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 Act locally with the   World Development Movement 

 September 2013 

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Action checklist


Campaign update: Carbon Capital


Campaign update: Food






Partner updates


New materials


Dirty Energy Month Indonesia report back Carbon Capital tricky questions Other organisations’ activities

European legislation update Whose food? Our food! Film and discussion night WDM Scotland gathering Bristol activist gathering Dirty Energy Month Joking for Justice Carbon Capital speaker tour Bankers Anonymous New group in Newcastle Bankers Anonymous report back

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Carbon Capital tricky questions Dirty Energy Month stunt briefing and press release (groups only) Stop the Arms Fair leaflet Making the most of WDM membership Joking for Justice flyer (SE groups only) ‘Aurora is coming’ Greenpeace leaflet WDM’s identity consultation for groups (groups only) 2

Letter from the activism team  For the past few years, the small team in the WDM office that works most closely with local groups has been known as the ‘network team’. We’ve decided it’s time for a change. The team covers events, group support, outreach and even editing Action magazine, so from now on, we’re going to be known as the activism team. Our new name isn’t just a cosmetic change – it’s also a statement of intent. The last few years has seen a number of new WDM groups established (most recently in Newcastle, see page 11), and we want to make sure that keeps on happening. One step we’ve just taken is to revamp the activism section of the website (go to Over the course of the autumn we’re also going to be revising and updating the written guides we produce to help groups campaign, and improving the website further. Thanks to a legacy left to us by a supporter, we’re also going to be able to employ a regional organiser in the north of England for a year from late September. That will leave Sarah, our network co-ordinator, freer to concentrate on the rest of the country and add significant capacity to our ability to support group campaigning. There’ll be more on the new team structure in the next issue of Think Global. Our grassroots network is central to what we do as an organisation, and I’m certain that it can be really active and dynamic in every region of the country. With that in mind I’d encourage groups to find some time to respond to the consultation about organisational identity included with this Think Global. We want to make sure there aren’t any impediments to reaching out to new generations and renewing activism for global justice around Britain. That means engaging campaigns and a well-resourced network, but it also means ensuring our name still makes sense to people over four decades after it was invented. So do tell us what you think. Finally, we’re really pleased to be working with London Mining Network, Colombia Solidarity Campaign and Down to Earth to bring over activists from the global south involved in opposing fossil fuel extraction. This will be our Carbon Capital speaker tour, and we’ve managed to squeeze in nine dates at the end of October, so hopefully lots of you will be able to get to an event.

James O’Nions Senior activism officer

 News bites  Carbon Capital • Dirty Energy Month is taking place from 11 October to 11 November. People around the world will be calling for an end to dirty energy projects. Food • A key trialogue meeting for the European legislation to regulate food speculation is taking place on 4 September. 3

Action checklist  Groups Food

Consider whether you want to organise a ‘Whose food? Our food!’ film night and discussion around local solutions to the global food crisis. If so, order your pack now. Carbon Capital Take action during Dirty Energy Month. Hold a ‘bring the extractives back to the banks’ action and help us build our coal pile. Help publicise the Carbon Capital speaker tour if there is an event happening near you.


Come along to one of our Carbon Capital speaker tour events and help publicise them.

North and East London WDM ran a campaign stall at the TUC’s Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival in Dorset.

Training event: Using research to expose dodgy dealing Do you want to learn how to expose dodgy practices of companies and governments? Do you want to join with others to use research to expose injustice? Then join this FREE training and research event. During the day participants will hear from and question experienced researchers on how they conducted the research to expose corrupt companies, reveal unjust tax deals, and shed a light on injustice. You will learn techniques such as Freedom of Information requests, how to investigate company accounts, work out complex webs of ownership, online research tips and the use of National Archives. Photo: Image_Of_Money/Flickr

Using research to expose dodgy dealing

Saturday 5 October 2013 Having learned from these researchers, we will establish 9.45am – 4.30pm, London research groups who on the day will investigate a particular company and issue. As well as providing individuals with tools to conduct their own research to support campaigns for justice, we hope this event will also help researchers work together on future projects.

