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RAM REPORT COLLEGE OF BUSINESS and public management




PLUS Department, Faculty, and Student Highlights

RAM REPORT | Spring 2018





in the news, and events from the seven

the College of Business and Public

departments within the College of

Management to study abroad during the

Business and Public Management.

COTTRELL ENTREPRENEURSHIP LEADERSHIP CENTER Global Entrepreneurship Week was hosted in November; Angel Venture Fair Wo r k s h o p w a s p r e s e n t e d i n Ja n u a r y ; Creative Financial Scholarship winners



13 HONOR SOCIETIES Fall induction ceremonies were held for several honor societies within the College of Business and Public Management.

14 STUDENT-ATHLETE SUCCESS College of Business and Public Management students excel not only on the fields, but also in the classroom.

The Geography and Planning Department

Learn more about some of the CBPM star

began offering a new Master’s in U rban


and Regional Planning during the fall 2017.


Highlights of student success, faculty

Learn about opportunities within




FACULTY NEWS Find out which faculty members in the College of Business and Public Management have received awards and publications.

16 ALUMNI IN THE NEWS College of Business and Public Management alumni who have been highlighted in the news.

17 EVENTS IN THE SPRING Important dates to remember of events taking place this spring in the College of Business and Public Management.



FOR INQUIRIES, FEEDBACK OR COMMENTS, PLEASE CONTACT: D a n a h Al l e n Office of the Dean C o l l e g e o f B us i n e s s & P ubl i c M a na g e m e n t We s t C h e s t e r U n i v e r s i t y 50 S ha r pl e s s D r i v e We s t C h e s t e r, PA 1 9 3 8 3 610- 436- 2055 c bpm @wc u pa . e du

RAM REPORT | Spring 2018



The Semester Ahead F o c using o n t hree st rat egic init iat ives ... I n te rnat io nal, Int erdiscipline, Inno vation


he first six months of my

internationalized economy. In

critical thinking skills through

time as Dean of the College

the college, we will look to

promoting innovation. It’s one

of Business and Public

expand our efforts to train our

thing to think about a new

Management have gone much

graduates to be successful in

product or creative idea; it’s

like you might expect: a lot of

this internationalized economy,

another thing to implement

meetings, a lot of new faces,

whether that’s through more

that product or idea. Our

and a lot of learning. Among

international content across

curricula and programs of study

all of those meetings and new

academic programs, more

should prepare our students

faces, I have learned that this

study abroad opportunities,

and alumni to think critically

college has a great story to

or through more international

and innovatively within their

tell, and we will spend these

visitors to classrooms and the

chosen careers.

coming months telling that


story as best as we can. We

I wish everyone in our college

have dedicated faculty and

Second, I want to emphasize

community a happy and healthy

staff, accomplished students,

one of the core strengths of this

New Year! I look forward to

and successful alumni. I hope

college: its interdisciplinary

meeting as many of you in our

you enjoy reading about

structure (business + public

college community as I can over

these members of our college

management). Our students

these next months. If you find

community in our quarterly

and alumni do not work in

yourself in West Chester, don’t


the artificial academic silos

be afraid to stop by and say

that we create as part of

hello and see the new building.

As I plan for the semester

our degree programs. Our

It’s great!

ahead, I remain focused on

curricula and programs of study

three strategic initiatives.

should reflect the reality that

First, while our college

thinking across the business or

community is firmly grounded

organization is required to be

Anthony “Tony” R. Wheeler, PhD

in the Philadelphia region,

successful in any job.


we will continue to prepare

Warm Regards,

College of Business & Public

our students and alumni for

Finally, I believe that we

living and working within an

develop student and alumni


RAM REPORT | Spring 2018



TAKING YOUR EDUCATION GLOBAL Coll e g e o f B u s i n e s s a n d Pu b lic M anagement st udent s have several oppo r t uni t i e s to e xp e r i e n c e learning o n t he int ernat io nal st age t hr o ugh st ud y a b r o a d p r o g r a ms.


