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Two Excellence awards put us head and shoulders above the rest! Oakley Wood preserved for the future

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Council tax 2008/9 How your money is spent

Recycling & Refuse Collection Services

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The Corporate Strategy plans for the year ahead

New Customer Service Centre for Warwick

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Althorpe Street Regeneration Scheme

Looking ahead – Warwick District in 2026

*All numbers 01926 prefix. Alternatively call the switchboard on 01926 450000 Our Customer Service Centre is open Monday to Thursday 8.00am - 7.00pm Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm and Saturday 9.00am - 1.00pm

Mystery caller survey During November last year we commissioned a series of independent mystery shopper phone calls to the Council. The results were excellent:-

• 91% of calls were rated as either ‘good’ or ‘excellent’

• 74% answered within twenty seconds • Staff answering the calls were rated as “friendly, professional and courteous” • Most calls were answered fully by the Customer Service Centre team • All advisors demonstrated excellent listening skills Overall, the Customer Service Centre achieved a satisfaction rating of 94%, against a local authority average of 86%.

Welcome to the Spring edition of Warwick District Council’s magazine for local residents. This edition includes a big feature on the new waste and recycling scheme. It spells out exactly what we need to do to help reduce, reuse and recycle! We also take a look at the Council's action plan for the next financial year, the new customer service centre in Warwick and a special Faith Trail on 5th April. We’re always keen to hear your views on the magazine. You can email or write to us at, Focus Magazine, Warwick District Council, Riverside House, Milverton Hill, Leamington Spa, CV32 5HZ Front cover photographs, Dr. David Bellamy and Oakley Woods taken by Helen Ashbourne

Oakley Wood saved! The Council is proud to announce that one hundred and sixteen acres of ancient woodland, with an Iron Age fort, has been preserved for future generations to enjoy. Oakley Wood, located just off M40 Junction 13, forms part of the Crematoria Service HQ, already located in this peaceful part of Warwickshire. When the woodland came up for sale last year we looked to our savings to see if it could be purchased, on a sustainable basis, for current and future generations to enjoy. Last month the sale finally went through. The woodland suffered from deforestation in the post war years, when all the mature oak trees were taken out and replaced with ever greens. The new woodland management plan will seek to selectively thin available timber. This will be partly sold to offset the purchase price, but also used as bio-mass for heating the crematoria site, saving some two thirds of the heating bills. The Council will be working closely with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and the Forestry Commission to ensure compliance with all the necessary safeguards and adopting best practice. The aim is to return the area to a quality broadleaved woodland over the next twenty years as part of a sustainable Management Plan.

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We ask one thing of visitors, particularly those with dogs, take only photographs and leave only footprints!

Once you’re in Looking Local, just navigate to the Midlands area and find Warwick DC’s pages Page 01

Council tax 2008/9 how your money is spent Each year Councillors agree how our annual budget of around £13.5m will be spent. The majority of this money, around 60%, comes directly from the government in the form of a grant, together with refunded Business Rates. The amount of grant we receive has been reducing each year, but we have maintained our Council tax increases at below 5%, or an increase of around £6 per household a year! Our Band D (average) Council tax is just £138.03, the lowest in Warwickshire based on the 200708 council tax! We are also the 63rd lowest charging district council in England, out of 238 Councils. If charges for Town and Parish Council’s are included we do even better, ranking 33rd lowest.

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5% 5%


18% 28%

Our Council tax is almost 20% below the national average! Environmental Services Planning and Development Services Highways, Roads and Transport Services Housing Central Services Cultural and Related Services

On average, our services cost you just under 33p per day Some of the services we provide Four leisure centres Planning services Committee management Legal services Electoral registration Waste management Recycling Licensing Land charges Council Tax bill Food safety composition 1% Town & parish Pollution control CCTV Award winning parks and gardens Royal Pump Rooms and Spa Centre 10% Warwick Fraud investigation District Car parking Council Oakley Wood Crematorium Emergency Planning 77% Economic Development Warwickshire Tourism County Council Customer Contact Centre Communications Community Safety Policy & Performance Top rated website Housing Benefits

12% Police

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Recycling & Refuse Collection Services New Services from 31st March 2008 Starting from 31st March 2008 we will be collecting your waste differently. One week we will collect your recycling from the red box and your garden and food waste from the green bin, and the following week we will collect your non-recyclable waste from the grey bin. Your new collections will be on the same day of the week. A collection calendar will be arriving in the post soon.

