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Gunning For The Top Spot Cory Blake and the Golden Ram's have their eyes set on a conference title Men's Basketball Home Schedule 11/20 Cheyney 11/26 Bowie State 12/21 Edinboro 1/3 Mercyhurst 1/4 Gannon 1/11 Lock Haven 1/18 Bloomsburg 1/25 East Stroudsburg 2/1 Mansfield 2/5 Millersville 2/8 Kutztown 2/15 Shippensburg

November 2013 Vol. 1 No. 3

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Funky Functional American Art • engagement • wedding • graduation • birthday • anniversary Leather & silver bead bracelets Pottery mugs




North American Handmade Functional Works of Art

Mon~Fri \ 10 am to 6 pm Sat \ 10 am to 5 pm Sun 12 to 4 pm 133 West Market Street West Chester, PA 610.719.0170

Open Late Every 1st Friday Bring this ad & receive 10% OFF with your WCU photo ID (excludes sale & consigned items)


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With Winter Break just around the corner, this will be the last issue of SCENE for 2013. Luckily for you, we'll be back when school starts up again, and you can expect another great issue out the end of January 2014. You're welcome. In the meantime, make sure you check out our website, because we'll continue posting stories and photos there through the holidays. It's been a fun year, and we look forward to partying with you again in 2014. And remember: when you're back published by Mathers Productions ltd home, bored, and wondering what's happening here, just hit up @wcscene and

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That's right: it's No-Shave November. Show your support for those fighting cancer across the US and send your beard/stache pics to @wcscene

4 vol. 1 no. 3

The Makeshift Chef

Student Athlete: Basketball Team Captain Cory Blake You're from the area, right? Yeah. I graduated from Bayard Rustin High School. Did that factor into your decision to come here? Actually, no. I had originally planned to try going D1, but schools like Temple all wanted me to go to Prep School first.

Sure, the recipes are simple, but you didn't think of them before reading this, did you? You're welcome. Rockyroad Popcorn 1 single-serve bag of popcorn ½ cup mini chocolate chips ½ cup mini marshmallows ½ cup peanuts Microwave the popcorn for 1 minute and 30 seconds (don't pay attention to the directions, they're always wrong). Put the remaining ingredients in the bag and shake it up. Nachos Tortilla chips (Scoops are the best) 1 cup Velveeta cheese ½ cup salsa ½ small can green chili peppers (with the liquid) Mix the Velveeta, salsa and chili peppers in a bowl. In the microwave, heat the cheese mixture for about 30-45 secs. Lay the tortilla chips on a plate and drizzle the hot cheese mixture on top. You can also add pre-cooked chicken or beef on top for some added protein. Cheesesteak 1 long roll 2-3 slices of American cheese 5-6 pieces of Steak 'Ems/ roast beef ½ small can green chili peppers ¼ cup pre-diced onion In the microwave heat the Steak 'Ems, green peppers, and onion according to the directions on the Steak 'Ems box. Fill the roll with the heated steak. Place the cheese on top and microwave for an additional 15 seconds. -@ChelseaDurning

Like transfer during high school? No, like go there for a year after high school. But, when I decided I didn't want to do that, West Chester offered me a scholarship and I took that opportunity. You glad you did? I love it here. It's a great environment, friendly, and we've been winning the last couple years, which is important. What's the environment like here during games? It's a high-energy environment. It's packed, the band is playing. We keep things exciting with our tempo of play–we have a very fast-paced offense, and we play hard. So what's the goal for this season? This year we're going to win the championship. Isn't that kind of a lofty goal to set yourselves at the beginning of the season? It would be if we hadn't proven we can do it. The last two years we've been a very good team. Two years ago we lost in the championship, last year we made a run late into the playoffs, so this year we're setting high standards.

@theblakeshow31 Since you're only a junior, and you're expected to lead this team to a title, do you find that's a lot of pressure? When you have a good group of guys around you like I do–we have a great team, it's not just me–that really helps to cope with the pressure. I'm looking forward to it.

