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PLUS Department, Faculty, Student, and Alumni Highlights

RAM REPORT | Summer 2018





20 ACCOUNTING AWARDS NIGHT Accounting Department honors its

Five Geography & Planning alumni move

outstanding students and scholarship

cross-county for the opportunity to work

winners at annual event.

for Esri.



Economics and Finance students honored

Now offering degree completion programs

at gala, and induction of Omicron Delta

at Delaware County Community College

Epsilon members.

and WCU Philadelphia, and a Certificate in Human Resource Management.




Highlights from Criminal Justice’s spring break trip to Poland.

6th Annual WCU Business Idea Pitch, and PASSHE Business Plan Competition finalists.

24 DEPARTMENT NEWS & NOTES Highlights of student success, faculty in the news, and department events.

10 OUTSTANDING STUDENT AWARDS College recognizes outstanding junior, senior and graduate students from each

28 INSIDE THE CLASSROOM Guest speakers on campus this spring.




College announces its 2018 scholarship

College of Business and Public


Management students excel outside the classroom.

14 FACULTY RECOGNITION Find out which faculty members have received awards, grants and publications.

32 ALUMNI IN THE NEWS Two College alumni honored with 15th Annual Legacy of Leadership Awards.

19 BETA GAMMA SIGMA International business honor society for


AACSB-accredited schools chartered on

Important dates to remember this




FOR INQUIRIES, FEEDBACK OR COMMENTS, PLEASE CONTACT: D a n a h Al l e n Office of the Dean C o l l e g e o f B us i n e s s & P ubl i c M a na g e m e n t 610- 436- 2055


c bpm @wc upa . e du

RAM REPORT | Summer 2018



PUTTING THE WEST IN WEST CHESTER Five G e o g r a p h y a n d Pl a n n i n g alumni mo ve t o Califo rnia fo r oppo r t uni t y to w o r k f o r p r e s t igio us Esri.


est Chester University

east coast to the west coast

Claggett and him all work

graduates Beau Ryck

knowing only that some of

in the same office at Esri

(‘14, MA‘16), Madeline

their WCU classmates worked

working in areas of support

at Esri and its reputation.


Bubka (‘16), and Marisa

“When I moved to California

“I first learned about Esri

Claggett (‘17) may have all

for the job, I did not know

in Dr. Coutu’s Introduction

taken different paths towards

anyone in Esri, or even in the

to Geographic Information

earning their WCU degrees,

surrounding area,” Thurstlic

Systems class, where the

but the journey to Redlands,

said. “However, through my

company and its founder

California and working for

contact with Professor Dr.

were even referred to in

Schueren (‘14, MA‘16), Alex Thurstlic (MA‘15), Sarah

Esri, the world’s leader in

When someone showed me Esri’s website at a high school grad uation party, I realized I could take this thing I love and apply it to do meaningful work.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS), has given each the opportunity to fulfill one of their greatest career aspirations.

- Beau Ryck

“I think I’ve always wanted to work at Esri,” Schueren said. “It’s the holy grail for

Gary Coutu, I knew that there

the course text book due to

geography majors.”

were a few WCU Geography

its influence in the modern

Department alums who had

development of GIS,”

With the exception of Bubka,

recently started working at

Thurstlic said. “Throughout

who had family living in

Esri, which made me feel

my time in the master’s

Southern California, and

more comfortable about my

program, I worked with Esri’s

Ryck, who had a few friends


ArcGIS software on almost on

in the area, Schueren,

a daily basis.”

Thurstlic, and Claggert, all

Thurstlic actually sees

took the over 2,600-mile

two fellow WCU alums on

Thurstlic is now a Geodata

leap and moved from the

a regular basis as Bubka,

Specialist with Esri Technical

RAM REPORT | Summer 2018


Support Services. In his

popular company, and I just

which is a newer position to

role, he supports customers

didn’t think my resume would

keep analysts well-rounded

working with geodatabases,

be noticed amongst the

on all technologies as well

which is an Esri native

thousands they receive every

as prime themselves to move

data storage format. He

day. But, I was extremely

into a specialist role. She

is also able to focus on a

fortunate that my professors

takes cases from users on

few of Ersi’s technologies

at WCU were able to bridge

the ArcGIS Desktop, Server,

and increase his technical

that gap and land me an

and Geodata Technologies.

knowledge while supporting


Claggett will soon be

customers working with

switching to Esri’s Regulated

third-party relation database

Claggett’s interest in wanting

Industries Tech Support Team

management systems

to work at Esri was actually

in which she will be working


from the success that her

more closely with some of

WCU Geography predecessors

Esri’s government customers.

Bubka, who was interested

were having at the company.

in making a dramatic move

Schueren and Ryck, who were

after college, wasn’t sure

“I was first interested in

good friends during their days

she would get a job at

working for Esri when I

at West Chester, continue

Esri. But now, she works

kept hearing about how

that camaraderie at Esri

as a Desktop GIS Analyst

well former West Chester

working on the same team

in Esri’s Support Services

graduates were doing, after

and see each other daily.

department. She helps its

accepting positions with Esri,

user base solve technical

namely Madeline and Sarah,”

Schueren initially began

issues that arise during their

Claggett said. “After more

at WCU as a Middle Grades

everyday workflows through

research, I realized that this

Education major, but

email and phone until their

was the company I wanted to

discovered after just the first

technical issue is resolved,

strive to work for.”

day of classes her freshman

or has provided them with

year that education wasn’t

a satisfactory explanation

Claggett is an ArcGIS

her professional calling.

as to why they are seeing a

Technical Support Analyst,

She changed her major, and

certain behavior. She has also become specialized in Esri’s mobile products, specifically Survey123, and looks forward to being the first support analyst to help the product team during the User Conference in San Diego. “I’ll be completely honest – I didn’t think I had a shot to work at Esri,” Bubka said. “They seemed like such a

RAM REPORT | Summer 2018

later graduated with both

Schueren is a Solution

website at a high school

a bachelor’s and master’s

Engineer on the Geodesign

graduation party.

degree in Geography.

team working with cities, counties and regional

However, it was Schueren

“During the first 15 minutes

agencies on deploying 3D

who brought a job opening at

of my Geography 101 class,

technologies into their

Esri to Ryck’s attention.

