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Battling Breast Cancer With the lovely ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha

Sami weisberg, Alexis townsend, katie Potkay, kira Shollenberger and kayleigh Flaim were proud to represent ZtA for our cover this month as they plan their fundraiser for think Pink. Support the cause and come out for their 5k walk/ run on Saturday, october 26.

October 2013 Vol. 1 No. 2

Who's to blame for this?

1 vol. 1 no. 2

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it's been a wild month. we've seen incredible support from those of you who've come to our events, watched as SCene shirts started popping up all over town and had a blast getting hammered with some of the best partiers in west Chester. we expect that to continue. what's surprising is the small number of negative nancys we've encountered–only a handful of people have called us a classless rag and declared a boycott. But, the way we see it, if you've got no haters, you're doing something wrong, right? So, feel free to hit us up and talk some shit: @wcscene and we look forward to hearing from you.

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PAint the town #pink 9/29

The beautiful (and totally awesome) ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha decorated buildings throughout town in an effort to help raise awareness of Breast Cancer, a disease contracted by more than 200,000 people a year in the US photos HUTCH


PAint the town #pink 9/29

The beautiful (and totally awesome) ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha decorated buildings throughout town in an effort to help raise awareness of Breast Cancer, a disease contracted by more than 200,000 people a year in the US photos HUTCH

6 vol. 1 no. 2

How To: Look Sexy, Not Slutty We asked our Twitter followers to share their experiences and advice

Common Questions Guys Ask About Sex

Don’t have your vagina AND your tits hanging out. If I have to choose one, I always go for the tits–people are more forgiving of nip slips than crotch shots. –@mimasaurus

...with Dr. Jill McDevitt

Pick one asset and play it up. Got great boobs? Show enough that someone can say, “She’s got great boobs,” but leave that spectator wondering what they look like bare. –@lizz_ohh

Last month I shared the most common questions college women ask me, as a sexologist, about sex. To even the score, here are the most common questions I get from college guys. My penis is _____ inches. Is that too small? Probably not. Average penis size is a lot smaller than you think. Countless studies have demonstrated that people who have sex with men (heterosexual women, gay or bisexual men, etc.) overwhelmingly prefer genitalia that hover around average. Thinking about penis size as a bell curve, you’re most likely within three standard deviations of the mean (between 4.2-8 inches in length), and thus likely to be within the range of penis size preference of most potential sex partners. So stop worrying. I am into [insert non-mainstream fetish here–i.e. wearing women’s lingerie, watching my girlfriend urinate in her panties while I watch, etc]. Is that weird? Probably not. Talk about it first and always get consent, but as long as you and your partner(s) are digging it and no one is being harmed, rock on. How do I get women to have sex with me?

Tights Tips: 1. Go opaque, or risk Lululemon-level leering. 2. Avoid kneepads unless you’re actually turning tricks. 3. No amount of wishing will make them pants. –@jonmroth Don’t squeeze into your high school jeans. There’s nothing sexy about a muffin top. –@stephaniewalsh

Wear whatever the f*** you want, because being sexy is all about feeling sexy. If you’re trying too hard, that’s when things get weird. –@elenapalooza A slutty attitude is such a turn-off. Slutty is a girl trying to be sexy; sexy is not trying. –@jenneaster86 How does the saying go? If you hang out with dogs, you’re gonna get fleas. So, a lot of not looking trashy is not hanging out with a bunch of whores. –@lexidigiovanni There’s no comparing a confident woman who covers up and still turns heads, and an insecure ratchet who shows off every asset. –@bretty_booboo Underwear stays on the inside. So does your tongue… at least at first. –@katechadwick616

Craigslist Personals: Strictly Platonic (yes, these are real) where are the stoners at – m4m – 22 Just looking for some like minded people like myself who have a house with some ac we can chill and smoke in I got a little cash so if you got some extra ill grab a little Not looking for anything sexual but if you want we can j/o together. bored? come watch a movie – m4w – 30 hi, open minded females! i’m looking for a chill chick who is cool with watching some movies or tv shows with me, some herb, and maybe some drinks, and who also doesn’t care that i’m a nudist.

