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Introduction Hawkeye Area Community Action Program

were showcased recently through twin

(HACAP) is recognized nationally for its

challenges: the 2008 flood and the 2009 Federal

this change, it is not without challenges:

innovative solutions, get-to-work attitude,

Stimulus. While one was a natural disaster and

▪▪ A large number of its employees and

and willingness to step beyond current

one was a response to a global recession, in both

volunteers identify with the specific program

practices while making compliance its

instances HACAP responded immediately with

they are associated with, rather than HACAP

highest priority.

solutions that provided near-immediate results,

as a whole

HACAP traces its beginnings back to the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, as an organization called upon to “give promise of

not only for their targeted clientele, but the overall community. However, the world is changing. Today’s

While HACAP is well equipped to adjust to

▪▪ Many community leaders and influencers perceive HACAP as “the poverty people,” and don’t realize the breadth of the

progress toward the elimination of poverty.” Its

community challenges, economic difficulties and

resulting heritage and leadership can be found

shifting political environment call for HACAP to

in its stewardship and advancement of 17 core

broaden its mandate, moving beyond its

national and local programs including Head Start

historical underpinnings to provide assistance

and WIC throughout its six-county service area.

across the community. Its strengths — in budget,

relations had a simple yet powerful definition of

In 2010, it estimated that it touched one out of

leadership, versatility, and rapid response —

the field: “Good deeds, well told.” Knowing the

every eight people in its service area through at

can be invaluable to the betterment of the

goals of HACAP, and its ability to achieve those

least one of its programs.

community and the state.

goals, it is essential that the organization begins

HACAP is also recognized for its innovation and solution-oriented versatility. Those qualities

organization’s capabilities ▪▪ HACAP’s communications efforts are limited by time and resources One of the fathers of modern public

to well tell its good deeds. And a consistent, resonant brand campaign can be a core part of that initiative.


About the Brand Promise

The HACAP Brand “Brand is what people say once you’ve left the room.” The HACAP brand is not just a logo or tagline

in the Food Reservoir to CEO Jane Drapeaux.

to raise awareness of the organization. It is

A consistent reinforcement of the brand promise

intended to be a consistent and accurate means

and attributes by all individuals working for

of presenting HACAP to all of its audiences,

HACAP can work wonders to create and reinforce

from Head Start students and weatherization

an organizational reputation in a marketing

customers to legislators and community and

message-drenched world.

national leaders. It is a promise or a “trust mark”

This is not to say that every person

for what HACAP represents and what will be

associated with HACAP should speak only in

achieved by all individuals who interact

talking points and bulleted, sanctioned lists. On

with the organization — in short, HACAP’s

the contrary, it is through personal expression

enviable reputation.

that a brand begins to truly take on a life of its

A well-developed and communicated brand

own, whether it is the extraordinary successes

A brand promise is an articulation of what an organization promises to its target audience — something that the audience views as an offer with intrinsic or extrinsic value. Wal-Mart promises low prices. Schwinn promises time-tested quality. Volvo promises safety. A brand promise should rise out of HACAP’s core values — its vision, its mission and the way it conducts business. But unlike the mission and vision, which are focused internally, the brand promise is focused on the external, finding the place where our mission and vision mesh with what our audiences need and desire, and define as ▪▪ Important ▪▪ Distinctive ▪▪ Believable A brand promise forms the core of a brand marketing campaign, providing the backbone around which both marketing strategy and creative concept should be built.

can influence audience preferences, weather

of child benefitting from the PACES program to

About Brand Attributes

crises more easily and instill a spirit of focus and

senior citizens whose livelihood and outlook on

confidence within the organization. A brand

life is fundamentally changed through the Senior

should be widely known and understood by key

Employment Services. Branding can also shine a

audiences: HACAP’s clients, across the breadth of

welcome light on internal discussions, adding the

its programs; HACAP’s employees and volunteers;

element of a consistent and shared reputation to

its current and future community partners; and

strategic planning and decision-making.

