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June 2014 

Contents  Letter from the activism team


Action checklist


Campaign update: food sovereignty


Campaign update: climate and energy justice


Campaign update: trade justice






Current materials


Inserts • • • • • •

Cinema for social change – Group contacts only MST report back – Group contacts only Data capture insert – Group contacts only Proxy voting form for groups – Group contacts only AGM agenda – Group contacts only One World Week flyer *You can request copies of inserts that aren’t available online by emailing or calling 020 7820 4900.

WDM calls on HSBC to stop bankrolling coal


Letter from the activism team  Dear friend, It’s been great to see the actions groups have organised for the new food campaign and the successful hustings events that took place across the country ahead of the EU elections. We have enclosed the agenda for our AGM (Saturday 13 September) and a proxy voting form for your group. If no-one from your group is able to attend the AGM to vote on the group’s behalf, please ensure you return the proxy voting form to us; we want to ensure all groups have a chance to vote, and remember that group votes count as five votes. This is my last issue of Think Global and I would like to say how much I have enjoyed and learnt working with WDM groups and activists. I have continued to be inspired by the enthusiasm, commitment and creativity of the network. Although I’m leaving the WDM office, I will continue to be a member and look forward to reading news through Action magazine. The new groups officer, Ed Lewis, will be starting in September. Until then, if you have group related queries contact Ralph at I would like to say a really big thank you to all WDM groups and I hope to see you again at a future WDM event or action. Happy campaigning!

Sarah Reader Groups officer

 News bites  Climate and energy justice • Ahead of the Lloyds AGM on 13 May, nearly 3000 WDM supporters took part in an online action to call on CEO António Horta-Osório to stop the bank funding coal mining. Trade • The European Commission has launched a public consultation on one of the most worrying aspects of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement (TTIP). Although we think this consultation is a piece of theatre rather than a genuine attempt at accountability, it does give us the opportunity to make our voices heard. 3

Action checklist  Food sovereignty Organise a ‘Stop corporations carving up Africa’ stunt or stall if you haven’t done so already. Trade justice Sign our action card asking MPs to demand transparency on TTIP. Join the day of action against TTIP on 12 July: organise or join an action near you. More information and resources coming soon. Carbon Capital Organise a ‘stop bankrolling coal’ walking tour of your local banks. Fill out our action card which has two parts: one that goes to the Lloyds Banking Group asking them to stop financing the mining companies involved with the Cerrejón coal mine in Colombia, and the other that goes to Ed Davey, secretary of state for energy and climate change.

Things you can do as a group: Plan a local action for the ‘Stop TTIP’ day of action on 12 July Organise a stall or stunt for our new agribusiness campaign Find out about summer festivals and local events you could hold a stall at You may like to organise a football-themed stall or stunt in the run up to the World Cup. In the past groups have used the World Cup as a hook for a stall and developed games such as ‘unfair football’ to highlight inequalities between countries. You can get some ideas for stats from the Who Should I Cheer for website:


Campaign update: Food sovereignty Stop the corporate takeover of Africa s food

New resources

Thanks to groups who have held stalls and stunts on the agribusiness campaign so far as well as getting lots of action cards signed! We have produced a new A2 poster to use on stalls for the summer, please contact the office if you want to order one of these posters. We will also be launching a new series of infographics in June to help communicate the story of the campaign. They will show how the New Alliance and similar schemes represent a new scramble for Africa. These will be released online and we will email the groups once they are ready so please help to promote these through your contacts.

Policy update

In all our materials so far, we have referred to the New Alliance as an initiative of the G8. However the Department for International Development (DfID) is now saying that the New Alliance is an initiative that goes beyond the G8. In response to our main postcard action which many supporters have already taken, DfID are saying:

The new poster available for groups

We suspect the African Union have been brought on board to lend legitimacy to the New Alliance, although some of our African allies are critical of the AU’s approach to agriculture and where its real support lies. The US are the ones who came up with the idea in the first place and launched it, with the World Economic Forum represents the interests of multinational corporations and set up a predecessor initiative in 2009 called the New Vision for Agriculture.

“Although it started out as a G8 initiative in 2012, the New Alliance is now supported by a wide range of African and global stakeholders with an independent Leadership Council co-chaired in 2014 by the US, the African Union Commission and the World Economic Forum.”