The Makeshift Chef Being a college student, your culinary creations are limited, but here are some easy recipes you can make right in your dorm.

While women are sexual beings just like men, you have to remember that, unlike men, women often don’t orgasm during sex. Moreover, they are often judged for engaging in a sexual activity.

Pizza Bagel 1 bagel [your choice of flavor, but an everything bagel is best, imho] ¼ cup tomato sauce 1/3 cup mozzarella cheese, shredded your favorite pizza toppings Cut the bagel in half. Evenly spread the sauce on both slices. Spread the cheese on top. Add toppings. Microwave for 45 seconds or until cheese is completely melted.

How often would you want to have sex if every time you did you got left hanging with blue balls and then got mocked, ridiculed, and called names like “slut” and “ho” by friends/acquaintances/random strangers/society in general. Yeah, sign me up for that... So, here’s what you need to keep in mind 1. Make sure you are reciprocating pleasure. Cunnlingus: learn it, love it. 2. Make sure you aren’t contributing to the double standard that women aren’t allowed to be sexual.

Micowaveable Omelet 2 eggs 3 tbsp bacon bits ¼ cup cheddar cheese, shredded

If you can learn to stick to that advice, we’ll all be better off –@sexologistjill

In a small bowl, mix all of the ingredients. Microwave for 30-45 seconds.

Chocolate Cake in a Cup ***This is a bulk recipe, so try to have some Tupperware handy for storing it so you can have cake whenever you feel like it. 1 box angel food cake mix 1 box chocolate cake mix water Combine the two boxes of cake mix, then mix the mixes Whenever you’re craving a cake take three tablespoons of the cake mix (that’s three heaping spoonfuls using a regular spoon if you don’t have an actual tablespoon) and stir in one tablespoon of water. Microwave for 1 minute.

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Funky Functional American Art • engagement • wedding • graduation • birthday • anniversary Leather & silver bead bracelets Pottery mugs




North American Handmade Functional Works of Art

Mon~Fri \ 10 am to 6 pm Sat \ 10 am to 5 pm Sun 12 to 4 pm 133 West Market Street West Chester, PA 610.719.0170

Open Late Every 1st Friday Bring this ad & receive 10% OFF with your WCU photo ID (excludes sale & consigned items)






RIGHT the original honey mustard chicken pizza.


MISS kildare’s Competition 9/19

For two consecutive Thursdays, four local girls fought to represent Kildare's West Chester and earn themselves a trip to Vegas by downing car bombs, answering trivia and even breaking it down for a game of Twister. photos HUTCH

Missed the competition? Catch the video online:


MISS kildare’s Competition 9/26

For two consecutive Thursdays, four local girls fought to represent Kildare's West Chester and earn themselves a trip to Vegas by downing car bombs, answering trivia and even breaking it down for a game of Twister. photos HUTCH

12 vol. 1 no. 2

Top 20 Downloads: Basement Party #Bangerz Dance Motherf***er – Garmiani Black Horse – katy Perry Ft Juicy J White Walls – Macklemore & ryan Lewis Win Win – B Smyth ft Future 23 Mike will Made-it featuring Miley Cyrus, wiz khalifa & Juicy J Mash It Up – kat Dahlia Work Bitch – Britney Spears Fancy Footwork – Chromeo ft David Guetta & Diplo (DJ Smerk & GFn Bootleg) Atmosphere – kaskade Higher – Just Blaze & Baauer ft. Jay–Z Biggie Bounce – Diplo Ft. Angger Dimas & travis Porter Berzerk – eminem La La La – rameez What Now – rihanna (r3had edit) I Luv This Shit – August Alsina ft. trinidad James Hold That – Sean kingston ft Yo Gotti All Night – icona Pop Addicted To You – Avicii Dirty Talk – Jason Derulo (Pink Panda remix Mr Dee Jay Short Cut) Drop Bands On It – Mally Mall ft wiz khalifa and tyga –@djromeo24 & –@djdubt3

