pagani: Simplifying is the key word. Simplifying, which means being practical and easy to use, quick in the acquisition of data with high performance levels. The more advanced and sophisticated the device, the more one expects


he TGAS-12 is lighter and more compact, much quicker in acquiring data and more intuitive to use compared to the previous model, the TGAS-08. For many years, this had been the top-ofthe-range model for the Company in Piacenza, as well as the reference standard for carrying out electronic penetrometic tests. We asked the owner of the Company, Edoardo Pagani, to tell us how the TGAS-12 was developed, and outline some of the main new features that we can expect.

Drilling: How did the new TGAS-12 come to be? Edoardo Pagani: In the industrial sector, innovation is often driven by commercial considerations, but in the case of the TGAS-12, our primary motivation was wanting to create something completely different from what already existed.


we are

drilling foundations

The idea of re-inventing the data acquisition system for electronic tests was conceived in 2019, but took almost three years to develop. A long time, which was also overshadowed by the pandemic, while we aimed for excellence, without ignoring any of the functional or aesthetic aspects.

Drilling: What do we mean by innovation? Edoardo Pagani: I believe that innovation is a value in itself, an objective that all entrepreneurs

previous versions. Thanks to the new programme, running tests in the field is fully automated: the system detects the information referring to the connected piezocone, the installed sensors and the seismic module connection, with the operator not needing to enter any data. The calibration test is also done by simply clicking on the screen. The programme guides the operator every step of the way, reducing the time needed to carry out the test as well as the risk of human error. To ensure data is reliable, considerable work was done on electromagnetic compatibility and immunity in a civil environment. in terms of precision and reliability from the tool. On this basis, most steps and processes in the TGAS-12 were fine tuned to make it simpler to use, and increase its performance in the field, whilst also reducing errors to a minimum”.

Drilling: In what way does the ease se i pa t the data l er s per r a e Edoardo Pagani: The simplicity in using the device allows it to express its potential, whilst taking into account the fact that time is a fundamental variable when running a geotechnical test. To save on time, it can happen that not all the functions available are used, if these are cumbersome or complex, or

one can use expedients that could then increase the risk of committing errors.

Drilling: a y hi hli ht some of the more relevant innovations made to this model? Edoardo Pagani: We have introduced significant improvements to certain hardware components and have updated the operating system, making it more intuitive compared to

Automatic reading of piezocone scaling factors

Drilling: There is also a new ay t display the test res lts Edoardo Pagani: Yes, the TGAS12 displays results in a graphic or “live” format. The display format can also be changed while carrying out the test, based on the technician’s requirements. The dissipation, temperature and seismic tests are shown in different tables which can be accessed without having

Edoardo Pagani, CEO of Pagani Geotechnical Equipment

➜ T H E N E W DATA - L O G G E R T G A S - 1 2 F R O M PA G A N I G E O T E C H N I C A L E Q U I P M E N T H A S J U S T B E E N L A U N C H E D O N T H E M A R K E T, B U T P R O M I S E S T O B E T R U LY R E V O L U T I O N A R Y F O R T H E S E C T O R .

we are

drilling foundations


# W e . A r e . . . E d o a r d o P a ga n i / @P A G A N I G E O T E C H N I C A L E Q U I P M E N T

and contribute to simplifying the work.

Size Matters

The TGAS-12 is more compact and lighter than the previous model: 42% less weight, 52% less volume, but the same 12” screen. The new data-logger can be transported in a small case, and this also helps to reduce the time needed to startup and carry out the tests.

to exit the test. Furthermore, it is always possible to view the data from previous waves after carrying out the seismic test. These are improvements that make for greater fluidity when using the programme,

Drilling: It also seems that the TGAS-12 differs from previ s dels r a aestheti perspe tive hat has changed? Edoardo Pagani: The design is also an essential feature for a data logger, because it reflects the care taken in its planning and increases its value. In addition, in the case of the new capacitive touch-screen monitor, the modern design combines with a substantial improvement in functionality, because the flush screen with its frame prevents water from remaining inside the device, when it is being used in the rain. The screen is also perfectly legible in direct sunlight. Regarding the hardware, the TGAS-12 uses new generation push-pull connectors, which ensure more efficient performance and require less maintenance. The data-logger is resistant to water, dust and extreme temperatures (-20 ÷ +70 °C)”.

Drilling: The new TGAS-12 datal er as la hed on the market in pril it is per r i 40

we are

drilling foundations

Edoardo Pagani: Up to now, we have had very positive feedback from certain customers that got to try it out before the launch. he first pre orders are pending, and we are confident that we’ll have an excellent response from the market, because we firmly believe that this project represents a distinctive innovation for our sector.

# C o m p a n y . Vo i c e s / @T R A C M E C

We move your ideas

TracMec, as our title shows, assists OEMs with the most difficult tasks in order to build, day after day, increasingly competitive, higher performance machines


n the undercarriage world, TracMec certainly has no need for introductions. Indeed, as is often the case, the figures speak for themselves. From 2005 up until today, the company from Mordano has manufactured more than 2,500 undercarriages with an average weight of around 24 tons. But besides the numbers, there are the ideas, the people, i.e. those who really run a business.

PRODUCTS AND FIELD OF APPLICATION rac ec manufactures fixed and extendable undercarriages, supporting customers with complete tracked solutions, so that


we are

drilling foundations

the end user can gain a competitive advantage. We are talking about bespoke serial designs that enable the machine to exhibit superior performance, confirmed by drivers stating that they can identify the machine has a TracMec undercarriage, even with closed eyes. And as if this were not enough, the Italian manufacturer recently acquired new projects and improved its organization leading to further deployment of its distinctive competences such as milling and welding. “In a nutshell , explains rac ec ales Manager, Lorenzo Landi, “we

Eng. Lorenzo Landi, TracMec Sales Manager

design and manufacture crawler undercarriages for drilling rigs, cranes, demolition excavators and other types of tracked industrial machinery. The core business is represented by extendable undercarriages that offer adjustable track width to have maximum stability when working but, on the other hand, a reduced width during transportation or when working in narrow and confined spaces In addition, there are crawler tracks and fixed undercarriages for more niche applications such as forestry machinery or for aggregate processing”.

