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All That You Should Know About The Origin Of A/C Air conditioning is often taken for granted by those located in warmer climates. Exhilarating cold air comes flowing out of a vent or opening by just flipping a switch on a hot day. When you think about our ancestors who did not have access to this kind of luxury, that could make you feel sorry for them. Well, you better reconsider. A long way back in history, a millennia in reality, is when the entire concept of artificial cooling systems dates back to. Surprisingly, the fundamental concept behind it hasn't changed all that much. Egyptian Origins Historians think that the initial artificial cooling system originated in Egypt, some 4000 years ago. Images present in Egyptian art as well as contemporary accounts of everyday life in the civilization by the Nile suggest that reeds were hung in the windows of homes and buildings. Water was allowed to stream down the stems; when the desert breezes blew in, the evaporation of the water not only cooled off the air, it also added a bit of much-needed humidity, making breathing easier. The fundamental operation of today's air conditioning isn't all that different which is really interesting. It's still evaporative action that permits these appliances to do what they do. Contemporary climate cooling relies upon chemistry and electrical energy but that is the only difference. The Dawn of Climate Control In 1902 a 26-year-old engineer named Willis H. Carrier came up with early designs leading to the manufacture of the first modern air refrigeration systems. Carrier's invention not only cooled the air, it could modify the humidity as needed. Over the next several years, Carrier continued to work and refine his designs, and was eventually granted a patent for “An Apparatus for Treating Air� four years later. Despite setbacks over the Great Depression of the 1930s and the Second World War, Carrier's invention continued to be improved and units continued to be produced. An air conditioner became a common appliance in millions of homes during the economic boom of the 1950s. In fact, nowadays, one of the top manufacturers of these systems still bears Willis Carrier's name. How They Work Modern air conditioners and climate control systems, whether for the home, the car or food storage, all operate on the exact same basic principles. Chemicals which can easily switch from liquid to gaseous states is at the heart of the system. It's just like the water the Egyptians used - or the sweat you produce on a scorching, summer day. As that liquid water evaporates and turns into a gas, it carries excess heat from your body into the surrounding air. That's exactly what cools you off. There is a much more to mechanical air conditioning. A compressor, a condenser and an evaporator are the three basic elements of an air conditioner. Coolant, which is the chemical used GSHA Services, LTD

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All That You Should Know About The Origin Of A/C in the system, starts out in the compressor, where its temperature is raised by the pressurization of a cool, low-pressure gas. Then, it goes to the condenser. This is a series of copper tubes, running through a system of small metal fins. Those fins are designed to dissipate the heat of the gas in the copper tubes. By the time it leaves the condenser, the coolant has turned into a highpressure liquid. The coolant's pressure drops as it is forced into the evaporator by way of a narrow opening, causing it to evaporate into a more gaseous state. This allows it to absorb hot air, substituting it for cooler air. A fan then blows this cool air through a system of vents, and ultimately, to the rooms in your home. There is certainly far more to modern air conditioners and how they run, but this gives a basic explanation. But, it is interesting to keep in mind that even after four millennia, it's still about evaporation. You'll get the best products for heating and air conditioning in Chicago at GSHA Services. Additional details on GSHA Services are attainable on the company's web site,

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All That You Should Know About The Origin Of A/C  

You'll get the best products for heating and air conditioning in Chicago at GSHA Services. Additional details on GSHA Services are attainabl...

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