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UPROAR! The Wildcat Sanctuary

February 2014

Raja, cougar PCML Photography

UPROAR! The Wildcat Sanctuary

February 2014 | Issue 2

Donoma, cougar

Tammy Thies Founder & Executive Director Julie Hanan Contributor Carissa L. Winter Graphic Designer Photography by TWS staff and Pamela Lammersen of PCML Photography

Mission: Provide natural sanctuary to wild cats in need and inspire change to end the captive wildlife crisis. Vision: Help create a world where wild animal sanctuaries are no longer needed. The Wildcat Sanctuary is accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and the American Sanctuary Association. TWS is also a member of the American Association of Zookeepers and licensed by the USDA.

Board of Directors Peggy Callahan Carol Griglione Dawn Isackson Heather MacLeod Gail Plewacki Sue Schmitt

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February 2014

From the Found e


A time of change…


s always, I thank each and every one of you for your incredible generosity. It is simply impossible to explain to you the importance of your role in providing forever homes to wild cats in need. When I first founded The Wildcat Sanctuary, I could never have imagined that there were so many people who would open their hearts to help these precious animals that have too often suffered neglect and even abuse before coming to a place where they experience spacious natural habitats, quality care and the security of a permanent home. This is possible only because of the very special people who donate to The Wildcat Sanctuary. The Wildcat Sanctuary is in the midst of an important transition that will ensure its sustainability and the ongoing care of more than one hundred wild cats. I am excited to be able to tell you that, in November, the current Board of Directors asked me to again take on the role of Executive Director of The Wildcat Sanctuary. With the support of a capable board, a recommitment to our values and mission, and the dedication of you, our donors, The Wildcat Sanctuary is growing stronger and better by the day. The care of the cats remains our priority. We have some new staff and the assistance of professionals from other successful sanctuaries as we go through a significant reorganization. While we have always strived to be the best at what we do, and we are recognized across the country for our animal care, safety protocols and our stable finances, we know we can improve. And that is exactly what we’re doing now. Expect to hear more about the cats you support and how they’re doing. We plan to return to the practice of communicating more frequently and personally with our donors. We’re overhauling our volunteer program with a goal of recruiting people with needed skills to enhance our work. And we’re going to look for ways to become even more cost-effective in what we do. Please enjoy the success stories and photos in this issue of Uproar. I love sharing all the amazing things we do together for the animals. Yet, I want to stress how easily we can lose sight of the significant costs that are hidden behind our stories of success. The good work we do, and the amazing changes that come to the animals is entirely dependent on the occurrences, and reoccurrences, of your donations. So please think of the animals often…your commitment to them makes our work possible. Thank you,

Tammy Thies Founder & Executive Director


February 2014


The Difference a Simple Card can Make

Luckily for a little orphaned cougar cub, Carl and Eileen won the “Name the Next Rescue” opportunity at the Sanctuary’s Jungle Boogie fundraiser in 2009. That meant that sweetheart #3 would come into their lives. They named him “Carlo” and they opened their hearts again to this cub, who had been orphaned in the wild, along with his two siblings, after his mother had been shot by a hunter.


February 2014


decade ago, Eileen and Carl Adamec received a very special Valentine’s Day card. It was a card that would change their lives and open their hearts to a whole new circle of friends. Their friend sent them a Valentine’s Day card from The Wildcat Sanctuary. Their friend probably had no idea how much that card would mean to so many! Realizing that the cats needed to be in the wild, but really had no “wild” to go to, moved Eileen and Carl. They understood why the Sanctuary was so important, what a huge need there was for it. This Valentine’s Day would always have special meaning to them. They had made a true love connection, falling in love with the Sanctuary, and they decided to share this love by sponsoring several cats. The Sanctuary became a place of peace for the animals, and the Adamec’s. Knowing the animals rescued would never have to go back to the horrors they once knew, that they would each have their special needs met, these were the things most important to them. If you ask Eileen and Carl what is the greatest gift they’ve received, they say it has been “to see our donations put toward making these formerly abused animals as whole as they can be for the rest of their lives.” They continue to inspire others with their message, “we would tell anyone who is thinking of giving to the Sanctuary to go ahead – you’ll never regret it!”