Also, non-G8 donors are now involved – including Spain, Israel, South Korea, China, the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank (in Senegal); Flanders, Ireland and Norway (in Malawi); and Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland (in Benin).

Bexhill and Hastings WDM ‘carve up Africa’


Campaign update: Climate and energy justice Banks out of coal

WDM group may want to write a letter to GCF to make the call louder. You can use this statement, signed by WDM, to base your letter on: www.

AGM season has continued for the UK’s high street banks; a vital opportunity for WDM to call on banks to stop investing in coal mining companies. Ahead of the Lloyds AGM on 13 May, nearly 3000 WDM supporters took part in an online action to call on CEO António Horta-Osório to stop the bank funding coal mining and activists in Edinburgh organised an action outside the AGM. The Lloyds Banking Group invests over £3.4 billion in companies involved in the Cerrejón coal mine in Colombia, the biggest in Latin America. Next up was HSBC’s AGM on 23 May. WDM paid a visit to the event in London, and held a stunt outside to draw attention to the bank’s investments in coal mining. WDM also went inside the AGM to challenge HSBC’s board members. The season continues when RBS, a key coal mining investor, holds its AGM in Edinburgh in June.

‘Stop bankrolling coal’ walking tour

In April’s Think Global we sent groups a ‘Stop bankrolling coal’ walking tour guide and template script. The guide gives the low down on each of the UK’s main high street banks’ coal mining investments and tells you all you need to know in order to lead the tour on your local high street. For more information or materials, email Sam at

New action card and leaflet

With the last issue of Think Global, we included an action card. You can use this to call on the Lloyds banking group asking them to stop financing mining companies involved in the Cerrejón coal mine in Colombia.

Kirsty visits Colombian communities WDM campaigner Kirsty Wright is visiting Colombia in late May and early June to find out more about how communities there are being affected by, and resisting, coal mining by corporations. Communities have lost whole villages to the mines whilst trade unionists have faced violent repression after calling for better working conditions in the mines. Kirsty’s trip will help WDM find out how to best support resistance.

We also included a copy of our new leaflet with information about how much money each bank is investing in coal mining and about some of the dirty coal projects run by companies that the banks are financing. For more copies, contact Sam at

The ‘Green’ Climate Fund

This month, WDM has called on the UN’s Green Climate Fund to pledge not to fund dirty and destructive energy projects. The fund was set up in 2010 to help developing countries build green economies. But the GCF is under threat. Some members of the fund’s board want it to fund false solutions like ‘clean’ coal and other projects like destructive mega dams. Along with groups around the world, WDM called on the GCF board to commit to truly sustainable and just energy solutions. Over 2800 WDM supporters also took part in an online action calling on the UK’s GCF board members with the same message. You or your local

WDM activists in Edinburgh take action outside the Lloyds AGM


Campaign update: Trade justice  EU consultation

TTIP public meetings

Thanks to public pressure across the European Union, the European Commission has launched a public consultation on one of the most worrying aspects of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement (TTIP). Although we think this consultation is a piece of theatre rather than a genuine attempt at accountability, it does give us the opportunity to make our voices heard.

WDM is working with War on Want and Unison to put on three meetings to ‘gear things up’ ahead of the day of action on 12 July: • Birmingham: 8 July, 7pm at the Berta Wright Room, Carrs Lane Centre, B4 7SX • Manchester: 9 July, 7pm at the NW UNISON Regional Centre, Arena Point, 1 Hunts Bank, M3 1UN • London: 10 July, 7pm at the Mander Hall, NUT, Hamilton House, WC1H 9BD Contact Hamza at if you would like to organise your own public meeting

The consultation focuses on the so-called Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) – that’s the legal system which allows corporations to sue governments for making decision which they perceive to be detrimental to their profits. It’s a special legal system which exists just for foreign corporations.

Day of action against TTIP: 12 July Stop the corporate power grab

These ‘corporate tribunals’ already exist in many other investment treaties and allow multinational companies to sue countries across the world for doing no more than protecting their people and environment.

WDM is working with other UK campaigners to organise a day of action against TTIP on Saturday 12 July. The date was chosen as it’s near the end of the EU’s consultation on TTIP.

