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Alibis hauled in three tons of sand (that's 6,000lbs) to transform their dance floor into a beach, then hosted a bikini contest that saw the winner walk away with $200 cash and an awesome beach gift pack. photos by @lukeythebird



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5 May 2014

6 May 2014

The Makeshift Chef

Day Drinking Meal Essentials It's 1 PM and You. Are. Hammered. How did this happen? This was supposed to be a day-long, not a “drink for two hours and, oh man, now its time for a nap.” We’ve all been there. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, but—apparently—no one remembers that in the first hour or so. You throw back a few shots to get it started and then one game of KanJam and you are way drunker than you should ever be at noon. A few more beers and its time for that nap... intentionally or not. All of this can be avoided with a well-placed meal to coat the stomach before all that alcohol floods your system or maybe strategically snacking at halftime. But who wants to waste valuable time in the sun to make a meal? We’ve got you covered. Here are two recipes that you can make in your shitty dorm kitchen in a matter of minutes to keep you in top form when you’re out in the sun and the beer flows like wine. Microwave Carbonara: 1 handful pasta, 1 egg, Cheese, Salt & Pepper Put pasta in a bowl, fill with water so there’s 1-2 inches of water above the pasta. Add 4 extra minutes to the cook time listed on the box and microwave. Check if done; nuke more if needed. Drain water. Crack egg into pasta, rip cheese into pieces. Microwave for 30 seconds. Stir egg into hot pasta thoroughly to cook the rest of the way. Add salt and pepper to taste. Melted Cheese And Pesto aka The Discerning (Poor) Man’s Grilled Cheese 2 Slices of Bread, Cheese, 1 spoonful canned pesto Put however much cheese you want and a spoonful of pesto between the bread. Spread that pesto out. Wrap the sandwich in paper towels. Microwave for 90 seconds. Eat within two minutes, or that breads gonna be rock hard. -@jacklindeman

What We're Drinking: Celebrating at Barnaby's We love celebrating. Honestly, we would celebrate anything. One time we threw a party to celebrate how great our last party was. But when May comes around, we don’t really have to look for/make up any excuses to celebrate. School is over, summer is starting, and—for the seniors—graduation is finally happening. With this in mind, we sent our photographer, Lukey the Bird, to find some good ways to celebrate these days of newfound freedom. He ended up on Barnaby’s newly renovated patio where bartender Nicole Drulik guided him through their new drinks menu. Here are a few of the new drinks Lukey loved that you might also want to try. -@jacklindeman The Electric Lemonade 3 Olives Citrus Vodka Blue Raspberry Roaring Lion Splash of Lemonade Sugar Rim

Grape Crush 3 Olives Grape Vodka Cranberry Juice Sprite Dash of Sour

Bikini Pintini Vodka Parrot Bay Rum Pineapple Juice Dash of Grenadine

Congratulations Class Of 2014

Book a wristband party to celebrate! Basic: 2 hours $20, 3 hours $25 Premium: 2 hours $25, 3 hours $30 *includes complimentary meat, cheese and vegetable tray!


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9 May 2014

Fashion: Be the Best Dressed at the Fest' Spring marks the beginning of many happy things in life: warmer temperatures, tailgating, higher hemlines, and a very special series of music festivals that both awakens our hippie souls and bankrupts our poor college-kid checking accounts. Yes, people, it’s festival season and this year you’re not going to wear just any floral head crown and fringe tie-dye shorts. You’re going to be fest dressed with these six cool-girl tips: Shop Vintage And Thrift Stores The best festival looks can’t be bought at the mall. Getting your hands on a true 60s or 70s frock will put you ahead of the festival fashion game. Go Kimono Style meets comfort when you rock a Kimono this festival season. Pair with hi-rise shorts & a bikini top for easy transition throughout the day/night. Stain Your Strands When Nicole Richie dyed her hair purple last month, the festival gods were pleased. Now’s your chance. Try pastel shades of lilac, pink, blue, or green, or you can go all-out My Little Pony. Use semi-permanent hair dye (rinses out in 6-8 washes) or head to the nearest Free People for some hair chalk fun. Overalls For Days Trust us, overalls are back. Just add a neon crop top or bikini underneath and you’re set. Cue 90s nostalgia…with more Pharrell and less L.L. Cool J. Artpop It’s all about creativity. If you’re completely over all-things festival style, wear neutral clothing and then use paints or henna on your face and body. Try tribal patterns in bright shades to really show your spirit. Flower Power Yes, it’s typical but you can’t really get through festival season without a good floral headpiece. This year, the bigger the better. To kick off the season, get your festival besties together and have a ceremonial floralcrown-making party complete with your Coachella playlist and some pregame goods. –@courtconigs