Morocco, serval

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February 2014


Asha, The Lioness, Undergoes Surgery


can remember the first day Asha arrived at The Wildcat Sanctuary. It was a cold and snowy winter day. She was in a large metal crate being lifted from a truck with a skid steer. Both the crate and the skid steer were rocking from her shifting side to side. Even through the crate, you could sense the sheer power of her. She was such a strong girl. She has been a strong girl every day since joining our sanctuary in 2006. That is until recently. Even at 17, Asha has been an active lioness. Mealtime is her favorite time. So, when she wasn’t as interested in her meal one day, we knew something was wrong. Seeing one of our strongest cats fall weak is very emotional for each of us, but we know we have an important job to do. And, with wild animals, it often must be done quickly. Taking a 400-pound lioness to the vet isn’t an easy task, but your support ensures big cats like Asha always receive the best of care.

Shanti Deva and Asha, lions


February 2014

Dr. Blake and Dr. Lee sedated and examined Asha at the Sanctuary. She was given pain meds, fluids and supportive care at The Wildcat Sanctuary so she would be stronger for her trip the next day to the University of Minnesota’s large animal hospital for diagnostics. The University’s expert team performed ultrasounds and it was determined surgery was needed. Asha had a baseball size benign cyst on her liver and a blockage in her lower intestine due to slow motility. The pathology showed that the split serosa (outer layer of the colon) was a chronic, not acute, lesion. Surgery took several hours and then she was on her way back to The Wildcat Sanctuary for recovery. Asha received around-the-clock monitoring and care by her keepers. She was on medication and a special diet for several weeks. Two weeks after her surgery, she was introduced back into her pride with Shanti Deva and Aslan. The reunion and recovery was just as emotional for us as her illness. Seeing the pride accept her back and immediately begin grooming her was heartwarming.

Asha’s keeper Kathryn said, “Tears came to my eyes when I saw Asha walk-up and nuzzle Aslan. And hearing the pride roar together for the first time again was a great moment.” Happy endings and specialty care for our residents is made possible because of your generosity. This was a very serious surgery for a cat of Asha’s age and size. We feel blessed that Asha will have even more days here at the Sanctuary.

Asha and Aslan, lions


February 2014


Changing Seasons, Changing Lives


or cats at The Wildcat Sanctuary, change is something each has experienced throughout their lives. From being purchased as a pet to now living their days at a natural sanctuary. We do our best to make change as positive as possible. But no one can offer positive change better than mother nature and its gift of the change of seasons here in Minnesota. Each of us looks forward to seasonal changes in our own special way. Whether it’s being with family during the winter holidays, or looking forward to summer vacations, or roasting marshmallows over autumn bonfires, or picnics in the park during springtime. For the cats, it’s really no different. They have a favorite season, just as we do. Whether it be the hot days of summer, the moist days of spring, the snowy days of winter, or the crisp cool days of autumn, for each species and each cat, the seasons offer all sorts of opportunities for something new and exciting! It’s fun to watch the cats change, especially the way they play and adapt. The servals anticipate and celebrate

the hot summer days. Basking in the sun’s rays, we know they must be dreaming of African savannahs their cousins enjoy in the wild. But, that’s not necessarily the case with the cougars and tigers who’d much rather be enjoying a summer dip in their pools. How lucky are tigers like Titan and Lilly to have donors who’ve provided water features to help them “chill” on even the hottest days! Looking toward the other part of the Sanctuary in the summer, you’ll find the bobcats and lynx enjoying long naps under their trees or in their caves which provide a cool, shady place for them. When the heat of summer starts to fade and the annual cascade of leaves start to fall, you can see the cats start to sense something’s in the air – literally. Just like a child, there’s something irresistible about a fresh pile of fall leaves to play in. Keepers roll carts full of pumpkins to the habitats and the cats couldn’t be more grateful for this extra special room service. Pumpkins provide hours of endless activity. Whether it’s ripping them to shreds and playing in the gooey mess or tossing them around