Fitness Tips:

Battling the Freshmen 15 The freshmen 15 is real. It happens. Often. And the cause–as many argue–isn’t just the booze (although that’s definitely a big part of it). Most of the weight freshmen pack on has to do with the fact that college is generally a huge lifestyle change. So, in the spirit of helping you stay healthy, here are a few easy tips to help you avoid getting fat.  Go easy on alcohol (when you can). Alcohol has seven calories per gram. Compare that to protein (4kcal) and fat (9kcal), and you’ll get an idea just how fattening booze really is.  Stop buying those convenience foods and learn how to cook! there are plenty of opportunities around us (local growers`market, internet for recipes).  Limit grains, like bread and pretzels.

The Red Bench Series: Author Au-thor [aw-there] noun The maker of anything; creator; originator there couldn't be a better description of what the band Author is doing–creating something new and different. the extension of a solo project of singer Jesse Barki, the band now encompasses his fellow classmates from Lebanon Valley College, Johnny Dicocco and Cory Paternoster. You could try to come up with some band-meets-band permutation of what Author

 take time to relax–do something that will combat all that stress every day. whether it’s getting a manicure or sitting under a tree, do something that helps you find your zen so that your body’s not constantly under stress.  Cut out refined sugar. Just because you have the freedom to eat what you want, doesn’t mean you should eat that junk.  Fill up on vegetables. they’re not the tastiest thing on the menu, but they’re the best way for you to avoid packing on the pounds.  exercise. even if it’s a quick walk around campus after dinner, try to find time every day to move your body. You have a great recreation center. Use it.  Drink water. Drink your body weight in ounces of water every day. i know soda tests better, but there are zero calories in water and it helps you feel full.

sounds like, but it wouldn’t do them justice. Jesse’s go-for-broke vocals recall Julian Casablancas and tom Verlaine while still maintaining the cautious vulnerability of a growing artist. Guitarist Johnny DiCocco comes from a blues background, and Cory Paternoster's percussion blends in hints of early jazz. the blending of these ineresting and distinct backgrounds leaves Author with a sound that is simple, timeless, and pure. –@coffeygabe

 Sit down to eat. Make each meal–even if you’re eating all by yourself–a ritual. Be mindful of each and every bite. it’s easy to eat more than we need when eating on the run and out of packages.  try to plan a family dinner night and find a time you and all your roommates can sit down together to enjoy a good meal.  Stop by nutrition Does it at 113 n high Street for a free consultation. –@NutritionDoesIt

Awful Jokes

How many potatoes does it take to kill an Irishman? none. What kind of cigarettes does a hippie smoke? Yours. What did the leper say to the prostitute? keep the tip. I wonder if Woody and Buzz from Toy Story have met Andy's mom's toys–I bet they have the same names.


m Buck

th Ra Pay wi

929 S High St , West Chester  (484) 887-8771 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

$2.50 Domestic Drafts $3 Well Drinks

Half-Price Traditional Cheeseburgers

$3 Heineken Bottles $4 Strongbow Cocktails $2.50 Domestic Drafts 10-12

Free Happy Hour Buffet 5-7 Live Music 8pm-12am

Saturday Sunday

$3.50 Leinenkugals $5 Signature Cocktails

Half-Price Flatbreads Available in the Afternoon

$6 Domestic Pitchers $4 Craft Pour of the Day $2 Fireball, $3 Strongbow

$.50 Wings, $3 Crab Fries $5 Cheesesteaks NFL Sunday Ticket

$3.50 22oz Domestic Drafts Half-Price Skillet Fries $3 Long Island Iced Teas $2.50 Miller Lite Pints $3 Tom’s Spiked Teas