A DEEP TRANSFORMATION “In recent years”, continues the manager from Mordano, “TracMec has evolved in every respect: from the implementation of technical solutions to the type of undercarriage produced, representing one of the new

corporate challenges, and finally the implementation of a new organisational structure in order to be better equipped to face the market and the latest challenges. We are designing and building ever more challenging products with increasingly distinctive

specifications and optionals requiring robust, but also userfriendly and effective, technical solutions. And in order to take up these challenges, there is just one secret: to believe in continual improvement through the right blend of in house experience and know-how and encouraging new staff to be innovative. A mix to enable these challenging objectives to be achieved as they evolve over time. This leads to the importance for a deep internal change to the organisational structure that is now stronger and more resilient, prepared for external changes and looking towards an increasingly changeable and dynamic future”.

A word from Alberto Dalle Coste “T

racMec’s aim is to support its customers’, i.e. the machine manufacturers (OEMs) operating in the various construction machinery sectors, in particular drilling and hoisting, in order to provide complete crawler undercarriage solutions so that the end user may gain a real competitive advantage. A mission that we pursue with the

aid of skilled staff who love their work. In order to reach these objectives, the optimisation of design costs is an important challenge to be achieved by streamlining projects and using high quality components. In this respect, it should be stressed that our main suppliers are located within a radius of just a few kilometres from our facility

and are characterised by their exceptional skills. Whilst on the one hand there are threatening clouds such as the pandemic, war and supply chain problems, the future also holds great opportunities in store for us such as electri cation, digitalisation and the need for machines to use renewable energy as best they can”.

Eng. Alberto Dalle Coste, TracMec Managing Director

we are

drilling foundations


# C o m p a n y . Vo i c e s / @T R A C M E C

The range

TracMec undercarriages can basically be split into three families: extendable, ed and electric undercarriages n turn, the e tendable ones, that obviously offer more versatile, e ible and stable machines, can be split into parallel, H-frame, telescopic and pantograph undercarriages. The latter are very popular on cranes and hoisting systems in general Trac ec ed undercarriages can be designed and produced with central chassis (with or without crossed roller bearing), cross members or crawler tracks alone. Meanwhile, the electrical products can complete the technical possibilities for special machines as they can e clude, or at least limit, the use of hydraulic uid

THE FORTHCOMING CHALLENGES Whilst the medium-term objectives can be summarised in the ‘Road to 25’ project, a challenging objective of achieving sales of 25 million euro in 2025, 25% of which by the parent company Bauer, on the other hand, the short-term challenges are those that torment many manufacturers. Landi resumes: “components not delivered, delays notified at the last minute and continuallyrising costs have been a feature of the last few months, if not years. Achieving cost stability and then also managing, where possible, to stabilise prices has been this year’s business leitmotif. And at all times with an eye on essential economic indicators. Consolidating solid, sustainable and continuous manufacturing growth capable of honouring all the commitments made has been the challenge for


we are

drilling foundations

Outline Stroke

2022 and will continue to be so in 2023”.

TRACMEC AT BAUMA In order to meet the market face to face, there is no better occasion than an important trade show like bauma. “For the trade, it’s a not to be missed event”, Landi concludes, “representing the state of the art in the construction machinery sector everal of our clients will be

#AT.SHOW Look for TRACMEC at bauma, Pavillion A5, booth 512

unveiling new machines with our undercarriages and this will enable our products to be showcased whilst fitted directly to the machines. At the same time, bauma provides an opportunity to meet customers and partners from all over the world in a week of full immersion”.

only # C o m p a n y . Vo i c e s / @C I A N C A L E O N I

Casing Revolution Ciancaleoni srl, an italian company based in Spello (Perugia), it’s worldwide wide known as an expertise manufacturer in production of casing s and rotary drilling tools


n the range of products Ciancaleoni all made in Italy, the casings item is certainly the flagship ver the years, the company led by Mauro Ciancaleoni has tried to make constant improvements to its cycle f


we are

drilling foundations

production by purchasing stateof-the-art machinery and hiring speciali ed manpower tarting from the raw sheet of metal, all the processes are carried out internally This allows a continuous monitoring of the uality of the final product

#AT.SHOW Look for CIANCALEONI at bauma, outdoor area, booth FN.621/5

and in addition the optimization of the delivery time often considered the main request for the customer even more than price

ON THE CUSTOMER’S SIDE “The steels used are of european

Ciancaleoni Casings oscillator he casing oscillator is used in the job sites where the requirement of cased piles is so deep and big that the drilling rig does not have the capability to manage the weight of the column by itself. “Ciancaleoni oscillator”, the technical manager Dario Alfano explains, “it has the advantage of being compatible to different types of machines due to the attachment point from the center less than 3 meters, this allows the customer to use the vice even with small drill rigs. Furthermore, we have made an interchangeable bolted connection that will allow us to adapt the vice to different brands of piling rigs”.


origin , explains the auro Ciancaleoni, “and despite the huge price increases of the past months, we have never opted for easy and economic procurement solutions that could affect the quality of our casings rom a commercial point of view it was a huge sacrifice, especially in a competitive context such as the current one in which the competition tries in every way to win the deal by focusing on the best price By charging on yourself the largest part of the raw materials increasing, we have been able to guarantee our customers the supply of high quality casing with a stable price ur production of casings, does not include a first or second choice with different prices according to the material e know only one way of manufacturing: the best uality ompetition can be bitten with quality, price but also through innovative ideas ollowing this line, Ciancaleoni has launched on the market a series of products belonging to the family of casings, designed not only to speed up the operations on site but also to let the customers save money

Giuseppe Coppola, Commercial Manager of Ciancaleoni

SMART DRIVE HEAD INTERCHANGEABLE JOINT he innovation introduced by iancaleoni, explains ales irector Giuseppe Coppola, “was to propose an automatic mechanical version with an interchangeable connection oint he fully mechanical tool does we are

drilling foundations


# C o m p a n y . Vo i c e s / @C I A N C A L E O N I

Mauro Ciancaleoni, CEO of Ciancaleoni

not require hydraulic connections In addition there is a significant saving of time and increasing of safety (no manpower is required to hook and unhook the column of pipes because the operator can manage all from the drilling machine with simple movements of the rotary), the user therefore has an