Lilly, Bengal tiger


February 2014

Haley, bobcat or hiding them in their special spots, what’s not to love about fall playtime? At the end of the day, many cats like lioness Shanti Deva or tigress Ekaterina snuggle in for a nap in their fire hose hammocks. The days soon shorten, the air becomes crisp, and so many of the wild cats’ coats begin to thicken in anticipation of winter’s arrival. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing the fluffy winter coat of Kitty the lynx. For the staff, it’s a busy time of year too. Temperature-controlled buildings are continually monitored, fuel supplies are assured, snow removal tools and machinery are put in tip-top shape, heated water bowls are tested, provisions are stockpiled, the check list is long. It doesn’t matter if there’s 4” of snow or 4’ of snow, staff members must be prepared to care for the animals no matter what. During the winter, with frost in the air, the cats’ dietary needs definitely increase. They take it for granted their food will always be there and, thanks to our successful fundraising drives and our fabulous supporters, it is. Tiger Zeus and the other cats nod off, quite content with nice full bellies. While keepers are shoveling and clearing paths and roadways, the cats snuggle up on perches in their warm, indoor habitats for long winter naps. As a kid, you remember great winter days of snowball


February 2014


fights and building snowmen, don’t you? Well, it’s not much different if you’re a wild cat! Some of the funniest days are seeing bobcats swatting snowballs tossed into their habitats, or lynx climbing as high as they can to catch falling snowflakes, or tigers chomping off the heads of snowmen built in their habitats. Wild games of chase through deep snow can be exhausting and great exercise for those who live in groups. But, then comes everyone’s favorite season – springtime! As Charles Dickens said, “Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade.” It provides something for everyone here at the Sanctuary. The snow melts, the air gets lighter, flowers begin to blossom, rabbits hop by, and butterflies float through habitats on gentle breezes. Days are spent lounging in comfy hammocks or surveying the Sanctuary from high perches. More toys are brought out and scentfilled enrichment is delivered regularly. Spring is one of life’s greatest rewards!

As the seasons change, you – our donors and supporters – have helped us change so many lives. Because of you, the cats anticipate and celebrate each season here at the Sanctuary. Thank you for making each year the absolute best for every Sanctuary cat!

Lilly, Bengal tiger

Andre, cougar


February 2014

In winter, play with the snow; in summer, play with the sun. Do not wait for something to come; everything is already here. In autumn, play with the leaves, in spring, play with the flowers. In summer, don’t wait for the winter; in winter, don’t wait for the summer. Everything is already here, in this present time you live in!” —Mehmet Murat ildan Titan, Bengal tiger

Aslan and Asha, lions


February 2014


In Honor and In Memory In Honor Of In honor of Radar Marilyn Krizansky In honor of Anna and Belle Bonnie Goldsmith For the cats (& dogs) and the awesome staff, intern, and volunteer team that is The Wildcat Sanctuary Christine Dietsche In honor of Zamboni Christopher M. Brown In honor of Stefan Pambuccian Corina Pambuccian In honor of David R.E. Aladjem on his birthday Elizabeth Grayden Thank you for taking in the Catskill Game Farm Cats Joan Lyon In honor of Sophie Albright Joel Albright In honor of Diablo Guapo Julio Guapo the black house cat and Margaret Thorpe In honor of Julie Hanan for her passionate advocate work for animals Billy Belt In honor of Paul Draheim DVM for his care of small cats In honor of my new granddaughter, Mia Rose Renee LeClaire In honor of Auntie Gennie Chriss Molly Kelly


In honor of Vicky Hockman and her passion for this cause Terri Byerly In honor of Sherry and Jerry Lecy Tami Tripp