Half-Price Wings

$4 Victory Drafts or Bottles All-U-Can-Eat Crab Legs $3 Sangrias for only $23.99

14 vol. 1 no. 2

Fraternity Gentleman of the Month: Phil Hagstotz So, does being President of Delta Chi run your whole life? Actually, i play D-pole on the wCU club lacrosse team. i’ve been playing since the fourth grade, and i used to play at Catholic University of America before i came here. Were you in the fraternity there? they didn’t have fraternities. i joined DX when i transferred here, and i got really involved right from the start. right after pledging i became the risk manager. That sucks. You went from being hazed to not partying. it’s not like that at DX–we don’t haze. Wait, seriously? it’s one of the biggest things we pride ourselves on. we take steps to make sure hazing isn’t happening. All the guys know what hazing is and what can and cannot be done. So then what’s the pledge process like? they have meetings for six weeks and have to learn about DX and our values. we do have an i week –

everyone else calls it hell week, we call it initiation week – and we just bond and do things so we grow closer as a fraternity. I suppose that’s the biggest thing that sets you apart. well, i always hear on campus that we’re extreme gentlemen – we do whatever we can to be good guys. So, there’s that. Alright, so, as good guys, what’s you philanthropy? the Jimmy V foundation, which helps with cancer research and helping families dealing with cancer. we host all sorts of events throughout the year to help raise money. Anything coming up? october 29th we have a haunted house at the fraternity house. we’re gonna set it up in our basement. You can walk through our basement and the back yard, and we’re accepting donations for the Jimmy V Foundation. You get two sentences to sell the campus on Greek life. Go: Since i’ve gotten into Greek life, i’ve had some amazing opportunities–i may even be getting a job because of it. So as much as people want to think it’s just partying, it opens a lot of doors. –@sarg_hags29



Video Game Review: We gave some total bro a copy of GTA V. This is what happened next... i’ve blown people’s faces off. i’ve stolen cars, boats, planes and submarines, and i've used them to run people over. i went on a rampage in a blimp, sniping heads off until the cops shot me down; i water-boarded some foreigner and bashed his kneecaps in with a giant monkey wrench; i hijacked a commercial flight and sent it into another plane in midair while i parachuted to safety and landed on a city bus, which i then covered in gasoline and blew up. Grand Theft Auto V is awesome. the game takes place in San Andreas, a fictional state that includes the enormous city of Los Santos. Apparently it’s supposed to be like Los Angeles, but i’ve never been there, so i’ll take their word for it. the place is constantly crawling with the fuzz,

and the Los Santos PD are much better at killing me when i try to steal cars or punch out plebs than the Liberty City PD ever were. And that’s a problem–you’re given a whole bunch of guns to gat people with, but as soon as you use one the cops are all over you and boom, the long floppy dong of the law smacks you across the face and you’re dead. Jacking cars is even tough to do, since the people you throw on the road can call the cops on their phones. An easy work-around i found is to drive over them a few times before you speed off. Sometimes, if you’re being really careful, this turns into running over a whole bunch of street-side witnesses. But, better safe than sorry, right? the game is built for bros. You can race fast cars, shoot holes in people’s heads, and pick up prostitutes. taking a hooker to a secluded area restores your health, just like in real life! And you can go to strip clubs and even touch the strippers, so in some ways this game is better than real life. if the bouncer doesn’t like it, just pull out your piece and

give them some lead. this is my reaction to every situation, and it’s never steered me wrong. Speaking of steering, i am not very good at driving. A new feature in GtA V lets you throw down with your friends online, and you can race around the city to prove who is the most alpha. the game must be broken or something because i am alpha as hell, but i can’t drive for shit. the cars turn like they are on ice, and every 90-degree turn i make becomes a complete 360 into a bunch of people on the sidewalk. then–no questions asked–a bunch of pigs gun me down. Again. though the game takes a long time to beat, and i can’t seem to keep my characters alive, it’s still a blast to play; there are fast cars, a bunch of guns, loads of people to mow down and naked chicks. it all comes together as one of those experiences that that you wouldn’t want your parents to walk in on you having, but those experiences always tend to be the best… especially when you’re all alone. –@T_Wrecked