How To: Turn A Guy Down

We asked our Twitter followers to share their experiences and advice I have a strict list of no-nos when it comes to dating. If a guy asked me out and he had something on that list, I'd just flat out say, "Ummm... No. I don't date guys in cargo shorts." –@mimasaurus

Fart? –@tanyazotava

I have no idea how to. I always end up on more dates than I want to, all because I didn't want to hurt someone’s feelings. –@mickshelld

Just tell em how it is: No. –@taylorsmethers

Oh, bad question for me. I have this automatic disdain for guys that hit on me – I can't help it. –@kristymakmakmak Quick, like a Band-aid. It’s better for everyone. –@meganjean626

Beat it, nerd. –@laurendabartenda Be kind, but be firm and be clear. Some of them ARE as dumb as they look. –@katchadwick616 Whisper in their ear, "I have a penis." They'll turn and run. But make sure you're super sexy about it or it wont work. –@Lizz_ohh I had a girl demand drinks all night, but when we got to her house she said her bf was inside, he was bigger than me & in a bad mood when she's drunk and horny. Worst turn down ever. –@benny_weston

Special EVENTS Thanksgiving EVE

Thanksgiving Saturday

friday, december 6 cowboy christmas


live music saturdays november 16: hot d november 23: modern bliss november 30: fame and fortune decembeR 7: strange as angels december 13 (friday): cRAZY IN sTEREO december 14: laURA leA & tRIPP fABULOUS december 21: 3AM december 28: FLIP LIKE WILSON 15 N Walnut Street  484.887.0786 

dj mAZZ, $2 u call its, $1.50 16OZ nattys

fRIDAY, december 20


ho td

new years eve




Having travelled the world, we feel confident saying Halloween in West Chester is the most bonkers. We started the night at Ryan's where Boyder and Asher Roth brought a basement party to Gay Street. photos HUTCH

$5 all day





(610) 429-4046




Having travelled the world, we feel confident saying Halloween in West Chester is the most bonkers. The party poured out onto the streets of West Chester and stumbled from Landmark, to Kildare's, to Alibis and Barnaby's. photos HUTCH


face this s a W e? urpos on p



Having travelled the world, we feel confident saying Halloween in West Chester is the most bonkers. The party poured out onto the streets of West Chester and stumbled from Landmark, to Kildare's, to Alibis and Barnaby's. photos HUTCH


12 vol. 1 no. 3

Top 20 Downloads: Basement Party #Bangerz Justin Timberlake – TOK ft. Timbaland 2 Chainz – Used 2 Chris Brown – Love More ft. Nicki Minaj Lana Del Rey – Young & Beautiful (Kaskade Remix) Rick Ross – No Games ft. Future Eminem – Monster ft. Rihanna Zedd – Stay the Night ft. Hayley Williams Meek Mill – I B On Dat ft. French Montana, Nicki Minaj & Fabolous Pitbull – Timber ft. Ke$ha Avicii – You Make Me Blackout vs. Jump Smokers – Hands Up Calvin Harris – Thinking About You ft. Ayah Marar (Laidback Luke Remix) HAHA–YO – I Play Lacrosse (Ricky Ross) Juicy J – The Woods ft. Justin Timberlake TJR – Ode to Oi Rick Ross – Bout That Life ft. Diddy, Meek Mill & French Montana Cedric Gervais & Howard Jones – Things Can Only Get Better Sevyn Streeter – It Won’t Stop ft. Chris Brown Ariana Grande – Right There ft. Big Sean Lady Gaga – Do What U Want ft. R. Kelly –@djromeo24 & –@djdubt3

The Red Bench Series: Doug Meyer

College is a time of ephemeral experiences. One of those most classic of that ephemera is the one night stand, and the experience is encapsulated perfectly in the song "In the Morning" by Doug Meyers. The song is an ode to the morning after an intimate time between a stranger's sheets. The first light is coming in through the window and it is time to find your shoes and remember where the front door is.

There’s no hard feelings, no strings to detach.

“In The Morning” is as honest as it is familiar and even has the carefree abandon of one of these encounters–the last guitar riff is a jazzy descending pattern that fades out like the memory of the night before. Hope you enjoy watching this as much as we did shooting and editing it. –@coffeygabe

November Trend Watch Thigh Highs: an ode to above-the-knee fashion Fall weather means it’s time to layer up and get warm. Luckily, for fashion’s sake, there are ways to cover up without sporting an adult onesie. And this Fall and Winter, stockings and those schoolgirl knee-highs are just not going to cut it–it’s time to graduate to thigh highs. Chic and undoubtedly sexy, thigh high socks look even better when you pair them with black, neutral or even oxblood red, over-the-knee boots. Wear them with denim or leather shorts, skirts, dresses and oversized chunky sweaters or cardigans. Layering is key, so throwing on patterned, polka dotted or sheer tights underneath your thigh highs completes the look and keeps you warm. Bonus: Thigh highs are known to prevent the cringe-worthy, cold-weather fashion faux pas known as “that girl with the bare legs.” –@courtconigs