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February 2014

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In honor of Kayla our cat Andrew Stevenson In honor of The Wildcat Sanctuary Kathy Polhamus For Bonni, an animal’s best friend Mary Brennan In honor of my cats, Mr. Muffin and Penzy Lynn Krapf In honor and in memory of the precious felines I’ve been so blessed to have in my life Kim Meline In honor of Jackie Rust Renata Goepfrich In honor of Courtney Blakey Lara Richardson In honor of Jane Lemon Penny Fuller In honor of Dawn Isackson Jennifer McCann

In Memory Of In memory of Topaz April Hoskins In memory of Ann Wilder John, Debee and Mike Shields In memory of Mr. Chino, who was much loved by his dads, Jim and Jason In memory of Penny Marcinek Karen Manning In loving memory of Chad Brock Candace Fugere

In memory of the littlest ones, whose paws leave such a huge imprint on our hearts, Dakarai, Jade, Issy, Rori, and Aztec. Loved you all for your uniqueness and the joy you gave us all Christine Dietsche In memory of my cat, Cheeseburger Darlene DeSantis In memory of my beautiful Princess Jasmine, who left me November 1, 2011. She is missed on a daily basis and loved dearly. Thank you The Wildcat Sanctuary for taking care of all cats big and small Dawn Isackson In memory of all my furbabies, most recently Angel In memory of Sophie and Sierra Jennifer Plombon

In memory of my sweet cat, Fluffy Jill Swenson

In memory of Rocky Kitty Alan Serlin In memory of Annette Locketz Seville Operations

In memory of my cat Jambi Cathy Camper

In memory of my sister, Chrissy, and my mother, Mary, taken too soon Sofia Dober

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In memory of Connie Bartels William Bartels

In memory of Jim Maxwell and Aztec, hoping you have found each other once again Susan Timmerman

In memory of Karl Lampart Elizabeth Bodaly In memory of Teresa Erickson Douglas and Sharon Thompson In memory of Pat Barb and Bruce Johnson In memory of Pat Perry Jeryl BeaulieuDriscoll and John Driscoll

In memory of Sarafina Joan Eichelberg

In memory of Gidget, the deaf, runt baby that RAWRED and Jada the beautiful, sweet greyhound Annette LeDuc

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In loving memory of Joey, Tabitha, Olaf, Sam, Murphy, and Zoe Kim Meline

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In memory of Frannie Kriel Linda Kriel In memory of Woolie Marisa Hinnenkamp In memory of Patricia Perry Susan Quist

In memory of Phoebe, a beautiful Maine Coon, dearly loved by Jim and Lori Sunderman Nancy Nelson In memory of Willowthewisp Sharon Buchanan

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In memory of Joe Kellues Ilse Dietsche In memory of Kinder Katherine Kalaydijan In memory of Woolie Baby Bear In memory of Nancy Parlin Her friends at The Wildcat Sanctuary In memory of Nancy Parlin the Department of German, Scandinavian and Dutch at the University of Minnesota In memory of Nancy Parlin Mike and Diane Proulx Pete and Lana Schumacher John and Mary Severson, Janet Sandbo, and David David Parlin In memory of Luke, Megan’s best friend Tammy Thies In memory of my Beloved, Ailurophile Husband, Drake C. Autarch Lefkothea Beletsi

In memory of Gloria Strom, beloved Faculty Administrative Assistant at Hamline University School of Law Marilynne Roberts In memory of Gordy Treffert Mary Beth Kensek In memory of Lila Aldin From her friends at The Wildcat Sanctuary In memory of Annette Novak From her friends at The Wildcat Sanctuary In memory of my mother, Luella Lauri Enger In memory of Halifax Kelly Hageman In memory of Halifax Lefkothea Beletsi In memory of Levon, a beloved white domestic shorthair Marie Dick Frannie Linda Kriel