Saturday 5 October • 9.45am – 4.30pm • WDM offices, 66 Offley Road, London SW9 0LS Organised by: The Corner House, Jubilee Debt Campaign, London Mining Network and PLATFORM, with support from the World Development Movement and others. For more information or to register, email 4

Campaign update: Climate and energy justice  • Dirty Energy Month is taking place from 11 October to 11 November. People around the world will be calling for an end to dirty energy projects. • Take action to bring the extractives back to your local HSBC.

Dirty Energy Month and 020 7820 4900.

From 11 October to 11 November activists all around the world will be taking action as part of ‘Dirty Energy Month’. People will be calling for an end to dirty energy projects that destroy communities as well as the climate, while offering little energy access for people whose lives are affected by these projects. We have a number of actions planned for this month, including an action outside HSBC, a speaker tour and we will be launching a range of materials about a recent WDM visit to UK-financed coal mines in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. This includes a leaflet, a film and a report.

Next month, we will also be sending a new action card with a twist (see below for more information). Your group may want to use this action card in conjunction with the stunt. Pile on the pressure Help us create our coal pile! We want to send a strong message to HSBC that using people’s money to bankroll climate change is unacceptable. Over the course of Dirty Energy Month we are asking people to ‘help us build a coal pile’. By signing a card, people will be asking us to add a piece of coal to the pile that we will be presenting to HSBC. In December, we will deliver the coal to the bank to make sure they hear the opposition to their fossil fuel funding.

Bringing the extractives back to the banks During Dirty Energy Month, we are asking groups to join us by organising a stunt targeting their local branch of HSBC. We’re focusing on HSBC as they are the biggest underwriter of fossil fuel stocks and shares and they also contribute to coal mining in Indonesia. The idea is to ‘bring the extractive industry back to the banks’ that are funding dirty projects, and make this visible in high streets around the country. Collectively, this will ensure a strong message gets across to the banks that funding these destructive projects is not going unnoticed.

Climate Capital speaker tour During Dirty Energy Month we are also hosting a speaker tour during the last two weeks in October. We are hoping to have activists from Central Kalimantan in Indonesia and the Cerrejón mine in Colombia. We are organising this in conjunction with Colombia Solidarity Campaign, London Mining Network and Down to Earth. See page 9.

We’re leaving it open to individual groups to decide how this works best for them – it could be a press stunt to get coverage in the local media, as a way of engaging bank staff, or as a creative stall to attract the attention of passers-by. You may also have your own ideas. We’ve included a stunt briefing with this issue of Think Global. We didn’t want to send you unnecessary props, but we do have all the props you might need for the ideas we have suggested in the WDM London office, so if you want to order a pack with all the props (or just some of them!), please email or call Sam on

Indonesia report back

Earlier this summer, WDM staff Alex and Andrew visited Central Kalimantan in Indonesia to see the destruction caused by the UK financed coal mines. In late September, we will be launching a series of materials about this, including a report, a short film and leaflet, as well as an online ‘web doc’, an innovative way of presenting information online. We will send copies of the report and film in the next issue of Think Global. Groups can watch the film themselves, or use it to organise a public film 5

screening during Dirty Energy Month. This would also work well with the new ‘Pile on the Pressure’ action that we will send next week.

willing to work with us to change the way our money is invested. To RSVP and for more info:

Carbon Capital tricky questions

We have included a tricky questions briefing with this issue of Think Global. If you want us to print more copies for you, please let Sam know:

Scandalous Edinburgh plc

A walking tour Join us in Edinburgh for a ‘tour with a twist’, as we bring to life WDM’s new Carbon Capital campaign in Scotland this autumn.

Other organisations’ activities

Our friends at ShareAction (formerly Fair Pensions) will soon be launching a new piece of work on climate change and pension funds, which complements our Carbon Capital campaign. ShareAction will be running training sessions to equip activists with all the information they need in this area and have asked if WDM activists would like to be involved. The information is below – please contact Jo directly if you would like to take part (and let us know if you are). ShareAction has a small budget for people traveling from outside of London, so let Jo know if you want help with your ticket. They are also planning more events later in the year as well as regional events over the coming months if there is enough demand.

