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Faculty Priority: Recruit, retain, and develop a first-rate professional faculty

capable of mentoring, teaching, and leading our students.

Action: Provide faculty compensation packages –salary, retirement, health care,

and other benefits — that are competitive, that recognize the professional nature of the position, and that attract highly qualified teachers.

Action: Develop non-pecuniary policies and practices that draw potential

faculty candidates to Worthington Christian.

Action: Develop a Faculty Learning Program which encourages teachers to

do in-depth study and presentations about a topic within their disciplines that will; a) promote teaching as learning; b) improve instruction and student learning; and c) benefit the entire faculty through collegial interaction.


Create a coordinated, district-wide plan for professional growth by; a) defining what excellent teaching looks like; b) identifying goals for professional growth; and c) planning strategies and programs to improve instruction that are aligned with these goals.

aculty F Action: Promote professional involvement in the larger educational community

through professional memberships, conferences, graduate study, and other leadership opportunities.

Action: Expand diversity within our

faculty to better reflect the demographics of our school community.

Action: Review and revise job

descriptions and evaluation processes to recognize and promote excellent teaching.

Worthington Christian Schools Strategic Plan



2015-2020 Strategic Plan