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Strategic marketing | Branding | Campaign creation | Media planning

Branding Derby

WDA creates, builds, promotes and manages brands for businesses of all types across a wide range of sectors, from small start-ups right through to PLC’s and multinationals.

Strategic marketing | Branding | Campaign creation | Media planning

We transform businesses with our unique Brand Marketing process which is proven to drive tangible commercial results. We do this day in and day out. We can do it for you too.

Marketing Derby Marketing Derby Branding Derby

Brand marketing isn’t about changing your logo. It’s about making people want to buy your ‘stuff’.



Of buying decisions are based on emotion.

Apologies if that sounds a little crude, but we want to get to the point and let you to know that we are about creating business for our clients. Branding can sometimes be seen as fluffy, because it deals with emotions. However, everyone who sees your brand will have an emotional response,

and this is because the human brain is wired to react that way – and there’s nothing ‘fluffy’ about that.

Brands are no longer just for consumer products, but equally important

in differentiating B2B/trade companies products and services. Indeed, as service providers increasingly start to think and act as brands to gain the

competitive advantage, even traditional professional service businesses are seeing the benefits - take the runaway success of Quality Solicitors as a prime example of a law firm - turned brand.

Marketing Derby Marketing Derby Branding Derby

Are you wasting money on noise in a world of media clutter? Your customers are literally bombarded with marketing messages daily; increasingly so as technology opens up more and more media options. If you’re essentially saying the same as your competition, then the marketing battle simply comes down to who’s shouting loudest (translated: who’s spending the most on media and promotions). As a result the return on your marketing spend is drastically reduced.

Some company’s can spend as little as 5% of their marketing budget generating the ideas, strategy and messaging driving their communications. The rest goes on buying expensive media to get those messages out.....


This is compounded by the danger that your audience will start to view your products or services as commodity items that can be purchased anywhere; and at that point price alone usually becomes the differentiator. Perhaps you have a truly unique product or service which gives you a great competitive advantage - for now. Basing your market positioning around features and benefits is usually not a good idea however, because they are not ‘ownable’ - and are under constant attack from your competition. It’s important to understand this distinction: ●

A product is a tangible item that can be compared.

A brand is an intangible thing that cannot be compared only contrasted.

Marketing Derby Marketing Derby Branding Derby

Are you honestly differentiated within your marketplace? Answer (honestly) 3 simple questions:

The first question is easy.

“We’re ‘Central Law Company’, a regional provider of legal services”.


1. Who are you?

2. What do you do? “We provide legal services - but... we specialise in commercial... although we do provide some services for individuals... and we cover lots of specialist areas”.


The second question is a little harder.

3. Why does it matter? “It matters because our lawyers are the BEST.” (ARE they? And isn’t everyone else saying that anyway?) “Because we offer the widest range of services.” (Ok, but I only need one kind of service, and I already buy it from someone else.)

“Because we give FIRST-RATE service.” (Yeah right - prove it.)


But the third question, why it matters is where it usually gets sticky.

Marketing Derby Marketing Derby Branding Marketing Derby Derby

Your brand should be your strongest differentiator. A wholly ‘ownable’ positioning which can give you a distinctive, differentiated, competitive and sustainable market advantage.

Brand valuations published by trusted consultancy’s such as Interbrand and Millward

Brown show that brand value represents an increasingly large part of a company’s assets. Many consumer

businesses now have brands valued in excess of half their market capitalisation - some

like McDonalds are often valued

higher than its market cap. Values



for B2B businesses are now also

on the rise championed by the likes of IBM, Cisco, FedEx and SAP.

Products and services and the price charged for them are easily and directly comparable. Brands and the value paid for them are almost always incomparable.

Marketing Derby Marketing Derby Branding Derby

A brilliant brand defines clearly who you really are.

Differentiates you from the competition. Creating interest and desire for your product.

Creates demand by giving your customers what they really want - but can’t get elsewhere.

Emotionally connects your audience to your brand, making your business more memorable and ‘back of mind’ all of the time so it’s ‘front of mind’ at buying time.

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randing and why damental g business cess:

Consolidates and joins-up your marketing activities simplifying the process and saving you money.

Provides a platform for growth: Recognition of what a brand stands for can be transferred to new products and new markets more easily than starting from scratch with each new development.

Incentivises employees: Improving morale and giving them a clear voice and ownership.

Drives business sales & profits: Increasing revenues, market share, profit and loyalty. In some cases effective branding can substantiate an increase in price.

Marketing Derby Marketing Derby Branding Derby

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BranDnatm is a process developed exclusively by WDA which helps create a clear understanding of what’s UNIQUE about your business. BranDna is at the heart of our Brand Marketing approach - whether creating a brand for a new venture, repositioning an existing brand which has lost relevance; or reinforcing a strong and successful brand to ensure that the it remains fully leveraged and prominent within communications.

Marketing Derby Marketing Derby Branding Derby

When it comes to taking your brand to market, WDA provides two options to suit your circumstances:


You have an existing agency or internal resources. If you need a fresh perspective or a new direction, we can assist, or simply sell you the idea - leaving you to take it to market.