Non-recyclable waste - Grey bin By using your red recycling box and green bin, you will greatly reduce the amount of waste you put in your grey refuse bin for disposal.

PLEASE NO TE Do not use th e grey bin until the new service starts !

From April 2008 onwards the waste from your grey bin will be collected every other week. When you put your grey bin out for collection the lid must shut firmly. We will only collect waste contained within the Council issued grey bin and will not take away any additional waste left anywhere around or on top of the bin. Non-recyclable waste can be put into bags before going into the grey bin. Garden waste must not be put into the grey bin. Please do not put hazardous waste, rubble, stone, or soil, liquids including paint and oil, heavy metal items, tyres, gas canisters or DIY materials into the grey bin.

Garden & food waste - Green Bin

 yes please          

Grass cuttings Weeds Leaves & Bark Plants & Cut flowers Hedge Clippings & Prunings Twigs & Small Meat & Fish - raw & cooked including bones All dairy products Processed foods Raw & cooked vegetables & fruit


branches (no wider than your wrist) Animal Bedding from herbivore pets (e.g. rabbits, guinea pigs etc.)


Bread, cakes & pastries Rice, pasta & beans Uneaten food from your plates & dishes Tea & coffee grounds


no thanks

Soil or turf Slabs, stones or bricks Plastic bags of any sort, even if biodegradable or compostable Plastics Ceramics Metals Oil or liquid fat Food packaging of any kind

We will only collect garden and food waste contained within the Council issued green bin with the lid firmly shut and will not take any additional waste left anywhere around or on top of the bin. The waste from your green bin will be going to an in-vessel composting facility that can safely compost food. Page 04


Plant pots General rubbish Garden tools & fixtures (e.g. fence panels) Cat and dog faeces Nappies Plastic bags of any sort, even if biodegradable or compostable


Wrap food wa ste in paper to redu ce moisture & ke ep the green bin cle an.

Recycling - Red Box

 yes please   



Telephone Directories Please remove any plastic wrapping


Wallpaper Wrapping paper Books Metal or plastic bindings


Please rinse No lids, corks or caps



Labels can be left on

Broken glass Drinking/wine glasses Pyrex


Crisp packets or similar (these are metalised plastic which are not suitable)

Newspapers & magazines Junk Mail Catalogues & Brochures

Glass bottles Glass jars

All metal cans & tins Household aerosol cans Aluminium foil including foil containers Clothes & paired shoes (even if damaged)

no thanks



Please rinse


Scrunch your foil into balls


Please put in a plastic bag to keep them clean & dry


Please tie shoes together

x x x x x x x x  


Window & mirror glass Lightbulbs Spectacles

Paint, varnish or similar cans Gas canisters Other metal items

Any other textiles (e.g. curtains, blankets, duvets etc.)



Household batteries Car batteries


Put your batteries into a clear plastic bag & leave them on top of your box


Use rechargable batteries

Please sepa rate your materials in the box where possib le so we can sort safe ly

Engine oil


Please present oil in a sealed container

Any other type of oil (e.g. cooking oil)


Cereal boxes Toilet roll/kitchen roll inserts Food packaging Brown corrugated boxes

Greetings cards


Don’t worry about staples, but remove any tape

Cardboard with food on it Foil lined food or drink cartons (e.g. tetrapak, juice and milk cartons)


& soap

Margarine, ice cream tubs or yoghurt pots Plastic bags Plastic trays Polystyrene Plastic packaging



Drinks bottles Cosmetic bottles e.g. shampoo & shower gel Household product bottles e.g. bleach

Sort It Team


No lids or caps


Please rinse & squash

01926 456 339


Polystyrene Plastic film or shrink-wrap Plastic or metal banding

Any other plastic Page 05

Recycling & Refuse your questions answered Can’t fit it all in the box? If you can't fit everything in your red box we can provide you with a second red box and/or reusable red bag for your plastic bottles, card and cardboard. You can put out as much recycling as you have for collection. If you are still struggling for space then any extra materials can be put into plastic carrier bags (not black refuse sacks) next to the red box and bag. Please note that the Council will not be held responsible for the loss of any non-Council containers or bags that are put out for emptying.

What is a food caddy? We can provide you with a food caddy (whilst stocks last) to collect your food waste in the kitchen. Once the caddy is full, empty the contents into your green bin. The food waste can go into the green bin loose or wrapped in paper. Please contact the Sort It Team to request a food caddy.

