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rival in Wichita to dmaster: eate a school e in cr nc to lle ce on ex si r From the Hea vi nts had a a vision fo re d pa re ha he of ey w p t Th ou en environm urageous gr the country. eate a learning ergy of students. In 1963, a co y schools in cr or to at ar on si ep vi pr ge had a and en the best colle udents. They the curiosity se children achers, and st ld challenge families who ou to w e rs bl he la ai ac curriculum, te te av not afford te ity d na un ul io rt co ss po e pa d education op ho otherwis w is dedicated an th es e ili where all ak m ity fa m sion to assist those pus commun e success. m to ca d an ve They had a vi si ng en mpreh to achiev ed to learni r a single, co ow together were committ d a vision fo thrive and gr ha d ul ey co Th . 12 e on the tuiti rough grad ol. preschool th llegiate Scho rience for its e Wichita Co children from m ca be at th ational expe uc on si ed vi d a untless le d lle ha They an unpara mitment of co ive and com y, providing istent dr ns da e to co th d re d an he an s ands e tradition its founders os of th hool. on Collegiate st in sc si d e vi th e pe use of th y facet of ccess. Stee students, beca llence in ever ted to its su ce ca ex di t de ou e ab er w been families who e has always on, Collegiat ate its hallmark. en be s with its missi ha e want Collegi is its focus; th the future. W of to en rt g be pa in s ok as ha lo , is Th That is why e constantly Wichita e past, we ar and beyond. th of e ta n at hi ig ic br pa W le m ce in e ion ry Ca But even as w er in educat th Anniversa endowment to be the lead we are launching the 50 ments in both st ve in to continue cilities es n, ud io paign incl e additional fa ces ary celebrat iversary Cam al giving. Th ur nn our annivers nu A so an th re h e 50 ug id e ro ov Th hool. ent will pr addressed th Collegiate Sc portunities of which are nger endowm op ro er st re ith A tu ne fu s. s, d pu ie tion, an and in facilit r aging cam logical innova d enhance ou stance, techno si as will update an on iti tu cellence, ell for faculty ex ts who are w e uating studen bility. th ad na at gr ai th d st an re su su d an en teaching want to en giate has be citizens, g world. We lle e in th Co ng as ta ha hi -c y� ic er th W ev wor For 50 years, allenges of an ve themselves family will recognize take on the ch equally prepared to “pro hool sc r ou have at equipped to e th ar ically as they e confident of graduates as enthusiast orrow. We ar next 50 years m n ig to pa of m s er ca d lead t this neighbors, an of our plans, and suppor e years. ce th er ov s ay w the importan r giate in othe lle Co d te or supp

Tom Davis Headmaster

Special thanks to Sullivan Higdon & Sink, and Sun Graphics for generously donating their time and talent to this campaign.

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decided Trustees has ol’s Board of on the ho g Sc in e rk at ba gi ichita Colle ents by em W es e pr th g that ry at rin sa th er su announce sed on en 50th Anniv I am proud to ities that a Board is focu aratory e un ep rt Th pr po y. ge op or lle st e th t co r hi to maximize e independen hool’s 50-yea iversary ign in the sc leading privat the 50th Ann CS’s largest campa e will continue to be the e next 50 years. We view focused on W th giat rity and are io e region, for Wichita Colle th pr t d es an gh ta hi hi in Wic as our school, both giate School Wichita Colle sion. vi c gi te rticipated in ra st Campaign of bility and community pa na e ai at st gi su lle surveys rm Co e long-te bers of th s completed and past mem e constituent t at lt of the gi en su rr lle re cu a Co s of r A reds tegic plan. nds of othe ra sa st ou ve In 2008, hund th udy to si st d en an ty sessions, p a compreh in a feasibili collaborative ed to develo future. participated ’s us es ol es ili ho te m sc fa us e l tr th d of of additiona iorities for pr ds ’s re that the boar ign. ity nd pa un m hu m , Ca , in 2010 llegiate com nniversary strategic plan extended Co of the 50th A d s al an t go en e rr th cu d e orting the and inspire determine th nerously supp ate that have guided ge lts s su al re du s vi y’ The stud t Collegi lture of indi deeply abou is story and cu ve cared so recognizes th ha has a long hi e ip ho at sh w gi er s lle al ad Co le du vi ’s di re ol in su ho e Wichita en sc os e to today. Th d foresight because of th that WCS is the funds an school. It is cellent school r to provide ex de e or th in y w jo we en on it no re. ants to build ed e into the futu future we ne legacy and w nc lle ce ex of rely into the n cu e tio w se t, d ua rs in an Fi nt ly s. the co prioritie move strong ity as critical ent. un m Collegiate to w m ta m do hi co en ic r W CS n ou sitio the W then In order to po s identified by cond, we need to streng ol’s 50th o overall goal rt of the scho . Se pa an pl as r re te tu as to achieve tw fu m ’s s ol pu ho m sc ca e e th th r need to fund ill join us in providing fo is happen. uw e can make th w er th We hope yo ge To celebration. Anniversary



