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~Advertising English Dictionary~

Art Director • Jt. // Often referred to as ‘creatives’, are responsible for producing innovative ideas for advertising campaigns in all kinds of media. Audience • n.// Population or target group viewing a television or advertising programme. Bleed • n.// Describes an ad which is larger than the space for which it is intended. It is cut down to fit the media so that its edges go all the way out to the edges of the media. Break Position • Ph.// A broadcast commercial aired between two programs instead of in the middle of one program. Copywriter • n. Jt// A person who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material. Also Creative. Clickstream • Ph.// The path a visitor takes while navigating from site to site or page to page within a web site. Demographics • n. (used with a pl. verb) // Information regarding the size and characteristics of a particular population of people. Such as their age, sex, income, education, size of household, ownership of home, etc. Exclusivity • n. // an agreement whereby a media vehicle agrees to run no advertising directly competitive to the advertiser purchasing the media vehicle or program. Flash • n. // A software plugin that enables browsers to play multimedia animations. Some rich media advertisements require users to have this plugin.

Geotargeting • n. Ph// Showing ads or content based on the physical location a user is accessing the Internet from. House Ads • Ph.// A type of banner advertisement that a web site publisher runs in an ad space when no paying advertisement is available to fill the space. Typically filled with an advertisement promoting one of the web sites services, products or features. Infomercial • Ph.// a long (more than two minutes) commercial providing extensive product/ service description and sales information (more common in the USA).

~Advertising English Dictionary~

Loss Leader • Ph. // A product or service that loses money but due to its low advertised price gets consumers into stores where the advertiser hopes they will purchase other products or services. Magazine Supplement • Ph.// the magazine section of a Sunday newspaper produced either locally or nationally. Makegood • Ph.// comparable unit of advertising offered at no charge when the original spot or ad did not run or ran incorrectly. Net cost • Ph.// advertising rates which do not include advertising agency commission and/or include discounts.

Island Commercial • Ph. // An advertisement that is completely surrounded by editorial material with no adjoining advertisements to compete for the audiences attention.

Niche • n.// That part of the market consisting of those people most likely to be interested in a product or service you are selling. Often refered to as ones target market.

JavaScript • Pr. // JavaScript is a cross-platform, object-based scripting language. It is commonly used on web pages to add interactivity and dynamic content such as banner rotation.

Overlay • n. Ph.// Online advertising content that appears over the top of the webpage content.

JPEG • n. // an image compression standard for still photographs that is commonly used on the web. Exclusivity • n. // A word or phrase entered into a search engine in order to return matching and relevant results. Many web sites offer advertising based on keywords so an advertisers banner will only show when a specific keyword(s) are entered. Lead • n. // Term used to describe a person or company that has expressed interest in an offer.

Portal • n. // A web site that offers so many resources that a visitor has little reason to go to another site for more information. The resources may include a directory of links, games, email, instant messaging etc. Pop up • Ph.// An online advert that ‘pops up’ in a window over the top of a web page. Product Placement • n. Ph.// The prominent display of commercial products in films, TV shows and video games. Essentially a more subtle version of advertising.

Pre-roll • Ph.// The name given to the adverts shown before, or whilst an online video is loading. Average between 10 to 21 seconds in duration. Rich Media • Ph.// A type of advertisement technology that often includes richer graphics, audio or video within the advertisement Interactive videos, games etc. Slogan • n.// A short, memorable advertising phrase that often appears in advertisements. For example the athletic shoe maker Nike’s, “Just Do It”. Stickiness • Ph.// Measure used to gauge the effectiveness of a site in retaining its users. Usually measured by the duration of the visit. Testimonial • n.// A statement, often given by a celebrity or satisfied customer, affirming the value of a product, event or service. Viral marketing • Ph. // Refers to the idea that people will pass on and share compelling and entertaining content; this is often sponsored by a brand, which is looking to build awareness of a product or service. Triple-dub • Ph.// an abbreivated way to say “WWW” when reciting a URL. Video On Demand • Ph. // Allows users to watch what they want, when they want. This can be either ‘pay per view’ or a free service usually funded by advertising. Vehicle • n.// anything capable of exposing advertising to customers.

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A-Z of Advertising  

A-Z of Advertising