April 2009 Wedding Day Sourcebook

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Amanda Malone has served as Special Events Coordinator at Chandler’s Restaurant at Yankee Candle for five years. She’s been at the helm of several weddings, and shared some of her insights on current trends, avoiding pitfalls, and planning with The Wedding Day Sourcebook. • Having dinner arranged in stations, as opposed to buffet-style or a sit-down meal with service, is a great way to keep waiting to a minimum and mingling to the maximum. Receptions with Tapas menus (small portions of several different dishes shared among guests) are also gaining popularity. • Photo booths at weddings are hugely popular right now. They are a fun activity for guests, and offer instant mementos. “People love trying new things!” says Malone. • Avoid using scented candles as place-settings or in centerpieces – they can become overwhelming when all lit in one room, affect some guests’ allergies, and can also affect the taste of the food.


The Wedding Day Sourcebook

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