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Washington Color School Project

The Washington Color School Project is an educational program of International Artists Support Group. IASG was founded in1992 to create exchange and exhibition opportunities for artists.


Over 300 artists have been affiliated

• Sponsor lectures and exhibits

with IASG, and IASG-sponsored

including a symposium and exhibition

exhibitions have traveled globally to

to celebrate the 50th anniversary

France, Russia, India, and China, as well

of the WCS in 2015

as to museums and galleries in the U.S.

• Create an archive of interviews with significant artists, collectors, and curators • Launch an online resource with

Initial support for WCSP provided by

information about the WCS

funds from the

and the activities of

estate of Emily

The Washington Color School Project

Frew Oliver. As

• Publish a complete history of the WCS • Establish a resource center for

a co-founder of


Washington Color School Project

the Carnegie Museum of Art’s Women’s Committee, Mrs. Oliver

continuing research on the WCS

was a lifelong arts advocate

and the history of Washington art

and arts collector.


Washington Art on the World Stage

The Washington Color School

Our mission is to create a

This important chapter in

gained national and international

complete history of

Washington’s history presents a

attention during a time when the

The Washington Color School.

unique opportunity. With your

status of Washington, as a

We will gather first-hand accounts

support, we will be able to

world capitol and a city,

of life and art in Washington

introduce a new generation of

profoundly changed. The artists

from the artists, collectors,

artists and the public to the

associated with this movement

and curators active on the scene

creative and social potential

put Washington on the map of

at the time and later.

of the arts in the city.

and influence continue to shape

This will be a unique contribution

Contributions to the WCSP can be

art in the city to this day.

to the history of Washington

made to IASG, a not-for-profit arts

and contemporary art. As the

organization and sent to:

the art world. Its achievement

In addition to creating the

Project develops its archives

innovative art of their day,

and research, it will become

The Washington Color School Project

these artists were also part of

a resource for critics and historians

1813 Burke Street, SE

the institutional and everyday

interested in this vital period in

Washington, DC 20003

life of the city. Preserving their

American painting.

history will provide a valuable context for understanding Washington’s growth as a cultural and political capital.

Washington Color School Project Brochure  
Washington Color School Project Brochure  

A six-pane brochure that descibes the Washington Color School Project. If you are interested in support a unique hostory of art in the city,...