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Issue 56 – Summer 2008


Warwick Response Control is 20 years old! “Control Centre” – does it conjure images of buttons, buzzers and high tech’ equipment? Well, you wouldn’t be far wrong! It can be found at the end of a fairly normal road in Lillington, but behind that normal looking front door, it’s all about state of the art equipment and it’s seen more changes in technology over the past 20 years, than most! But do you know what happens in the Control Centre? It monitors and responds to the needs of some 4,000 users across the district, 24 hours a day. Customers are the elderly, vulnerable, people with learning difficulties, the homeless as well as victims of domestic violence. Staff provide support and information to help customers live independently and to stay in their own homes longer, but also give their relatives peace of mind, knowing that help is only a buzzer away. Residents need a telephone land line and plug socket to connect the “lifeline” and can then wear a pendant style alarm button. When pressed an alarm call goes straight through to the control room where staff know instantly who is calling, where they live, medical details, where relatives can be contacted and even where a spare key is kept. All a big change from 20 years ago, when a ticket was printed off and the staff had to spend valuable time searching out information themselves. These days, help can be organised much more quickly and accurately by the response team itself or by liaising with relevant family members or emergency services. Over 20 years, the phone system has become more sophisticated, the technology has progressed, but the staff commitment and loyalty to the job is the same as it ever was – in fact some of the staff have

Left to right: Sheila Field, Heather Brand, Heather Kettyle, Janet Downie, Caroline Cameron, Joan Williams, Jane Robbins, Teresa Sadler, Rachel Rees, Graham McGonigle and Sylvia Heritage.

never left and have worked at the Control Centre for all its 20 years! Others have gone on to become customers, being looked after themselves by the response team they once worked for. And they certainly have a few tales to tell! Of staff coming to work to help with the floods and not going home again for four days; racing up to Tesco in the middle of the night to buy baby milk after a mother had to flee her home in an emergency; and how a stray dog was cared for all night in the centre after it was injured in a domestic incident. There is much to celebrate by the thousands of residents and families whose lives have been transformed by the “goings on” behind the front door of that suburban semi in Lillington!

Lillington Youth unveil their Bench A COMMUNITY bench created by young people from Lillington Youth Centre has just been installed at Crown Way shopping centre. It is the result of their hard work and dedication to the project for two years. The 13 foot bench has been created by young people aged 11 – 19 from Lillington Community Action forum. They were all involved in the project which started as an idea at a public meeting some 2 years ago. They took on the project and followed it through to its completion; consulting

with local residents, attending a neighbourhood watch meeting, holding a public meeting in the library and putting in bids to raise money for the project. Funding and support for the project was received from the Arts Council, Warwickshire County Council’s Community Development Fund and the Youth Opportunities Fund. The bench is aimed to reflect the closeness of the local community, so pictures of local residents were taken and then put onto the bench in cartoon format. Come and have a look!

Enjoying the newly unveiled bench.

HomeChoice is Changing! See inside for further details

Welcome! WE welcome Nicki Hughes, as our new editor of Home News. She works in the Printroom at Warwick District Council, and is responsible for Marketing Nicki Hughes and Advertising. Nicki says, “I’ve really enjoyed writing Home News this time, especially getting out and about and meeting so many new people who’ve helped me with the articles. I know Helen Ashbourne is a hard act to follow, but I hope you’ll let me know what you think!” If you would like to get involved in Home News and join our Tenants Panel, then we would love to hear from you - just get in touch with Fiona Walsh on 456447.

Use your initiative and get funding IF YOU and your neighbours have an idea to improve your neighbourhood, make it safer or more attractive, then you can apply to Housing and Property Services for funding to make it happen. The Environmental Initiatives Fund is a pot of money that can be used to finance a number of local community projects each year. You might be looking to improve lighting or bin stores in your neighbourhood, perhaps you want to landscape a disused area, or put new fencing up. There are so many ways you can improve your local community. However, the fund won’t cover bids for; white goods or soft furnishings, street lighting,traffic calming measures, CCTV cameras or any project that is not on Warwick District Council’s land. What you will need to do is show us that you have your neighbours support. Your project cannot be for your own individual benefit so you will need a minimum of six other tenant or leaseholder households to support your application. You will also need to think through how you will maintain your scheme and whether you will need to raise additional funds to achieve this as we can only pay a one off grant to start a project, not annual running or maintenance costs. Full terms and conditions will be sent out with your application form. Call your Housing Officer on 01926 450000, who will be happy to talk through your ideas with you.