At the bauma

Currently the Spello-based company has come out on the market with two models of casing oscillators: Diameter 1,500 mm and Diameter 2,000 mm. Both versions are equipped with reductions that allow an easy and quick change of the diameter. Furthermore, the 1,500 mm version can be transported with standard and non-oversized loads. At bauma Munich it is possible to see the , version modi ed to , mm, according to the needs of the customer Pro Fond sarl, another sign of customization that characterizes Ciancaleoni srl.


we are

drilling foundations

economic advantage given by the interchangeability of the joint, and the equation for each pipe diameter corresponds a twister is no longer valid ame twister, more diameters

# C o m p a n y . Vo i c e s / @C A S A G R A N D E

An absolute premiere Visit the Casagrande stand at Bauma to see the new B240XP-2 multipurpose drilling rig, along with other favourite models from the Fontanafredda manufacturer’s range


asagrande can’t wait to welcome customers partners and visitors to Munich for the 33rd Bauma that this year, despite the difficulties arising from the recent pandemic and the current economic and geopolitical situation, sees the drilling, special foundations and tunnelling sector taking part united and in fine fettle learly, the manufacturer intends to seize the opportunity offered by this three-yearly event to show off the latest successes obtained from the sizeable investments in the development of new solutions and the implementation of new technology that guarantee greater efficiency on the construction site, easy problem solving and lower energy consumption THE VERY FIRST LOOK t asagrande’s booth, there will be a mix of new and established products he place of honour will be occupied by the brand new B240XP-2, a multifunctional hydraulic piling rig for foundation construction using Large Diameter

The C20 is a compact, 28-ton hydraulic rig


we are

drilling foundations

Piling (LDP), casing installation, continuous flight ( and apid piling, displacement piles ( and soil mixing his rig employs the latest technology developed by asagrande and is designed for the most exacting conditions, with a particular emphasis on performance efficiency, reliability and economy ompact and environmentally-friendly, the B240XP-2 is equipped with a state-of-the-art engine that reduces exhaust emissions and noise levels, making it the perfect choice for urban construction sites with restricted space thanks to easy transport and uick setup he 2 2 will be flanked by the B175 XP-2, the ideal drilling rig for medium/large piles (at Bauma it will be exhibited in a displacement pile configuration he 2 will also be on show at Bauma: a conventional, compact, multipurpose, 28 ton hydraulic rig, offering the configuration options of large diameter pile (maximum diameter 1200 mm at a depth of 37 m) and (maximum diameter mm at a depth of 1 m

C SERIES he asagrande range of crawler drilling rigs will have numerous representatives, testifying the wide choice available here will be the brand new 2, an ton drilling rig, ideal for conducting soil surveys; also on show is the hybrid 2 (main electric motor and auxiliary diesel engine), an excellent solution when operating in confined spaces or inside buildings e also have the brand new 2, a powerful,

multipurpose drilling rig with frontthe-wall kinematic mechanism, as well as the 2 with its innovative positioning system designed for tunnel forepoling and rock anchoring he series is completed by the 2 drilling rig that is ideal for anchors and micropiles and will be exhibited in Munich with twin rotary head and sliding clamps

MONITORING SYSTEMS ll asagrande piling and drilling platforms can be fitted with various monitoring systems, all on show in unich he first is ( asagrande leet aster capable of remote fleet management using the online dashboard accessible from , tablet or smartphone he system includes remote monitoring of any alarms and immediate troubleshooting by the aftersales support team, leading to significant reductions in call-out and repair costs and rig downtime he second is the ( asagrande ata ecorder system that allows the operator to have a video feed of drilling progress orking parameters are recorded for subsequent analysis or site reports

#AT.SHOW Look for CASAGRANDE at bauma, outdoor area, booth FN.521/5

The B175 XP-2 is the ideal drilling rig for medium/ large piles. It will be on show it at Bauma along with the new B240XP-2

use low-sulphur fuels or synthetic ones such as asagrande also supplies high efficiency, high performance bio oils asagrande’s ultimate goal is in keeping with this undertaking, i e to provide its dealers, agents and customers with the rigs best suited to their requirements from every point of view, paying attention to detail so as to ensure safe, comfortable and streamlined production processes: steps to be consolidated for joint growth, with an eye on the future at all times

CONCERN FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Aware of the global issues, in recent years asagrande has elected to fit its rigs with latest generation tage internal combustion engines ready to

In India with Casagrande


n the Shirsad to Masvan section of the Vadodara to Mumbai (India) expressway, work is underway to construct a new eight-lane expressway. The project calls for the installation of 856 foundation piles of diameter ranging from 1200 mm to 1500 mm to a maximum depth of 25 m. 336 of

these will be installed in an area covered by water, positioning the drilling rigs on a special pontoon. Two Casagrande drilling rigs are currently involved in the work: the B250XP-2 and B300XP-2 owned by GR Infra Projects Ltd that has chosen these two rigs for their speci c features ndeed, both have: high rotary torque necessary

for cutting into rock; weight in line with pontoon carrying capacity; winches with a high extraction force capable of lifting special tools of 3 m in height, thus obtaining improved output. “This project is one of the most critical for GR Infra Projects Ltd, since there is a one year completion time and we have to drill through

layers of very hard rock with a UCS value ranging from 80 to 150 MPa” explained Dharmendra Singh, an engineer working at GR Infra Projects Ltd. Set up in bored piling mode with interlocking kelly bars and crowd ram system, the two rigs offer outstanding performance for their respective 80 ton and 100 ton classes.

we are

drilling foundations


# G r e a t . M a c h i n e s . W o r k i n g / @C O M A C C H I O

Along the A14 motorway The project, which has a Comacchio CH 150 as its protagonist, involves the seismic retrofitting of a entire viaduct, and the simultaneous reinforcement of the foundations of all the piers and abutments


aintenance and safety work does not stop, even during the hot summer season, on the numerous viaducts of the A14 BolognaTaranto motorway, the second main North-South backbone of Italy. Many of these construction sites are concentrated in a hundred kilometers stretch along the coast of Abruzzo, from Giulianova to Vasto. In addition to the refurbishment and reinforcement of these structures, the projects under way are aimed at improving the anti-seismic performance of the viaducts, located in a region of Italy that is known for a high


we are

drilling foundations

level of earthquakes. The general contractor Divisione Cantieri Stradali S.r.l. was awarded the contract by Autostrade per l’Italia S.p.A. (the joint-stock company that manages this motorway section under concession). Thanks to their cooperation, we were granted a visit to one of these construction sites, located in the municipality of Vasto.