est Chester University

“ I learn e d a l o t f r o m b e i n g

A three-week Study Abroad

offers nearly 800

outsi de o f t he c l a s s r o o m

in Business, Economics and

opportunities for

duri ng m y t r i p be c a u s e I

Culture Study in China is

study abroad year-round,

parti ci p a t e d i n c o m pa n y

also available to students

but three summer programs

v i si ts a n d s e r v i c e l e a r n i n g

June 29-July 21, 2018.

during 2018 of particular

at a BE L A i n t e r n a t i o n a l

This program will be led

interest to students in the

hi gh sc ho o l . ”

Economics and Finance

College of Business and

professors, Dr. Huimin (Amy)

Public Management are a pair of Business, Economics, & Culture Study in China trips and Geography and Sustainability in Kyrgyzstan.

Studying abroad allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and have the opportunity to visit a new country, culture and language.

Studying abroad gives

- Madelin Lemus

students a unique opportunity to expand on learning possibilities outside the classroom and engage in

The first Study Abroad China

Li and Dr. Dazhi Zheng.

cultural and life lessons. WCU

program is being offered May

Students will attend the

senior Business Management

17-27, 2018, and students

international summer school

student Madelin Lemus was

will visit Beijing, Shenzhen,

run by our partner university:

one of the students that

and Hong Kong. During the

Southwest University of

went on the 2017 Summer

summer of 2017, Management

Finance and Economics

International Business and

professors Dr. Linda Zhu and

(SWUFE). All students will

Management Study in China

Dr. Tony (Guohua) Jiang led a

register for six credit hours


Study Abroad China program

of WCU coursework while

with nine students. For more

participating in this program.

“ I really enj o ye d my study

information, please contact

The courses will be taught at

a b r oad t r ip , ” L emus sai d.

Dr. Zhu at xzhu@wcupa.edu.

SWUFE and will incorporate

RAM REPORT | Spring 2018

lectures, business visits, and

is designed to introduce

de v e l o pm e n t . C o nt a c t Dr.

tourist places sightseeing in

students to the history,

M e g a n He c k e r t f o r m or e

Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and

environment, and culture of

i nf o r m a t i o n a t m h e r k e r t @

Chengdu. A combination of

Kyrgyzstan, a former Soviet

wc u pa . e du.

coursework and experiential

Republic in central Asia. As

learning in China will enable

students travel through the

L e m u s r e c o m m e n ds t h a t

students from WCU to gain a

country, they will learn about

a ny s t ude nt h a v i n g t h e

first-hand understanding of

the physical environment

o ppo r t uni t y t o t a k e a st u d y

Chinese economy, business

of Kyrgyzstan and how its

a br o a d t r i p c a pi t a l i z e on

practices and culture and

tenure in the Soviet Union

i t , a nd t h a t t he e xpe r i e n ce

thereby become more

has shaped Kyrgyz culture

y o u r e c e i v e i s wo r t h i t .

competitive and attractive

and current environmental

job candidates in today’s

and economic conditions.

“S t udy i ng a br o a d a l l ow e d

global labor market.

Students will learn about

m e t o s t e p o ut s i de o f m y

specific environmental

c o m f o r t zo n e a nd h a v e

Students majoring in

concerns and some of the

t he o ppo r t u n i t y t o vi si t a

Geography also have the

efforts being made to

ne w c o u n t r y, c ul t ur e a n d

chance to study abroad on a

address them. Students will

l a ng u a g e , ” L e m us s a i d . “ I

two-week trip to Kyrgyzstan

further explore issues of

a m a g l o ba l a m ba s s a d or for

with GEO 304 (Geography of

environmental justice and

t he C e n t e r o f I n t e r n a t i on a l

Asia) June 9-21, 2018, for

how environmental concerns

Programs (CIP), so I

Geography and Sustainability

go hand in hand with issues

e nc o ur a g e o t h e r s t u d e n t s

in Kyrgyzstan. This program

of poverty and economic

t o s t u dy a br o a d a s w e l l .”