d of Trustees

llegiate Boar

Wichita Co behalf of the


Collegiate: Dear Friend of

r role bark upon ou rey and I em ol. Co ho at Sc th e y at lit gi bi and responsi Wichita Colle m of is n ig tim pa op m ersary Ca ix of pride, e 50th Anniv It is with a m -Chairs for th Co n ig pa m as Ca d r 50 years, an en secure fo , be er s ev ha ta ow H hi school. er in Wic exceptional the ucational lead an r ed fo ch e s su th es to cc as n n su childre positio ate for to send our Collegiate’s sition Collegi transform ate to be able ion to help po r campus facilities and at lig ob an we are fortun ou ve e ha ad e w gr d, up ea must as we look ah do that, we s. In order to next 50 year ent position. our endowm an to help fund allenge you ch e w d an , the past Collegiate in ur support of yo r fo u yo k Than future. even brighter tion,

With apprecia

n rey E. Johnso Jeff M. & Co -Chairs Campaign Co

n Ellen G. Bere Board Chair

We view the 50th Anniversary Campaign ... as our highest priority and are focused on WCS’s long-term sustainability and strategic vision.

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We have an obligation to help position Collegiate for success for the next 50 years.

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Building on excellence

Ellen Beren, Chair Shari Powers, Vice Chair ‘85

Rob Babst, Treasurer

Allan Dunne, Secretary ‘91

Campus Master plan Rounds Fine Arts Center

Trustees Askia Ahmad ‘96 Basil Hourani Rob Babst


Jeff Johnson

Ellen Beren Todd Lair

Raul Brito ‘76 Linda Newman ‘86

8-13 8

Wellness and Fitness Center


Stadium Complex


Upper School HVAC System

Kathie Dakhil Lisa Oehmke

Bunny hill 50 th anniversary endowment 

Ed Dunn

Technological Innovation



Lori Davis Sylvia Orozco-Do

Faculty Excellence


Allan Dunne ‘91 Sharol Rasberry

Tuition Assistance


Don Henry Jared Sprole

financial summary

Shari Powers ‘85

Joan Farha Patricia Sherwood Mark Holden

Amelia Sumerell Schlatter

Comprehensive Project Map Endowment Comparison

Core Team


20-21 20 21

Ellen Beren Corey Johnson Tom Davis

Jeff Johnson

Dara Geoffroy Lisa Oehmke Louise Holden

Joan Siefkes-Moore ‘84

Development Office Joan Siefkes-Moore ‘84

Director of Development and Alumni Relations

Ashley Bell-Barnett ‘06

Assistant Director of Development

Lisa Schooler Susan Klingenberg

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Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Administrative Assistant

8/1/13 9:34 AM

BUILDING ON EXCELLENCe Nearly 50 years ago, a small group of families committed

Resources are needed to allow Collegiate to embrace future opportunities that further the school’s mission and dedication to academic excellence, while ensuring the school’s resiliency during unforeseen challenges. It is our hope that you will embrace our vision as we seek to improve Wichita Collegiate with investments to ensure excellence in the areas of facilities and endowment.

their time, talent, and treasure to begin an exceptional school

for their children. Dedicated to academic excellence in a college preparatory environment, Wichita Collegiate School opened its doors with fewer than 100 students. Founded on a dream

and focused on the future, Collegiate has remained true to those principles. With a current enrollment of approximately

1,000 students, Collegiate is a place where bright and motivated students and teachers work together to achieve academic

excellence while preparing our students for success in an ever-changing world.

We stand today on the shoulders of those who came before us. Since 1963, Collegiate has experienced growth and success due to the generosity of those who shared its vision and provided for its

support. Without these early commitments, our children would

not be experiencing their achievements today. Today’s Wichita Collegiate School families owe a great debt to the sacrifice and generosity of previous Collegiate families and friends.