34 S@pikappaphi_WCU High St | On the same block as Barnaby’s & Kiwi | 610.696.2005

$10 STUDENT HAIRCUT Reduced from $12. Must cut out & present this coupon to receive discount. Expires 1/14/2014 Walk-Ins Welcome or Call Today for an Appointment


What I Bought at 7-11 at 2am vol. 1 no. 2


You know you should probably have gone home, chugged a bunch of water, removed your shoes and passed out, but instead you blew the rest of your money on blunts and Fritos

Nick George


Menthols 2 Burritos

V8 Splash Breakfast Sandwich

2 Hot Dogs 2 Waters Coke


Wings Corn Dogs Sausage Biscuit


Ben & Jerry's Corn Dogs Tacquitos


Smartfood Vitamin Water


Skim Milk Salt & Pepper Chips

Some Guy

Gatorade Tacquitos

18 vol. 1 no. 2


TalkFavoritesme Locals vote for their favorites Who has the best nightlife in West Chester? 1. Barnaby’s

513 2. kildare’s

287 3. Landmark

172 4. Más Mexicali Cantina

73 5. Square Bar

47 Who serves the best pizza in West Chester? 1. America’s Pie


47 2. Saucey

32 3. riggtown oven

23 4. Amore Pizza

15 5. Las Vegas Pizza

12 Visit to explore the best in your area and vote for all your favorites

Where da Wings At?

when and where to get 'em cheap Alibis: Sundays, $0.50 per wing Barnaby's: Wednesdays, eight flavors, ten for $4 Kildare's: Mondays, six flavors, $0.35 Landmark: Sundays, $0.50 per wing ($2 Yeungs) Ram's Head: Wednesdays, $0.50 per wing Ryan's Pub: Wednesdays, five for $2 Timothy's: Wednesdays, 10 wings, $5

October Beers:

Sly Fox Oktoberfest, Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale & Southern Tier Pumpking By October I'm sick of the sweet summery beers and in the mood for something with some real, hearty flavor. Rich Mahon at Ram's Head understands this, so when I dropped by he threw me a few heavy brews which I sipped and sampled, jotted down notes about, then chugged. Here's what I thought... Sly Fox Oktoberfest Lager Phoenixville, PA – 5.80% ABV, Before refrigeration, you couldn't brew beer in the summer. German beers were brewed in Märzen (the German word for March and the proper name of this beer style), kept in storage, then cracked open in September for a massive oktoberfest celebration. Sly Fox's iteration of this brew tastes a bit like a wellrefined Yeungling. it's medium-bodied and smooth with a light hint of hops and a strong malty flavor.

Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale Portsmouth, NH – 5.84% ABV Beer recipes featuring pumpkins date back to the early days of America, when spend-thrift colonial brewers got sick of wasting money to import malt and instead turned to locally grown ingredients, such as squash and pumpkins. Basically what that means is drinking a pumpkin ale is pretty much your duty and honor as an American. Smuttynose's take on this American classic is one of the few pumpkin-style beers you'll find that has a hoppy characteristic. that hoppy aroma and bitterness blends with the other seasonal spice flavors to create a beer that's very fullbodied with a lasting aftertaste that lingers on the back of your palate. Southern Tier Pumpking Lakewood, NY – 8.60% ABV if a classic pumpkin-styled brew doesn't fit your fancy tastes, try the Pumpking. Sure it's served in a girly little glass, but that's because it packs a punch. the brew separates itself from the rest of the field by being sweet, choosing to focus more on a pumkin pie flavor with a nutmeg/cinnamon/ginger bite right on the tip of your tongue. –@danielmathers



