Wine Dine & Travel Magazine Summer 2014

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Inspired By Ireland Craic – a Gaelic word (pronounced “crack”) loosely translated as “fun and music” or “good times” -- Ireland may be the only place in the world where being in search of some good craic doesn’t get you in trouble with the local authorities.



hen winter turns the corner and settles into spring, it’s the perfect time to visit Ireland. The crisp nippy air makes your tea-with-whiskey a nightly anticipation. The narrow roadways have not yet begun to anticipate summer tour bus jams. The locals are as friendly as they always are.

And the sun peaks out long enough to 74 Wine Dine & Travel Summer 2014

ensure the pastures and trees retain their emerald shade of green. And if the weather turns melancholy, wet and grey, you can duck into a pub where a wood-burning fire will warm your body while a fiddler warms your soul. And the cares of tomorrow will wait until the day is done.

tered a bit of each in everything we did and saw. Finding Craic In Doolin

The village of Doolin, on the rugged and scarcely populated Central West coast of Ireland, has one main intersection, five pubs, a few shops and a famous underIreland is rich in history, tradition, ge- ground cave -- enough to keep you busy ography, hospitality, music and magic. for a couple days. Craic culture brings On a 3,000-kilometer trek through the a spirited energy to the village. While Western half of the country, we encoun- many of Ireland’s establishments ca-