‘Scandalous Edinburgh’ is an entertaining and informative walking tour of Edinburgh’s financial district that will look beyond the grand facades and expose how these ‘esteemed’ banking and finance institutions are fuelling environmental destruction and human rights abuses around the world. Designed to show first hand the ‘dark energy secrets’ of some of the UK’s biggest banks, pension funds and insurance companies, these tours will bring you history, anecdotes, eye opening information and possibly even a song or two. Dress warmly and prepare to be scandalised! The tour will last around two hours. Tour dates: • Saturday 5 October starting 11am • Wednesday 9 October starting 3.30pm followed by the Take One Action film festival screening of ‘Powerless’ (see below for more details) • Wednesday 16 October starting 3.30pm • Saturday 26 October starting 11am, followed at 2pm by global finance workshop (see below for more details) as part of the Edinburgh World Justice Festival To book a place on one of the tours, email Jane Herbstritt in WDM’s Scottish office

Information from ShareAction: Ordinary peoples’ pension savings are worth billions. More than half of that money is stubbornly invested in fossil fuels: our money is fuelling climate change. Those billions of pounds have the power to change the world for the better and, if we act now, to build a greener future. ShareAction is building a team of grassroots activists to take on the investment industry. Our training in September will arm you with the knowledge, skills and resources to fight climate change using the power of your pension. Location: 16 Crucifix Lane, London, SE1 3JU Date: 16 September Time: 10am – 4pm You don’t need to be an expert on pensions, investment or finance. You just need to be passionate about fighting climate change, have pension savings (size doesn’t matter!) and be 6

Campaign update: Food sovereignty  • The outcome of the trialogue meeting on 4 September is unknown at the time of writing but we will be updating groups by email shortly after the meeting. • Consider if you want to organise a Whose food? Our food! film and discussion night this autumn and order your film pack now.

European legislation update

The event flyer with space for local details to be overprinted at the bottom

During the summer, we emailed all groups with an urgent request to lobby MEPs as we found out in July that there would be a key trialogue meeting on 4 September. Local groups have been busy organising last minute lobby meetings with MEPs as well as emailing and writing to them to influence the outcome of the crucial 4 September meeting. We also launched an urgent e-action in mid-August based around lengthening a barrier tape for a stunt in Brussels on the 4 September to rein in the bankers. At the time of writing, we do not know the outcome of the meeting but will send an email update shortly after it happens. After the 4 September meeting our opportunities to influence the legislation will become extremely limited as the discussions on regulating food speculation could be concluded. So we are expecting a lower level of campaigning activity on the food speculation campaign during the autumn, leaving groups more time to work on the Carbon Capital campaign. We will continue to monitor the progress of developments on the legislation, keeping the issue alive in the media as well as concentrate on developing the new agribusiness campaign which will be launching in early 2013.

Whose food? Our food!

build a food system that prioritises people over profit. We have created a film and discussion pack to explore some of the stories of these projects, debate the issues around them and inspire local action. If you are interested in food issues and want to find out about what’s going on globally, this is the event for you. The pack includes: • Films • Briefing on positive solutions to tackling food price volatility • Discussion questions • Flyers to promote your event Some people have already ordered their packs but if you would like one please contact or call 020 7820 4900 to order. They will be ready for distribution in September.

Whose food? Our food! Film night

The food that we eat is under threat. A handful of large corporations dominate the production, processing, distribution, marketing and sale of food. This corporate expansion into our food system is causing the world’s poor to suffer. Many have to deal with volatile food prices, unfair wages and the loss of control of their land and their seeds. However, around the globe, farmers, consumers and activists are coming together to 7

Events  WDM Scotland gathering

and communities on issues of global concern, takes place in Edinburgh and Glasgow from 27 September – 12 October. As part of the film festival, WDM will be supporting a screening of the film ‘Powerless’, described by the New York Times as “a jarring glimpse at India’s energy crisis through one town: Kanpur and its more than 3 million residents, at least 400,000 of whom are without electricity.” The film will be followed by a panel discussion including WDM’s new director Nick Dearden.

When: Saturday 7 September Where: Stirling Methodist Church, Queen Street, Stirling Our second Scottish gathering of the year will give Scottish WDM supporters and group members a chance to meet with WDM staff and others involved in the global justice movement. Together we will learn about WDM’s newest campaigns and plan action in Scotland. For more information and to book a place, please email Jane:

Powerless will be screened at 6pm on Wednesday 9 October at the Edinburgh Filmhouse.

