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WDP 2020 Annual Report


Diversity policy Each employee is indispensable to the success of the Company. Every individual is valuable. Together we are one team. Each with their own talents, culture and personality. Each employee is valued and respected for who they are and for their skills, knowledge and experience.

Diversity in all of its facets (culture, gender, language, professional experience, etc.), equal opportunity and respect for human capital and human rights are intrinsic to the WDP business culture. The Company firmly believes that these values contribute towards balanced interaction, enrichment of vision and thinking, innovation and an optimal working environment. WDP has set some diversity guidelines for members of the Board of Directors and the Management Committee. These guidelines are reflected in the internal rules of the Board of Directors and the Nomination Committee, describing the procedure for nomination and evaluation of directors and members of the Management Committee. The selection process for members of the Board of Directors and Management Committee strives to ensure complementary skills, knowledge and experience and diversity in terms of education, knowledge, gender, age, experience, nationality, etc. This results in a Board of Directors that is highly balanced in its skills, knowledge and experience. The membership of the Board of Directors (two women and five men) also meets the legal provisions on gender diversity (Article 7:86 CCA). The members of the Management Committee also represent a balanced team, each with his own required expertise (see below for their curriculum vitae), albeit with regard to gender. However, it must be taken into account that the Management Committee is assisted by a dedicated corporate Shared Services team. As the Company has only a rather small team with a flat structure, it is more appropriate to consider gender across the entire group. More clarification on the different facets of diversity in this respect are available in the chapter 4. ESG.