RAM REPORT | Spring 2018





Entrepreneurship Leadership G e no B a r be r a , B a r be r a Au t o l a nd

Center hosted a series of events from Monday, November 13 to Friday,

D e br a B l a i r, D e br a B l a i r D e s i g n , WC U En t r e pr e n e u r i n Re s i d e n c e

November 18 to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week. Over 850 persons participated

and Delaware County

in the week’s events,

co-hosting a women’s

which included a student

entrepreneurship conference,

entrepreneur lunch,

which included a presentation

information sessions for

by WCU Entrepreneur in

the PA Student Business

Residence, Debra Blair.

Plan competition, three entrepreneur guest

Global Entrepreneurship

presentations, a networking

Week is celebrated around

event, an entrepreneurship

the globe each year during

workshop, and a guest

the third week in November

speaker on negotiations.

to commemorate “startups that bring ideas to life, drive

Additionally, the week

economic growth and expand

culminated with the Cottrell

human welfare.”

Center and SCORE Chester

S o l o m o n B r e nne r, Ac t i o n Ka r a t e L i s a M . B r y a nt , LM Bryant Consulting Jo h n C a l d w e l l , Patent Attorney Brian Dainis, Curotec B a r b D e n c zi , B r y n M a wr Tr us t C o m pa ny Tracy Flanagan, JD o g F r a n c h i s e D e bi F r i e dm a n n , B l u e D o g Pr i nt i ng a n d Design M a r k L u br a g g e , 3 2 1 I m pa c t ! M a r c y S ho e m a k e r, P sy D, C l i n i c a l P s y c ho l o g i st D o n n a U r i a n , C PA, MST, Fischer Cunnane & As s o c i a t e s

RAM REPORT | Spring 2018

angel venture fair workshop


On Tues d ay, January 9, m o re t han 7 5 people g ath er e d at West Ch ester U n i ver s it y’s Graduate B u s i n ess Cent er for t h e A ngel Vent ure Fai r

i nv esto r s a n d pr e pa r e f o r

the area providing legal

E du cat io nal Workshop,

attenda n c e a t t he a n n u a l

a n d i nv e s t o r s t r a t e g i e s for

p r e s ent ed jo intly

Angel Ve n t u r e F a i r ( AV F ) i n

s t a r t ups t o c o ns i de r w h e n

b y WCU’s D r. Edwi n

May 201 8. The AV F i s t he

pi t c hi ng t he i r c o m pa n i e s

Co tt r ell Ent r epreneuri al

larg est g a t he r i ng o f a n g e l

to investors.

Lea d er s hip Center and the

i nv esto r s a n d e nt r e pr e -

Ch e st er Co unt y Economi c

neurs i n t he m i d- At l a n t i c

D r. M o ni c a Zi m m e r m a n ,

D ev e lo p m ent Counci l’s

reg i on, h a v i n g s ho wc a s e d

m a n a g e m e nt pr o f e s s or a n d

I d ea s x Inno vati on Network

more tha n 500 c o m pa n i e s

D i r e c t o r o f t he D r. E d w i n

( i 2 n ).

duri ng t he l a s t 19 y e a r s .

C o t t r e l l En t r e pr e n e u r i a l L e a de r s h i p C e nt e r, w a s

Participants learned how

The wor k s ho p f e a t u r e d

o ne o f t he e xpe r t s on t h e

t o s ucc ess f ully pi tch to

two pane l s wi t h e xpe r t s i n

i n v e s t o r pa ne l .

CREATIVE FINANCIAL GROUP SCHOLARSHIP Congratulations to the 2017 winners of the Creative Financial Group Scholarship, Nicole Boylan, a Management and Marketing major, and Thomas Clark, a Finance major. The Creative Financial Group Scholarship recognizes entrepreneurial-minded students interested in the financial services industry. It was established by Gary Daniels, co-founder of the Creative Financial Group and alumnus of West Chester University.