Bristol activist gathering

To buy tickets for the film, closer to the time, go to:

Join us for an afternoon of networking and skillsharing in Bristol, especially to help breathe new life into the Bristol group. There will be a screening of documentary Best Before and another short, followed by a skills-based workshop and a discussion on local campaigning.

Dirty Energy Month

When: 11 October – 11 November Where: Across the world From 11 October to 11 November activists all around the world will be taking action as part of ‘Dirty Energy Month’. People will be calling for an end to dirty energy projects that destroy communities as well as the climate, whilst offering little energy access for people whose lives are affected by these projects. We have a number of actions planned for this month, including an action outside HSBC, a speaker tour and we will be launching a range of materials about a recent WDM visit to UK financed coal mines of Central Kalimantan in Indonesia.

When: Saturday 21 September, 1.30pm – 6pm (join us for lunch from 1pm) Where: The Gallery Space, The Island, 1st Floor, Bridewell St, Bristol, BS1 2LE Let us know you’re coming:

Take One Action film festival

The annual Take One Action film festival, which uniquely links audiences, films, campaigners

Joking for Justice

Holly Walsh has just been confirmed to join comedy stalwart Arthur Smith plus Earl Okin, Ava Vidal, Amadeus Martin, Sara Pascoe, Daniel Simonsen and David Morgan at this year’s WDM comedy benefit night. When: Thursday 17 October Where: Leicester Square Theatre, 6 Leicester Place, London Tickets: £20, go to




October will see WDM’s Carbon Capital speaker tour hit road. Yasmin Romero Epiayu from Fuerza de Mujeres Wayuu in Colombia and speakers from Indonesia will join different events over the course of two weeks. Provisionally, the dates are: 20 October: St Albans 21 October: Nottingham 22 October: Reading 23 October: Portsmouth 24 October: London

28 October: Glasgow 29 October: Kendal 30 October: Sheffield 31 October: Newcastle

We will be sending out paper leaflets and email flyers once venues and speakers are fully confirmed. Details will also be available at

Research training event

The heretic’s guide to global finance

When: Saturday 5 October, 9.45am-4.30pm Where: WDM offices, 66 Offley Road, London

Edinburgh World Justice Festival workshop When: Saturday 26 October, 2pm – 4.30pm. Where: St Columba’s-by-the-Castle, 4 Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2PW

See advert on page 4.

WDM Scotland will be hosting this free, informative and inspiring workshop for anyone who’d like to get to grips with how global finance works and find out what we can do to make it work for the common good. Led by Brett Scott, exbanker and author of ‘The heretic’s guide to global finance: hacking the future of money.’

Scotland: Meet WDM’s new director When: Thursday 10 October, 7pm Where: The Training Suite, 34 West George St, Glasgow, G2 1DA

An informal evening for WDM group members and supporters in Scotland to meet WDM’s new director Nick Dearden and to hear him speak about how he sees WDM’s campaigns unfolding in the coming months. Drinks and nibbles from 6.30pm.

Please email Jane to book a place at

If you’d like to come, please register here: 9

Groups  Groups update

Cambridge WDM held a meeting about Carbon Capital with Julian Huppert MP. Eddy Richardson from Brighton and Hove WDM followed up a letter by an individual in the Sussex Express about the Carbon Capital campaign and had his letter published too. Bolton WDM held a meeting with Ivan Lewis. Reading WDM held a Carbon Capital stall at the Earley Green Fair.

Bexhill and Hastings WDM celebrate 13 years of being a group

Leeds WDM held a follow up meeting to WDM’s Not the G8 conference with a film screening of ‘Best Before’.

The Watford Observer reported the participation of Watford WDM members in the IF campaign rally. Worthing WDM had a good AGM with a speaker from Christian Aid.

Oxford WDM held a Carbon Capital stall at Cowley Road Carnival. Instead of an August meeting the group held a social at a pub.

Members of North and East London WDM and South East London WDM joined WDM staff at an action outside BlackRock’s offices in solidarity with activists in South Africa. The stunt was reported in the Evening Standard.

Members of St Albans and Northamptonshire WDM joined Milton Keynes WDM on a stall at the World Picnic. Bexhill and Hastings WDM held a celebratory evening to commemorate 13 years since the revival of the group. Sarah Reader travelled down for the event and did a talk about the Carbon Capital campaign. The group also held a stall at a fair in St Leonards. Both events were reported on in the Bexhill Observer.