THE CONSTRUCTION SITE “The project involves the seismic reinforcement of the entire viaduct, which is approximately 400m long, as well as the simultaneous reinforcement of the foundations of all piers and abutments.

The use of sensors and electronic devices that detect the position and inclination of the machine has allowed to speed up and facilitate all positioning phases

Indeed, the project envisages expanding the existing structures on which the piers rest, in order to increase the number of piles that currently support the base of the foundations”, explain Mr. Marco Pezone (Site Manager) and Mr. ario Iorio of the urchasing ffice of Divisione Cantieri Stradali S.r.l. A total of six piles of 1,000mm diameter will be constructed beneath each of the piers for both carriageways. The lowest piers will require piles of 20m depth, whilst the piles beneath the highest piers, will be 25m deep. “The additional piles have a larger diameter compared to those of

the existing piles,” the managers of Divisioni Cantieri Stradali S.r.l. confirm moreover, as they are positioned further away from the centre of gravity of the pier, they are better able to absorb the normal stress caused by the movements of the piers compared to the existing piles. The same can be said for the shear stress.” Given the characteristics of the region, the piles will be tested, taking into account the subsequent stresses from the full spectrum of seismic actions. The existing structures will then be integrated within the new design. Characteristically, the soil within this area is typically made up of consolidated clays with sand and silt layers and intermittent pockets of aggregates of about 10cm diameter. The Site Supervisor, Mr. Vincenzo De Cristofaro explains, “the main challenge we are facing on this site is the low headroom. The drilling and grouting needs to be performed underneath the viaduct, with a clearance ranging from a minimum of 7m to a maximum of 19m below the deck beam “.

THE SITE’S STAR This is where the new Comacchio CH 150 comes into play. The rig is operated by a Vasto-based foundation contractor, dilflorio



The is the new addition to the dil orio eet, which includes two further omacchio piling machines, as well as several omacchio micropiling and anchoring rigs eeply rooted in the territory, the company was founded in , following the amalgamation of the sole proprietorship dil orio founded in by r iuseppe icola lorio and r l , both managed by r lorio This collaboration has allowed the company to build a competitive advantage as well as establish itself within the industry as a highly reliable partner, based on the competence and reliability of the -employee team, led by the Technical irector, iuseppe icola lorio The highly diversi ed activities of the company encompass various business areas, from the construction of civil and industrial buildings, infrastructural works, consolidation works aimed at preventing and mitigating hydrogeological e tremes and uvial ood risk, to soil remediation and environmental protection pro ects Therefore, the company runs a large and diverse eet and embraces the most advanced construction technologies n addition to the certi cation, the company has achieved numerous certi cates, in line with its commitment to health and safety management in the workplace , environmental management and uality management and is enrolled with the talian egister of nvironmental perators

S.r.l., who are responsible for the completion of the installation of the foundations. This latest addition to the CH range of Comacchio piling rigs (unveiled during the last Geofluid , uses an 1 ton class excavator as a base carrier. This excavator is equipped with a modular mast system and a multifunctional rotary head. Thanks to its design, the Comacchio CH 150 can be utilized for the construction of both bored piles (with or without casings) and CFA piles, using simple conversion kits. “The compact size and low weight allow for trouble-free transport of the machine with the rotary head and Kelly bar in

ltip rp se

tanding between the piers of the viaduct, one cannot but notice the e tremely small footprint of the machine

a hi e

ersatility is a key feature of the n addition to the kelly set-up, the machine can be con gured to perform piling n con guration, the machine offers up to e traction force and can operate with augers up to a ma imum diameter of mm The ma imum achievable depth of piles is m, which are achieved using a bespoke e tension The re uired stability is guaranteed by means of the e tendable undercarriage , mm - , mm , which is included as part of the standard con guration of the machine n addition to kelly and applications, the machine can be con gured for the installation of micropiles using either rotary or rotary-percussion drilling

situ. The design and construction of the CH 150 allows for access construction sites with difficult access conditions. Our company mainly operates in Central Italy, where the majority of the terrain consists of mountainous areas, and therefore, the road connections are not conducive to the movement of large and heavy vehicles. Many of the projects we complete often involve the construction and maintenance of medium-sized infrastructures which require us to operate in small and difficult to-access spaces, under bridges, adjacent to roads or alongside railway lines. The Comacchio CH 150, with its compact size, is the ideal solution for these types of pro ects ithin the confines of this construction site, we simply remove the cathead to allow us to operate in low headroom conditions”, explains Vittorio Florio, who, along with his father Giuseppe Nicola, heads up family owned dilflorio r l Positioned between the piers of the viaduct, you cannot but notice the extremely small footprint of the machine. This is possible thanks to the base excavator configuration which accommodates the ballast within the size of the tracks. What is striking is the agility with which the machine manages to complete the entire work cycle. Such maneuverability is simply unthinkable for larger, heavier, and cumbersome “conventional” piling machines. “The kelly set-up allows for the installation of bored piles with a diameter ranging we are