Culture Critique: How not to pick up women at the bar Woman are a difficult breed. I would apologize on our behalf, but I'm dating a crazy Latina, so I feel no pity. We can be hard to read and—most times— harder to get to know, so if you want to successfully pick-up a female at the bar, use precaution and move slowly; once you’ve been labeled a creep, it's game over. Suddenly she’s sandwiched between her friends until your sorry ass is out of sight. So before you make your move, here are some go-to steps: 1. Notice her dancing style and which songs get her going. There is NOTHING worse than when your favorite song comes on and some rhythmless bro just rams into you. It's like a sad, arranged marriage that we have to endure for three minutes. We’ll just be watching our friends scream like idiots at the top of their lungs while we’re thinking, "That could have been me..." with deep sadness. 2. Pick up lines are risky. “Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got FINE written all over you.” Chances are when you use a cheesy pickup line, we’re now brainstorming possible ways to escape you. Naturally, we have our own responses to cheesy pick up lines: “I have to go to the bathroom" or "I’m a lesbian.” I never said girls weren’t ruthless.

3. Don’t be thirsty. If a guy is immediately enamored and asking for our digits, and where we live, and what we study, we are going to think he’s desperate— or worse—clingy. So don’t move too fast, play it slow and give us a chance to decide if we like you, too. Imagine Tinder: give it time so we can both swipe right. 4. Buy her a drink. Let's play a game. Never have I ever.... Denied a free drink. Real talk: what girl denies free things in college? Buy her one after you’ve learned her name and are sure she isn’t just gonna take off with that free Skinny Girl. Really, when it comes down to it, the best way to get inside a woman's... heart is noticing the details before you approach her. Whether it’s spotting her drink of choice or assessing how attached she is to her friends, you’ve got a far better shot if you don’t rush in blindly. And, if you fail, big deal—onto the next one. -@kate_powers


After seven days of parties and events, Greek Week finishes strong with all Greek organizations on campus competing in ridiculous "track and field" events. Congrats to Greek Week winners: DPhiE, PhiSigSig and Pike. photos by Niki Rutkowski


12 May 2014

Brandon Diec - @roll_the_DIEC What’s your ideal type of women? She has to have a nice derriere, cute face, laid back; we have to be able cuddle and eat frozen yogurt. What’s your first dream first date? Kiwi. If you could go to any country which would it be and what would you do? Snowboarding in the Swiss Alps. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life would you chose? Egg rolls—that’s a no brainer. Where do you see yourself in ten years? I see myself with a good job, very successful, looking good, in great shape, and hopefully with the girl of my dreams. You're a piece of candy. What kind? Reese's Cups, because I have a sweet personality like chocolate and have smooth moves on the dance floor like peanut butter. When’s the last time you hooked up using Tinder? I actually never have—I like meeting girls in person. What’s one message you want to leave with the beautiful women of West Chester? Excuse me, are you religious?B ecause you're the answer to my prayers.


You know what really grinds my gears?

a few things that have been pissing us off lately... @WhalenStephanie: You know what really grinds my gears? When random girls stop to use the bathroom at my boyfriends house #dontevenlookathim

@DJRomeo24: Sneezing while driving—shit is terrifying. You lose full control for a few seconds and have to close your eyes.

@SamanthaViguers: When I'm driving through campus and the students think they rule the road. Half of the time they don't even look both ways, and almost always cross when it's a red light.

@wine_n_dynamite: what really #grindsmygears: why so many sexy smart college chicks have total douche bag / loser boyfriends

@SamanthaViguers: Oh, and girls who wear leggings under jean shorts. That was never fashionable and never will be. Ew.

@rmatchica:#WCParkingEnforcement #GrindsMyGears @mfed28: people that are late!