Completed applications must be submitted before Friday 26 September 2008 to be considered for this fund.

All's Well for the Women of Lillington! IF YOU are a woman living in the Lillington area and you have a few hours to spare each week, then why not pay a visit to the Lillington Community Centre? The LINK Well Woman project, a partnership project between Link parent support and Lillington Children’s Centre, is now up and running and has a whole programme of events and workshops. Jayne Sweet, Project Coordinator, has worked tirelessly to co-ordinate the project. A questionnaire went out to find out which pastimes women were interested in trying, then qualified and experienced people were booked to share their skills and lead workshops. A crèche was laid on for the under 4's, and finally Jayne has raised the funding from Warwickshire County Council’s Development Fund! Currently a number of women are practising the joys of home cooking, cooking on a budget, trying out new recipes and then leaving armed with lots of ideas and tips to try out at home. Jayne Sweet says, "The feedback has been fantastic! The women are enjoying learning something new, meeting new people and having a good laugh at the same time!" The Well Woman project continues on Thursday mornings

Left to right: Janet Timperley, Louise Wainwright (Community Food Projects Officer – Action 21), Jayne Sweet (Project Co-ordinator) and Judy Steele (Community Food Projects Officer – Action 21), Abi Tugwood.

throughout the rest of the year, so there's sure to be something you fancy trying out. "Health and Fitness" runs from 17th July to 18th September, with the opportunity to learn SelfDefence, Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga and for the more adventurous belly dancing and Street Dancing! For Christmas, make your own table decorations, small gifts and jewellery in the "Craft and Creativity" workshops. "I know it can be hard to go to a new place and try something different. You needn't worry though, we're a friendly lot here

and the emphasis is on just enjoying yourself", says Jayne, "And what have you got to lose? It's a great opportunity and it's all free!" Whether you're a new Mum, a Grandparent or an Auntie, it really doesn't matter; you just need to be a woman! If you would like to book onto the Well Woman Project or find out more about it, or perhaps you'd like to help out one week? Just give Jayne Sweet a call on 01926 337506 or 07849 712177 – she'll be delighted to hear from you.

Sol has changed to ROK SOL Construction Ltd, the company we use to carry out some of our responsive repair work has been taken over by Rok Group Plc. Gradually over the next few months you will notice new vehicles and work wear as they rename everything with the Rok logo. You will still see the same friendly faces; it’s just the company name that has changed!

Gordon Garland and the new look vehicle.

It’ll never happen to me… FLOODS, fires and electrical faults all spell trouble and can all have a devastating effect on your home and your life. You might lose your kitchen equipment, your sofa, or it could be worse, you could be left with nothing at all. You can’t usually predict a disaster and you never know what’s round the corner, but you can


prepare yourself and your family for the worst by taking out insurance. Do not make the mistake of thinking someone else will do this for you, they won’t! The Council insures your home against disaster, but not your contents – so if you lose everything and haven’t got insurance, you will be left with the financial worry of replacing it all again.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth – the Council’s contents insurance policy starts at as little as 75 pence a week, if you spread the payments out and pay for it weekly, with your rent. It might never happen to you, and we hope it never does, but at least with some insurance you will be better prepared for what might be round the corner.

HomeChoice is Changing The HomeChoice Scheme which has been in place since November 2005 has been reviewed and is changing! The Council’s choice based lettings scheme covers Council and Housing Association rented housing, Shared Ownership and other low cost housing schemes. In a bid to ensure that the Scheme is still meeting the needs of applicants and tenants, the Council has carried out consultation with those on the Housing Register, tenants previously housed through the Scheme and with partner agencies and organisations. The results have been to introduce a number of changes to the Scheme which will ensure it meets revised Government Guidance.

Changes to the Scheme

What Happens Now?

• • • •

1. All existing and any new applicants will need to complete a new HomeChoice Application Form. The new forms request additional information which is why anyone currently on the Housing Register still needs to fill one in.