We don’t believe these corporate tribunals serve any purpose except to enhance the power of big business.

We hope a day of action will allow a number of groups concerned about TTIP to come together to express that concern in creative actions across the country. These actions might be focussed on the NHS, on education, on fracking, on GM food, on the power of banks. Some actions could also be focussed on TTIP as a whole. We will then work together to give these activities coherence under a ‘No to TTIP’ slogan.

Unfortunately the EU’s consultation doesn’t ask whether we want these corporate tribunals to be included in TTIP - or whether we want TTIP at all. But we’re going to tell them anyway. WDM will be responding to this consultation and we’re asking group member and supporters to respond too. During May we emailed out guidelines as to how to respond to the consultation. If you would like more information about this, or if you have any questions please contact

This is a great opportunity for your group to link up with other groups working on the issues mentioned above. We are developing a social networking tool which we hope will help groups and individuals across the country link up on a local level, to plan joint actions. We will be emailing groups with more information about this soon. Contact if you are keen to take part, or would like help with coordinating a local action.


Groups  Groups’ news

Bexhill and Hastings WDM held a ‘stop carving up Africa’ stall for the new food campaign at a United Nations Association event. Julia from the group made a really impressive Africa-shaped cake. She used coloured desiccated coconut to mark out the desert and forest areas of the continent, and coloured sugar crystals for the main rivers and water areas. They put the cake on a cake board which had a map of Africa glued to it, so as slices of the cakes were cut, bits of Africa were revealed. South East London WDM campaign at Nunhead Open Day

Members of the Bexhill and Hastings WDM group also went to an event about the United Nations International Year of Family Farming. The group also hosted Sarah Reader at their May meeting.

Derby WDM organised a stall and did some campaigning in the city centre. Merseyside WDM is organising a ‘stop bankrolling coal’ walking tour of banks in July as well as a stall at the Peace and Justice Assembly.

The Watford WDM group held a meeting with Sarah-Jayne Clifton, JDC’s director. Members of the Shropshire WDM group went to the Birmingham agribusiness launch event.

South East London WDM held a stall at Nunhead Open Day. It was a very popular and lively event and went really well for the group. They were able to get 76 cards signed about the New Alliance.

Reading WDM organised a tug of war between ‘corporate power’ and ‘citizens rights’ to highlight the injustices behind the new EU-US trade deal which passers-by joined in with (see front cover photo). Alex Scrivener from the campaigns team visited the Reading group to speak about the new EU-US trade deal.

WDM groups in the East Midlands (Leicester, Derby, Nottingham and Northamptonshire) organised a successful campaigns teach in. Nick Dearden spoke about WDM’s future and trade justice, and Chris Walker introduced the new agribusiness campaign.

Jackie from the Reading WDM group has been in touch with churches via the ‘Churches Together in Reading’ which links up local churches. She sent an email to each church with information about WDM the group’s next meeting. One church got back asking Jackie to write an article about WDM with some pictures for their magazine.

Activists in Edinburgh organised an action outside the Lloyds AGM to tell them to stop bankrolling coal. Over 60 letters have been published in local newspapers about rising energy prices. Many of these have been written by group members.

Chris Walker from the campaigns team visited the Brighton and Hove WDM group to talk to them about the new agribusiness campaign.

Hustings for the European elections Several groups organised successful hustings events ahead of the European elections:

Manchester WDM held a successful stall at a small Fairtrade market. The group also distributed food action cards on the May Day march.

• Nottingham WDM’s event had over 40 people and got a piece in the Nottingham Post about 8

• • •

the EU elections hustings event organised with other local campaign groups. North and East London WDM had 60 people at their event which was organised jointly with the Trade Justice Movement and the Quakers. The Leeds WDM event also went well with about 40 people taking part. South Lakeland WDM organised a great event with South Lakes Action on Climate Change. About 70 people attended and the Westmoreland Gazette reported on the event with a lengthy article. Rotherham WDM had a good event with a good range of questions and an excellent chair.