@JackLindeman: what #grindsmygears: when "Nice Guys" assume that girls will like them because they're nice. You are just boring. Get off the computer for a minute and talk to them instead of complaining @Tom_Patterson: Potholes @Pete_Johnston: You know what grinds my gears? When a person's list of hashtags is longer than their facebook status. I think we are taking this hashtag nonsense a bit far.

Top 25 Downloads: Basement Party #Bangerz Pitbull ft. GRL — Wild Wild Love The Chainsmokers — #Selfie (Creaky Jackals Festival Trap Remix) Steve Aoki, Diplo, Deorro Ft Steve Bays — Freak TG ft. Drake — Who Do You Love? Far East Movement Ft Riff Raff, ScHoolboy Q, B.o.B. — THE ILLEST (Remix) Beyonce Ft Busta Rhymes & Azealia Banks — Partition (Remix) Martin Garrix & Firebeatz — Helicopter Pharrell Williams — Marilyn Monroe Tyga ft. Chris Brown — B*tches (Fan of a Fan) R3hab — Samurai (Go Hard) Young Thug ft. Wale — Stoner (Remix) Kirko Bangz ft. YG & Yo Gotti — Hoe Tyga ft. Young Thug — Hookah Tujamo — Hey Mister! August Alsina ft. B.O.B., Yo Gotti — Numb ft. Miley Cyrus, French Montana & Wiz Khalifa — Feelin’ Myself Cassidy — Lookin Ass B*tches Martix Garrix — Proxy Mr. Mauricio ft. Pitbull, Rick Ross & Fat Joe — Jam On It Mausi — Losing You/Say My Name Bang La Decks — Utopia (Aero Chord’s Festival Trap Remix) Sia — Chandelier HAHA-Yo — What Would Diddy Do? #WWDD Tyga — Tsunami (DVBBS & BORGEOUS Remix) Wolfpack & Ale Mora — H.A.M. –@djromeo24 & –@djdubt3

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Who's Getting Busted?

15 May 2014

Our Extremely Factual Guide to Which Dorms are Getting Arrested Most


We conducted a super in-depth study of the habits of students living in seven of West Chester University's dormitory buildings, then used the scientific method to determine which dorms have the highest number of arrests.


The map at left is based on an amalgamation of the police scanner data from the last five years. Buildings marked as hot have the most arrests and—obviously—those marked cold are staying out of cuffs. Below we've broken down the numbers and offered descriptions of why we think they've ranked the way they do. -@wcscene 1. Tyson Hall - 50+ Arrests/Semester After an impressive first-place finish last month, Tyson Hall is back on top this month, because freshmen can't hold their liquor, leading to a high number of underages.


2. Goshen Hall - 42 Arrests/Semester Again, lots of freshmen... idiots. Hot (Gettin' Some)



3. Schmidt Hall - 31 Arrests/Semester Given the length of the walk back to Schmidt Hall, it's not surprising they've got a high arrest ratio and a disproportionately number of public urination charges. 4. Brandywine Hall - 29 Arrests/Semester Our best guess as to the high number of arrests at Brandywine is that the RAs in the building feel the need to lay down the law.

7 Cold (Gettin' None)


5. Killinger Hall - 10 Arrests/Semester They've got a low number of arrests, but most aren't alcohol related. Seems the residents of Killinger have a preference for bud. 6. Allegheny Hall - 3 Arrests/Semester Maybe they're just boring? 7. Wayne Hall - 0 Arrests/Semester Being that it's mostly athletes who live here, we aren't entirely sure whether they're simply not breaking the rules or if the coaching staff is getting them off the hook.