Dr. Jake Lewandowski handed

existing GIS workflows.

out a little pamphlet which

“It’s really a dream come

had “WHY GIS” written

“This can include anything

true,” Ryck said. “I’ve

in big font on the front,

from managing data in 3D,

always loved geography and

and explained what GIS &

to evaluating proposed

GIS because of the way it

Geography really were,”

developments, to creating

helps you understand new

Schueren said. “I had this

land use & zoning scenarios,

places and think differently

“vision” where I saw myself

and supporting stakeholder

about familiar places.

in this career path. GIS

participation with 3D,”

When Madeline said she

was this magical field that

Schueren said. “I get to talk

thought I’d be good at a

combined the creative and

to and work with cities and

job she knew was open at

analytical side of my brain! I

counties all over the country

the time, I looked into it

was enthralled. After class, I

– it’s really fun.”

and was excited to even be

called my mom and told her

considered for the position.”

I was switching my major to

Schueren has also had the


honor of presenting at the

Ryck works with people

Esri Partner Conference

from Esri and other private

As she was finishing up her

Plenary and the Federal GIS

and public organizations to

master’s degree in May of


prepare the resources that

2016, Schueren was working

will enable them to use

at the Chester County

“Being able to represent Esri

Esri’s latest indoor mapping

Planning Commission and

while presenting the things

product capabilities.

happy with her role, when

I’m most passionate about is

Dr. Coutu set up some “open

absolutely the most exciting

The importance and power of

interviews” with Esri. She

thing I’ve gotten to be a part

networking and relationship

decided to interview just to

of during my time at Esri,”

building with peers and

keep her options open and

Schueren said.

professors is an undertone in

gain the experience. That

the story of this quintet. Not

initial interview turned into a

Ryck transferred into West

only was their interest in GIS

talk with Esri’s Director of 3D

Chester knowing that he had

and wanting to work for Esri

Geodesign, Dominik Tarolli,

a love for geography thanks

sparked by WCU professors,

and Director of Global Sales

to a high school teacher,

but it was those professors

& Business Development,

and also earned both his

and their connections to one

Chris Cappelli. Her dream

bachelor’s and master’s in

another that helped each get

job offer of a position on

Geography. Ryck was first

positions within the company.

the Geodesign team soon

exposed to Esri by someone


showing him the company’s


RAM REPORT | Summer 2018


BROADENING OUR REACH     DEGREE COMPLETION PROGRAMS                      Wes t C he s te r Un i v e r s i t y an d D e l a w a re C o u n t y C om m uni ty C o l l e g e Sig n N e w Agre e me n t t o Bene fi t S tude n t s

can select the University’s

“West Chester University

most popular courses and

is excited to partner

will have access to events

with Delaware County

and facilities at the main

Community College in order

campuses of both higher

to provide students with a

education institutions.

seamless path to continue

West Chester University

their education,” said Dr.

and Delaware County

“This agreement paves the

Christopher Fiorentino,

Community College signed an

way for our graduates to

president of West Chester

on-site degree completion

have even greater access

University. “As a community

agreement that will enable

to a baccalaureate degree

of educators committed to

associate degree graduates

from the College’s number

ensuring access to a quality

of the College to earn a West

one transfer institution,”

educational experience,

Chester University Bachelor’s

said Dr. L. Joy Gates Black,

West Chester University is

of Science degree in Business

president of Delaware County

particularly proud of this

Management without ever

Community College. “It also

collaboration given that the

having to leave the Marple

enables students, who find

inaugural academic program

Campus of Delaware County

it difficult to get to West

is business management,

Community College.

Chester, the opportunity to

which has been designated a

complete their bachelor’s

high priority occupation by

The agreement offers

degree in a location close to

the Department of Labor and

students convenience of

home, the College’s Marple

Industry for both Chester and

location, ample free parking,


Delaware Counties.”

and on-site admissions and academic advising from University representatives. West Chester University faculty will teach the courses at the College, and the courses will be open to all University students, but with preference given to Business Management majors who graduated with an associate’s degree in Business Administration from the College. Qualified students Jim McWilliams Photography

RAM REPORT | Summer 2018




The 12-credit curriculum is

The program is offered

offers a 12-credit online

structured to help students

entirely online in a seven-

Certificate in Human

develop core competencies

week format to meet

Resource Management

in critical areas of HR

the needs of working

which is accredited by the

management such as


Association to Advance

employment and labor

Collegiate Schools of Business

relations; compensation and

For more information about

(AACSB). The certificate is

benefits; employee and labor

the Certificate in Human

designed for both HR and

relations; ethics; global

Resource Management, please

non-HR professionals across

human resources; human

contact Alana Luttermoser,

industries and organizational

resource metrics; leadership

Graduate Assistant Director,

types seeking to advance

and change management; and

at HRM@wcupa.edu.

their skillset within the field

workforce planning.

of human resources.

Now o ffe r i ng a Bache l o r ’s o f S c i e n c e i n Busi ne s s Ma n a g e me n t

the heart of Center City, as

for furthering careers in a

well as online and in a hybrid

variety of organization types,

format. Students may also

including small businesses,

do an internship for credit or

large corporations, non-

West Chester University

complete a Minor in Business

profit organizations, and

in Philadelphia now offers

Law or Human Resource

governmental agencies.

qualified students the


opportunity to complete

West Chester University

a Bachelor’s of Science in

Students in the program will

in Philadelphia currently

Business Management from

acquire business knowledge,

offers five degree

WCU’s AACSB-accredited

learn to think critically and

programs, including three

School of Business. Designed

communicate effectively, and

undergraduate programs

for adult learners, courses

develop an ethical mindset

and two graduate programs.

are offered in both a full-

with a global perspective on

The College of Business and

time and part-time format

business. The breadth and

Public Management also

at convenient times at our

depth of the program makes

offers a Master of Science in

state of the art facility in

it an ideal degree choice

Criminal Justice.

RAM REPORT | Summer 2018




Over a dozen hopeful

Students track, Salih Salaam

entrepreneurs gathered at

won for his idea of TUS:

the West Chester University

Tutors for University. In the

Alumni and Foundation

WCU Graduate Students,

Center on Wednesday, April

Alumni, Faculty and Staff

25, 2018, for a chance to

track, Matthew and Tina

turn their business idea into

Heilman were the winners

a reality as The Dr. Edwin

for their business pitch,

Cottrell Entrepreneurial

Wish Respect. Rachel Frazao

Leadership Center, along

won the Chester County

with the Keiretsu Forum Mid-

Based Start-Ups track for her

Atlantic, the world’s largest

idea Sir Dangerhorse Skin

angel network, hosted the

Solutions. The winning idea

6th Annual WCU Business Idea

from the Chester County High

Pitch. People from all over

School Business Idea Pitch,

Chester County submitted

held on April 10, was Speak

their business ideas for a

Easy, by Anna Miller and

chance to pitch in front of a

Bradford Allan.