At their most basic, brand attributes are the essential words or thoughts we hope our audiences use to describe HACAP even when we’re not in the room. Brand attributes extend and deepen the impact of a brand promise, adding context and value. While each of these attributes speak to different elements of the HACAP experience, it’s important to note their interdependence. An innovative organization is wonderful, but an innovative organization that impacts the community through versatile, impactful solutions is all the better. Brand attributes can and should be used regularly in all communications, from newsletters and annual reports to volunteer orientations and informal conversations with key influencers and community members.

influencers and contributors including legislators, donors and community stakeholders. A brand campaign that successfully

The brand marketing strategies and rationale presented in this document can and should be shared with individuals throughout

reaches this wide range of audiences requires

the organization to ensure consistency of focus

a organization-wide acceptance of the HACAP

and understanding of the role of branding.

brand. Branding should not be considered

The concepts serve to enhance general brand

solely the realm of an in-house professional

awareness and point to the strategic directions

or contracted communications agency, but a

HACAP will make as it moves to reinforce and

responsibility of every individual, from a volunteer

broaden its mandate in the years to come.



Identifying the HACAP Brand Promise This brand promise melds the spirit of the

Externally, the brand promise should strongly

HACAP vision with the results highlighted in the

resonate with HACAP’s three key audiences. For

HACAP mission. The dual meaning of the second

clients, it continues to position HACAP as the

phrase, seeing “inspiring” as both a verb and an

go-to organization for help, building upon the

adjective, positions HACAP not only as an active

HACAP’s dedication to innovatively engage

organization leading the way in

force, but as a model, locally and nationally, that

low-income citizens in advancing from

innovative community solutions.”

other organizations can look to for best practices

dependency to self-sufficiency. For partners,

and new ideas.

it takes HACAP beyond its poverty roots,

HACAP Mission

positioning it as the go-to organization for

“Helping people develop skills

Internally, it reminds every employee and

HACAP Vision “A nationally recognized

volunteer of why they are part of the HACAP

out-of-the box thinking that ultimately achieves

to become successful and build

organization, and clearly points to the outcome

the goals they seek. And for influencers, it’s

strong communities.”

of their efforts. For Head Start teachers, it is

a powerful mix of innovation, results and

the smile of a child and the grateful look of a

inspiration that should challenge influencers to

parent. For Food Reservoir volunteers, it is the

reconsider their outdated perceptions of HACAP.

thank you of a father able to feed his family. For PACES workers, it is the knowledge that their involvement has improved a young child’s education in the years where it counts most. And for weatherization trainees and workers, it’s a reminder of why and how they do the job they do — to make the lives — and in their own small way, the world — a better place.

HACAP Brand Promise

Innovative solutions. Inspiring results.


HACAP Brand Attributes HACAP Brand Promise

Innovative solutions. Inspiring results.

HACAP Elevator Speech The Hawkeye Area Community Action Program is a nationally


▪▪ Community-driven

▪▪ Solution-oriented

Since 1965, HACAP has been driven by the

A key theme in all of HACAP’s programs

needs of the community. The 17 programs

and strategies is the drive for results —

in its portfolio today, while disparate in their

for (and from) its employees and volunteers,

audiences and methods, share this quality:

its clients, its partners, and its mission. This

they are the solution to a need identified in

is an organization that will identify a

the community HACAP serves. Today, even as

challenge on Monday and have a proposed

HACAP seeks to broaden its reach by leading

solution on Friday. One that champions

and partnering with other area organizations

projects that can make a real difference, from

and institutions, it will stay true to this calling —

its embrace of the Weatherization Training

give the community what it needs.