What to Use: Thigh-high length or over-the-knee socks and boots in blacks, neutrals, or colors; wear with shorts, skirts, dresses, and oversized sweaters and cardigans. For added layers, pair with sheer, printed or patterned tights Where to Shop: West Chester boutiques • DSW • Stuart Weitzman • Jeffrey Campbell • H&M • Forever 21 • Urban Outfitters • Anthropologie • Nordstrom • any high-end department store DIY: Ask mom for her old, black, knee-high socks and panty hose and pair with your boyfriend’s oversized sweater or cardigan Trend Icons: Olivia Palermo, Taylor Momsen, Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss and Taylor Swift

43 weSt gay Street, weSt CheSter 610-344-9959 FaIrManS.CoM





14 vol. 1 no. 3

Fraternity Gentleman of the Month: ∑AE Presiden Ian Foley How long have you been a brother at SAE? I joined my freshman year–Fall 2010. And you like it? It has been an experience with many different ups and downs. Well then, let’s talk about the downs. What’s gone wrong? The beginning of my sophomore year, because of some judicial sanctions, we were brought down to 12 members. But, on a positive note, it gave us a clean slate to make the fraternity into what we wanted it to be. And what did you want it to be? I wanted it to be parallel to the friendships I had in high school–relationships that are comfortable. I wanted to make it be an organization people can join and feel comfortable. Really what I'm trying to say is that I wanted to create an organization here where people can feel as comfortable at school as they are at home. What’s something that makes your organization stand out? What stood out to me is that we’re the true gentlemen fraternity. It’s something we strive to be every day.

Does that mean holding doors open and shit? Yes, that... and there’s a line in our creed that says “A man who appears well in any company,” and I like to take that and apply it to the rest of the way I live my life. We are friends with a lot of other fraternities and organizations on campus, and we fit in well because we try to be gentlemen. That’s not typically what people think of when they think of frat guys. Exactly: we’re an even distribution of your average guy–whether your passion is sports, music or Star Wars. It’s a bunch of different guys with one thing in common: we want to be true gentlemen. We’re not what you would assume from your stereotypical fraternity. Do you do anything good for the community? We actually just had Patty Murphy week, a full week of different charity-driven events. There was a blood drive, a clothing drive and the last night we hosted games and ticketed at the door. Between donations, tickets sales and other contributions we raised $4,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network.



Video Game Review: We gave some bro a copy of BioShock Infinite. This is what happened... I only just got around to playing BioShock Infinite. Yeah, I know, behind the times, whatever. I was too busy drinking face and making it with women. YOLO. The game starts out like any other: you climb a lighthouse, which turns into a spaceship and flies you to a floating city. Nobody bats an eye, so this must be an everyday thing. Once in the city, you walk around taking in the sights. Things are looking up–it’s very calm and serene; there’s no action yet, just a leisurely amble through this atmospheric environment. Someone walks up to you and offers you a chance to play the lottery. Bam, you win! As your prize, you get to be the first person to peg a ball at an interracial couple. And you’re like, “Wait, what?”

Next thing you know you have a handheld buzz saw with hooks instead of a blade, and you’re tearing out some random jabronie’s face because he thinks you’re the anti-Christ. Now everyone wants you dead; you’re no longer going for a little jaunt down the streets of a floating city, you’re running along, using the buzz saw to ride one-handed on rollercoasters, kill everyone, and rip their brains out. And still you’re like, “Tell me what is happening!” Eventually you rescue some chick, and you’re gradually like, “Is my character gonna get it on with this weird, alternate dimension-opening girl, or what?” The answer is no, pervert. She’s your long-lost daughter, and you’re disgusting. Spoiler alert! That was the biggest spoiler in the game. Anyway, you run around with her, working with some such rebellion, shooting at a giant robot-bird and drinking different alcohols in order to get magic powers. That’s right, unlike in real-life where slamming cans only makes you feel like a super hero, this game actually lets you become one. Chug the red