4 Bands instead of 2 Points will no longer be used Quotas of advertised properties allocated to Bands 1, 2 and 3 Local Connection introduced, to ensure local people are housed first

The number of Bands will increase from 2 to 4. An applicant’s circumstances will be assessed according to their need, allowing them to be placed in the appropriate band, listed below: Band Band Band Band

1 2 3 4

– – – –

Very Urgent housing need Urgent housing need Non-Urgent need No current housing need

Quotas will be introduced to ensure that there is a greater spread of properties across the Bands to give people more choice for bidding. Band 1 – 50% of available properties Band 2 – 30% of available properties Band 3 – 20% of available properties

2. The new application forms will be sent out during July 2008, and need to be returned to the Council in August 2008. The return date and guidance will be provided with the form. If completed forms are not returned on time, your application will be cancelled and you will be unable to bid. 3. The forms will be re-registered during August 2008. Please note there will be no HomeChoice adverts between the 14th and 29th August 2008. The first advert under the new HomeChoice scheme will be on Thursday 4th September 2008. If any new or existing applicant requires guidance or assistance with completing the new forms please contact the Housing Advice Team on 01926 456430, or call into the Council’s Head Office at Riverside House, or your local Warwickshire Direct.

Existing Tenants seeking a transfer because of overcrowding or under occupancy will be placed in Band 2 and with the new quota system will have a 30% share of the properties to bid for.

Bidding Guidelines • Any applicant can bid for a property as long as they match the criteria in the advert. The advert will clearly state which Band will be able to bid for which property. • Band 4 applicants will be able to bid, but will only be considered for properties that have no successful bids from the other 3 Bands. • Properties will continue to be advertised on a fortnightly basis and applicants will still be able to place a maximum of five bids in each bidding cycle. • Applicants will be permitted to bid for properties one bedroom in excess of their need, however, preference will be given to the applicant who has the greatest need for the size of the property. • The changes will also require applicants to demonstrate a local connection for example, whether they are currently residing, working or have a family connection with Warwick district. • Remember, bidding is an expression of interest being placed on a particular property and does not involve money.

For more information contact the Housing Advice Team on 01926 456430 PAGE 3

Warwickshire Against Domestic Abuse DOMESTIC Abuse is a very personal issue and one that is not easy to discuss. You may feel unsure about who to talk to in confidence, how to go about reporting an incident, or what help is available to you and your family. Warwickshire Against Domestic Abuse “talk2someone” campaign has just been launched, with a website and helpline, to help anyone affected by domestic abuse. The website provides a whole host of information including, how to report an incident, what happens when you do report it, what to do if there are children involved and even how to visit the website confidentially. The aim is to help you decide what to do about your own situation. The Domestic Abuse helpline allows you to speak to someone directly and in strict confidence. You give as much or as little information as you want and the operative will listen to what you want to tell them, and give you

the sign posts and support you need. There is no pressure and you can put the phone down at any point and re-think. If domestic abuse affects you or someone you

care about then take the first step and “talk2someone”; the Domestic Abuse Helpline is 0800 408 1552 or log onto

Anti-Social Behaviour WE'VE all heard of it, perhaps some of you have experienced it, or had to report it to the Council. But you might wonder what happens then – does the Council do anything about it? It certainly does! Taking any report of antisocial behaviour extremely seriously, it does everything in its power to prevent the perpetrators from spoiling the environment for others and ensure they face the consequences of their actions, for instance:

endangered his life, but placed those around him in great danger. As a result, he has been evicted from his home. • Another woman's tenancy has been demoted because of the anti-social behaviour and nuisance caused by her family. She now has fewer rights than a secure tenant and will face court action and possible eviction if her conduct does not improve.

• A Lillington resident has been imprisoned for tampering with the electricity supply to his flat. Interfering with the electricity not only

• An Introductory Tenancy has been extended for a man in South Leamington, which means that because of his anti-social behaviour he