RAM REPORT | Spring 2018


NEW PR OG R A M O F F E R I N G S GRADUATE DEGREE OPTION Mas t e r o f U r b a n a n d Regi onal Plann i n g

The program includes a

Graduates of the program will

24-credit core that focuses

be prepared to work in not-

on the history and theory of

for-profit and public sectors.

In the Fall of 2017, the

planning as a professional

For more information, please

Geography & Planning

field, analytical methods

contact Dorothy Ives Dewey,

Department unveiled a new

and plan implementation.

Ph.D., AICP, PP, Chair of

graduate degree: a Master of

Students choose 21 elective

the Geography & Planning

Urban and Regional Planning.

credits based on their

Department, Professor of

interests and desired skills

Planning, divesdewey@

The Master of Urban and

and knowledge for career

wcupa.edu, 610-436-2746.

Regional Planning program is

preparation. All students

designed to prepare students

completed a capstone

to work as professional


planners, economic development specialists, geographic information systems (GIS) analysts and in related fields. Building on the core technology strengths of the department and College, the program will ensure students are trained with cutting-edge geospatial technologies for advanced planning and design applications related to land use and economic development. The Master of Urban and Regional Planning is a 48-credit program that has been designed to accommodate full- or part-time students. The program has been designed to meet all the standards for accreditation by the Planning Accreditation Board.

RAM REPORT | Spring 2018



AWARDS, GRANTS, AND PUBLICATIONS DR. KELLY FISHER, MANAGEMENT Dr. Kelly Fisher (Assistant Professor of Management) and Dr. Anita Foeman (Communication Studies) had their proposal accepted for the Distance Education Access Fee Initiative. A budget sum of $2,550.00 was allotted for their project, which means 45 DNA testing kits, which only provides results on ancestry, will be purchased for online HRM 607 students. The aim of the initiative is to give online Human Resource Management students an opportunity to engage with diversity in a meaningful and developmental way. This is a critical exercise for future HRM professionals as they are frequently the gatekeepers to the care and development of human capital in their respective organizations. Online HRM master students have the option to partake in the DNA project, and then to discuss their experience with their peers along with writing a personal reflection.

DR. PAUL ROTENBERRY, MANAGEMENT Publication: Kass, D., Rotenberry, P., Erdley-Kass, S., & Welch, S. (2017). The Impact of Over- and Underrating on Leadership Performance. International Journal of Business & Applied Sciences, 6, 34-45.

DR. BAHAR ULUPINAR, FINANCE Finance professor Dr. Bahar Ulupinar had her first solo paper accepted for publication by Global Finance Journal. The paper should be published during 2018.

RAM REPORT | Spring 2018


DEPARTME N T N E WS & N O TES A C C O U N T I NG M ike C o p p o la Ch osen t o R ece i v e Ta x E x ec ut i v e I n s t i t ut e S c h o la rs hi p

The scholarship


candidate is

accomplishments such

nominated by

as being a member of

the accounting

an accounting honor

faculty, and must

society or earning an

be approved by the

academic award.

TEI. The scholarship will be applied to the student’s fall


has a “preference

D r. D a z h i Z h e n g a n d D r. H u i mi n ( Amy ) L i Re c o g n i z e d

for pursuing a

Finance professors Dr.

career in the field

Dazhi Zheng and Dr.

of taxation”, and

Huimin (Amy) Li each

also considers the

received awards at

For the ninth

student’s “financial

the WCU Spotlight on

consecutive year,

or economic need”.

Research reception

West Chester

Finally, candidates

on November 8,

publications (journals

University’s tax

must maintain a 3.0

2017. Both Zheng

or book chapters) in

program has been

GPA and demonstrate

and Li had three


2018 tuition. The TEI requires that the scholarship recipient

recognized by the Philadelphia and Harrisburg Chapters


of the Tax Executive Institute (TEI), a


global association

Dr. Orhan Kara, Chairperson of the

of in-house tax

Department of Economics & Finance, is

professionals, as

featured on wallethub.com discussing

one of the top

business credit cards: https://wallethub.

undergraduate tax


programs in the region. To show


its recognition,

Dr. Lisa Calvano, Assistant Department Chair

the TEI awards a

of Management was quoted in the Daily

scholarship to one of

Local News story “Area Business Schools Use

our students. Mike

Headlines To Teach Ethics”: http://www.