bottle; now you can throw fireballs at your enemies. Find a dark a one just sitting on the ground in the sewer and down it; you can conjure up ravens to peck out the eyes of those beta bitches. And you’ll definitely need these super powers. One of the enemies is a giant robo-George Washington. Apparently the Washingtrons were supposed to be tour guides on the flying city, but since you, AKA the anti-Christ, showed up, they picked up Gatling guns to spray you with patriotic lead. The game is constantly trying to give you a mindscrew: alternate dimensions, dramatic revelations, and having to gun down your Founding Fathers all provide little WTF moments. At the end of the game I had to go online and have someone explain to me what exactly I just played through. I don’t buy video games to make myself think, I get them so I have an excuse not to go to class or work–places where I have to think. Luckily, if you don’t really want to figure out what's going on, you can forget about everything and just shoot people. –@T_Wrecked

34 S@pikappaphi_WCU High St | On the same block as Barnaby’s & Kiwi | 610.696.2005

$10 STUDENT HAIRCUT Reduced from $12. Must cut out & present this coupon to receive discount. Expires 1/14/2014 Walk-Ins Welcome or Call Today for an Appointment






RIGHT the original honey mustard chicken pizza.



The brothers of D-Chi hosted a haunted house to raise money for their philanthropy. People of all ages came to see the horrors of the house and more than $1,000 was given to the Jimmy V Foundation. photos HUTCH



12 E Ma r k e t S tr e e t


er, PA e st Chest




12 E Market Street 610-696-9770

Craft Beer and Pub Food with a Twist September

Specials & events 40 e Market St




$3 Draft Beers

$3 Draft Beers

$3 Draft Beers

Half Price Filet Cheesesteaks

Half Price Sandwiches

$.50 Wings & $7 Bud Light Pitchers


6-8pm (bar only)

$1 Off Craft Beers 10pm-12am


6-8pm (bar only)

$2 Well Drinks



West Chester



Prizes & Giveaways plus Half-price Apps

25% Off All Growler Fills

Beer POnG (Lower Level) 1st Place $50 Gift Card 2nd Place $25 Gift Card





$3 Draft Beers Half Price Apps

$3 Draft Beers Half Price Apps

$3 Draft of the Day All Day

$7 Bud Light Pitchers & $.50 Wings All Day

starts at 10pm

5pm–7pm (bar only)

5pm–7pm (bar only)

$2.50 Bud/Bud Light “Hoppy Hour” $3 Well Drinks Kick a keg during 10pm–12am Thursday Happy Hour and Get a Free Growler LIVe MUSIC and Fill of Your Choice (Upper Level) Starts at 8pm $2.50 Miller Lite



$2.50 Coors Light $3 Fireball Shots 10pm-12am

DJ Downstairs


Any Two SlicES & A FounTAin SodA: $5 including... Buffalo chicken, Honey Mustard chicken, cBR, BBQ chicken, and more!

starts at 10pm

In THe BIZ Bring your restaurant pay stub and get 20% of your entire tab!

delivery Available!!! Sun-TuES: 11AM-12AM wEd-SAT: 11AM-3AM





The brothers of D-Chi hosted a haunted house to raise money for their philanthropy. People of all ages came to see the horrors of the house and more than $1,000 was given to the Jimmy V Foundation. photos HUTCH


What I Bought at 7-11 at 2am vol. 1 no. 3


It's Halloween night, and you've already made about fifteen bad decisions you won't remember. So why not make a few more? You know, like a dozen chicken wings and a pack of menthols.

Sexy Devil & Uh, I have no idea

Despicable Minion

Captain Morgan

Blasted Batman

Pepperoni Bagel Bites, a banging magazine, Doritos and a bagful of other stuff

Nachos with not NEARLY enough cheese on top

Marlboro Blend 27s, Monster Energy, and what appears to be a squished up pita

A quart of chocolate milk and an Italian Hoagie that he'll never remember eating

Raggedy-Ass Quailman

Dewey & Huey

Unashamed Panda Bear

Stoner Scooby

What's left of a sausage breakfast sandwich

Ten wings, a couple taquitos, a slice of pizza and a corny face. #missinglouie

Proudly hoist up those Trojans and Camels, Panda–getting lucky and being safe.