Composting raw and cooked food waste Approximately 40% of the waste in an average household bin in Warwick District is food waste, most of which could have been eaten – it’s not just peelings, cores and bones. Rather than harmlessly decomposing as many people think, rotting food in landfill actually releases methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. From April, you will be able to put all of your raw and cooked food waste in your green bin along with your green garden waste. Food waste can be wrapped in paper or put into the green bin loose. The waste from your green bin will go to an in-vessel composting facility that can safely compost food. At this facility the garden and food waste is shredded, water is added and it’s all mixed together. It is then put into a bay where special equipment monitors the temperature and moisture to ensure the compost reaches 70˚C for 4 consecutive days. If the temperature drops more air is forced into the compost. At this point the food waste has been safely composted. The compost is formed into large heaps outside and allowed to mature for 6 – 10 weeks.

What is a plastic bottle? If it’s bottle shaped, plastic and contained a liquid we can recycle it! Here are a few examples: Milk bottles Squash bottles Fizzy pop bottles Water bottles Shower gel bottles Page 06

Shampoo bottles Bleach bottles Sauce bottles Yogurt/milkshake drinks bottles Fabric conditioner bottles ....and more

Please ensure your box(es) and bins are out at the kerbside for collection by 7.00am and returned at the end of the day.

A Sort It Roadshow will be near you: Kenilworth Sainsbury’s Warwick Road, Kenilworth Wednesday 26th March 11am - 3pm

Come along and find out more from the Sort It Team

Leamington Spa ASDA, Chesterton Drive, Sydenham, Leamington Spa Saturday 29th March 11am - 3pm Somerfield Clemens Street, Leamington Spa Thursday 3rd April 11am - 3pm

If you have any queries contact the Sort It Team

01926 456339

What happens to your old dustbin? Re-use it! You can easily turn it into a compost bin, water butt, storage drum, planter, etc. Cleaned and sterilised, you can also use it to make beer and wine! If you have a metal bin why not take it to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre for recycling. Alternatively, the refuse crew will take away your unwanted bin. Just leave a note on your bin saying ‘unwanted - please remove’ before the new services start on 31st March 2008 and the refuse crew will take it away with your rubbish.

Stop junk mail Have your name removed from mailing lists. Write to the Mailing Preference Service, DMA House, 70 Margaret Street, London W1W 8SS or visit

Cotton on … to Cotton Nappies “8 million disposable nappies are sent to landfill every day in the UK” Why not switch to cotton nappies? They’re easy to use and wash, can save you money and help to reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill. By the time your baby is potty trained you could have used 6,000 disposable nappies and spent as much as £700. By comparison you only need 25-30 real nappies costing as little as £185 including the washing! Warwickshire County Council even offers you £25 cash back when you spend over £50 on cotton nappies. Details available or tel: 01926 412458

Page 07

Building an excellent future Our plans and priorities for the next few years Assessed by the Audit Commission as “excellent” in 2004, we have continued to move forward. In April last year we achieved the Investors In Council Chairman & Leader Excellence with former England Rugby Standard in Captain Martin Johnson recognition of our work to streamline our systems and manage our performance.

The Corporate Strategy (2007-2011) What is it? • Top level document detailing the agreed improvements Councillors have set as priorities to achieve before the next District elections in May 2011. • Based on consultation with our citizens panel, feedback from customers and assessments. • Agreed with councillors, council officers, partners and stakeholders. What does it contain? • 7 key areas to focus on with a different councillor (Portfolio Holder) responsible for each. • Each area has a long term objective, a small number of key priorities and clear performance measures from which progress can be monitored and managed. These are: Corporate & Strategic Leadership - Clear and effective Leadership and Management

We were, therefore, delighted to win both the Midlands Excellence Public Sector Award and Corporate Social Responsibility Awards at the regional awards ceremony earlier this year. This award is open to both private and public sector. Our final score was higher than anything the private sector have achieved!

Housing - Efficient management of our housing stock and the provision of more affordable housing

But we’re not stopping here. We are committed to continuous improvement and aiming to be World Class by 2012!

Environment - Clean and sustainable environment

All Councils are facing challenging times ahead. Tough decisions on spending priorities have to be balanced with excellent service, quality and good value for money. Our ambitious plans aim to concentrate on the most important areas for the people who live in and visit the district. We have put these plans into our new Corporate Strategy (2007-2011). Page 08

Culture - Participation and attendance in sporting and cultural events

Development - Thriving town centres and pleasant villages Community - Safe and vibrant communities Customer & Business Improvement - Efficient customer focused services

Our aims and objectives for 2008/09 Portfolio Holder Statements What are they? • A way to break down the long term plans of the Corporate Strategy into annual actions • Help us to stay focused on what is most important each year. • Prepared annually by each portfolio holder. What do they contain? • The Objectives, priorities and targets from the Corporate Strategy relevant to each portfolio. • Details of the council services they include / cover. • Key projects and actions which will be worked on in the coming 12 months.