As we look forward to our 50th Anniversary in the fall of 2013, we will celebrate by preparing Collegiate for the next 50 years. To do so, we need to make important investments in our people, our programs, our facilities, and in our long-term financial stability.

I am grateful for the courage of the founders of Collegiate who desired a better education for their children and for generations of children to come. Randy Storms - Class of ‘74

” 7

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Campus Master plan Although we enjoy a beautiful campus, our Strategic Plan and Campus Master Plan envision new and renovated facilities to ensure that Collegiate maintains its educational leadership position in the Wichita area. Rounds fine arts Center As one of the first buildings constructed on our campus in the

1960s, the Rounds Fine Arts Center has served Collegiate well

over the years as a multi-purpose space. Rounds is a high-use

facility that is in desperate need of significant renovation. We

plan to renovate the building’s entire interior, rendering the whole facility more user friendly, acoustically pleasing, and

aesthetically appealing for the hundreds of students and others

who use it every day. We will add needed space and capacity to the small kitchen area to improve our lunch program. While we

have enjoyed enormous benefits from this 45-year-old building, it needs improvement to prepare it for the next generation of students, families, and faculty.

“T here are many faces and names of teachers that I will remember for the rest of my life, because they’ve changed me. They have helped make me the strong leader that I am today because they challenged me to work harder and be a better me.” Bailey Taylor - Class of ‘09

Collegiate is a special place and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to pass along this blessing to my children as they experience Collegiate today. Kevin Reed - Class of ‘77

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” 8/1/13 9:34 AM

Campus Master plan Wellness and Fitness Center The current weight room, crowded into a small space next to the

Multi-Purpose Room on the extreme west side of campus, is highly

congested and inconvenient for use by our Upper School students. Our plan is to add a large, cutting-edge weight/training room to the

Upper School building that can be used by all Collegiate students. The Center will also contain a locker room for our students, as well as one for visiting teams.

Upper school hvac system Keeping the Upper School cool is critical for an effective learning environment. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system for the Upper School building is more than 20 years old. This system is not only outdated in technology and energy

efficiency, but currently requires substantial maintenance to remain

operational. Rather than continuing to invest in an obsolete, financially burdensome system that will need to be replaced within the next three years, we plan to replace the entire Upper School

HVAC system with up-to-date equipment that is highly energy efficient, zoned to permit area temperature control, allows easy

conversion from cooling to heating functions, and includes an

effective dehumidifier, which will reduce building-wide dampness and its accompanying discomfort. The current HVAC system does not have any of these features or capabilities.

In today’s world, more than ever, we are dedicated to improving the quality of our students’ physical activity and educating them about the importance of cultivating a personal commitment to health and well-being.

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8/1/13 9:34 AM

Campus master plan Stadium Complex Through generous early donations underwriting 90% of the

cost, our project to completely renovate the Spartan stadium

was undertaken in the summer of 2011. We replaced the grass football field with a superior synthetic turf surface. This

all-weather turf will withstand the wear and tear of intense competitive athletic usage and allows all school divisions to

use the field for our daily physical education classes and other special student events. The running track has been replaced with a modern, standard-sized eight-lane surface, which allows Collegiate to host league and regional track meets. The home

grandstands were upgraded and expanded, and new lights and

restrooms were installed. The visitor grandstands, installed

Students don’t just go to collegiate school, they belong to it

more than 20 years ago, were completely replaced and brought up to ADA standards. The total cost of this project includes

a maintenance fund for the future care of the entire facility, including the field. Obtaining the final 10% will allow us to consider this project completed.

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Bunny hill 50 th anniversary endowment Wichita Collegiate School’s commitment to excellence is a hallmark of the school’s legacy and the foundation of its vision for the future. Collegiate’s exceptional faculty – past and present – is the solid base upon which Collegiate’s success has grown, thrived, and excelled. Bunny Hill represents all of the attributes the WCS faculty aspires to emulate, as well as the singular commitment to Collegiate’s

unique way of teaching the whole child. Collegiate’s faculty combines the school’s academic rigor with a joy of learning, by providing exceptional attention to individual student needs, and

by preparing each student to be a contributing world citizen. Bunny Hill symbolizes the bridge between Collegiate’s original faculty, whose vision propelled WCS to greatness, and its current

faculty, who is leading the way to the future. For this reason, the Board of Trustees has designated this effort the Bunny

Hill 50th Anniversary Endowment, to honor both Bunny Hill

and the standard of Collegiate excellence that she embodies. The Bunny Hill 50th Anniversary Endowment will provide

the resources needed for Collegiate’s long-term sustainability. The Endowment’s four primary focus areas of Faculty Excellence, Technological Innovation, Tuition Assistance, and

Opportunities and Sustainability will strengthen the traditions and core values that define the Collegiate experience. A commitment to the Bunny Hill 50th Anniversary Endowment

is an affirmation of belief in the school, its mission, and its place within the larger Wichita community.