Members of North and East London WDM held a stall at the Tolpuddle Martyrs festival. They got 200 action cards signed for both campaigns and joined the march alongside War on Want. Merseyside WDM held a social evening in July. Sheffield WDM held their AGM followed by a talk by the inspiring speaker James Oporia-Ekwaro, who was politically exiled from Uganda because of his opposition to Idi Amin. The Manchester WDM group had a good day campaigning at Gatley Festival. They got over 60 signatures for the food speculation action card and Carbon Capital petition. They also convinced Mark Hunter MP to sign the petition. The group also got a letter in the Manchester Evening News about our food campaign. Neil Wilson from the South Lakes WDM group

South Lakeland WDM organise a Carbon Capital action


Shropshire WDM use a lucky dip (inspired by Glasgow WDM) to attract people to their Carbon Capital stall

Members of St Albans WDM and Northamptonshire WDM join Milton Keynes WDM at the World Picnic

had a letter about the Carbon Capital campaign published in the Westmorland Gazette. This followed the Carbon Capital action the South Lakes group held in Kendal where they managed to collect 130 signatures for the action card and petition to Vince Cable.

Bankers Anonymous report back

The Bankers Anonymous five step programme has been really successful at engaging WDM’s new and existing supporters. Although people are still signing action cards and starting the Bankers Anonymous programme, we have done a count of how many people have taken action so far:

The London WDM groups held a joint Carbon Capital stall at the Lambeth Country Show. The stall was inspired by the Glasgow and Shropshire WDM groups’ ideas of a lucky dip with ‘oily’ sweets as a prize.

• Over 1,500 people emailed their MP • Nearly 1,000 people wrote to their local paper • Over 2,100 people wrote to Greg Clark, Treasury minister • Over 200 people got in touch with their local group

Liz Carlton in Chelmsford had a letter about the Carbon Capital campaign published in her local newspaper. If you are interested in getting involved with a WDM group in Chelmsford, contact

Step five, where we encouraged people to get in touch with their local group was a new action for WDM. We were really pleased that over 200 people took the action. Groups have subsequently had a mixed response from these people, but inevitably people will get involved at their own pace.

Over 60 letters about the Carbon Capital campaign have been published in local newspapers across the UK – that we know about.

Launch of WDM in Newcastle

On 8 September, over 20 people gathered in Newcastle for a film screening of Growing Change and the launch of Newcastle WDM. The spark for the group came from people meeting at WDM’s conference in Leeds. There was a really dynamic discussion about plans for the next few months, including holding a Carbon Capital speaker tour event, an action for Dirty Energy Month and a workshop and stall at Newcastle University’s International Development Society conference. Find out more at

Bexhill and Hastings WDM on a stall in St Leonards


Partner updates  Occupy vs the arms fair

When: 8 September, 12 noon. Where: Near the ExCel Centre, which hosts the arms fair, London. “This September international weapons companies will be meeting warmongers and human rights abusers at one of the world’s largest arms fairs to make the deals that will send deadly weapons around the world to repress the 99%. “From the tear gas in Turkey, Egypt and Brazil to the weapons of the Syrian Assad Regime the DSEi Arms Fair is a global showroom of bloodshed and profit. “Come and create a mass action against the arms fair in solidarity with the international struggles for justice.” Twitter: @stopthearmsfair #occupydsei

Global Connect

WDM Scotland’s long-running adult education programme, Global Connect, has come to an end due to lack of funding. Previously known as WorldWise, at different times the programme has used a variety of formats from formal courses, weekly workshops sessions and one-off activities. One enduring legacy of the programme, however, is the recently-finished resource pack. It isn’t Scotland-specific and could potentially be used by those involved in teaching older school students as well as adults. You can download the pack or flick through it using a handy online document viewer at

 New materials  Food • BRIEFING Collective solution to changing food prices • Bankers Anonymous leaflet • Petition aimed at rapporteurs (coming soon) Films • Making Another World Possible: Talking alternatives at the World Social Forum (made by WDM) • Whose food? Our food! Film and discussion pack • Seeds of Freedom

Think Global September 2013  

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