I n n o v a t i v e S o l u t i o n s, B e n Wa n n

The big winner of the night

Wi s h Re s pe c t , Matthew and Tina Heilman

panel of distinguished judges. The competition comprised

was Speak Easy, presented

of four categories, with a

by Miller and Allan, which

winner selected in each.

won the grand prize. There

In the WCU Undergraduate

idea was an app that would

CHESTER COUNTY START-UPS R a m Pr i de R i de , Ke v in M o rg a n S i r D a ng e r h o r s e S k i n S o l u t i o ns , R a c he l F ra za o

WCU UND E R G R A D UAT E S T UD E NT S TUS:Tutors for University, S a l ih S a l a a m WC U Pa r k i ng App, Zo hndra Vo g de s , El iza be t h M c B rie n, a n d A n t ho ny R o t o nda

WCU Graduate Students, Alumni, faculty & Staff

CHESTER COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS S pe a k Ea s y, A n n a M il l e r a nd B ra df o rd A l l a n

translate sign language into written or spoken word. The process began in early March when over 350 participants submitted 190 ideas across the four tracks.

RAM REPORT | Summer 2018

PASSHE Business plan competition


Tw o West Chester U n i ver s it y Co llege of B u s i n ess and Publi c M a n a gem ent students w e re s elec t ed as fi nali sts i n the 7 t h A nnual S tu dent B us ine ss Plan

The ann u a l B us i n e s s P l a n

We s t C h e s t e r U ni v e r s i t y

Co mp et it io n sponsored

Competi t i o n pr o v i de s

M B A s t u de n t Za k a r i a

b y Penns ylvania’s

student e n t r e pr e n e u r s

B e n be dda wa s s e l e c te d

S ta t e S ys t em o f H i g her

an oppo r t uni t y t o pi t c h

as a semi-finalist for her

E du cat io n.

thei r ori g i n a l bus i n e s s

bu s i ne s s pl a n f o r G a r d e n

plans for pr i ze m o n e y

Sitter Service.

Ha t Rac k G am es, a v i deo

to assi st t h e m i n t h e

g a m e d evelo p ed by MBA

start-u p o r e xpa ns i o n o f

s tu dent To m M atteson,

thei r bus i n e s s e s . S t u de n t s

c r e at es a s t o r y-dri v en

from th e 14 S t a t e S y s t e m

s tr a tegy gam e wi th uni que

uni v ers i t i e s a r e e l i g i bl e

g a m e m ec hanics and an

to parti c i pa t e i n t he

i n ter es t ing ar t style dev oi d

compet i t i o n e a c h y e a r,

o f g e nd er s t er eotypes that

wi th the 2018 c o m pe t i t i o n

w ou l d ap p eal to a wi de

seei ng a ppr o xi m a t e l y 200

a u di enc e o f gamers of all

students /s t u de n t t e a m s

b a c k gr o und s .


W h i t e Rap id s, dev eloped

A team o f j udg e s r e v i e ws

b y B us iness Manag ement

the busi n e s s pl a ns a nd

s tu dent Kevin Whi te, would

narrows t he f i e l d t o t h e

es ta b lis h a p r ofessi onal

g roup o f f i n a l i s t s . S t ude nt s

a u to m o t ive c le ani ng and

were re c o g ni ze d a t a n

d et ailing co m pany focused

awards c e r e m o ny o n Apr i l

o n m eet ing t he demands

4, 2018 o n t he c a m pus o f

o f c l ient s in t he Delaware

Shi ppen s bur g U n i v e r s i t y.

Va l l e y.

RAM REPORT | Summer 2018


OUTSTANDING STUDENT RECOGNITION OUTSTA NDING EVENT S TUDENT The R EAccounting C OGN I TIONDepartment EVENT held Theits C oannual lleg e o f awards Bu si n e s night an d P u blic onMWednesday, a na g ement reApril co gn i25, z e d th e 2018, ou t s thonoring a nd i ng j u students n i o r an d se for nior in their e ac hachievements o f i t s de p artme during n ts al o n g with a the g rapast d ua tyear. e s t u de The n t irecipients n e ach p ro gram on ofAthe p ri l Tax 2 7 , Executive 2 018. JAMES HODSON, ACCOUNTING











RAM REPORT | Summer 2018














RAM REPORT | Summer 2018


OUTSTANDING STUDENT RECOGNITION EVENT The Accounting Department held its annual awards night on Wednesday, April 25, 2018, honoring students for their achievements during the past year. The recipients of the Tax Executive HAYLEY ONDRUS, INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL






The College of Business and Public Management held its Student Scholarship Awards Event on April 27, 2018, recognizing several scholarship winners this year. Scholarships awarded included: the Dean’s Scholarship for International Travel, Chief Robert and Vera Valyo Scholarship, Jesse Silvano Scholarship, Deb Dreisbach Scholarship, Dr. A. Shamseddine Scholarship, Benzing Family Scholarship, George Fasic Planning Scholarship, Nicholas Turtola Scholarship, Debra Ford Marketing Scholarship, Thomas Brady Memorial Scholarship, West Chester Chamber of Commerce MBA Scholarship, Creative Financial Group Entrepreneurial Scholarship, Gerry Plescia Fund Scholarship, and Jon Mustafa Memorial Scholarship.


RAM REPORT | Summer 2018










RAM REPORT | Summer 2018


FAC ULT Y R E C O G N I TI O N     AWARDS, GRANTS, AND PUBLICATIONS                                      DR. MICHELE BRATINA, CRIMINAL JUSTICE Dr. Michele Bratina, Department of Criminal Justice, received a research grant from Franklin County, Pennsylvania. The grant is for her research on a comprehensive, quasi-experimental evaluation of a Jail to Community Treatment Program to determine whether it has a measurable effect for improving the attitude and behavior of offenders related to substance abuse and repeat criminal offending. The findings gathered through this project will: 1) add to the current body of research about effective correctional intervention techniques, 2) have practical applications for Franklin County to develop more effective offender programs, policies, and strategies to reduce habitual substance abuse and repeat criminal behavior among its county population, and 3) be used as a model to replicate findings in other jurisdictions. Fellow Criminal Justice Professors Dr. Michael Antonio and Dr. Mary Brewster are collaborating on the project. Bratina was also awarded a Provost Research Grant to study and implementation of a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) with first responders in rural Pennsylvania. DR. JANE M. TUCKER, CRIMINAL JUSTICE DR. MARY P. BREWSTER, CRIMINAL JUSTICE DR. SHANNON T. GRUGAN, CRIMINAL JUSTICE Publication: Tucker, J. M., Brewster, M. P., Grugan, S. T., Miller, L. M., & Mapp-Matthews, S. M. (2018). Criminal Justice Students’ attitudes Toward LGBTQ Individual and LGBTQ Police Officers. Journal of Criminal Justice Education, DOI: 10.1080/10511253.2018.1456555.