We weren’t just encouraged to participate; there was always the expectation that we could succeed at whatever we tried as long as we were willing to put in the time and effort. Clare Vanderpool - Class of ‘83

” 15

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Bunny hill 50 th anniversary endowment Faculty excellence is the cornerstone of Collegiate’s success.

Technological innovation embraces ever-changing advancements,

Great teaching requires great teachers. We know that classroom

provides students with a cutting-edge education, positions today’s

experience. Our faculty must first and foremost be committed to our

Collegiate experience. WCS is dedicated to staying abreast

teachers are the most important influence in a student’s educational

school’s mission and the success of every student. In order to have

outstanding educators, WCS needs to be an outstanding employer offering attractive compensation and benefit packages. We need

to provide significant professional development opportunities to

students for tomorrow’s opportunities and enriches the entire

of these ever-evolving, invaluable educational tools so that our students continue to be prepared to successfully meet the challenges they will face after graduation.

enhance a teacher’s personal growth and professional skills. Having

The use and implementation of technology in the classroom

and retain teachers committed to cultivating student curiosity and

methodologies. Our superb curriculum is broadened and

the best, most highly trained faculty ensures WCS’s ability to attract

passion for learning. Ultimately, this critical investment in our

faculty benefits our students. The value of a Collegiate education is dependent on the value we place on our teachers.

continues to alter and improve our teaching and learning enriched by placing powerful technological tools in the hands

of students and teachers. We anticipate ongoing and significant

investments for many years to come in equipment, curriculum, and professional development to provide the tools and training

for our teachers and students in order for them to remain at the forefront of their educational experiences.

The teachers took an interest in me, and I began to gain the confidence necessary to take risks and succeed both academically and in my extracurricular activities. Ashley Smith - Class of ‘88

Wichita Collegiate provided a challenging and advanced science and math education from kindergarten to graduation, which has supported me in my efforts to become an aerospace engineer. Chelsea Katan - Class of ‘08


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Bunny hill 50th anniversary endowment Tuition assistance invests in need-based opportunities for

academically talented students. It honors the Collegiate

tradition of reaching out to the community as a whole, and generates a student population that reflects the broader Wichita community and world.

A vibrant student body furthers Collegiate’s core values and

traditions, and its commitment to educate the whole student. Since its inception, Collegiate has always provided need-based tuition assistance for qualified and deserving students who otherwise could not afford to attend. Over the years, this policy

has created life-changing opportunities for many students. Not only does this benefit the recipients, it benefits the entire

school by adding diverse life experiences and backgrounds to the community, which helps make Collegiate a more rounded


and better institution.

O ppor t unit y and sustainabilit y resources will allow

Allison Grace - Class of ‘93

Collegiate to embrace future opportunities that further the

school’s mission and dedication to academic excellence, while

ensuring the school’s resiliency during unforeseen challenges. Collegiate must be poised to embrace change and ensure its

long-term sustainability. This goal defined the school in the past and will prepare us for the future.

The Collegiate experience molded me into a woman with confidence, passion, and personal identity. Dawn Yang - Class of ‘88

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Collegiate Master Plan


Comprehensive Project Map The map below shows the projects included in the 50th Anniversary Campaign, as well as our vision for the future of the Collegiate campus.

Modify/expand existing parking

E.C. Gym

50th anniversary campaign project • Renovated Stadium • Remodeled Rounds Fine Arts Center • Upper School HVAC • Wellness Center Future plans


Remodel Rounds

As you can see below, while Collegiate provides the highest quality education for our students, we are doing so with fewer resources than comparable schools across the country.

965 students

wichita collegiate School Wichita, Kansas

Renovated Stadium

Welcome Center Fine Arts Center

New Parking

total endowment


865 students

New Parking

casady School Oklahoma city, OKlahoma

Weight RM/ Lockers

total endowment


Upper School HVAC

1,354 students

kinkaid School Houston, Texas

total endowment


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proba te dignum

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The 50th Anniversary Campaign at Wichita Collegiate School