drilling foundations


# G r e a t . M a c h i n e s . W o r k i n g / @C O M A C C H I O

The sensors and electronic devices used to detect the position and inclination of the machine allow for the increase of speed and facilitate all positioning phases. Moreover, sensor technology allows for the machine to automatically adjust the set-up to synchronize with the actual operating conditions, thus preventing potential hazards. All machine functions are managed through the Comacchio Control System (CCS) software, which provides the operator with comprehensive data of the machine operating parameters via a userfriendly touch screen display. The hydraulic system of the base excavator has been optimized for this type of application. The CCS system electronically controls the diesel engine, thus allowing the hydraulic system to acquire the maximum available power from the engine and therefore maximize productivity. In addition, the cooling system of the base excavator hydraulics has been enhanced to cope with demanding environmental conditions along with the intensive use that is typical of a foundation construction site. In this instance, construction will continue once the seismic reinforcements on the viaduct piers is completed. Mr. Pezone concludes, “further construction work will be carried out on the abutments of the viaduct, both on the north side which will be consolidated using a jet grouting technique to discharge a proportion of the seismic stresses, and on the south side with the installation of five active tie rods which will assist with a reduction to the shear stresses on existing foundations ”.

Outline Stroke

from 750mm to 1,000mm. In this case, we are working to the maximum diameter achievable, to a depth of 20-25m, which is quite an achievement for a machine within this weight category. The CH 150 is proving to be more than capable of meeting the needs of this task, thanks additionally to the 44 kNm torque rotary head that has the option of being operated in “constant power” mode. Essentially, the regulation between speed and torque occurs automatically, thus optimizing performance “, Vittorio

continues on average, we complete four piles per day with production only slowing when we encounter particularly stony layers.”

Performance and productivity are not the only advantages the CH 150 offers. The same systems that are normally used to optimize efficiency and safety on their larger piling machines are consistently applied by Comacchio to the smallest rigs within their CH range.

#AT.SHOW Look for COMACCHIO at bauma, outdoor area, booth FN.623/1

Divisione a tieri tradali ivisi e a tieri tradali r l is a e eral tra t r esta lished i ll i the i rp rati the si ess ra h the i seppe ri r p r l r erly the s le pr priet rship ri t i , perati i the str ti i d stry si e



we are

drilling foundations

ith its re istered ei e, the pa y perates i th the p li a d private se t r thr h t taly ver the years, it has spe iali ed i i rastr t ral pr e ts, si the rest rati rid es a d viad ts a d the str ti a d ai te a e r ads str t ral

rest rati a d s lidati , seis i adaptati , rid e li ts a d str t res, repla e e t, a d ai te a e s pp rts a d i ts ts ai st ers i l de r a i ati s s h as the i t st pa y, a a i taly s ati al r ads , a r ver e tal dies

r e a ple i ipalities a d pr vi es a d the ai t r ay essi aires, as ell as the a r private pa ies perati i the field i rastr t re, e vir e tal a d territ rial e i eeri , s h as, p , p , p a d the r p

Reliability, Wide Range, Customization, Safety, After-Sales Service: we deeply innovate for your best performance. Come see us at

Stand FN 623/1

Live the experience on: comacchio.com

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12/09/22 11:25

# C o m p a n y . Vo i c e s / @I M T #AT.SHOW Look for IMT at bauma, outdoor area, booth FN.1021/1

Powerful and reliable IMT exhibits at bauma three models that are doing well in multiple international markets: an A70 and an A140 for CFA and an A290 Kelly Bar


MT SRL was founded in Osimo Italy in 1974, and since then the company’s primary focus on the production of high efficiency pile driving machines. IMT Piling Rigs are built to withstand the roughest drilling condition. With reinforced undercarriage, armour style belly plates, slewing ring guards, rotary protection, double wall thickness kelly bars, 700 MPa Strength steel used across main structural components, reinforced mast & cathead, IMT are guaranteed to offer its users the most value for money available on the market. IMT Piling Rigs have multiple devices enabling the operators to achieve better performance with the rig


we are

drilling foundations

while increasing the safety and simplicity. Free fall winch: When crowd force is applied on the Rotary/Kelly Bar, the main winch will automatically release the rope without the pressing of any buttons or pedals. Automatic winch stop function (swivel up function): the main winch stops automatically when the operator reaches the bottom of the hole with the tool, but with the cable that remains tensioned while keeping the swivel joint in a vertical position. The swivel on top of the kelly bar will remain upright and hold the rope in a vertical position. This results in easier operation, less wear and tear on the main winch rope and greater

lifespan of the main winch. Every single command on the IMT is performed using direct feel hydraulics. IMT will present its product range in different configurations at bauma 2 22

A70 The latest is the A70, a powerful, lightweight machine with exceptional stability, specially designed to be easily transported without the need for special permits and in a single solution. Its small size makes it a perfect machine for work in areas with space limitations, but does not preclude its use on construction sites with large-diameter piles up to 1,300 mm and 5 m deep he configuration presented during the show is a CFA with maximum depth of about 15 m and diameter up to a maximum of 600 mm. Although it is the smallest model to date in the IMT range, it benefits from all the peculiarities of our high-end machines. Full load-sensing hydraulic system, which maximizes performance while saving fuel, layout that makes maintenance operations as easy as possible. The main winch has the function of automatically unwinding and stopping the rope while drilling. The rotary is equipped with a transmission derived from superior machines that means thousands of hours of maintenance-free operation, also features the same system that has always characterized our machines, unloading speeds above 90 rpm, so as to ensure fast cycle times, and possibility of unloading the tool with reversal of the direction of rotation at high speed.