Rotherham WDM’s hustings event

Hamza set up the Algeria Solidarity Campaign and could talk about a range of issues including: • Algeria’s political and economic situation and the report: Reinforcing Dictatorships: British Gas Grab and Human Rights in Algeria • The events of the ‘Arab Spring’ • Islamic fundamentalism and Western imperialist interventions: how they feed and reinforce each other If you would like to organise a talk with Hamza, contact Hamza

Agribusiness launch events

It was great to see so many group members at the launch events for the new food campaign. About 150 people attended the London event, 70 in Edinburgh and 50 in Birmingham. Many thanks to everyone who helped publicise the events.

2014 Matters debates

Our series of debates on the themes of environmental, social and economic justice in the context of the Scottish independence referendum finished with a packed audience of 120 in Edinburgh. The series of debates attracted more than 500 people in total across Scotland, as well as many more via social media, and gave what we believe was a much needed chance to air and debate some key issues for Scotland’s future. Podcasts were made of three of the events, and a film of one, all of which you can find here:

Who should I cheer for?

We’ve relaunched our Who Should I Cheer For website for the 2014 World Cup. WDM set it up in 2008 with the aim of getting people to think about social justice issues in a more light hearted way. We’ve done a ranking of the 32 World Cup countries using indicators such as the inequalities-adjusted Human Development Index, the percentage of women in parliament and carbon emissions. Blogs are the central part of the website. We’re going to have at least one daily, linked to the countries playing on the day. We would like the blog to be a platform for global social justice issues and an opportunity for diaspora groups to share their concerns and campaigns.If you know anyone who loves football but hates poverty, please encourage them to blog by contacting

Local media over the summer

Is your group organising a TTIP day of action, or a football-themed event to coincide with the world cup, or a fun stall at a local festival? Your local media might be interested – give them a call and tell them your plans. If you would like any advice, contact our media officer Miriam Ross on 07711 875 345 or

Contacting people who take action We thought it would be useful to explain what happens when people sign an action card or take action online and don’t opt out from being contacted by WDM. We have included an insert about this with this issue of Think Global.

Talk by Hamza

Hamza Hamouchene is working at WDM for a year and would be interested in visiting groups. 9

Events  The Spark

investments in fossil fuels. ‘Carbon bubbleblowing’, a quiz, historical re-enactments and chalk drawing on pavements will all feature as part of the two hour trip.

The Spark is going to be a week long event of workshops, talks and skills sessions for social change. When: 16-21 June Where: St Peter’s Community Hall, 56 Warner Place, London, E2 7DA.

The tour costs £5 (£3 concessions) and will start from St Andrew Square on the following dates:

There will be a really wide range of daytime workshops, evening films, music and debates on offer covering issues from film making to young people’s human rights, from the environment to economics. Plus, a full day on Saturday focusing on intersectionality and liberation, and a wrap up party with performances from the week on Saturday night.

• Thursday 26 June 4.30pm – 6.30pm • Saturday 28 June 3pm – 5pm • Tuesday 8 July 4.30pm – 6.30pm • Saturday 12 July 3pm – 5pm • Saturday 19 July 3pm – 5pm To book your place on one of the tours go to: Please note that these tours will be almost identical to last year’s.

Find our more at

TTIP public meetings

The new scramble for Africa?

WDM is working with War on Want and Unison, as well as other unions, to put on three meetings to ‘gear things up’ ahead of the day of action on 12 July:

Local talk and film night in East Renfrewshire When: Thursday 19 June, 7 – 8.30pm Where: The Bank Cafe, Neilston Development Trust, 84 Main Street, Neilston, East Renfrewshire, G78 3EA Come along to find out more about WDM’s new campaign, and for tips and advice on how you can help lobby your local MP. We’re holding this event in the constituency of Jim Murphy MP, who is the shadow secretary of state for international development and an influential Scottish politician on this issue.