DR. SHANNON T. GRUGAN, CRIMINAL JUSTICE Publication: Grugan, S. T. (2017). The Companions We Keep: A Situational Analysis and Proposed Typology of Companion Animal Cruelty Offenses. Deviant Behavior, 39:6, 790-806, DOI: 10.1080/01639625.2017.1335513.

RAM REPORT | Summer 2018

    AWARDS, GRANTS, AND PUBLICATIONS                                      DR. GERARD CALLANAN, MANAGEMENT DR. DAVID F. PERRI, MANAGEMENT DR. SANDRA TOMKOWICZ, MANAGEMENT Publication: Callanan, G. A., Perri, D. F., & Tomkowicz, S. M. (2017). Career Management in Uncertain Times: Challenges and Opportunities. Career Development Quarterly, 65, p. 353-365, DOI: 10.1002/cdq.12113. DR. GERARD CALLANAN, MANAGEMENT Publication: Greenhaus, J. H., Callanan, G. A., & Godshalk, V. M. (2018). Career Management for Life, 5th Edition, New York, NY: Routledge. DR. LISA CALVANO, MANAGEMENT DR. LIZ WANG, MARKETING Publication: Wang, L. & Calvano, L. (2018) Understanding how service learning pedagogy impacts student learning objectives. Journal of Education for Business, 93:5, 204-212 DOI: 10.1080/08832323.3018.1444574 DR. MATT SHEA, MANAGEMENT Publication: Shea, M. & Hutchin, J. M. (2018). The Importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance Risks to Surety Underwriters. Asia-Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance v. 12 i.2, DOI: 10.1515/apjri-2017-0016 DR. KELLY FISHER, MANAGEMENT DR. LEI ZHU, ECONOMICS & FINANCE Dr. Kelly Fisher, and her graduate student, Fred Feldman, along with Dr. Lei Zhu were two of five awardees at the 3rd Annual Online/Blended Teaching with Technology Excellence Showcase. Faculty from across the institution demonstrate technology tool techniques to enhance student learning, and attendees vote for their favorite technique. Dr. Fisher and Mr. Feldman collaborated on an interactive HR simulation using GoAnimate to be incorporated into Fisher’s online HRM courses. Dr. Zhu demonstrated how she incorporated an online tool for students to record and share video presentations.


RAM REPORT | Summer 2018


FAC ULT Y R E C O G N I TI O N     AWARDS, GRANTS, AND PUBLICATIONS                                      DR. GARY COUTU, GEOGRAPHY AND PLANNING DR. JOAN WELCH, GEOGRAPHY AND PLANNING Geography and Planning Professors, Dr. Gary Coutu and Dr. Joan Welch, have each been awarded a WCU Campus Sustainability Research and Creative Activities Grant in the amount of $2,000.00. Coutu’s project is Collaborative WCU GIS for Education, Research, and Outreach, and focuses on creating a campus map that highlights faculty and student research and creativity. Using the online GIS map application, Coutu and his three students will map and catalog any research done on the WCU campus, including the Gordon Natural Area, any graduate student research, and any public art or other projects. The purpose is to inform our faculty and community about work that is ongoing to encourage collaboration and share data and results that already exist. Welch’s project focuses on the Arbor Day Foundation’s competitive programs to recognize cities and universities to manage their forests: Tree Campus USA and Tree City USA. The Borough’s designation as a “Tree City USA” is in jeopardy if it doesn’t develop an inventory of its public trees. WCU has a database of campus trees, and the software and hardware to assist the Borough with developing a database of public trees. The grant provides funding for WCU students to collect data on street trees in the Borough of West Chester using an online, Geographic Information System (GIS), ArcCollector, to assist with the development of a database of public trees. The database will be housed and maintained at West Chester University’s Center for GIS and Spatial Analysis, and will be available to faculty, students and Borough residents to utilize for research, and to maintain the urban forest.

DR. AMANDA OLEJARSKI, PUBLIC POLICY AND ADMINISTRATION Publication: Olejarski, A. M., Potter, M., & Morrison, R. L. (2018). Organizational Learning in the Public Sector: Culture, Politics, and Performance. Public Integrity, DOI: 10.1080/10999922.2018.1445411.

RAM REPORT | Summer 2018

    AWARDS, GRANTS, AND PUBLICATIONS                                      DR. JOY FRITSCHLE, GEOGRAPHY AND PLANNING DR. MATIN KATIRAI, GEOGRAPHY AND PLANNING The Geography and Planning Department had two professors, Dr. Joy Fritschle and Dr. Matin Katira, awarded a Provost Research Grant (PRD) this spring. Dr. Fritschle received the grant for her project entitled “An evaluation of forest restoration efforts in the Brandywine Creek Watershed, Chester County, PA”. The project “will evaluate the survival rates and cost-effectiveness of reforestation efforts in the Brandywine Creek Watershed. Using a combination of field surveys and GIS analysis, I will examine tree planting efforts in the watershed over the past 10 years to evaluate the techniques and maintenance strategies that are the most cost-effective and maximize long-term environmental benefits. The results of this project will identify strategies that lead to more successful tree planting practices and illustrate the need for funding to support post-planting maintenance and monitoring,” Fritschle said. Dr. Katirai is part of a team, along with Health Department Professors Dr. Harry Holt and Dr. Whitney Katirai, that received the grant for his part in the project “Best practices in the delivery of medication assisted treatment services”.

DR. MARK DAVIS, PUBLIC POLICY AND ADMINISTRATION Dr. Mark Davis was a panel presenter at the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) 2018 Annual Conference in March. He was part of two panels, the first panel, Public Health Challenges in the 21st Century, was with his co-author, Terri Schreiber, Principal at End Opioid Crisis Consulting (Denver, Colo.) on their paper “Opioids and the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program: From Information to Action”. Davis also was a presenter during the Barriers to and Opportunities for Bridging the Scholar-Practitioner Divide: Evidence on Scholarly Expectations and Practitioner Realities.


RAM REPORT | Summer 2018


FAC ULT Y R E C O G N I TI O N     AWARDS, GRANTS, AND PUBLICATIONS                                      OUTSTANDING ADVISING AWARD RECIPIENTS Nine faculty members from the College of Business and Public Management were recently recognized as Outstanding Advisors by the Honors College. Nominated

(Economics and Finance), Dr. Matthew Shea

by students, these faculty members are

(Management), Dr. Monica Zimmerman

celebrated for the extra time, attention,

(Management), Professor Christina Croft

and advocacy they provide for students.