12 E Ma r k e t S tr e e t


er, PA e st Chest




12 E Market Street 610-696-9770

Craft Beer and Pub Food with a Twist September

Specials & events 40 e Market St




$3 Draft Beers

$3 Draft Beers

$3 Draft Beers

Half Price Filet Cheesesteaks

Half Price Sandwiches

$.50 Wings & $7 Bud Light Pitchers


6-8pm (bar only)

$1 Off Craft Beers 10pm-12am


6-8pm (bar only)

$2 Well Drinks



West Chester



Prizes & Giveaways plus Half-price Apps

25% Off All Growler Fills

Beer POnG (Lower Level) 1st Place $50 Gift Card 2nd Place $25 Gift Card





$3 Draft Beers Half Price Apps

$3 Draft Beers Half Price Apps

$3 Draft of the Day All Day

$7 Bud Light Pitchers & $.50 Wings All Day

starts at 10pm

5pm–7pm (bar only)

5pm–7pm (bar only)

$2.50 Bud/Bud Light “Hoppy Hour” $3 Well Drinks Kick a keg during 10pm–12am Thursday Happy Hour and Get a Free Growler LIVe MUSIC and Fill of Your Choice (Upper Level) Starts at 8pm $2.50 Miller Lite



$2.50 Coors Light $3 Fireball Shots 10pm-12am

DJ Downstairs


Any Two SlicES & A FounTAin SodA: $5 including... Buffalo chicken, Honey Mustard chicken, cBR, BBQ chicken, and more!

starts at 10pm

In THe BIZ Bring your restaurant pay stub and get 20% of your entire tab!

delivery Available!!! Sun-TuES: 11AM-12AM wEd-SAT: 11AM-3AM





Landmark Americana turned back the clocks for a retro-themed party that packed the bar with people looking to party... and drink a good bit of booze. photos HUTCH

22 vol. 1 no. 2

onth: M e th f o n w ja y e n o H e most of the my friends call m Shannon , but e” or just Shan time they call me “dud s me to try new ve gi it m do ee fr e th ause i love college bec each week. on rs pe t en er ff di a lifestyles. I’m on status st ni A er if nn Je i’m le m one to sing

hi, my name is

on a scale fro

you just never know.

drool in my sleep one ws, but if he’s ro eb ey is e tiv ac tr at d g i fin the weirdest thin ext” for me. “n nt a st in n a ’s it ne had them do ke my bed a m or g in w a dr a sh ni when I fi i’m most proud easily. I would l a he to er w po e th would be My super power life that way. ss le ck re nd a us ro tu live such an adven telling me ed was someone iv ce re er ev i t en the best complim t I’ll take it! bu , w ho re su ot N . el Bi I looked like Jessica knows about thing only my pet


me is I

jawnUniversity ht to you by Honey

Lily Collins


@ h o n e yj aw n u

September Trend Watch

with the pencil-thin lines and embrace your innerFrida kahlo (but ten times hotter). –@courtconigs

Bold & Beautiful Brows

What to Use: • Anastasia Brow Genius Kit • NYX Eyebrow Kit with Stencil, $13

Goodbye plucking-to-death; hello, thick and well-groomed brows. turns out, thick eyebrows actually frame your face and can transform your features, giving you a more symmetrical look. the key is to trim first and then fill in the sparse spots using brushes, powders and pencils. they make ones specifically for your brows, so no excuses! if you want to be a bit more daring, you can create sultry, more exotic arches for a bolder statement. So stop

Where to Shop: Sephora • Ulta • Nordstrom • MAC Cosmetics • DIY: Use a matte eye shadow or any brown eye pencil (just make sure it’s super sharp to get that “hair look”). Trend Icons: Lily Collins, Camilla Belle, Cara Delevigne, Lana Del rey, Mila kunis, emma watson

43 weSt gay Street, weSt CheSter 610-344-9959 FaIrManS.CoM







I feel like we're insulting your intelligence by acting as though you need a description of what this event was: a bunch of people went to Ryan's Pub, ate discounted wings and drank beer. photos HUTCH