Coppola has been


chosen as this year’s


scholarship recipient.


RAM REPORT | Spring 2018

Pedersen has plans to


immediately pursue

F o r t he t hir d consecuti v e

upon obtaining her

year, West Chester

bachelor’s degree

U niver sit y’s Colleg e

from WCU. Growing

o f Bus iness and Publi c

up in the rural area

M anagem ent was recogni zed

of Lehigh County

i n t he U. S . News & World

where farm land

Re p o r t ’s a n n u a l B e s t O n l i n e

has been taken

her master’s degree

M BA Pr o gr ams ranki ngs. West

bus i n e s s pr o g r a m r a n k i n g s ,

over by housing

Ches t er Univ ersi ty ranked

scor e s pr o g r a m s ba s e d

development and

i n t he To p 1 00 for i ts onli ne

upo n t he f o l l o wi ng c r i t e r i a :

growing business, she

M BA p r o gr am, accordi ng

stude nt e n g a g e m e n t ;

has seen firsthand

t o t he p ub licati on’s 2018

adm i s s i o n s s e l e c t i v i t y ;

how important the

r ank ings .

pee r r e put a t i o n ; f a c u l t y

role planning plays

crede n t i a l s a n d t r a i ni ng ;

in land preservation

U .S . News , whi ch prov i des

and s t ude nt s e r v i c e s a n d

and environmental

t he nat io n’s premi er onli ne

tech n o l o g y.


GIS Day G E O G R A P HY & P LA N N I N G Gr a ce M c D o nou gh & Cai t li n Ped e rse n Awarded George F a s i c P la nni ng S c h o la rs hi p

The Geography and

The 2017 George

the Philadelphia

Fasic Planning

Police Department,

Planning Department hosted GIS Day on November 15, 2017. Kevin Thomas, Director of Research and Analysis for

Scholarship has been

studying planning,

Member in Christiana,

Intelligence Bureau,

awarded to Grace

with a demonstrated

Pa. It was in council

at Delaware Valley

McDonough and

interest in pursuing

meetings listening

Intelligence Center

Caitlin Pedersen,

a career in planning

to discussions

(DVIC) was the

both sophomores

or preparing for

about waste water

keynote speaker at

majoring in Urban

graduate study in

management and

the event.

and Environmental


treatment, zoning,

Planning. The

land-use planning,


George Fasic

McDonough’s passion

and ordinance writing

Planning Scholarship

for planning began

that sparked her

C a r e e r s I n L aw Event

supports one or two

in high school as she

interest and desire to

On November 1,

undergraduate and/

served as a Junior

study planning.

2017, the WCU Law

or graduate students

Borough Council

Alumni Chapter and


RAM REPORT | Spring 2018


DEPARTME N T N E WS & N O TES the Pre-Law Society

selected for the

hosted a “Careers

West Chester

in Law” information

University College of

and networking

Business and Public

event. The event

Management (CBPM)

was well-attended by

Women Leaders

WCU alumni who are

Fellowship. The

practicing attorneys

fellowship prepares

as well as current

women students

WCU pre-law students

in the CBPM for

who are interested in

leadership challenges

pursuing a career in

students in APPAM


and its activities.

and opportunities in their career and in

supported Kane’s

Tif f any Robertson Selected For Wo m e n L e a d e r s Fellowship

travel and

Tiffany Robertson,

plan and implement

participation in

a student in the

the annual Women

the APPAM Fall

Doctor of Public

Leaders Forum.