• Community Focused initiatives to tackle anti-social behaviour. Support and promote rural engagement through the Rural Excellence Initiative. • Customer & Business Improvement Increase the number of multi-agency one stop shops. • Make our services easier to access and more user friendly.

Main Aims for this year:• Corporate & Strategic Leadership Thorough evaluation of how resources are used and aligned to priorities. Consultation with customers, partner organisations & stakeholders. • Housing Focus on reducing rent arrears and empty properties. Support for the provision of more affordable new homes. • Culture Sports events and activities specifically targeting the under 18s and over 50s. Cultural events attracting all parts of the community. • Environment Education and awareness raising to support the new waste collection arrangements. Improving energy efficiency of council facilities and properties. • Development Work with our local Colleges and Universities to ensure skills development helps attract inward investment. Promote planning guidance to encourage sustainable and renewable energy use.

Want to know more? • Next month both the Corporate Strategy and the Portfolio Holder statements can be found online at • Contact our Policy & Performance team on 01926 456065 to talk about our ambitious plans for the future or email

Page 09

Almost six months on, and District drivers are used to the pay and display system for on-street parking.

It • • •

has brought many benefits, including:Eased traffic flows Easier to find a parking place to shop Residential areas not clogged up with commuter parking

From 31st March the current government legislation that underpins the scheme will be replaced by the Traffic Management Act 2004. The emphasis of the new scheme is on transparency and clear information for road users. It also provides a set of guidelines with a fairer and firmer approach. Lower Penalty Charges The good news is that for most parking contraventions, the charge will reduce from £60 to £50. This is discounted by 50% if paid within 14 days. This covers things like not clearly displaying or over staying the time on your pay and display ticket. However, for a small number of more serious contraventions such as parking on double yellow lines or in a Disabled person’s parking space without authorisation, the charge increases from £60 to £70. Again this is discounted by 50% if paid within 14 days. In essence, parking inconsiderately will result in the higher charge being applied. The new legislation will also give the Council powers to issue penalty charges to vehicles parked on marked zig-zag areas at pedestrian crossings.

Page 10

Appeals No one likes getting a ticket. Our Civil Enforcement Officers, as the new Act calls them, have limited discretion. However, if you believe that the penalty charge notice should not have been issued there is an appeals process to help. Either use the online system at our website ( or write us a letter. Our Parking Team considers each case on an individual basis and if there are grounds found for cancelling a penalty charge, we will. If the Parking Team rejects the representation the owner of the vehicle also has the right of appeal to an independent adjudicator. See for further details. Open and honest As part of the new scheme we will publish an annual report, including details of penalty charges, appeals and future developments for the service.

Warwickshire Direct Bringing services closer to you! Where can you go to see someone about Council services? The answer is at a Warwickshire Direct near you. There are now two Warwickshire Directs open; Warwickshire Direct – Kenilworth opened in October 2005 and Warwickshire Direct – Whitnash opened in December 2007. People in Warwick will also be able to take advantage of joined up services when a brand new ‘Warwickshire Direct’ centre opens in the former reception area of Shire Hall in April. Warwick Connection will move from Warwick Library to be part of this new facility.

An artists impression of the new Warwick Centre

Whitnash residents also benefit with the Town Council and Police Safer Neighbourhood Team being located in Warwickshire Direct – Whitnash. Which services are available through Warwickshire Direct? • Apply to go on the Electoral Register • Register for Council Tax • Claim Housing and Council Tax Benefit • Register for Home Choice • Apply for a Bus Pass or a Disabled Parking Badge • Find out about planning applications • Report environmental health issues, faulty street lighting, abandoned vehicles and problems on the highway. • Arrange collection of large or bulky unwanted household items. And more... Additionally there are surgeries and regular events which take place at each Warwickshire Direct: simply visit for more information. If you have any suggestions for improving our service to you or any additional services you would like to see on offer at Warwickshire Direct please either; Email - or Text – ‘COMMENT’ followed by your feedback to 07781 481302

