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Krzysztof S. Pachocki Born: May 10, 1959 in Poznań, Poland. Education: Technical University of Poznań, Poland Environmental Engineering, M. Sc – 1985 (Active member of the board of student’s independant asssociation NZS, chief editor of “The Errata” - underground cultural magazine). Also publishing occasionally in official Polish magazines like “Wprost Weekly”. “Solidarność Weekly”, “Przegląd Powszechny Monthly”, “W Drodze Monthly”, “Gość Niedzielny Weekly”, “Tygodnik Powszechny Weekly”...mainly on environmental issues.

Technical Univerasity of Tampere, Finland Technical University of Tallin, Estonia Postgraduate Non-Degree Programme in Environmental Management, Policy & Economics – 1993.

Major professional courses/conferences/apprenticeships: CEU University, Budapest, Hungary – Environmental Impact Assessment in Transition Countries – Summer School. 1997. Centre for Risk Assessment, Society for Risk Analysis Conference, Stuttgart, Germany – Presentation on Environmental Risk Management in Poland. 1995. University of Surrey, UK, SRA Annual Conference. Presentation: “Understanding Risk Perception in Poland. Theory and Practice”. Society for Risk Analysis Conference. 1996. Professional apprenticeships at ABB, Jonkoping, Sweden (1987); Sarlin, Helsinki (1993/4); Employment: 1985-1987 – Technical University of Łódź, Poland. Environmental Engineering Department Assistant. Research in Thermodynamics & Energy Management Projects. 1987 – 1988 – Military School & Apprenticeship. Sub-Luetenet degree.

1988 – 1989 – Emigration: ABB Flakt, Jonkoping Sweden – R & D Centre for Environment & Energy Management Projects. 1989 – 1997 – Return to Poland. Ekolog Consulting – Consultant/Manager. First large private environmental consulting company countrywide, assosciated with a number of major multinationals. 1998 – 2000 – Freelance Environmental/Business Risk Consultant to multinationals, Polish Governement, insurers and others. 1999/2000. Nervous breakdown, medical treatment. Sick leave. Since then starts my long - term, heavy and slow recovery during which I maneged to translate 13 books on religion, psychology and philosophy for the “W Drodze Publishing” (On the Road) in Poznań.

At present as a realtively balanced, stable person though still undergoing therapy I leave my own life as freelancer, dealing with books, occassional bussiness/culture consultancy, reading, translating and discussing with a number of my friends among whom are: bussinesspeople, preists, philosophers, journalists, interpreters and translators (both English and German – some of them are natives with whom I maintain contact via Internet). Hobbies: Reading. Jazz. Guitar playing.