Research Conference,


November 2-4, 2017,

program, was

P U B L I C P OL I C Y & A DM I NI ST R AT I ON Ke l l e n K a n e Re c e i v e s 2 0 1 7 A P PAM E q ui t y & I nc lus i o n F e l lo w s hi p

The fellowship

Master of Public

in Chicago.

life. It is a two-year program highlighted by the opportunity to

Administration Kane, was one of


34 students who

West Chester University had its

received the 2017

first two graduates in the M.S.

Association for Public

in Human Resource Management

Policy Analysis and

program this December.

Management (APPAM)

Pictured with Dr. Susan

Equity & Inclusion

Fiorentino, Graduate Associate

Martinez-Zavala has found

Fellowship. The

Director and Professor, is

her career passion in Human

Policy Council and

Mariana Martinez-Zavala and

Resource Management.

APPAM’s Diversity

Bryan Donoghue.

While earning her master’s

student, Kellen

Committee created

in HRM, she made lifelong

the ‘APPAM Equity

Mariana Martinez-Zavala

connections with faculty and

and Inclusion

received her B.A. in Psychology

classmates. She is working to

Fellowship’ in an

from WCU. Previously employed obtain her Society for Human

effort to encourage

as a Bank Teller and Customer

Resource Management (SHRM)

participation by

Service Representative,

Certification later this year.


RAM REPORT | Spring 2018



INDUCTIONS SIGMA IOTA EPSILON Sigma Iota Epsilon, West Chester University’s Management Honors Society, held its Fall 2017 Induction Ceremony on December 14, 2017. Sigma Iota Epsilon inducted nine new members in the 2017 Fall Induction class: Meghan McGuffin, Jeffrey Cappie, McKenzie Hukill, Zohndra Vogdes, Elizabeth Barimani, Margaret Lynch, Christina Valerio, Allayna Yocum, and Hunter Lo Gausch.

PHI ALPHA DELTA On December 11, 2017, Pre-Law students were inducted into the West Chester University chapter of the Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity. The chapter earned recognition this semester after extraordinary efforts by the Pre-Law Executive Board and members of the Pre-Law Society to bring this honor society to the WCU campus.

ALPHA PHI SIGMA West Chester University’s Alpha Phi Sigma/Nu Beta (Criminal Justice Honor Society) held its fifth annual Induction Ceremony on December 7, 2017. The ceremony was dedicated to Honor Society member Jarett Young, who passed away this past summer. The Executive Board has announced it will start a Jarett Young Memorial Scholarship to fund the membership costs of at least one applicant per year.

RAM REPORT | Spring 2018



Bre t t G lasco Business Management

K y l e H o o ps Accounting/Finance

J a s o n P ix l ey E c o n o m ic s / F in a n c e

West Chester University men’s soccer

Glasco was an offensive threat all season,

student-athletes, Brett Glasco, a senior

ending the year as the team leader in

Business Management major, Kyle Hoops,

points (13) after scoring five goals and

a junior Accounting/Finance major, and

providing three assists. Glasco produced

Jason Pixley, a junior Economics/Finance

the game-winning goal in the Golden Ram’s

major, all earned athletic and academic

NCAA Round of 32 victory against East

recognition during the fall of 2017.


Glasco and Hoops were both selected to

Hoops scored two goals, and Pixley had four

the 2017 United Soccer Coaches Association

goals and two assists as the Golden Rams

Division II Men’s Soccer Scholar All-East

had one of the best seasons in program

Region team, 2017 United Soccer Coaches

history in 2017, including a perfect 11-0-0

NCAA Division II Men’s All-Atlantic Region

record in conference play.

team, and the 2017 Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference first team.

The West Chester men’s soccer team had a 14-3-2 overall record to go along with its

Additionally, Hoops was named to The

undefeated record in PSAC play. The Golden

Philadelphia Inquirer Men’s Soccer

Rams won their first NCAA Tournament

Academic All-Area team and the Division II

game in 50 years, and their first NCAA

Conference Commissioners Association DII

Tournament victory in NCAA Division II play.