Warwickshire Direct – Kenilworth Monday

9.00am – 7.00pm


9.00am – 5.30pm


10.30am – 5.30pm


9.00am – 7.00pm


9.00am – 5.30pm


9.00am – 4.00pm

Warwickshire Direct – Whitnash Monday

9.30am – 5.30pm


9.30am – 7.00pm


10.30am – 5.30pm


9.30am – 7.00pm


9.30am – 5.30pm


9.30am – 12.30pm

Page 11

Althorpe Street Regeneration Scheme Regeneration in Leamington Spa continues apace, developing much needed business premises in the historic cultural quarter of Old Town. The project also brings over ÂŁ2million worth of investment in the form of funding from Advantage West Midlands. It all adds up to a huge new push to make the area a centre for culture, innovation and enterprise.

Althorpe Innovation and Enterprise Centre Last month saw the demolition of an old eyesore - the disused BT depot on Althorpe Street, pictured above. In its place, a brand new facility is being constructed, providing office facilities for new hi-tech and creative industries. The Enterprise Centre will offer a wide range of fully furnished office accommodation ranging from single office units to a business “start-up� unit - with desk space available on an hourly basis. The vision for the Centre is to provide new businesses with all the help they need, especially in the early stages. Building continues over the Summer with completion estimated for December this year.

Page 12

Enterprise in the Community Brunswick Healthy Living Centre Over 2,000 people visit the Brunswick Healthy Living Centre in Shrubland Street every month. Now, as a result of a partnership between the Council and the Healthy Living Centre, local people will be able to get business advice and facilities right on their doorstep at a purpose-built “Enterprise Hub”. The creation of the Hub will involve building a small extension to provide workspace, interview rooms, training and IT facilities, all of which will be available to help people get their business idea off the ground, assisted along the way by a Community Enterprise Officer. The Healthy Living Centre, which is independently owned, will close temporarily as it is being refurbished and extended. Arrangements for the closure and re-opening of the Healthy Living Centre later this year will be well publicised nearer the time. Centre Manager Tracey Neumann, can be contacted on 01926 422123.

Court Street Creative Arches Many of Leamington’s Victorian railway arches, pictured right, are derelict or under used. However, they offer great potential as workspaces. We have obtained funding from Advantage West Midlands enabling us to refurbish thirteen arches, leased from Network Rail, between Clemens Street and Court Street. These are currently being transformed to make them suitable for a wide range of creative uses. The refurbished highspec arches will appeal to creative businesses such as artisan workshops and people in the music recording industry. Potential tenants are invited to speak to the Project Manager about adapting individual arches for specific use. Availability is anticipated late Summer 2008.

For further information about any of these projects please contact Ray Smith, Manager, Business Development. Telephone 01926 833908, or email

Page 13

New travel pass for the over 60’s From 1st April everybody aged 60 and over will be entitled to travel free on local buses anywhere in England! The new pass will give people the freedom to travel regularly on the bus without having to worry about cost. This should also offer drivers a real incentive to leave the car at home for a variety of trips both local and further afield. Local residents who already hold a Warwick District Council bus pass do not need to do anything; a new style pass will automatically be issued prior to April 2008. Further details are available via the Council website at:- or phone 01926 456826

Direct Debit Scheme Help us to help local charities... Start paying your Council Tax by Direct Debit before 14th May 2008 and we'll donate £3 to the Chairman of Warwick District Council's chosen charities - the Acorns Children's Hospice and the Warwick Hospital Cancer Ward Appeal And don't forget, paying by Direct Debit also benefits you, the Council Tax payer • • • •

It's flexible It saves time It's safe It's convenient

sign up at or call us on 01926 456066 So why delay, sign up today!

Faiths Trail Visit to local Faith Centres A special family event will take place, on Saturday 5 April, when people from different faiths, including Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Catholic, Buddhist, Pagan and Quakers will participate in a Multi Faith Trail around Leamington Spa. To assist in achieving one of it’s aims of raising awareness, understanding and learning about different faiths in the area, the Warwick District Faiths Forum has arranged and organised a follow up to

the Faiths Trail which took place last year. This day will enable people from different faiths to walk, talk and learn about each other and different faiths.