Easter's a lot more fun when you focus on rabbits and chocolate (not death and resurrection). Apparently Kildare's agrees with us, and they offered no cover all Easter weekend to anyone wearing bunny ears. photos by @djromeo24



Easter's a lot more fun when you focus on rabbits and chocolate (not death and resurrection). Apparently Kildare's agrees with us, and they offered no cover all Easter weekend to anyone wearing bunny ears. photos by @djromeo24

20 May 2014

A Man Among Women: Malik Muhammad

What exactly is the Women’s Center? The Women’s Center is a resource for all of the students on campus, providing contraceptive resources and support to any victims of any type of sexual assault or sex-based violence, as well as educational programs, including the Get Yourself Tested Day, Banana Day and The Men in Action Project. And what is your role there? I work with a lot of the educational programing around campus like the Consent is Sexy, Men in Action and Men vs Women programs. Within the office I handle a lot of the administration side of things, which includes the training for sexual assault or violence support. When did you get involved at the Women’s Center? I got started two and half years ago. The president of my fraternity was working with the Women’s Center and they were looking for other men to get involved. I started interning and then I became a full employee. #PSACChamps

How do you bring Fraternity Life and the Women’s Center together in a positive way? I try to bring the things I learn about developing healthy masculinity and respecting women in ways which are not degrading to my fraternity and the other fraternities on campus . You are a senior and graduating this May; what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? My time at the Women’s Center taught me to be more a wellrounded man. I want men to step up and get more involved around campu— help end sexual and gender-based violence. What are your plans after graduation? I will be attending graduate school here at West Chester University for Secondary Education Psychology and Counseling in Higher Education and Student Affairs. Fun Question: You just recently won Greek God, how does it feel? I decided that during my senior year I’d participate in Greek God and Goddess. It was meant to be one of my last hurrahs here at West Chester, and I am so excited and honored that I was chosen to represent the Greek community as this year’s Greek God.

Spolier Alert! We review pop culture so you don't have to bother keeping up a teenager without angst about his parents? Luckily, he’s not cringingly emo like Maguire. He’s a trendy skater boy that has to do laundry and worry about his aunt walking into his room when he’s doing private stuff, just like you and me.

If you have turned on your TV at all in the past few months, then you know The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes out on May 2. There have been so many trailers with new scenes every few days, it feels as if I’ve already seen the movie. If you haven’t seen the first one, don’t worry; this version of Spider-Man is way better than the old trilogy your grandparents watched back in the early ’00s. Let me bring you up to speed. Andrew Garfield has a lot going for him. Unlike Tobey Maguire, he’s not some dweeb lucky enough to be Spider-Man. He’s a good-looking guy who gets to bang Emma Stone on the reg. As Spider-Man, he swings around fighting crime and trying to figure out what happened to his dead parents because what’s

So Spider-Man is investigating his parents’ disappearance, and the trail takes him back to big bad OsCorp from the first movie. Unlike last time, instead of fighting one amputee-turned-lizard, he puts up with three villains at once. As any honest guy will tell you, three at once can be a bit overwhelming. Paul Giamatti plays an over-the-top Russian mobster—a huge step up for the guy who played John Adams. He rampages through New York, first trying to pull off a heist for science stuff, then as “The Rhino” in a machine-gunny metal suit. Jamie Foxx gets mutated by some eels into a blue Pikachu who's got a chip on his shoulder because Spider-Man doesn’t know his name. Elsewhere, out of nowhere, Spider-Man’s childhood bestie, Harry Osborn, shows up to cause trouble. No longer heartthrob James Franco, he's now the creepy guy from Chronicle. Apparently in Spider-Man world,

Harry Osborn is synonymous with “daddy issues.” This time around, he physically morphs into a grimy Green Goblin because his dad dies and now he’s dying, so that means he should mutate. Because the Goblin is evil and dying, he and Jamie Foxx tag-team Spider-Man. I don’t know why they want to kill Spidey, but I know they have a giant battle. Maybe Andrew Garfield has magic blood or something and the Goblin needs to drink it to live. Whatever the reason, with Rhino involved, these bad guys will be pretty badass. Likely, the showdown will be cooler than the team up of villains in the old Spider-Man 3. Because Django. Also, no Topher Grace. Anyway, Spider-Man’s wench is going to get her neck tragically snapped into pieces, and Spider-Man will temporarily fall to the dark side and viciously kill all the villians or something. But that won’t bring Emma Stone back to life because this movie is edgy and different than the old trilogy. On the bright side, now she’s out of the way, and Garfield can use his good looks and charming wit to mack on more chicks, like the Mary Jane in The Amazing Spider-Man 3, which is set to come out in two years. -@tommylindeman

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What I Bought at 7-11 at 2am

23 May 2014

If you were the girl who bought the fruit punch, tweet @wcscene so we can give you free stuff

Dirty Dog Mustard and Sauerkraut bro! And a side When Fruit Punch Attacks Ummm…. this is why of morning regret. we love 7-11 at 2am.