All-Atlantic Regional second team.

West Chester ultimately fell to the eventual National Champion, University of Charleston

Hoops and Pixley both placed on the 2017 College Sports Information Directors of America Academic All-District Men’s Soccer team.

(Wv.), in the Sweet Sixteen.

RAM REPORT | Spring 2018

STUDENT-ATHLETE SUCCESS Kai tl i n Hatch Marketing West Chester University field hockey junior and Marketing major Kaitlin Hatch was named one of five female fall sports athletes recognized by the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference on its Fall Top 10 list. The Fall Top 10 honors student-athletes competing during the fall season who have excelled both on the field and in the classroom. Hatch is the 34th West Chester student-athlete to be so honored since the

Hatch started all 21 games and led

inception of the award in 1997-98, and just

the team in all three major statistical

the second field hockey player to grace

categories: goals (18), assists (9), points

the conference’s seasonal Top 10 lists. Her

(45). Hatch was named a first-team NFHCA

spot on the Fall Top 10 makes her eligible

All-American, first-team All-PSAC, and

for the Pete Nevins PSAC Scholar-Athlete

first-team All-ECAC. She was also named

of the Year, which will be announced in the

to The Philadelphia Inquirer Academic All-

summer 2018.

Area squad.

Tyler Karpinski Finance/Business Management West Chester University football senior wide receiver Tyler Karpinski, a Finance/ Business Management major, was on the 2017 Philadelphia Inquirer Football Academic All-Area squad. On the field, Karpinski was the main threat on the outside for the Golden Rams’ offense as the team’s leading receiver with a teambest 55 receptions for 787 yards and seven touchdowns. His achievements landed him first-team All-PSAC as well as first-team All-ECAC.


RAM REPORT | Spring 2018


ALUMNI I N TH E N E W S RECOGNITIONS JEFFREY STEIN, CRIMINAL JUSTICE ‘91 Jeffrey Stein, President of ELPS Private Detective Agency, was inducted as a member of the Vidocq Society on January 18, 2018. Founded in 1990, the Vidocq Society’s mission is to act as a catalyst and provide pro bono assistance to law enforcement agencies to aid them in solving cold case homicides. The Vidocq Society is a nonprofit 501c(3) corporation. Stein has more than 25 years of experience in investigative and security services. He is a licensed professional investigator in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and is a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator and Board Accredited Investigator. Stein is the Assistant Executive Director of IntelleNet, a prestigious international network of investigators. He is also the current Chairman of the Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators. Stein is also a Past President of the Board of Directors for the West Chester University Alumni Association. JAMES VITO, CRIMINAL JUSTICE ‘76 James Vito was named the board president of the Chester County Hero Fund on December 6, 2017. The Chester County Hero Fund is a nonprofit that provides financial assistance to the families of paid and volunteer first responders who suffer injury or death in the line of duty. Vito, who retired a year ago as Chester County’s chief county detective, spent 37 years in the district attorney’s office. He began his career in law enforcement in 1976 with the West Goshen Police Department and moved to the county detectives three years later. As he worked his way up in the ranks, he played a key role in many county law enforcement initiatives. CHRIS MULLEN, M.S. ADMINISTRATION, HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ‘05 Chris Mullen, who earned his M.S. in Administration with an emphasis in Human Resource Management, was announced to the board of advisors for The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated, a think tank dedicated to providing research and education on critical workplace issues facing organizations around the globe, on January 23, 2018.

RAM REPORT | Spring 2018





WHAT TO EXPECT IN LAW SCHOOL The WCU Law Alumni Chapter and the Pre-Law Society will host “What to Expect in Law School.” The event will be held in Sykes Union in the evening.