• Birmingham: 8 July, 7pm at the Berta Wright Room, Carrs Lane Centre, B4 7SX • Manchester: 9 July, 7pm at the NW UNISON Regional Centre, Arena Point, 1 Hunts Bank, M3 1UN • London: 10 July, 7pm at the Mander Hall, NUT, Hamilton House, WC1H 9BD Contact Hamza at if you would like to organise your own public meeting

The event is free and open to all, but please let us know if you’re thinking of coming along by signing up on eventbrite:

TTIP day of action

Rise up against TTIP: Stop the corporate power grab Join in a national day of action against TTIP. It’s a great opportunity for your group to link up with other groups working on different issues. When: Saturday 12 July Where: Across the UK We are developing a social networking tool which

Scandalous Edinburgh plc

After a sell-out first series in 2013, Edinburgh’s carbon capital walking tour is back! This is a fun, interactive walking tour around Edinburgh’s financial districts, visiting the banks and pension funds targeted in the carbon capital campaign and finding out more about their ‘scandalous’ 10

WDM AGM and groups conference

we hope will help groups and individuals across the country link up on a local level, to plan joint actions. We will be emailing groups with more information about this soon.

When: Saturday 13 September, 10am to 6pm (including AGM) Where: Nottingham Friends Meeting House, 25 Clarendon Street, Nottingham, NG1 5JD

Contact if you are keen to take part, or would like help with co-ordinating a local action.

2015 will be a hugely important year for WDM. The renaming and relaunch proposal which will be put to the AGM could be a real opportunity to push out with our influence and bring lots of new people on board to take action for global justice. Rather than organising a public meeting alongside the AGM, we will be running a groups and activists’ conference. One of the aims of this event is to bring together our most active members to discuss opportunities for taking action in new and exciting ways. We will also have briefings on key issues, skillsharing sessions and a space to discuss the practical implications of the relaunch. We are also pleased to tell you that Lisa Nandy MP (shadow minister for civil society) will be coming to the event to speak about how we can best create political impact.

Attac summer university

When: 19-23 August Where: Paris A few WDM group members and staff will be going to the Attac summer university in Paris. Attac is a global network which campaigns against the power of finance and corporate globalisation. It will be a great opportunity for members of WDM’s network to learn about a great range of issues and meet people campaigning on them across Europe. In order to make it more affordable for group members who want to go, we are offering to pay accommodation and entrance costs. The website is

We are very keen to make this event as accessible as possible to group members all over the country. We will therefore be offering accommodation (at Nottingham university) at a subsidised rate of £15 per night; accommodation is available on both Friday and Saturday nights if necessary. We are also offering travel subsidies (we can cover the cost of your ticket price over £40 as long as you purchase advance off-peak tickets; it is often cheapest to buy single tickets rather than a return). If you are interested in either subsidy please contact Ralph at before the end of July.


Current materials  New food campaign materials • REPORT: Carving up a continent *new* • BRIEFING: A new wave of colonialism • STUNT PACK: Stop the corporate takeover of African food • BOOKLET: Stop the corporate takeover of African food • BRIEFING: Questions and Answers • ACTION CARD: Stop corporations from slicing up Africa

One World Week 2014

One World Week is taking place this year from 19-26 October. A few WDM groups organise events for it. We have included a flyer for it with this issue of Think Global. If you would like more information about it, visit the website or contact

Food sovereignty • BRIEFING: Collective solutions to changing food prices. • BRIEFING: Food sovereignty • BRIEFING: Food sovereignty tricky questions • FILM PACK: Whose food? Our food! Includes discussion guide • DVD: Growing Change plus promotional leaflet • DVD: Seeds of Freedom • DVD: Best Before Carbon Capital • ACTION CARD: Stop bankrolling coal *new* • LEAFLET: Stop bankrolling coal *new* • REPORT: Banking while Borneo Burns • CAMPAIGN BOOKLET: Carbon Capital • LEAFLET: Injustice in Indonesia • LEAFLET: Mapping dirty finance • FILM PACK: Carbon Capital film pack, includes WDM’s film about mining in Indonesia • ACTION PACK: Bringing the extraction back to the banks Trade • BRIEFING: Profiting from people and the planet: How new trade deals threaten democracy, development, public services and the environment • ACTION CARD: Stop the corporate takeover • LEAFLET: Stop the corporate takeover • BOOKLET: ‘Rough Trade’ - a collection of articles on the new trade deals published in Red Pepper • GUIDE: Building a Europe for people not profit - lobbying pack for WDM activists around the European elections General materials • DVD: Making Another World Possible: Talking alternatives at the World Social Forum (made by WDM) • LEAFLET: Join a local group leaflet (can be overprinted with groups’ contact details) • BOOKLET: Fighting the cuts, lessons from around the world

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