Warwickshire Direct moves into Shire Hall FOLLOWING on from the launch of Warwickshire Direct one stop shops in Kenilworth and Whitnash, there's now a brand new Warwickshire Direct at Shire Hall in Warwick. You'll find that all your enquiries can be dealt with under one roof. Team Leader Caroline Watts and her team have a wealth of knowledge about District and County Council services – part of a successful partnership between the two Councils. For housing applicants, you can get all the help you need with Home Choice, whether it's filling out the application form, or bidding on

properties – even help to find out where properties are on a map. If you prefer, you can use the computer facilities to do your own searching and bidding. Housing tenants can also get help with reporting repairs or contacting Housing Officers. And now that the local Post Office has moved into Shire Hall, you can even call in and pay your rent using your All Pay card! Caroline Watts, says; "Many people just don't realise what help and advice is available to them. We do so much more than just log problems! We take ownership and follow it through, to help get a satisfactory solution."

has not been granted secure tenancy and possession proceedings would be quickly activated if he fails to keep to the conditions of his tenancy. No-one should have to endure anti-social behaviour and the message is please don't suffer in silence. If you do need to report any anti-social behaviour your Housing Officers will treat your comments seriously and in confidence. It is usually a small minority in any community that spoil it for others, but the Council is doing all it can to ensure their tenants respect their homes and their neighbours.

Over the counter payments IF YOU usually pay over the counter for your housing rent, council tax or other council bills with your All Pay card, then there are now more places you can pay. As well as being able to pay at Post Offices and shops displaying the Paypoint logo, you can now pay at your local branch of Woolworths in Leamington, Warwick and Kenilworth, or in fact any outlet in the UK displaying the relevant logos. If you pay at the Post Office, you can pay by cash, cheque or credit card. Woolworths accept cash and debit card while other shops with the Paypoint logo currently only accept cash payments. Payments by cash and cheque are free of charge, but payments by credit or debit card may incur a fee, so check with your local outlet. You can also make payments 24 hours a day by: • Calling freephone number 0800 028 3377 • Logging onto

Caroline Watts (Team Leader) with Warwickshire Direct bear and Customer Services Adviser Wendy Burbidge.


There’s so much more at Packmores! THE old shed area has gone, the decorators have finished, the furniture’s installed - all you need to do now is to come along and use this great new facility! Located at the side of Sussex Court, Lyttleton Road, opposite the garages, the Packmores Centre opened in April this year. It’s a meeting room, an office, a training centre, in fact it can be whatever you want it to be, because it’s there for everyone to use. Already Housing Officers visit the Centre on Wednesdays from 11am – 12 noon to help with your housing enquiries. The local Police team also visit on Wednesdays 11am - 12noon to discuss any concerns you might have about your local community. Citizens Advice Bureau run two local debt and benefit sessions, one from 12noon – 2pm on Wednesdays and another from 4pm – 6.30pm on Thursdays. If you would like to find out if you are claiming all that you are entitled to, or have any debt issues, then an experienced advisor can offer free, confidential advice – just turn up to the Centre, no appointments are necessary. There are also plans for the centre to become a collection point for the Credit Union to help you with your savings, but we are looking for volunteers to set this up. You would need to be available for 1 – 2 hours each week and full training and support will be given. If you are interested, please call Linda Price on 0777 6164599. From 24 July and each Thursday throughout the summer holidays, there will be multi-sports available for children in the park, with registration from the centre, just call 456222 for details. Community Development Worker, Linda Price says “you might want to organise some computer training, invite a health visitor to talk to you and

Recipe Challenge

Left to right: Income Recovery Officer Abigail Hay, Police Community Support Officer Rebecca Fenton, Community Development Worker Linda Price and CAB Caseworker Bal Nahal.

your friends, or you might just fancy meeting up somewhere local for coffee and a chat each week - the centre would be a great venue for all of these and I can help you get started.” If you would like to talk about an idea for a regular event at Packmores Centre, or find out more about what is happening each week just call; • Linda on 0777 6164599 or • Kath on 01926 833910.

Recycling – Your hints and tips! IT has been a few months since the new recycling service was introduced and we thought it would be good to share some hints and tips to help you get as much as you can into your recycling boxes and bins and also to make it as simple as possible. • Use your washing up water to clean out tins and bottles. • Try to reuse before you recycle. • Order milk and juice from the milkman – the bottles are reused many times. • Wrap food in newspaper before it goes into your bin. • Cover up or get rid of leftover food as soon as possible, it gives insects less time to land on it. • Keep your green bin in the shade. • Keep your bin lids closed. We’d like to make this a regular feature, so please get in touch if you have any handy hints or tips you’d like to share. Contact the sort-it team with your recycling questions on 01926 456339 or email The phone lines are open Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm and on Saturday from 9am – 1pm.