Marketing Derby Marketing Derby Branding Derby

2 You need full service. If you DO need full service we’ll take all the hassle away and do it all for you utilising a cost effective and proven mix of creative strategy, award winning design, planning and implementation.

Campaig Creation Implementa

gn n& ation

Award Winning Advertising On & Offline

Retail Promotions & Point Of Sale

Video Production

Social Media Marketing

Packaging Design

Experiential Marketing

Website design build & hosting

Exhibition & Events

Mobile Marketing

Marketing Derby Marketing Derby Branding Derby

“Over the years I have worked with many design / creative agencies in a multitude of competitive industries. It is a pleasure to work with Lee and his team at WDA, the positive attitude they employ is only bettered by the first class brand work they produce”

Richard Barrett, UK Marketing Manager, Fuchs Lubricants (UK) Plc

What our clients say...

“....with regards to the brand you’ve created I have to say it’s the best investment we’ve made in a long time. The new Scorpion brand image has been very well received across all our global markets and we want to do more next year to maintain the momentum”

(Scorpion exhausts CEO 25/12/2011 - Yes, Christmas day!)

Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

“ WDA really open the world of bran at WDA have bee and friendly at ev way. We feel the la branding will hel better market pos make our brand st coming

- Motorised Divis Moore Large D

sion Manager, Distribution

Linda Lo Castro, Marketing Manager, Commercial & Intermediaries RBS

WDA are an exciting agency who challenge the norm and deliver outstanding value for money. Lee and his team are a pleasure to work with and on top of supporting us to launch on time an outstanding brand, WDA have helped us improve our marketing skills and thought processes. I would have no hesitation in recommending WDA, they are an exceptional agency! - Donna Howard Business Manager, Retail, Farécla Products Ltd (MER)

ned our eyes to nding. The team en professional very step of the aunch of the new lp us achieve a sition faster and tronger over the years”

- CEO Technical Tubes

“WDA’s understanding of the market helps us really engage with our target audience. They have created a strong visual identity for Devitt and I would be happy to recommend their services”

“The new brand identity and campaign materials planned for this season have totally re-energised Renntec and ignited a culture of complete change within the business. We now have new product, new distribution - and feel ready to take on the world.”

Marketing Derby Marketing Derby Branding Derby

- Official MerCarCare 11th Jan via twitter

“Great service, friendly team; and very knowledgeable about our products and marketplace. First class all round”

@wdaautomotive thanks guys for the great research, striking creative and marketing knowledge. We wholeheartedly recommend your dynamic team.

Jim Worland, New Channels Marketing Manager, Valeo

“I was really nervous about moving the creative account to WDA as our previous agency were really good to work with but Yamaha needed to come to the market from a different direction. I don’t know what I was worried about. Lee and the team have interpreted, executed and delivered a fabulous piece of work that has surpassed our expectation. It’s a good indication of great creative work when staff are using WDA images as screen savers!”

- Simon Belton, Yamaha Marketing Manager, Motorcycles and Scooters, Marketing & Communications Division

“WDA are really ap quick to respond and very proactive produced is con original; They certa working life

Moto Marketing Sup Pirelli Tyres

pport Manager, s Ltd.

CEO of Cambrian - Continental’s largest European distributor, on the success of the Continental brand within the UK motorcycle market in 2011

“Thanks to WDA’s brilliant marketing strategy and of course the vibrancy of our new brand CPI, we are having the most successful Motorcycle Live retail show ever. The footfall on to our stand in the first day alone far exceeded what took a week last year with our old brand and dated marketing to achieve. Their innovative ideas have hit the mark for us.” - Motorised Division Manager, Moore Large Distribution

pproachable, d to any brief e. The creative nsidered and ainly make my easier!”

“Continental is now the fastest growing motorcycle tyre brand within the UK market”

Victoria Dringer Retail Brand Manager, Farécla Products Ltd (MER)

A huge thank you to all the team at WDA for their obscene amount of hard work in making the MER re-launch a reality. From detailed category research to striking design work, everything you have touched has been first rate. The whole team are a pleasure to work with and I have been particularly impressed with how brand focussed everyone has been. WDA are not like other agencies, I can only describe them as an extended part of the marketing team and I would have no reservations whatsoever in wholeheartedly recommending them.

Marketing Derby Marketing Derby Branding Derby

To discuss how WDA could give your business the WOW factor, why not pop in for a chat, give us a call or email? Lee Waterhouse, Managing Director

Patrick Chapman, Marketing Director,

WDA Branding Derby: Building Brilliant Brands Creative thinking | Strategic Marketing | Campaign creation Podium House | 20A Friar Gate | Derby | DE1 1BX google maps Telephone: +44 (0) 1332 372 728 Fax: +44 (0) 1332 295 607 * The inspiration for our cover title comes from a famous 80’s advertising campaign, which saw Levi’s the first to advertise fashion without showing any image of their product. The ad featured a flock of white sheep, and one solitary black one. The strap read: ‘Black Levi’s. When the world zigs, zag.’ The campaign was an overnight success for the brand.



Marketing Derby Marketing Derby Branding Derby

WDA Brand Marketing  

WDA creates, builds, promotes and manages brands for businesses of all types across a wide range of sectors, from small start-ups right thro...

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