The A70 is a powerful, lightweight machine with exceptional stability, specially designed to be easily transported without the need for special permits and in a single solution

The opinion or us as for many others, this show represents a revival after the years of restrictions and limitations. It represents a return to normalcy for our industry as well, and we expect great participation. For this reason, for this edition IMT will present itself with a completely renovated booth


with larger spaces to welcome our customers and answer any questions. The machines that we are going to exhibit represent the path that IMT has taken in recent years toward a product that is as versatile as possible to allow our customers to tackle any construction site without problems. Starting

with the A70 that we will bring in CFA con guration, to the A140 also in CFA but with a fourth line pull con guration Finally, our classic A290 that represents the ultimate

expression of power and solidity, characteristics that have always been associated with the IMT brand worldwide”. Nicolò Zenga, Export Manager IMT

we are

drilling foundations


# C o m p a n y . Vo i c e s / @I M T

Range & Market ➜

The in con guration t bauma, the will be presented with an propeller for a maximum depth of 20 m and a fourth pull system

mm diameter continuous



The A140, a machine now well established in world markets highly reliable, and powerful. Suitable for job sites needing diameters up to 1,500 mm and with great depths as it can reach up to 47 m. Given the strong demand for CFA configurations, this machine will also be presented during the fair with a continuous propeller of 800 mm diameter and a maximum depth of 2 m and a fourth pull system. With an operating weight of 40 tons and an effective torque of 140 kN/m this machine is no match for higher class machines and gives daily proof of this on construction sites in the world. Its excellent stability, high pull-out capacity, and perfect synchronism of the main winch and push winch in CFA version enable it to achieve very high productivity. The A140 is very compact, has one of the smallest rear footprint radius among the machines in its class, this allows it to operate easily even in tight spaces. Features such as robustness and lightness, obtained thanks to the use of high-strength steels, the extreme simplicity of use and the use of electronic systems only where they are likely to improve performance or consumption, unite it with the other drills in the IMT range. The A140 has the ability to be transported in one piece without the need to disassemble the Kelly bar.

he 2 will be presented in standard kelly bar configuration machine of imposing dimensions with the ability to run piles up to 75 meters deep at full power thanks to the heavy duty rods made with special steels and high strength he 2 is a machine that IMT exhibit with a 46 m deep kelly bar but is successfully working on several sites around the world at the maximum of its possibilities (75 m). Like all IMT machines as


we are

drilling foundations

The A290 will be presented in standard kelly bar con guration (46 m deep)

All machines from the IMT range are con gured in such a way that conversion from standard to CFA and LCA is very quick, allowing for greater versatility. In addition, special applications such as diaphragms, beaten pile hammers (precast pile), vibro otation and soil displacement are available on all machines in the range. During the past few years IMT has continued to work on the development of its product range and its presence in international markets. IMT drills are currently at work in construction sites around the world starting with the United States, which has always been the target market for IMT products. But not only that, also emerging markets such as Australia, India and North Africa.

standard, an interlocking type kelly bar is installed, which ensures high productivity in any type of terrain since the machine is able to push the tool with its full weight from the beginning of the drilling phase. nother strong point of the 2 , also common to all IMT machines is the simplicity of use, the controls are simple and very intuitive, Simplicity is also found in the construction of the auger, simplicity that guarantees high reliability over time also thanks to the first rate components.


I.M.T. S.r.l. - Industria Meccanica Trivelle via D’Ancona, 39 – 60027 Osimo (AN) – Italy Tel. +39 071 723341 – Fax +39 0717 133 352 imt@imtspa.com – www.imtspa.com




# C o m p a n y . v o i c e s / @S O I L M E C

Soilmec’s bauma

Space reserved for the needs of the customer who can find specific thematic areas at the Soilmec stand

Outline Stroke


022. A watershed year for the Trevi Group that having tackled first the difficulties linked to the change in management and then the pandemic will be in Munich in October with a totally revamped exhibition look, focusing on the customer and his requirements, whilst deciding to replace the more traditional ‘parade’ of machines with an exhibition split into thematic areas drawing on the day-to-day life of the customers through detailed examinations of

machines, technology and fields of application. So a large section allocated to the Blue Tech line, alongside another for hydromill trench cutters. Another section of the stand is for micropiling rigs and of course there had to be an in-depth look at digitalisation, control and training in the form of a mobile learning unit inside of which the DMS room is installed along with the new excavation simulator, developed on a Blue Tech cab. And without forgetting the basis of its corporate philosophy: to develop

#AT.SHOW Look for SOILMEC at bauma, outdoor area, booth FN.522/9

valid engineering solutions for the foundations sector, by creating products lines designed to improve construction site quality, safety, productivity and profitability

LARGE DIAMETER RIGS Developed using an energy-saving architecture to ensure optimum performance through solutions designed to reduce load loss and consumption, the Blue Tech range is represented by the medium-sized machine that has enjoyed greatest success, the SR-65, and the new

Future range

The - e represents the rst step in the development of an entire range of oilmec electri ed rigs the -T line ero mission, micropiling rigs, piling rigs and cranes, this range meets the markets increasingly fre uent demand for lower noise and pollutant emissions, improved efficiency and lower operating costs


we are

drilling foundations

SR-125 premiering at bauma in its lue ech configuration The SR-65 is set up in the LDP version, a sector in which its segmental casing performance has received special praise, fitted with segmental mast and LHR mast. The choice of this particular configuration is to highlight its multipurpose capabilities and ease of conversion, between not only different technologies, but also different solutions within the same technology. The SR-65 Blue Tech LDP version represents the maximum expression of its dynamic and aggressive nature.

Indeed, the machine’s compact design provides excellent mechanical performance, good onsite manoeuvrability and convenient transport, despite being fitted with excavation tools. The SR-125 has been updated to the Blue Tech version that includes a redesigned operator cab, new hydraulic systems and improved mechanics for greater efficiency he machine has better specifications than the previous model, HIT, mainly as regards rotary head performance, with increased torque, and in the main winch that now adopts a closed circuit. The display model

The is one of the rigs on show at bauma representing the oilmec range of hydromill trench cutters

uses the CAP/CSP technology developed by Soilmec to construct diaphragm walls where the size of the construction site does not allow conventional methods. This technology is best illustrated in the Soilmec system employing two independent rotary heads.