Scooby Snacks aka a pack of green Games and Marlboro Menthols

22 vol. 1 no. 3

Troegs Tap Takeover: Sample some of PA's best beers at this great event

On Saturday, November 23rd, Tröegs Brewing Company is taking over the taps at Landmark Americana. The bar will feature 10 of Tröegs brews at a discount: $5 for a pint/snifter and $8 for a flight of four. Here are some of our favorite Tröegs brews to try... Mad Elf – Belgian Strong Dark Ale, 11% ABV Tröegs website says this beer offers flavors of cherry, honey, chocolate and subtle spices to "enlighten your tongue." Sure, it tastes good and all, but let's be honest: you drink it for that 11% ABV. Troegenator – Dopplebock, 8.2% ABV Because the dopplebock is such a rich beer, Monastic brewers used to drink it during times of fasting to help replace food. But, with an 8.2% ABV, we suggest you eat something before trying this malty brew. Dead Reckoning – American Porter, 5.8% ABV Unlike most porters, Dead Reckoning doesn't have that strong roasted taste, though it smells smokey. Instead you'll get a nice, subtle bite of citrusy hops followed by a light taste of cocoa. –@danielmathers



2013 WC Bartender of the Year Brittany DiMarzio pours a snifter of Troeg's Mad Elf for Nick, which he thoroughly wastes. This year we'll crown a new winner at the WC Bartender's Ball on Sunday, January 26. Starting January 1 you can vote for your favorite bartender at

Adventures in (Unsuccessful) Dating ...tales from an expert at getting turned down Let’s go back in time to when I was younger, better looking, more athletically gifted and in the relationship dating game, which is significantly different from the meet-chicks-at-the-bar dating game. The only dates I ever went on were with my deadbeat girlfriend who was cosmetically out of my league but had the brain capacity of a pigeon (points for me) and the fashion sense of an Atlantic City cocktail server (double points). We’d go on dinner dates because that’s what couples do at 19 when only one of them has a fake ID, because he’s the only one in the relationship who’s progressive and ahead of his time.

After a particularly bad date, I pitched her on the idea of a double date, because I needed someone to talk to besides her. When the night finally came, I found myself starving, annoyed and ended up mentioning how I’d drunkenly told my buddy that her bestie had a fake nose, which apparently was a bad idea. After a long drive spent aggressively arguing over why this was a big deal–which I will never understand–we arrived at the restaurant and sat in my 1990 Beamer in silence for five of the most treacherous minutes of my young life. After all, sex–which had formerly seemed guaranteed–was now on the line.

The beauty of the whole deal was eating a great dinner. I picked the restaurants I liked so good food and guaranteed sex was a win-win… although the sex wasn’t always guaranteed–after a gut full of delicious food she was usually ready to pass out. I often had to settle for a handjob.

I broke the silence. “Let’s just get some dinner and we’ll talk more later. By the way, you look beautiful,” I said, inserting a smile and a kiss on the cheek. As a last ditch effort I handled things like an old-school, chivalrous gentleman and walked around to open her door. She stayed seated, her

arms folded, not budging, not fidgeting. But, I’m not the kind of guy who renege’s on a commitment–no reneging, ever. I’d told people I was going to dinner; I was going to dinner. If she remained firmly planted in the car, that wasn’t my problem. And, being as well-mannered as I am, I never answer my phone at dinner, so I left that bitch in the car, along with my girlfriend. Apparently while I was enjoying some banging raviolis with my friends, she had called her fakenosed pal to pick her up and go home. By the time I got home she’d cooled off and was waiting for me. We hugged, I said I was sorry, and we started to get freaky. But, two minutes in, before my pants ever came off, she gave me a funny look and said, “I’m hungry,” to which I replied, “Well, you should have had dinner.” Moral of the story: it’s better to be right than get a half-assed, dry handy. –@_B.B.West


BOXCAR's Halloween "RIDE THE RAILs" Party 10/25 West Chester's own brewery, Boxcar Brewing Company, rents out the West Chester Railroad and serves beers to costumed customers on a roundtrip ride to a party in Glen Mills. It's awesome. photos HUTCH

26 vol. 1 no. 3

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Brought to you by


Craigslist Personals

A very spankable ass needs Strap-On play from a sexy female – m4w – 33 I am athletic, extremely discreet, clean and DD free. I am looking for an open minded female with a strap-on or toys to use on me. I am into returning the favor. I am open minded and fine with kink. Sexy lingerie and stockings is a huge turn on for me. I would like to be dominated with your strap-on. I cannot host but a local room is ok. This does not have to be today but would like to meet a sexy female for strap play. Please send a pic and place Strap in the subject.