In the main office seated left to right: Abigail Hay, Bal Naha l and Linda Price

FOOD shopping costs more and more each week and it can be a real challenge to come up with healthy, tasty meals for the family on a tight budget. Not any more! We’ve got two recipes here which are healthy, tasty… and cheap as chips!! Have a go and let us know what you think. Better still, take up our challenge and share your recipes with us – they must be healthy and tasty and you need to include measurements and average costs per serving. You could win a £5 supermarket voucher if its one of the best selected for printing! Send to: Fiona Walsh, Warwick District Council, Riverside House, Milverton Hill, Leamington Spa, CV32 5QE. Happy cooking.

Tuna and Rice salad. Serves two. 1 small tin of tuna (37p) 2 servings of frozen mixed vegetables (20p) Rice (economy white rice) (10p) Dash of vinegar, salt, olive oil and herbs to season (2p) Total cost 70p, so that’s 35p a head!

Chicken Curry

Renting a garage? IF you are renting both your home and a garage from the Council and you get into arrears with the rent on your home - then you could face losing your garage. You might think it seems harsh to lose out on a garage, but think of it this way – which do you need most a garage or your house? If you fall into arrears with your housing rent, a garage is a luxury that you could afford to lose, rather than risk losing your family home. Our new policy is designed to help you pay off your arrears and keep your home secure. With over £660,000 of rent arrears owed to the Council, it is simply a case of finding ways to help people focus on their priorities at a time when their finances are stretched. If you are experiencing difficulties with paying your rent, don’t bury your head in the sand - please contact the Income Recovery Team on 450000 to discuss your situation.

1 value large piece of frozen chicken (35p) Tablespoon Balti paste (15p) Tin value chopped tomatoes (12p) Tin value beans (12p) Tin value kidney beans (13p) Handful value frozen sweetcorn (8p) Handful value frozen peas (5p) Defrost chicken and cook for about 30 minutes. Strip all chicken off the bone, slice and put in the saucepan, add curry paste so chicken turns the colour of the paste. Add tin of tomatoes, beans and drain kidney beans before adding. Add the frozen peas and sweetcorn and simmer and leave for 5 -10 minutes. The balti paste makes it quite hot, but you can get others (korma, vindaloo, tikka masala etc), they are £1.40 a jar but there are about 6-9 servings a jar, so very cheap. This curry will serve 5-6 good portions serve with rice or jacket potatoes. Cost for 5-6 portions £1.00 plus potatoes or rice, so about 30p a head!! Filling and very easy, of course you could cook up a massive batch and freeze!!

If you smell gas….. Make sure you:

1. 2.

Turn off your gas supply Open the windows

3. 4. 5.

Don’t switch any lights or electrical appliances on or off Don’t use naked flames, such as matches or cigarettes Call National Grid on 0800 111 999 immediately!

Cut this out and keep it in a safe place – just in case!


Council Housing Estates Supervisors Christine Ledger Square – Eileen Bromwich Fallow Hill – John Lamb Kennedy/St Paul's Square – Andy Smith New Brook Street – Roy Mingaye Radcliffe Gardens – Ernie Oliver Stamford Gardens – Ant Collins

07866 609 655 07866 609 674 07866 609 657 07866 609 654 07866 609 675 07866 609 656

Disabled Adaptations

(01926) 456 435

Garages Applying for a garage – Mrs Darlison/Mrs Leech Garage Repairs


(01926) 456 424/5 (01926) 456 456

(01926) 456 427/428/429/359

Home News Fiona Walsh

(01926) 456 447

Housing Complaints, Comments, Compliments Fiona Walsh

(01926) 456 447

Leaseholder Enquiries

(01926) 456 421

Refuse & Recycling

(01926) 456 339

Rents Problems with paying your home rent Guy Greenland/Mike Tierney/Abigail Hay (01926) 456 438/457/239 Problems with paying your garage rent Yusaf Ramzan Rent Direct Debit Jo Whitby Rent Allpay Cards Satnam Sangha

(01926) 456 408

Tenant Involvement (Area Panels & Residents Groups)

