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CONTENTS Welcome Welcome to West Dublin Access Radio’s first monthly e-bulletin bringing you the latest news, information and updates from the world of community radio in West Dublin! In this month’s bulletin find out about the latest updates to the WDAR schedule, our very successful Road to Richmond live broadcast and so much more....

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GET INVOLVED TODAY We are looking for people from all walks of life & ages to join the WDAR family and also gain valuable experience that will last a lifetime. If you have time to spare then we are looking for you to join us . You don’t need any experience at all, just the will to learn, interact and gain a new outlook on how radio works. We are a community radio station and work under strict guidelines but any ideas you may have no matter how crazy we will facilitate you. Work Experience If you are looking for a place for work experience we can help you with that. Over the years many student’s have passed through our doors and have gone on to major stations or have been successful in many other areas in media. Below is a few of the things you will be doing while on work experience . Volunteers & Students Preparation of Daily News & Weather Learning how to use Adobe Audition Learning how to write a Script Sitting in with Technician to Learn the Desk! and Much Much more…… So If you want to join us please email or give us a call on 01 6207139 or Visit


Our motto is simple: our community is our station. And that community is made up of a number of communities in west Dublin; Ballyfermot, Bluebell, Chapelizod, Clondalkin, Inchicore and Palmerstown.We pride ourselves on how much all these communities are part of West Dublin Access Radio. Ourwebsite is another way that people can use the station and become a part of what we do. It also gives us a way to reach out to the members of our communities that are scattered across the globe who can now use this website to catch up on what’s happening back home on their road, in their local, or to check on how their local club is doing; essentially, a homepage from home. And families can make contact across the miles using our message board. Sometimes people dismiss community radio as glorified

amateur radio where people indulge their passion for broadcasting while ignoring what community radio is supposed to be about. It’s not like that at West Dublin Access Radio. There is huge involvement from the many sectors of our community in our programme making and the running of the station. Helping all our programme makers are members of our staff who are highly trained and hold recognised qualifications in media. This is a potent blend of community passion and media experience that takes us out of the realm of amateur radio. Our station name is punctuated by the word ‘Access’ and our schedule is punctuated with groups of people and organisations that elsewhere would seldom get five minutes of airtime; much less the chance to produce and present a daily radio programme. People with intellectual diffi-

culties from the Menni organisation, as well as older members of our communities produce and broadcast their own programmes on a daily basis. We have time dedicated to the Irish language, we provide access and training to transition year students from local schools and we actively promote local bands and performing artists who, in some cases, go on to produce programmes that provide yet another platform for the arts.

Access Radio, the more we will sound like West Dublin Access Radio. So, feel free to get involved via our contacts page and help contribute to the success of community radio in west Dublin. Remember, without the community we cease to be community radio.

This is what makes West Dublin Access Radio such a success at being a community station. West Dublin Access Radio sounds like no other radio station! Nor do we want to. Our station sounds just like the communities that make up our part of west Dublin. The more that local groups and organisations and individuals from these parts become part of West Dublin



Female Intuition is a new and innovative weekly women’s radio programme broadcast by WDAR. This programme is by women, for women and complies with the WDAR ethos of working towards the goal of community development. WDAR recognise the importance of women’s empowerment in order to pursue community development and has thus initiated a women’s programme to further this goal. Female Intuition is a half hour magazine style programme which is broadcast from 3.30-4.00pm every Friday.

women in our community through discussion, debate and interviews with relevant experts and women’s organisations. Female Intuition is currently broadcast by Aishling Lennon project coordinator at West Dublin Access Radio and Noni Banda volunteer with West Dublin Access Radio. Aishling and Noni are both avid supporters of the women’s movement toward equality and are both wholly committed to the goal of women’s empowerment as a necessity toward community development. If you wish to get involved or acquire more information contact ..

The programme discusses a range of issues relevant to the


We Play 4 U is a new weekly program. During 30 minutes, Jordan and Fabien speak about video games likes gamers. If you are interested by the current game but also by the history and the economy of this media, We Play 4 U is a good way.

game phenomenon) and The Retro Gaming of the Week ( a gamer experience about a video game launched before the year 2000 like Donkey Kong Country, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy 7, Ocarina of Time…).

