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Dear WC Family and Friends The strategic plan that you are about to read is the result of a six month planning process that represents the best of the collective dreams and thoughts about what should be our school’s guiding principles over the next five years. The most direct input came from the 11 member planning committee, which met regularly over those six months, and from the school board, which gave final review and approval. But in a larger sense, I believe it also flows from the countless conversations and meetings the school leadership has had over the years with our broader constituency — students, parents, alumni, faculty, church leaders, and friends of the school. We are grateful for that and hope that this plan is a means to continue the conversation into the future. The plan represents the priorities and actions within our strategic planning but it does not necessarily specify how those priorities and actions will be implemented. This allows the school to maintain flexibility over the next five years in reaction to changing circumstances while still remaining committed to the principles within the plan. The plan is ambitious and will require God acting on our behalf in order to accomplish it. But what better thing to be ambitious about than the education and spiritual formation of our children? We believe God has called us to attempt and to accomplish great things for His glory and the benefit of our children. Would you join us in that process? Your prayers and involvement will play a vital role in any success we have in accomplishing this plan. “We are His body, the fullness of Him who fills everything in every way.” Ephesians 1:23

Troy McIntosh Head of School

Worthington Christian Schools Strategic Plan


Board of Directors Fred Sanders (President) Steve Betulius Dan Custer Dale Dunn Edward Kim Christine Mallory Troy McIntosh Karen White Mike Yoder Strategic Planning Committee Troy McIntosh (Head of School) Steve Betulius Tom Burns Tammi Evans Beth Hackworth Robin Hooper Dr. Buzz Inboden Dawn McMahon Jim Parrish Polly Shoemaker Karen White


2015-2020 Strategic Plan