(01926) 456 445

(01926) 456 435 (01926) 456 409

Tenants’ Contents Insurance Scheme Satnam Sangha

(01926) 456 408/409

Warwick Response (Lifeline Service) 24 hour number Supporting People Services Manager Joan Hicks

(01926) 339 577 (01926) 456 405

If you prefer to write, our address is: Housing Warwick District Council, P.O. Box 2175 Riverside House, Milverton Hill Royal Leamington Spa, CV32 5QE



COMPETITION Win a £40 Tesco voucher with four £5 runners up vouchers. No alternatives to published prizes are available. One word from the word bank is not in the puzzle. If you can find it, complete the form below and post it to us. In the event of a tie, first out of the hat wins. Send your entries to: Fiona Walsh, Housing Services, PO Box 2175, Warwick District Council, Riverside House, Milverton Hill, Royal Leamington Spa, CV32 5QE to arrive 1st August 2008.

Name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .............................. .............................. .............................. Tel: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The missing word is: ..............................

Wordsearch L Q Z P Q W G L I N A C B V A X L X C J Q L S U O A S O I T



















Competition Winner “I was delighted to win, it really made my day!” said Mrs Bevan of Kenilworth; winner of our Spring issue Word Search and recipient of £40 worth of Asda vouchers. Having already decided that her old microwave was just not good

enough for heating her new granddaughter’s milk, she wasted no time in using her vouchers and treating herself to a new one! Why not enter our Word Search this issue? It just might be you who wins!

If you prefer to email: Housing Register & Homelessnesss Repairs Queries – not for reporting repairs Reporting Repairs Housing Officers & Estate Management Rent Arrears Team Lettings & Moving Home Housing Complaints

Need information? Want to request a service? Need to report a problem?

Opening hours of the Customer Service Centre Monday to Thursday 8am - 7pm, Friday 8am - 6pm, Saturday 9am - 1pm

Housing Benefit

(01926) 456 837

Housing Management Your Tenancy and your estate

(01926) 456 437

Moving Home Applying For a Transfer HomeChoice (Bidding for advertised properties)

(01926) 456 430 (01926) 456 430

Repairs Reporting Repairs The Repairs Hotline – to report repairs during office hours Emergency Repairs – outside office hours

(01926) 456 456 (01926) 456 456

Housing Advice Applying to join the Housing Register

(01926) 456 430

For general information about your housing service and Home News highlights, visit our website at

Where possible, information can be made available in other formats, including large print, cassette tape, CD and other languages if required. To obtain one of these alternatives, please contact 01926 456 338.


Gardening Guidelines Continuing our series by tenant and Home News Editorial Panel member Helen Scott Writing this in my garden, on a warm sunny day, with so much beauty before me, I am finding it easy to forget the weather that has gone before. I suggest we grab the moment and allow ourselves to enjoy the peace and tranquillity that surrounds us. Nature of necessity is resilient, all is not lost, my many clematis have revelled in the wet and coped with the wind, and are not disappointing me. The smallest garden can usually find room for climbing plants, of which there are many. Do try the Mid-bluemorning-glory {Impomea} it may not flower profusely if we have much rain, but I will be happy with only a sprinkling of these breathtaking blooms. Try and really look at the so many

different flowers around you, in their different guises, you will find much to marvel at, which will help us to cope in these difficult times. A simple joy but it works for me. “Alchemilla Mollis” is a herbaceous plant I grow for the delight I get from the raindrops settling like little jewels on the lime green foliage and flowers.

Are you satisfied? OUR apologies for not sending our Repair Satisfaction Cards recently. Due to a glitch in our new computer system, we have been unable to generate the cards. This has also prevented us from holding our usual £100 prize draw for your returned cards. You will be pleased to hear that the cards

will shortly be sent out again as normal and you will have the chance to enter not one, but TWO £100 Prize Draws. Winners will be announced in the next edition of Home News! To be in with a chance of winning, don’t forget to send your repair satisfaction cards to us.

Published by Housing, Warwick District Council (WDC), Riverside House, Milverton Hill, Royal Leamington Spa CV32 5QE. Tel: 01926 450000. Designed and printed by The Printroom, WDC - 01926 456108. Managing Editor (WDC) Fiona Walsh (01926 456447). Editor Nicki Hughes, The Printroom (01926 456119).

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