(Management), Professor Pattie Diggin (Management), Dr. Liz Wang (Marketing),

Congratulations to Dr. Mary Brewster

and Dr. Allison Turner (Public Policy and

(Criminal Justice), Dr. Shannon Grugan

Administration) on being an outstanding

(Criminal Justice), Dr. Simon Condliffe

academic advisor.



The Management Department held a Scholarship Speed Dating event in April for faculty members looking for a new research collaborator in the Business School. Participants were able to chat one-on-one for five minutes with people who were also looking for a new research collaborator. The Management Department invited faculty from the College of Business and Public Management to learn about plans for the WCU Data Analysis Support Center. Randy Rieger, Professor and Applied Statistics Graduate Coordinator, led a discussion with faculty on how the center could assist them with data analysis help on their research projects.

RAM REPORT | Summer 2018





WEST CHESTER WELCOMES BETA GAMMA SIGMA CHAPTER The College of Business and Public Management welcomed its newest honor society to campus on April 3, 2018, as a chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma was installed at WCU. Beta Gamma Sigma, founded in 1913, is the international business honor society for AACSB-accredited schools,

Members of the junior induction class.

which are the top 5% of business school programs around the world. To be eligible for invitation, students must be in the top 10 percent of the junior or senior class. Faculty Associate to the Dean, Dr. Lori Fuller, oversaw the chartering and induction ceremony. West Chester’s inaugural induction class featured 48 juniors, 62 seniors and four faculty members. Beta Gamma Sigma has established over 590 collegiate chapters in all 50 U.S. states and 35 countries and territories at schools accredited by AACSB International.

Members of the senior induction class.

RAM REPORT | Summer 2018


RAM REPORT | Summer 2018


AC C O U N T IN G AWARD S N IG H T T he Accounting Departm ent held i t s annual awards night on Wednesday, April 25, 2018, honoring students for their achievem ents during the past year. T he recipients of the Ta x Executive Institute Scholarship, C l yd e Galbraith Scholarship, Ali Naggar Scholarship, Maillie Scholarship, a nd Wipfli Scholarship were recognized . T he departm ent also handed out t he PICPA Senior Award, Wayland Scha t z Award, and the Accounting Spirit Award. T he evening concluded wit h Dr. Kevin Flynn honoring Adam B or r e l l i ‘99 with the Outstanding Alum ni Award.

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ECONOM I C S & F I N AN C E G A L A T h e Ec o no m ics and Fi nance

Todd R a ndo l ph a nd S y dne y

D ep ar t m ent r ecently held

Trei man . S e v e r a l a l um ni

i t s fir s t Ec o no mi cs &

v i si ted wi t h f a c u l t y a nd

F i n a nc e G ala on Apri l 20,

gav e th e g r a du a t i n g

2 01 8, at t he W CU Alumni

seni ors v a l u a bl e c a r e e r

a n d Fo und at io n Center.

and li fe a dv i c e .

T h e event p r o v i ded a u n i q ue o p p o r t uni ty for the

Some o f t h e e v e ni ng s

d ep ar t m ent t o recog ni ze

hi ghli gh t s we r e t he

t h e har d wo r k of i ts best

i nducti o n o f 18 n e w

s tu dent s, and prov i ded

membe r s i n t o O m i c r o n

f a c ult y, st ud ents, and

Delta E ps i l o n , t h e N a t i o na l

a l u mni t he chance to

E conomi c s Ho n o r S o c i e t y,

i n ter act o ut s ide of the

and tw o g u e s t s pe a k e r s .

c l a s sr o o m environment.

W CU al um ni , An dr e w

A b o ut 5 0 p eo p l e attended

Clarke M S ’ 15, who i s

t h e event , inc l udi ng

now a se ni o r i nv e s t m e n t

f a c ult y, alum ni , students,

strategi s t a t Va ng u a r d, a n d

a n d t heir fr iends and

R yotaro Ta s hi r o , a r e g i o na l

f a m ily.

economi c a dv i s o r a t t he Federal Re s e r v e B a nk o f

T h e evening included a

Phi lade l phi a , bo t h s po k e t o

r e s ear ch p o s t er sessi on

those in a t t e n da n c e .

w i th Eco no m ic s majors,

RAM REPORT | Summer 2018

SPR IN G B R E A K TR I P     CRIMINAL JUSTICE STUDENTS IN POLAND                                      D r. Chr is Pr z emi eni ecki , A s s i s t ant Pr o f e ssor o f C r im inal Justi ce, l ed 1 8 s t ud ent s from t h e Cr im inal Ju sti ce D ep ar t m ent o n an ei g htd a y s p r ing b r eak tri p to Pol a nd . Their i ti nerary i n c l u d ed visit ing p o l i ce agenc ies, pri son o f f i cials , and members o f the Po lish c ourts. I n a dd it io n t o l earni ng a b o ut Po land ’s cri mi nal j u s t ic e sys t em , the

occupi e d Po l a nd, i s no w

Pr i s o n S e r v i c e s , G e n e r a l

g r oup visit ed Auschwi tz

a maxi m u m - s e c ur i t y

Ja c e k Ki t l i ńs k i , wh o ga v e

Co n c ent r at io n Camp, the

pri son. Th e s t u de n t s a l s o

a s pe c i a l pr e s e n t a t i on

S a l t M ines , t he Poli sh

recei v e d a s pe c i a l s e l f -

a bo u t t he pr i s o n s y st e m i n

U pr i sing Mus eum, famous

defense t r a i ni ng c l a s s

Po l a nd. WC U t he n t r a v e l e d

c a t hed r als and castles, and

from Po l a n d’s c ur r e nt

t o t he Po l i c e Ac a de my i n

a t t end ed a s o ccer match.

and form e r k a r a t e wo r l d

t he t o wn o f S zc zy t no a n d

champi o ns .

m e t wi t h po l i c e o f f i c i a l s

T h e fir s t p ar t of the tri p

a nd r e c e i v e d a n e xt e n si v e

w a s s p ent in K raków, and

Duri ng t he i r v i s i t t o

t o u r o f t h e i r a c a de m y.

i t c o nclud ed Warsaw.