On Dating a 7-11 “Taquitos won't let you down. They are always here and they never disappoint”

Sugar Rush At 99 cents, Arizona Iced Tea is the cheaper than water. *note sneaky fruit punch girl*

What About the Other Hand? “I mean, I was just Making Friends Fruit punch girl wanted to be in gonna get this slice of cheese” every. single. photo.

Heaven on Earth “Can our quote please be: “7-11 Orange Dust Fingers Cute girls and cheetos go is our heaven!” ?” Sure. together like peanut butter and jelly.

Vinegar Strokes WCU Football Player may be powered by Salt & Vinegar Chips.

24 May 2014

Honeyjawn of the Month We wish every woman was like @just_bein_gi Hi my name is... Giovanna, but my friends call me Gigi or G-Money. If I wrote a song about myself it would be called…. “The Notorious Life of G,” and it would feature… Kendrick and Lauren Hill—that’s my girl right there. My best friend would say that I'm... really goofy. I would say that best friend is... crazy. Definitely crazy. In the movie of my life, I’d be played by... Angelina Jolie—gotta be fierce and hot at the same time and get that kinda foreign thing going on. The weirdest thing I find attractive is… I have this thing for arms, like cut arms. That’s the first thing I notice. If I were a pizza topping, I would be… either a pepperoni or pineapple; pepperoni has a bit of spice, but it’s like classic. Pineapple is that kinda crazy topping that nobody really gets, but they’re sweet and good. I love college because... all the freedom I have to do what I want. I hate college because... my drugs and behavior class—I feel nauseous talking about what’s going on in my head. My super power would be... invisibility, so I can sneak around and steal the cookies out of the cookie jar. I get complimented most on... either my hair or my butt—I’ve got crazy curly hair and a big butt. My ideal first date would be... at Disney World. You can judge a lot about a person by what rides they go on. “Ugh, he’s going on the tea cups? No thanks.” @just_bein_gi with @honeyjawnu

Basement Bangers The songs you should be playing at your parties this month

Puff Daddy ft. Rick Ross, French Montana - Big Homie Flosstradamus ft. Travis Porter - Drop Top TeeFlii ft. 2 Chainz - 24 Hours Calvin Harris - Summer Skrillex & Diplo ft. G Dragon & CL - Dirty Vibe The Al Gore Rhythm Method - Garuda Lil Jon & Freaky Bass - Rager Day Icona Pop ft. Ty Dolla $ign - It’s My Party B.O.B. ft. Chris Brown - Throwback DJ Felli Fel ft. Pitbull, Juicy J & Cee Lo - Have Some Fun Future ft. Kanye West - I Won Chocolate Puma ft. Kriss Kriss - Step Back Ray J ft. French Montana & Tyga - Hey Love Tiesto - Red Lights (Afrojack Remix) David Gutta ft. Skylar Gray - Shot Me Down (Party Favor Remix) Party Favor - Let Me Clear My Throat (Party Favor Re-Twerk)

Jennifer Lopez ft. Tyga - Girls (Remix) DJ Diamond Kuts - Watermelon (Serfbort) Lil Jon & DJ Kontrol - Ladies Birthday Anthem Jasper Forks - Another Sleepless Night Shakira - Dare (La La La) Propain ft. Rich Homie Quan - 2 Rounds 50 Cent ft. Trey Songz - Smoke Capitol Trill - Hump Day (Twerk Remix) YG ft. Schoolboy Q & Jay Rock - I Just Wanna Party Pitbull ft. Don Miguelo - Como Yo Le Doy Chris Brown ft. Ariana Grande - Don’t Be Gone Too Long Jason Derulo ft. Pitbull - Fire Keyshia Cole ft. Juicy J - Rick James Anthony Lewis ft. Billy Bang - Candy Rain Tinashe ft. SchoolBoy Q - 2 On Alicia Keys ft. Kendrick Lamar - It’s On Again –@DJRomeo24 & @DJDubT3

SCENE - May 2014  
SCENE - May 2014  

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