HYDROMILL TRENCH CUTTERS The SC-135 Tiger is called on to represent di Soilmec hydromill trench cutters his flagship model is designed to be productive,

Micropiling rigs


he micropiling segment is represented by two oilmec - rigs and its new electric model The - is the largest rig in the line and an enhancement of the established and - models that are sold all over the world t is designed to provide e cellent efficiency and productivity, whilst complying with top safety standards The rig has been developed with a kinematic mechanism able to offer a great variety of angles and positions under different site conditions and with different drilling methods

The ummins engine, available in tage version, can deliver the power needed to offer proper support in various types of technology Two ed outriggers at the rear and two e tendable, hydraulic, rotating and pivoting outriggers at the front ensure the stability of the - even under testing conditions The rig is e uipped with openable hydraulic guards, and operating modes and all accessories devices needed to provide the highest level of accessibility, visibility and safety in compliance with the

latest safety standards The oilmec - is a veritable multipurpose microdrilling rig, its modular design means that it can be easily set up in different con gurations such as single rotary, double rotary, top-hammer and vibro-rotary in order to carry out ground improvement, micropiling and anchoring using various forms of drilling technology such as direct circulation, reverse circulation, T , and et grouting n order to underline the

multipurpose capabilities of rigs from the line, it has been decided to display two - rigs, one in a tie rod con guration and another with twin head for vertical micropiles of large diameter with mm casing

we are

drilling foundations


# C o m p a n y . v o i c e s / @S O I L M E C

The has been updated to the lue Tech version that includes a redesigned operator cab, new hydraulic systems and improved mechanics

reliable and able to reduce downtime and maintenance costs to a minimum. The machine is set up with the HDD system, a platform with drums on the machine body, and has an eyecatching solid structure. To allow constantly perfect movement of hydraulic and mud hoses at different working radiuses, the drums are installed in series and always perfectly aligned with the cathead. The SC-135 Tiger is equipped with a Caterpillar C27 engine capable of delivering the 708 kW power needed to work under demanding conditions in terms of depth and panel size. The power unit offers a complete package of solutions designed to lower consumption and pollution. The ‘start & slow’ system, independent, automatic control of radiator fans and optimised air flows inside the machine allow you to work under the most extreme temperature

conditions and exacting work cycles. Reliability is ensured by the dual hydraulic system, with dedicated lines to the excavation module and base machine, high pressure filters, for each return line,

and careful drainage management with dedicated tank. Like all other Soilmec equipment, safety, ergonomics and accessibility were some of the indispensable features of the SC-135 Tiger design. In its Bauma 2022 version, the SC-135 iger is fitted with the new oilmec SH-35 excavation module. With an operating weight ranging from 30 to 38 tons, the SH-35 is mounted on a frame that allows a wide range of panel thicknesses, from 650 mm to 1500 mm. To ensure precise verticality and allow correction of any deviation, there are 12 instrumented flaps new mud pump, hydraulic compensators with improved flow rate and new hydraulic fittings for connecting the motors are some of the developments introduced to the equipment.

The first electric rig

nnovation on the oilmec stand at auma includes the debut of the - e The pro ect was started with the aim of producing the rst electric drilling rig, developing the course taken decades ago with the introduction of the rst rigs with an electric motor for drilling and ground improvement in enclosed spaces and tunnels T- , T- , e are not dealing with a simple engine replacement where the diesel engine is replaced by an electric motor merely to avoid e haust gas emissions in closed environments, forcing the rig to utilise a power supply cable ith the new - e we can talk about an electrical power supply embracing the sector s latest developments, whose transmission employs permanent-magnet motors, lithium battery, alternatives to cabled power supplies, and control inverters, therefore a big change from the previous types of mains power technology with three-phase asynchronous motors in place of the diesel engine


we are

drilling foundations

Come and visit us at the Booth FN 522/9


# G r e a t . M a c h i n e s . W o r k i n g / @S A N D V I K

A successful partnership The partnership between Sandvik and URI recently witnessed the delivery of a new DD311D jumbo, yet another machine added to the fleet of the company from Trento that currently boasts three DD311Ds and two Commandos


he partnership between Sandvik and URI, dating back more than 50 years, continues to everyone’s complete satisfaction and was recently confirmed by the purchase of a new single-boom hydraulic jumbo.

A TRULY EUROPEAN OPERATION After starting off in the explosives sector, URI has always been associated with drilling as a supplier of construction site, quarrying and mining materials, machinery and services with the name of the company from Trento linked to numerous infrastructure projects. “Previously a strictly local business”, explains Carlo Conedera, URI’s Head of Drilling & Foundation Technology, “we have become a national and European operation and our machines are at work all over


we are

drilling foundations

Northern Europe, in Spain, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. We specialise in drilling and foundations, but we are branching out, including into small drilling for civil engineering work. Therefore, renovation of existing structures, such as tunnels, or even the building of new tunnels and tunnel ancillary structures. In Italy we have contacts with all of the sector’s major players. These companies help us to step outside the domestic market, establish relations with foreign partners and even be involved in large projects. For example, shortly, one of our DD311Ds, along with a Comando, will be going to Madrid to repair a tunnel”. With a team of around 35, URI’s market is split almost equally between machinery and materials hire and sales for construction sites and services.


Andrea Iacolucci, Sales Manager Drilling Equipment and Rock Tools Italy, Balkans & Med di Sandvik, with Carlo Conedera, URI’s Head of Drilling & Foundation Technology

“We have a longstanding relationship with Sandvik”, Conedera continues, “dating back to the 70s. In the beginning we were Sandvik dealers in this specific area hen the relationship grew, Sandvik altered its business and so did we. Our current partnership with Sandvik regards drilling materials, but above all machinery. For us, it has become a strategic supplier as it offers unbeatable quality. Our choice of machinery is always a purely technical one: Sandvik machines offers high performance and we have been familiar with their drilling rigs, by which I mean drifter drills, for many years. These are extremely reliable drills that in recent years we have bought and also fitted to bespoke machines that we ordered.

In our opinion, when compared to rival products, they work much better, require less spares and have greater long-term reliability”. At the current time, the I hire fleet has five andvik rigs: a ommando 130, a Commando 300 and three DD311Ds. All Sandvik machines have been purchased over the last three years, the latest DD311D jumbo having been delivered in July.