Warsaw, WC U s t u de n t s

L a s t l y, t h e s t u de n t s m e t

W h i le in K r ak o w, the

v i si ted Po l a nd’s Ju di c i a l

wi t h r e t i r e d m e m be rs of

s tu dent s vis it ed wi th

Branch- t h e S u pr e m e C o u r t ,

JW G R O M , Po l a n d’s e l i t e

l o c al p o lice, met wi th a

the Cent r a l F o r e ns i c L a b

c o unt e r - t e r r o r i s m un i t t h a t

c r i minal d ef ense attorney,

where ba l l i s t i c s , D N A,

wo r k s s i de - by - s i de w i t h

a n d vis it ed Mo ntelupi ch,

drugs, a nd c o m pu t e r s a r e

U S Na v y S e a l s o n m i s si on s

a h i st o r ic p r ison from

analyze d, a nd t o ur e d t h e

c o m ba t i ng i nt e r na t i o n a l

t h e ear ly 2 0 t h century

i nfamou s M o k o t ó w Pr i s o n ,

a nd do m e s t i c t e r r o r ism .

t h a t was us ed by the

where m a ny Po l i s h c i t i ze n s

G es tap o d ur ing World

also lost t h e i r l i v e s dur i ng

Wa r II. Mo nt elupi ch,

the Sov i e t - C o m m uni s t

r e c ognized as one of the

era. T he s t ude nt s a l s o

w or st Nazi p r isons duri ng

met wi t h t h e D i r e c t o r o f


RAM REPORT | Summer 2018


DEPART M E N T N E WS & N O TES Prison, considered one of


the most humane prisons in

Pr o f es s o r s Pr e s e n t At Willist o wn F r i e n d s

the world. He elaborated on

Criminal Justice Professors

for the humane treatment of

Dr. Michael E. Antonio and Dr.

prisoners, and the normality

Sami Abdel-Salam were part

principle which focuses on

of a panel of speakers invited

the smaller the difference

to present on “Re-imaging

between inside and outside

Justice” at Willistown Friends

of prison, the easier the

Meeting on February 10,

transition from prison to

A C C O U N T I NG B e ta A lp ha P si S tu de n ts Pa r t i c i p a t e I n Atl an ti c Coa s t Reg i o nal Me e ti n g


freedom upon release.

The program gave prospective

Eight members of Beta

in the United States and what

D r. A b d e l - S a l a m S p e a ks A t Ph i l a d elp h ia Tr e a tme n t C o u r t

Alpha Psi, honor society

changes could be made for

Dr. Sami Abdel-Salam also

for financial information

improvement. Antonio shared

spoke at The Philadelphia

students, attended the

his insights on the current

Treatment Court on April 27,

Atlantic Coast Regional

prison system population

2018, regarding a research

Meeting for Beta Alpha Psi

profiles for both the state of

project he has been involved

chapters on March 16 and

Pennsylvania and the United

with called CJ-DATS2. He

17 in Wilmington, Del. Two

States, and how over the

shared his experiences with

groups of WCU students

current five-year period the

“change team in CJ settings”

competed in the Best

population of prisoners has

to increase inter-agency

Practices competition, and

been in a decline.

collaboration on issues

on the current prison system

one group presented during

involving substance abuse

the Chapter Operations

Abdel-Salam shared his


research on Norway’s Halden

The Regional Meeting provides for chapters to

the Nelson Mandela Rules

treatment for offenders.


learn about leadership


opportunities as well as

Dr. Simon Condliffe, Department

network with their fellow

of Economics & Finance,

peers and colleagues. It is an

was quoted in the Philly.

opportunity for members to

com article “Pa.’s gambling

explore their strengths and

expansion is high-stakes for towns such as Bensalem, host

weaknesses, as well as meet

to Parx Casino”: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/

others members from the


different chapters.


RAM REPORT | Summer 2018



D r. K a ts i o l o u d e s Pr e s e n ts A t H u man Re s o u r c e D e v e l o p m en t Conference

Barndt and Economics

Management Professor

and Finance Assistant

Dr. Vicky Katsioloudes,

Professor Dr. Megan

alongside Nicole Cannonier

Teague were both

(Savannah State University),

selected by the West

presented their work on

Chester University

“Student Leadership Self-

softball team to throw out

efficacy” at the 2018

the first pitch prior to a

Academy of Human Resource

Accounting Department

doubleheader this season.

The softball team

Development International

Barndt was invited on

developed “The First Pitch

Conference in the Americas

Friday, March 30, against

Program” in which softball

held on February 15, 2018 in

Kutztown University, and

players select faculty

Richmond, Va.

Teague had the honor

members across campus

on Thursday, April 26,

who have supported them

against University of the

throughout their academic



D r. C a l v a n o At Tr an s f er Ad mi s s i o n a n d Ad vis in g C o mmi tte e Jared Brown, Director of New Student Programs at WCU,

G EOG R AP HY & PL AN N IN G Ye a r E nd E v ent & I n d u c t i o n C ere mo n y

Kutzler, Dylan Martin,

and Management Professor

Grace McDonough, Kathrine

Dr. Lisa Calvano presented

Nash, Caroline O’Connor,

about the College of Business

On May 11, 2018, the

Matthew Pistritto, Shannon

and Public Management’s

Geography and Planning

Ryan, Morgan Sapia, Richard

transfer student initiatives

Department honored its

Simpson, Andrew Walker,

at the Transfer Admission

28 graduating students,

Andrew Wright, and Jack

and Advising Committee

including 20 undergraduates


Conference at Widener

and eight graduate students, and the Gamma Theta Upsilon inductees at its End-of-theYear event. The following students were inductees into Gamma Theta Upsilon: Michael Baxter, Elizabeth Bechtel, Nicholas Bonney, John Capista, Anthony Colasurdo, Aaron Gallant, Samuel Gangel, Lilly Gintowt, Jason Karian, Kimberly

University on May 24, 2018.


RAM REPORT | Summer 2018



AMA Int e rnatio na l Coll e giate Co nf er enc e In April, six WCU students, Randall Bazley, Amanda Lee, Angelyn Dawkins, Katrina DelViscio, Tess Ripper, and Laura Reyes, along with Professor Dr. Liz Wang, attended the AMA 40th Annual

address at WCU’s Global

r e t i na l di s e a s e ( Re t i n i t i s

International Collegiate

Accessibility Awareness Day

Pi g m e nt o s a ) whi c h h a s

Conference in New Orleans,

on May 16, 2018. Global

r o bbe d hi m o f m o s t of h i s

La. The students participated

Accessibility Awareness Day

vi si on , and reflected on his

in the Student Research

is designed to get people

own experiences.