Dear Men of West Chester ...some unsolicited but much-needed advice You are young, and still learning. I’ll give you that. But this is a small town, and things you do can come back to haunt you... especially if there are photos. So because I feel nice, here is a list of things you're doing that are not going to get you laid or earn you the Cool Bro on Campus award: 1. Vagface: You know what this is: when you put your fingers up in a V with your tongue in between. It’s not a turn on, and its usually the men that aren’t getting any who do it. So save yourself the embarrassment and just opt out of doing this gesture. Ever. 2. Tacky Tees: Some may be funny the first time you read them, but then the joke is stale or the point

is moot. Take the “I prefer Blondes” or brunettes, or whatever they say. Let’s be honest: no you don’t. You prefer whoever takes her pants off after a thrilling game of beer pong (eye roll) so don’t bother with statement shirts. Here’s a tip: those shirts push girls away who don’t meet your t-shirt's criteria, thus lowering your chance of getting some. And the “I Pop Molly & Sluts” kind of shirts. Really? I mean you just look like a douche. If you can buy it at the Jersey Boardwalk, you probably shouldn’t wear it in public. 3. Alcoholic Bragging: “I was so wasted last night I __________.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard you morons trying to out-drink each other. Like

the world is going to award you for being the drunkest college bro. You sound like idiots trying to top how much vomit you spewed, how many cops you dodged or showing off what bruises you acquired. Isn’t the whole point of drinking with your friends to have fun? When did it become fun to see who gets more wasted and throws up more? Also, alcoholism isn’t attractive to women, nor is it friendly to your bank account. Learn to handle your partying. So, gentlemen, think this advice over, and if you’re guilty of anything on the list, maybe make an effort to change... unless you do all three, in which case you’re probably hopeless anyway. –@mimasaurus

28 vol. 1 no. 3

8-bit Icons... We've drawn all your favorite video game heroes

Beards of Movember Because rocking a beard in support of prostate cancer is more badass than wearing pink

““ “ “It attracts women

“It scares

off the homeless

“Girls love

the scruff

It itches, but sometimes it's worth it

as you'd have seen them if the appeared on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Name them all and tweet us your answers.


m Buck

th Ra Pay wi

929 S High St , West Chester  (484) 887-8771 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

$2.50 Domestic Drafts $3 Well Drinks

Half-Price Traditional Cheeseburgers

$3 Heineken Bottles $4 Strongbow Cocktails $2.50 Domestic Drafts 10-12

Free Happy Hour Buffet 5-7 Live Music 8pm-12am

Saturday Sunday

$3.50 Leinenkugals $5 Signature Cocktails

Half-Price Flatbreads Available in the Afternoon

$6 Domestic Pitchers $4 Craft Pour of the Day $2 Fireball, $3 Strongbow

$.50 Wings, $3 Crab Fries $5 Cheesesteaks NFL Sunday Ticket

$3.50 22oz Domestic Drafts Half-Price Skillet Fries $3 Long Island Iced Teas $2.50 Miller Lite Pints $3 Tom’s Spiked Teas

Half-Price Wings

$4 Victory Drafts or Bottles All-U-Can-Eat Crab Legs $3 Sangrias for only $23.99

cut this out and present with purchase

Buy One Get One Cupcakes & Donuts expires 12/12/13

All Baking Done on Premises 15 North Church Street ď‚Ą 610-344-9674



The parties start early, rage all day, and there's even a football game that very few of us remember. Whatever. It was a wild Saturday and no cars got turned over, so a win-win. photos HUTCH



The parties start early, rage all day, and there's even a football game that very few of us remember. Whatever. It was a wild Saturday and no cars got turned over, so a win-win. photos HUTCH



We’ll give you $100 graduation gift if you rent from us!


It’s not too soon to think about 2014, so join our PRIORITY LIST:: Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll notify you when it’s available Studios, 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms  granite countertops, dishwashers, washer, dryers  hardwood floors  spacious bedrooms and living areas

121 E Gay St.  610.696.0953 

SCENE - November 2013  

Everything Worth Doing in West Chester

SCENE - November 2013  

Everything Worth Doing in West Chester