DRY HIRE URI dry hires all Sandvik drilling rigs. A clear sign of the degree of user friendliness and the training skills of the staff of the Trento company that also provides technical support on its own. “Sandvik”, the URI manager continues, “has enabled us to train our staff, whilst the in-house skills mean that we have great familiarity with this type of machine and can perform maintenance throughout the entire life cycle of every piece of equipment. This in-depth knowledge enables us to supervise the training of our customers’ operators. Furthermore, the drilling rigs have enjoyed far greater technical and technological innovation than other types of machinery. They are modern and also slightly complicated to use, in that they have many automated features. We therefore need to be good at training the operators in how to use this type of machine safely”.

The DD311 single-boom jumbo can be used for both face drilling and ground improvement work

&Med joins the conversation, “is a machine that we manufacture and develop in France, at our factory in Lyon, and therefore the experts from the factory are also always very quick to provide assistance. Indeed, Sandvik is totally committed to supporting both URI and the end customers using the skills of those who actually manufacture the machine, as well as the engineers from Sandvik Italia. This proximity and the wealth of experience provided serve to facilitate problem solving”.

A VERSATILE MACHINE The Jumbo DD311 has three different versions: DD311, diesel-powered for translation and with electric power

for drilling 11 , powered by diesel for both translation and drilling and DD311DE diesel powered for translation and, optionally, electric or diesel power can be used for drilling. URI has made a choice of utility and versatility by choosing the diesel-only DD311D in order to satisfy those customers who operate on construction sites where power is difficult or impossible to find owever, this choice should not make you think of Sandvik as a manufacturer stuck in the past (indeed, Sandvik is also developing full electric models), but rather as a manufacturer capable of offering the correct solution for every situation. “It is quite easy”, Conedera advises, to find machines that build tunnels

SANDVIK SUPPORT Clearly, technical support is of vital importance for a hire company. “The DD311”, Andrea Iacolucci, Sandvik Sales Manager Drilling Equipment and Rock Tools Italy, Balkans

A history within history

The story of URI, acronym for fficio appresentan e Industriali, began in 1925 and is a tale of construction sites, quarries and large infrastructures that intersects and intertwines with Italian history, its complexities, its revival and the current difficulty in running an enterprise, in the noblest sense of the term. URI was founded by two young entrepreneurs from Trento, Count Giannantonio Manci

and Luigi Battisti, son of national hero Cesare. Manci and Battisti were subsequently partnered by Angelo Proclemer and Mario Agostini who took over the running of the business during the Second World War. These were the years of the reconstruction and URI was a supplier to businesses responsible for the great change taking place in the country. The challenge was that of the large infrastructures and

in its sector of operation URI took on a clearly international quality with regard to the construction site and quarry technology it offered. As time passed, URI helped to build bridges, roads and tunnels by providing increasingly hi-tech, safety-conscious machinery. A sector in which service, meaning efficiency, reliability, maintenance and consultancy, becomes a strategic value. Starting in

the nineties, hire became the company’s core business. The modern URI has three keywords: Reliability, meaning support and maintenance; Technology, meaning innovation and performance; Service, meaning the ability to solve problems. All this without forgetting the people, who were and remain at the centre of a corporate vision based on training, professional skill and expertise. we are

drilling foundations


# G r e a t . M a c h i n e s . W o r k i n g / @S A N D V I K

#Technical spe ifi ati


with the conventional system of progressing directly along the main tunnel face It is more difficult to find a machine that can create the niches. In many cases, tunnels require niches, cross passages and ancillary works that cannot be constructed directly by a conventional jumbo, they need machines that are slightly different. And this machine, the DD311, can do both things, it can perform the face drilling, but having a telescopic feed rod, it can be placed crosswise to the tunnel in order to drill through side walls and also perform ground improvement. When the tunnel requires bolting, this type of feed rod lets you move upwards and downwards in a radial pattern and carry out drilling for any ground improvement work”. In short, the DD311 is perfect for building small tunnels (the coverage area is 40 m2, i.e. 5.8 m × 7.2 m) and multiple applications inside tunnels.

Model Hydraulic drilling rig Power Pressure Max. rotation speed Rotary torque Hole diameter Boom Coverage area Hole length Transport dimensions Cab Diesel engine Transmission Weight

System) drilling feed may be fitted that lets you oin two rods and bore more deeply. Another interesting option is the on-board Air Mist Flushing System, providing the machine with compressed air for drilling and water for flushing y fitting these optionals, the machine can be completely self sufficient without the need for cumbersome connections through the tunnel”. For the time being, URI has not chosen this option, but it is a device that can also be retrofitted “What is more”, Iacolucci notes, “if you need to perform maintenance in an existing tunnel, maybe only


DD311D RDX5 (TS2-433) 20 kW max 220 bar 250 RPM 400 Nm 43-64 mm (drifting), 76-127 mm (cut hole) SB40 (TS2-231) 40 m2 (5.8 m × 7.2 m) up to 4,660 mm 12.520 × 2.020 × 2.920 (with cab) FOPS/ROPS Deutz TCD 3.6 L4 Stage V, 100 kW hydrostatic 15-18 t (depending on installed optionals)

open at night for these operations, the possibility of using a machine without electrical, water and air supply connections certainly represents added value”. Finally, by focusing on the machine in its standard configuration, it is certainly worth giving a quick mention to the 20 kW RDX5 rock drill. This rock drill, that has enjoyed considerable development over the years, is a reliable product with exceptional output and low maintenance costs.

THE TECHNICAL FEATURES “The question of the telescopic feed rod is particularly important”, Iacolucci advises. “Indeed, we can install two types of drilling feed: 6-12 feet (that chosen by URI) and 8-14 feet. The URI umbo can fit 1 m rods making it versatile in confined spaces: you can actually turn the feed rod even in a very small tunnel where it manages to drill very long holes. A TRS (Two Rod



s an optional, the can be tted with the andvik T system This system has an in-cab display to enable remote monitoring of blasthole patterns that can therefore be sent to the rig using wireless or GPS. The rig receives drilling data and drilling patterns that appear on the display and the cab operator can therefore see what type of hole he needs to drill. As it offers bidirectional information between office and machine, the T enables ful lment of re uests from ndustry and therefore, for the talian market, entitlement to the tax breaks available.


we are

drilling foundations