Poster Session, Marketing

talking, thinking, and

Strategy Competition, and

learning about digital access

Sales Competition.

and inclusion for people with

G lobal Acce ssibilit y Aw a re ne ss D a y

Cohen shared his story of

PUB LIC POLICY & ADMINIST R AT ION Crossney Part of Frederick Douglass Institute Panel

Marketing Professor Dr. Alex

bei ng di a g n o s e d a t a g e

Dr. Kristen Crossney,

Cohen delivered the keynote

20 wi th de g e ne r a t i v e

Associate Professor of Public

different disabilities.


but switched to Urban and Regional

The first Master in

her technical (GIS) abilities, but stayed

Urban and Regional

close to planning by connecting the

Planning degree

technology to planning applications. Her

was awarded on

thesis explores the movement of millennials

May 12, 2018, to

back to the suburbs and investigates

Katelyn Thompson.

location preferences of millennials in

She was also

Chester County.

Planning. She worked hard at developing

honored with the Outstanding

Thompson has accepted a position with Esri

Student Award in the program.

in Arlington, Va., as a technical writer for ArcGIS Hub, one of their newest programs,

Thompson came to WCU directly after

that has wide-spread application for local

earning her undergraduate degree and

municipalities to help manage planning and

began in the M.A. in Geography program,

other municipal operations.

RAM REPORT | Summer 2018


M.S. IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT GRADUATE Kathryn Bove, a student in the Master’s of Science in Human Resource Management program was honored with the Outstanding Student Award. Bove has over 12 years of experience as a HR professional. She has worked in the Office of Human Resources at WCU since 2009, and is currently serving as the Interim Bove received her B.S. in Business Logistics Associate Director.

from The Pennsylvania State University. She is certified as a Professional in Human

Prior to joining WCU, Bove worked in the

Resources (PHR, SHRM-CP), and is a

human resources department for a media

member of the Society of Human Resource

research company in West Chester, Pa.

Management (SHRM). WCU: Cristina A. Dertouzos,

was selected to be on the

Pi Al p ha Alpha Inductions & AS PA Annual Awards

panel of guests as part of the

The 6th Annual Awards

Holliday, Outstanding Young

Frederick Douglass Institute’s

Ceremony of the Central

Professional Award in Public

Lunch (En)Counters spring

Pennsylvania Chapter of the

Administration; and Dr.


American Society for Public

Jeffrey L. Osgood, Excellence

Administration (ASPA), in

in Public Service Award in

The panel discussion’s

partnership with Pi Alpha

Public Administration.

topic was The Color of Law

Alpha, was held on May 8,

taken from author Richard

2018, in the Pennsylvania

Students were inducted into

Rothstein’s book about new

State Capitol.

Pi Alpha Alpha, The Global

Policy and Administration,

forms of segregation in

Student Paper Award; Matt

Honor Society for Public

America today. The subject

The awards ceremony

Affairs & Administration, to

is relevant to the mission

recognized the following from

conclude the event.

of the Frederick Douglass Institute and to West Chester University to better our students understanding of how the color of law is shaping their lives and the lives of their academic colleagues, community, and society.

RAM REPORT | Summer 2018



A PLETHORA OF OUTSIDE VOICES Col l eg e o f B usi n e ss an d P u b l i c Ma nagem ent students had the honor to ga i n e xp eri enc e f ro m a v ari e ty o f gu e st speakers during the spring sem ester b o t h in c la s s a nd du ri n g sp e ci al e v e n ts .


in the Geospatial and Asset

Former skateboard prodigy,

Management Division of

film and TV star, and

POWER Engineers, was in Dr.

bestselling author Brandon

Joy Fritschle’s Environmental

Novak was on campus

Planning class on April

February 19, 2018, speaking

11, 2018, to talk to both

in Criminal Justice Professor

graduate and undergraduate

Dr. Sami Abdel-Salam’s Drugs,

students about GIS mapping

Crime and Justice class.

of Philadelphia’s urban

Novak uses his personal

Sham began the presentation

story of fame, addiction and

asking those in attendance if

recovery to shed light and

they knew the source of their

hope for those battling drug

drinking water. Throughout

and alcohol abuse.

his discussion, he elaborated


on the water delivery process, different types of contaminants that can be found in water sources, and the importance and benefits of protecting our water sources. Peter Godfrey, who is a


Senior Strategic Consultant

The Management Department


hosted several guest speakers

The Geography and Planning

this semester. West Chester

Department hosted Dr. Chi

Mayor Dianne Herrin was

Ho Sham, Vice President

on campus March 20, 2018,

and Chief Scientist for

for a discussion about her

Eastern Research Group, for

leadership journey as part

a discussion about land use

of the senior management

and source water protection

seminar. Herrin talked about

on February 7, 2018. Dr.

her rise in politics and what

RAM REPORT | Summer 2018

drove her to run for mayor.


She also shared key traits, especially on communication, for effective leadership with the students.

future employers, while

WCU alumni Rick Loughery

demonstrating how the

MPA’10 DPA’17, who is

power of questions will lead

currently the Chester County


Recorder of Deeds, was on campus April 16, 2018,

Dan Kessler, President of


speaking to students in the

Energage, which works with

The Public Policy and

Policy Analysis and Program

businesses to create a strong,

Administration Department

Evaluation class. Loughery

more engaged workplace

hosted Pennsylvania State

discussed his efforts with The

culture, spoke to students

Senator Andy Dinniman, 19th

Coatesville Second Century

in the Organizational Theory

District Representative,

Alliance, and answered

Behavior class on April 10,

on April 12, 2018, for a

questions from students

2018. Kessler discussed the

discussion about Sunoco’s

about the research and

importance of culture driving

Mariner East II pipeline that

evaluation process in both his

the work place. He talked

runs through West Whiteland

job as recorder of deeds and

about employee engagement

Township. Students gained

the alliance.

being the best measure of

insights into local, state, and

culture. He further told

national policy issues and the

students that culture is the

environmental impact that

last remaining source of

the pipeline has on the local

competitive advantage for


business and described ways that companies can build it. Kevin Connor from Modern Strategic Branding & Communications was in class on April 13, 2018, for an interactive discussion on branding. Connor engaged with the students in exercises on branding oneself for

RAM REPORT | Summer 2018


ODE UNDERGRADUATE ECONOMICS CONFERENCE undergraduates in the region. The four WCU student presenters and their topic papers were: Presenter: Justin Wallace Crime, Guns and Money: The Impact of Wealth Inequality on State-level Crime Rates Presenter: John O’Brien Economics and Finance Professors Dr.

Fun or Future Funds: The Effect Party

Tom Andrew and Dr. Michael Malcolm

Schools Atmosphere Has on Future Earnings

accompanied four Economics students on April 20, 2018, to present their Capstone

Presenter: Jim Procter

Projects at this year’s Omicron Delta

Does Winning a Super Bowl Increase

Epsilon Undergraduate Business and

Productivity in a City?