Each week, the presenters speak about three different subjects: The Game of the Week (a criticize about a current video game like Borderlands 2, Skyrim, Xcom Ennemy Unknown, Dishonored…), The Story of the Week (Jordan and Fabien tell the history of video game or explain a social/economic/cultural

The program is also punctuated by music from games. We Play 4 U every Wednesday from 10.30 to 11 am on West Dublin Access Radio 96 fm.


Citizen Kane Faw Orson Welles in West Dublin

Did the famous film director and actor Orson Welles make a movie in Ballyfermot? A new documentary produced by West Dublin Access Radio and funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland broadcasting Support Scheme looks at the evidence. According to local sources, the short film Return to Glennascaul was shot partly in Ballyfermot in 1951. The film stars Orson Welles, and was nominated for an Academy Award.

house. The house is said by some to be Johnstown House, one of the oldest buildings in West Dublin. Using a mix of interviews, dramatisations, and detective work, the documentary “Citizen Kane Faw” sets out to find the truth about the short film, and describes what Welles would have seen in West Dublin in the early 1950s – if he had been there.

It is a ghost story involving a driver who picks up two mysterious women, and takes them to an old, and possibly haunted,



Our Live Outside Broadcast From McDowell’s In Inchicore West Dublin Access Radio had a special broadcast Last Saturday from 5pm to 7pm, The Road to Richmond, funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland broadcasting support scheme. 2 hour broadcast was live from McDowell’s in Inchicore thehome of St Patricks Athletic, The programmel featured fans and ex-players talking about their memories of of games from the past decades.


This was truly a great night on the eve of the FAI Ford Cup Final and a must for the Super Saints Supporters. So tune in to WDAR 96 FM or online at

W.D.A.R Drugs Awareness Special Broadcast

Broadcast on October 23, 2012, this Ballyfermot Advance Project funded programme brings together key players employed to address the issue of drugs and alcohol abuse in the Ballyfermot area. In the programme representatives from the Ballyfermot Local Drugs Task Force, Fusion CPL, Ballyfermot STAR and Ballyfermot Advance Project contribute to the discussion. Two users of STAR Ballyfermot also provide personal perspectives on their experience of using the services.The object of this programme is to raise awareness of the extent and dangers of illegal and legal drug use in Ballyfermot and to debate the issues surrounding the drug problem

Chaired by David Connolly, former Chair, Ballyfermot Local Drugs Task Force, the discussion also focuses on the following: General issues around drug and alcohol use and abuse Concerns over opiates and poly-drugs use, and the proliferation of marijuana use as outlined in the recent Ballyfermot Local Drugs Task Force Report 2011. Threats to funding for local prevention and support organisations To contact the services and supports available through Ballyfermot Local Drugs Task Force go to: For more information and guidance on issues surrounding drugs use go to

in the area. Services and supports available are highlighted and contact information provided. Advice and guidance for those directly affected or who have concerns also form part of the conversation.


Introduction to Community Radio (FETAC Level 4 Community Radio) Course Description- Overview

The course aims to give learners grounding in both the ethos of community radio and in the practical skills. By the end of the course, learners will: • Understand the basic principles of Community Radio • Understand the basics of Interviewing and research • Be capable of recording an Interview • Understand how to conduct the interview safely • Be able to define libel and other key legal concepts Course Content/Specific Outcomes Understanding Community Radio Define Community Radio Explain why Community Radio involves local communities Display an understanding of Community Radio relationships to local Communities Interviewing and Recording Conduct an interview with a Community group in the studio Conduct an interview using a portable recorder Understand Community Radio principles on Interviewing Display an ability to implement Community Radio principles on Interviewing Define libel Demonstrate an understanding of certain issues around libel Conduct the interview safely

Production and Presentation Conduct research for an interview with a Community Group Demonstrate the correct technique to use headphones and a microphone Understand how to prepare for a Community Radio Interview Understand how to structure a Community Radio Interview Understand why it is important to interview local groups Duration, Time and Venue of the Course: The course will involve 24 Class contact hours including supported assessment and will mix hands-on skills with theory in each session. The Course can be run over 8 weeks by 3 hours sessions or 1 full day per week for 3 weeks. Venue: West Dublin Access Radio, Ballyfermot Civic Centre, Ballyfermot Road, Dublin 10 For more information on Venue & Times of the Next Fetac Course Please Visit our website or Call us on O1 6207139.


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Welcome to West Dublin Access Radio’s first monthly e-bulletin bringing you the latest news, information and updates from the world of commu...