Program to its yeoman’s work on multiple

▪▪ Innovative

fronts in response to the 2008 Flood. Its dedication to that end state helps it respond

recognized organization serving six

All too often, large, established organizations

districts throughout Eastern Iowa,

with strong fiscal responsibilities fall into

helping people develop skills to

middle-aged safety, repeating or only making

become successful and build strong

incremental adjustments to programs that

HACAP’s formidable heritage, structure

communities. Our professional staff,

worked last year and last decade. HACAP in its

and breadth of programs makes it a versatile

along with thousands of volunteers,

47th year, on the other hand, prides itself on

presence and partner in Eastern Iowa.

help low-income citizens advance to

its audacious approach to the world: even

From personnel to capital resources to

self-sufficiency through programs like

as it adheres fiscally, it insists on exploring new

funding, HACAP has the capacity to fill

Head Start, WIC and weatherization.

boundaries and new approaches to existing

multiple roles in many engagements,

We are equally driven to make our

and new challenges alike. From its embrace of

from fiscal oversight to volunteers. Equally

communities stronger by putting

the new programs funded by the Stimulus, to

important, it seeks to be generous and

our versatile organization to work

its 2010 redesign of the Transitional Housing

engaging with its expertise, serving as a leader

tackling today’s complex challenges

project (with remarkable results), HACAP

in new community initiatives from the 2-1-1

with innovative solutions that drive

embraces the pursuit of new ideas as part of

project to the Healthiest State Initiative

inspired results.

its organizational DNA.

Walk and Operation Backpack.

quickly and resolutely to challenges. ▪▪ Versatile


DESIGN ELEMENTS The design elements of rounded corners, bright, bold colors, and a clean, modern look and feel work in conjuction with the updated HACAP logo.

Photography HACAP imagery should be professionally photographed in a photojournalistic style. In most cases clients, volunteers, and employees should appear to be unaware of the camera, and in a working or active scenario. Profile photos and portraits can be camera aware. Photos should be well composed and an emphasis placed on not only subject matter, but also quality of composition.

Typography The primary typeface for HACAP is Frutiger. Frutiger should be used as headline and body copy in marketing publications and most applications. The preferred serif font for use in letter body copy, and in longer documents is Palatino. Both fonts come in a variety of weights and styles. If Frutiger is not available on a computer system, Arial can be substituted, and Times New Roman can be substituted for Palatino.

Frutiger Frutiger Light Frutiger Roman Frutiger Bold


Frutiger Light Italic Frutiger Italic Frutiger Bold Italic

Palatino Palatino Regular Palatino Bold

Palatino Italic Palatino Bold Italic


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Hawkeye Area Community Action Program, Inc.

April 20, 2010 John Doe 1234 Any Street Anytown, IA 00000


David Hagen

Dear John,

CSBG Program Coordinator dhagen@

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Hawkeye Area Community Action Program, Inc 1515 Hawkeye Drive Hiawatha, Iowa 52233

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An Equal Opportunity Agency ▪ A United Way Member Agency



Jane Drapeaux Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Office: 1515 Hawkeye Drive ▪ Hiawatha, Iowa 52233 ph: 319.393.7811 ▪ fax: 319.393.6263 ▪ An Equal Opportunity Agency ▪ A United Way Member Agency



Innovative solutions. Inspiring results.

Innovative solutions. Inspiring results.

Innovative solutions. Inspiring results. Innovative solutions. Inspiring results.

On sleeve of all:

Innovative solutions. Inspiring results.

We are HACAP.

Branded Specialty items

Innovative solutions. Inspiring results.

We are HACAP.

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newsletter Cover To go beyond logos and wordmarks to truly weave the HACAP brand story, it is essential that the organization tell its good deeds in an engaging way that goes beyond press releases and sporadic social media efforts. This newsletter – Infuse – will be that vehicle, highlighting HACAP’s stories and modeling the brand and brand attributes consistently and compellingly.


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Hawkeye Area Community Action Program Brand Book  
Hawkeye Area Community Action Program Brand Book  

Branding program for HACAP, Cedar Rapids, Iowa