26 vol. 1 no. 2

Name These Countries...

write your answers below

Win $100 Cash Be the first to complete our Instagram scavenger hunt The rules are really very straightforward: we’re going to give you a list of things you have to do this month, and you’re going to do them. As evidence that you’ve completed the task, Instagram every step as you complete it. When you post the picture, make sure to tag @wcscene in your post and include #scenescav. When you’ve completed all of the tasks, send an email to with your Instagram username to let us know you’re done. We’ll review your photos and post our favorites in the next issue. The first person to complete the Scavenger Hunt each month will win $100 cash. Yeah–that’s the equivalent of nearly seven 30-packs of Natty Light ($15.29 at Spaz Beverage). So, get started... #1 Get a Senior Citizen to Flip the Bird Could be grandma, could be granpa, could be a random stranger. They just need to look old and present the middle finger straight to the camera. #2 High-five a Professor You know you've got at least one cool professor who'd be like, "It's for $100? Alright, fine." #3 A Sexy Bumblee Don't care if she's walking down your street or you're trying it on at the costume store. Don't wait for Halloween. #4 Buy A Slice for Someone Nice Could be a bum, could be a beautiful man/woman, but they have to be a random stranger. #5 Complete the Game on this Page ------------> #6 What Annoys You About Your Roommate Do they snore? Do they forget to flush? Shame your roommate in exchange for cash. #WorthIt #7 Hangover Cure A breakfast sandwich from Riggtown? The Bruno at Market Street Grill? Another cheap beer? Whatever it is, 'gram it. #8 Your Weekend Switch your phone to video and record a 15-second clip showing us how you spend Thursday–Sunday.

#SceneScav Winner @ScottyG0311 won $100 cash in September for taking a few pictures. Who's gonna win this month?

$5 all day





(610) 429-4046


cut this out and present with purchase

Buy One Get One Cupcakes & Donuts expires 11/12/13

All Baking Done on Premises 15 North Church Street ď‚Ą 610-344-9674



While we probably should have saved our guap and our livers for homecoming weekend, we decided to pop things off early with a Thirsty Thursday celebration and started things right at Barnaby's. photos HUTCH

ocTOBER 19: CRAZY IN STEREO ocTOBER 26: Super Hero bar Crawl OCTOBER 31: HALLOWEEN PARTY With Lost in Paris & DJ Dub T3 NovemBER 2: Laura Lea & Tripp Fabulous NovemBER 9: Element K NovemBER 9: HOT D

15 N Walnut Street  484.887.0786 


50 Cent $3 23oz Wings Miller Lite $2.50 Coors ‘Til Midnight Light Bottles


Weekly Specials

$2 Pints



live music saturdays Friday



$2.50 Miller Lite Bottles


$2.50 Bud Light Bottles

Happy Hour $1.50 Natty Happy Hour 5:30-7:30pm & Light 8:30-10:30pm $3 Sam Adams $2 U-Call-Its Oktoberfest 9-11pm ‘Til 12pm

Acoustic Wednesdays

Wednesday Thursday




After getting a text from @DJDubT3, we knew we needed to hit up Alibis next – their Thursday night house/club bangers have been getting wilder and weirder every week. photos HUTCH



The next spot was Kildare's which was, as always, wall-to-wall. We pushed our way to the bar, ordered a couple lagers, slammed a few Fireballs and joined the mayhem. photos HUTCH


We’ll give you $100 graduation gift if you rent from us!


It’s not too soon to think about 2014, so join our PRIORITY LIST:: Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll notify you when it’s available Studios, 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms  granite countertops, dishwashers, washer, dryers  hardwood floors  spacious bedrooms and living areas

121 E Gay St.  610.696.0953 

SCENE - October 2013  
SCENE - October 2013  

Everything Worth Doing in West Chester