LAND USE AND S O U R C E WAT E R PROTECTION PRESENTATION Dr. Chi Ho Sham, Eastern Re s e a r c h G r o u p c h i e f scientist and vice president, will present on a variety of topics relating to source water protection. The presentation will be held in the BPMC room 208 at 6 p.m.

have the chance to win prizes totaling $7500? Ideas are due by March 4, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. For more information visit: www.wcubizideas.com

The WCU Business Idea R E I M A G I N I N G Competition is co-hosted J U S T I C E : by the Dr. Edwin Cottrell PRISONS AS A N Entrepreneurial Leadership OPPORTUNITY FOR CHANCE Center and the Keiretsu Forum Criminal Justice professors Mid-Atlantic. The Business Dr. Sami Abdel-Salam and Dr. Idea Competition promotes Michael Antonio will present creativity, idea generation, on Reimaging Justice at and entrepreneurship by Willistown Friends beginning recognizing innovative ideas at 10:30 a.m. for new products, services, and technology.




W O M E N ’ S BUSINESS IDEA LEADERSHIP COMPETITION F O R U M S U B M I S S I O N D E A D L I N E The Women’s Leadership Do you have an idea for a Forum is designed for WCU new product, service, or female students to learn technology? Want to get f r o m i n s p i r i n g f e m a l e feedback on your idea, and leaders.




B E TA GAMMA SIGMA CHAPTER INSTALLATION & INDUCTION West Chester University’s College of B usiness a nd Public Management will sponsor the chapter installation ceremony of Beta Gamma Sigma, the honor society for AACSB accredited universities. The event will be held in Sykes Ballroom A, with a reception at 5:30 p.m., and ceremony begining at 6 p.m.

RAM REPORT | Spring 2018


Beta Gamma Sigma is a honors organization whose members have achieved academic excellence in business studies. Founded in 1913, the organization has steadily grown for over 100 years. Beta Gamma Sigma is the exclusive international business honor society associated with AACSB International, and is also a proud, certified member of the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS).

high school students. After judges have reviewed the high school submissions, the top 8 submissions will pitch their idea at West Chester U n i v e r s i t y o n Tu e s d a y, April 10, 2018 to a panel of investors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. The pitch begins at 6:30 p.m. and will be held at the Business and Public Management C e n t e r. T h e f i r s t - p l a c e winner will be eligible to participate in the Business Idea Pitch on April 25.

co-hosted by West Chester U n i v e r s i t y ’s D r. E d w i n Cottrell Entrepreneurial Leadership Center and the Keiretsu Forum MidAtlantic. Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic members and regional business leaders will judge the Idea Pitches. Winners will be announced and awards will be presented at the conclusion of the Idea Pitch.


O U T S TA N D I N G S T U D E N T AND SCHOLARSHIP AWARD CEREMONY The College of Business and Public Management will hold its invitation-only Outstanding Student and Student Scholarship Award Ceremony on Friday, April HACK WCU EVENT 27, beginning at 3 p.m. West Chester 6TH A N N U A L in the Business and Public University will host its first W C U B U S I N E S S Management Center. Hackathon on Saturday I D E A PITCH EVENT and Sunday, April 7-8. The T h e 6 t h A n n u a l W C U H a c k a t h o n i s a 2 4 - h o u r Business Idea Pitch event invention marathon where at West Chester University s t u d e n t p r o g r a m m e r s , will be held on April 25, designers and entrepreneurs 2018 at 5 p.m. The Pitch is can connect and help one another develop and launch their ideas. OTH E R DAT E S T O R E ME MBE R



BUSINESS IDEA HIGH SCHOOL C O M P E T I T I O N The WCU Business Idea Competition includes a track for Chester County


January 22

First Day of Classes, Spring Semester

February 21

Spring Career Fair

March 10-18

Spring Break

May 4

Last Day of Classes, Spring Semester

May 7-11

Final Exams, Spring Semester

May 12-13

Commencement, Spring 2018

WCU College of Business and Public Management Spring 2018 Newsletter  

West Chester University's College of Business and Public Management Spring 2018 Newsletter

WCU College of Business and Public Management Spring 2018 Newsletter  

West Chester University's College of Business and Public Management Spring 2018 Newsletter

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