Economics Research Conference at Ursinus College. The event attracts students from

Presenter: Madison Paradise

regional colleges and universities, and is a

Price of Fossil Fuels and Renewable Energy

showcase for some of the best economics


STUDENTS PARTICIPATE IN MOCK PRISON RIOT A group of select Criminal Justice students

and establish potential internships and

recently had the prison experience of

employment for the WCU students.

a lifetime, as they along with Dr. Chris Przemieniecki, Assistant Professor and Mock

The Mock Prison Riot is an international

Prison Riot coordinator, participated in

annual training event that brings

the annual Mock Prison Riot Conference/

correctional and law enforcement officials

Training Scenarios on April 30 through May

together to share ideas and improve their

2. The event is held at the West Virginia

techniques in dealing with incorrigible

State Penitentiary, a former maximum

inmates. Not only do the officers benefit

security prison outside of Wheeling, W.Va.

from engaging in ‘real-life’ scenarios, but students learn the value and importance

For the last five years, WCU’s Department

of the corrections field and possibly find a

of Criminal Justice has been invited to

new career. This year there was over 1,000

attend the Mock Prison Riot and participate

law enforcement and correctional officers

in training exercises, attend workshops/

from all over North and Central America,

seminars, conduct research, meet with

Europe, Asia, and Africa.

criminal justice technology vendors,

RAM REPORT | Summer 2018

STUDENT-ATHLETE SUCCESS Madi s on Kelly Accounting/Finance Madison Kelly was selected to the 2018 Google Cloud Academic All-District Two Softball team, selected by the College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA). The team recognized the nation’s top student-athletes for their combined performance on the field and in the classroom. Kelly ended the season starting 58 games for the Golden Rams, batting .339 with 34 RBIs. She collected 61 hits, including 17

II National Finals this season as champions

doubles, one triple and three home runs.

of the Atlantic Region.

West Chester advanced to the NCAA Division Jared Melone collected a plethora of on-field awards this season, including four Player of the Year citations, while being awarded for his academic achievements on the Google Cloud Academic All-District Two Baseball team by the College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA). Highlighting Melone’s postseason awards was being the Player of the Year by the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC), D2Collegiate Commissioners Association (D2CCA), National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association (NCBWA), and Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC). He was also selected American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA)/ Rawlings first team All-America, and second team All-America by both the Conference Commissioners Association

Jare d Me l one Accounting

(CCA) and National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association (NCBWA).


RAM REPORT | Summer 2018


ALUMNI NE W S    RECOGNITIONS                                     CHRISTINA BRENNER, BUSINESS MANAGEMENT ‘90 & STEVEN BRENOSKIE, CRIMINAL JUSTICE, ‘06 Congratulations to the College of Business and Public Management alumni who were honored at the 15th Annual Legacy of Leadership Dinner as Class of 2018 honorees. Christina Brenner, Class of ’90 (Business Management) and Steven Brenoskie, Class of ’06 (Criminal Justice) were part of a class of eight recipients. The Legacy of Leadership Dinner recognizes alumni who have demonstrated service to the institution through student leadership and continue to utilize those leadership skills in their lives today. Also recognized at the event are faculty and staff who demonstrate a commitment to student leadership through their volunteer advisement of student organizations and/or have provided exceptional service and leadership to students. As a student, Brenner worked at the Sykes Student Union Copy Center and served as Sykes Student Director for two years. Brenner has also spent the majority of her professional life at WCU. She held the positions of Associate Director of Sykes Student Union from 1995-2014, Director of Judicial Affairs and Student Assistance from 2014-2017, and she recently took on the role of Assistant Dean of Students, Student Conduct. Brenner’s many contributions to West Chester’s campus community include her service as the advisor to the Off Campus and Commuter Association from 1995-2013. Brenoskie was involved in the Friars Society, Interfraternity Council, Student Government Association, and Theta Chi Fraternity where he served as President and Vice President. He was also a Resident Assistant at Sanderson Hall and a Student Ambassador. Brenoskie is currently a Security Forces Officer for the United States Air Force, and is the United States Air Force representative in San Diego for the FBI’s InfraGard program, which is an initiative to pair public and private sector leaders in an effort to protect the critical infrastructure of the United States.

RAM REPORT | Summer 2018



EV ENT S IN TH E S U MM E R    CALENDAR                                    



STARTUP WEEKEND Looking for feedback on an idea, a co-founder, specific skill set, or a team to help you execute? Startup Weekend is the perfect environment in which to test your idea and take the first steps towards launching your own startup.

For more information and to register visit: http://communities. techstars.com/usa/ west-chester-pa-usa/ startup-weekend/12645


G l a d w e l l ’s b o o k D a v i d and Goliath. If you are interested in participating or want more information please email Dr. Olejarksi by June 1st at AOlejarski@ wcupa.edu.

M PA SUMMER BOOK CLUB G R A N D PA R E N T S Dr. Amanda Olejarski in the U N I V E R S I T Y Department of Public Policy Grandparents University is and Administration will be a specially crafted program leading a MPA Summer Book designed for grandparents Club. The club will meet and their grandchildren to on select Tuesdays during s h a r e a n u n f o r g e t t a b l e , the summer at Split Rail t h r e e - d a y e d u c a t i o n a l Tavern in downtown West e x p e r i e n c e o n W C U ’s In just 54 hours, you will Chester. The first meeting campus. Find out more at experience the highs, lows, is June 5 reviewing Malcolm www.wcugpu.com fun, and pressure that make up life at a startup. OTH E R DAT E S T O R E ME MBE R You will be engage with the M AY great mentors, investors, 29 First Day of Summer I semester cofounders, and sponsors J U N E w h o a re rea d y to h e lp . 14-15, 20-22, 27-29 First-Year Student Orientation Part 1 27

Beginning with Friday night pitches and continuing through brainstorming, business plan development, and basic prototype creation, Startup Weekend culminates on Sunday night with demos and presentations.


Graduate Information Session

J U LY 2

First Day of Summer II semester


Independence Day - University closed

A U GU S T 9

Graduate Open House

16-17, 20

Transfer Student Orientation


First-Year Student Orientation Part 2,

Move-in Weekend


First Day of Fall Semester 2018

College of Business and Public Management Summer 2018 Newsletter  

West Chester University's College of Business and Public Management Summer 2018 Newsletter

College of Business and Public Management Summer 2018 Newsletter  

West Chester University's College of Business and Public Management Summer 2018 Newsletter

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