*The Faiths Trail Programme will be as follows: St Mary’s Church


Radford Road Church

– 09.45

10.00 – 10.30

A minibus will be available to Sri Krishna Hindu 10.45 – 11.30 Temple assist people with disabilities with travelling to the various St Peter’s Church 12.00 – 12.45 faith centres and helpers will be available to assist those Leamington and with needs. A coach will take Warwick 13.00 – 14.00 people from St Peter’s Church Sikh Gurdwara at 12.45 to the Leamington and Warwick Sikh Gurdwara. * (including ‘langar’ – vegetarian lunch)

Further information from Jatinder Birdi Tel: 07891 610465 or email: Page 14

Looking ahead – Warwick District in 2026 In the last issue we asked you what you wanted Warwick District to be like in 2026. This is all part of our work on our Core Strategy; the new Plan that will set a framework of planning policies for the district to 2026 and decide where new development should go.

• 92% of respondents saw energy efficient buildings as important or very important in tackling climate change. 80% of people wanted to see facilities for generating renewable energy incorporated into new development.

These are some of the things you said: • Your three top priorities:i) To meet the housing needs of the whole community, including providing adequate affordable housing ii) To protect and enhance green spaces and the natural environment iii) To protect and make best use of land

All the results and more from our public consultation can be found on our website.

• 55% of people felt it would be acceptable to allocate some green field land on the edge of towns for development to meet growing needs. • When asked what facilities would most benefit our town centres, car parking scored highest in Leamington and Warwick, but in Kenilworth the top priorities were more indoor leisure facilities, shops, offices and employment opportunities. • The loss of local shops and services was considered the most important issue facing rural areas. • 63% of respondents thought that the density of new housing should recognise and reflect local character. Only 6% said we should be supporting high density development.

What happens now? We now need to think about where the new development will go in response to the issues we have identified. We hope to be consulting on these in April and May when you can make your views known. How can I find out more? On our website

You will be able to read more information about your options at

At local libraries

Copies of the options paper and questionnaire will be available at all local libraries and other local venues. See press for details.

By Call us on 01926 456505 to send you telephone a copy of the options Paper, or if you have any questions.

Page 15

Your entertainment news and listings for Warwick District

Royal Spa Centre Events for Spring 08

Get creative at Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum

Witches Bogey Tues 1st April

Forces Sweethearts Sun 9th March

Off The Wall Thu 13th March

Essence of Ireland Fri 14th March

Nick Ross Orchestra Sat 15th March

Beyond the Void Sun 16th March

Dave Spikey Wed 19th March

Swan Lake Sun 23rd March

Develop your artistic talents at Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum this spring with our exciting programme of arty activities for families. On Thursday 20 March, 2 - 4pm, take part in our Easter Art Club and experiment with marbling to decorate eggs with colour and crazy patterns. Art Clubs take place every school holiday and offer families the chance to experiment with all kinds of materials and techniques in a creative environment. Everyone has great fun and the artwork can be taken home. We are also introducing new creative sessions using our mobile Art Cart. Art Cart Family Fun will take place on the last Saturday of every month from 2 - 4pm, starting on Saturday 26 April. Surrounded by exhibits in the gallery, the Art Cart contains exciting art materials and objects to enthuse and inspire children about art and history.

Royal Spa Centre, Box Office: 01926 334418

During the sessions families can get crafty and create artwork with the help of our friendly Gallery Assistants. There will be a different activity every month and children can take their artwork home with them. Art Club workshops and Art Cart Family Fun sessions are free there is no need to book, just turn up and join in the fun! Both are recommended for children up to 12 years who must be accompanied by an adult. For further information visit umprooms, or call Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum on 01926 742700. Opening times are: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 10.30am – 5pm. Thursday, 1.30 – 8pm. Sunday and Bank Holidays, 11am – 4pm. Monday, closed.

The Royal Pump Rooms, T: 01926 742700

Play more & Pay less at

Newbold Comyn Golf Course Come along to Newbold Comyn where you can play 18 holes and pay for 9. This great offer is available every weekend from 29th March until the end of September 2008 after 1pm. And then, after 12noon from the 4th of October 2008 until the end of March 2009.

The midlands premier public course David Playdon our course PGA professional

Call 01926 421157 Bookings not always necessary

Newbold Comyn Golf Centre, Newbold Terrace East Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV32 4EW

If your name is not on the electoral register you cannot vote. You may find also that your credit rating is affected North Warwickshire Borough Council Electoral Services 01827 719221 Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council Electoral Services 024 7637 6230 Rugby Borough Council Electoral Services 01788 533595 Stratford District Council Electoral Services 01789 260209 Warwick District Council Electoral Services 01926 456111 Contact your Council listing to check if you are on the register

Spring Focus 2008  

Spring Focus, Residents Newsletter

Spring Focus 2008  

Spring Focus, Residents Newsletter