February 2014


In Memory continued In memory of Ruth Scott, The Bunny Lady Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center In loving memory of Mikey Michelle Friessen In memory of Mikey Karen Pauls In memory of Maelstrom Katarina de Bas Blanc Marilynne Roberts In memory of Finn, a wonderful canine companion, Marilynne Roberts In memory of Charles and Kay Clausing Miriam Bisbing In memory of my nephew, Eric’s 20th birthday. You will forever be in our hearts Lisa Dawson In memory of a beautiful Bengal named Saffron Victoria Hawker In memory of the Chloe Monster, a calico who was “in charge” for 19 years Audrey Beckstrom In memory of Claude Blenkush From his children

In memory of my two cats, Cessna and Yazoo Holden Froemke For my two beautiful & dearly missed Siamese kitty cats, Azure & Taboo Laura Eisenberg For Somerse Corina Pambuccian In memory of Sassy Donald Ludewig For Woolie Marisa Hinnenkamp In memory of Lorna and Ken Wiener Geri Wilson Dedicated in Memory of David Vincent Muehlstedt Julie Muehlstedt

Above: Though Makisha was an older bobcat, she was so young at heart. Our hearts are comforted knowing she’s now playing like the kitten spirit we always knew her to be.

In memory of Michelle Marie Simoneau Jacquelyn Campbell

Losing a resident is the most difficult thing we have to deal with working at a Sanctuary. It even becomes more difficult when changes are occurring in the organization and we are always needing to focus on the future for sustainability.

In memory of MacDougall and Teddycat Michael McClellan

But sometimes, we just need to stop and take the time to grieve.

Dedicated to Spencer and Hunter Bonni Kautz In memory of “Hutch” Lynn Parish Ann Meisch In memory of Matt O’Hara Ann Meisch

Right: Though Kita’s spirit was strong, her body began to fail her. It was so hard to say goodbye, but we know her strong spirit has finally been set free.


February 2014

Update on Scarlet the Clouded Leopard


’ve been a wild cat keeper for many, many years and my favorite big cats are, without a doubt, leopards. I love their elusive ways of hiding in plain sight. They’re such powerful predators. Even in captivity, these are qualities you can’t help but admire. When I arrived at The Wildcat Sanctuary and heard Scarlet the clouded leopard’s story, I was immediately interested in helping care for her. She is reclusive and, like most cats, she’s nocturnal and more active at night. We’re able to observe a lot of her behavior thanks to the night cameras we have installed at her habitat. In the beginning, it seemed that, if you’re inside, Scarlet would be outside and if you’re outside, she’d be inside. At first, I didn’t see much of her, though I’d observe evidence of eaten meals and scat. Then, our relationship progressed. When I would enter the building, I started seeing a tail or ears as she caught sight of me. She slowly started leaving less quickly and would stare at me for a minute before leaving. She responded well to soft spoken encouragement to stay. Coming to spend time with her and giving her treats at the end of the day proved to have the most impact. I’m sure most who have cats can relate to how patience, persistence,


and rewards really do pay off when you’re building a relationship. I was thrilled when Scarlet began staying for treats and even started staying to eat each piece from the tongs. After treats, she started hanging out and vocalizing, even playing on her log or with enrichment. I was so proud of her!

One afternoon, Tammy mentioned it would be nice to get pictures of Scarlet so everyone could enjoy her progress. Scarlet was excited and vocal when I showed up. She posed on her den, then ran over to pose on her log. I was so happy with the pictures. Now, everyone would get to see Scarlet as I had. She was comfortable and, most of all, she was trusting. It’s always an amazing feeling to be lucky enough to work with these great animals. They give us so much more than we could ever give back to them. — Kathryn

February 2014


Cedar, bobcat


February 2014

Fundraiser is a wild success!

Over $115,000 raised


ecause of your generosity, Jungle Boogie and Give to the Max Day made many big cat dreams come true. Jungle Boogie 2013 A-cat-emy Awards was a four-star red carpet event. Over 150 people attended this annual event. The evening had its own feature film with the cats winning awards for best love scene, best score and more. The best supporting role went to our donors & supporters! The Fred Astaire Dancers of Minnesota put on a show for everyone, as guests enjoyed their dinner. The evening was emceed by Sid Korpi. The Mahley Family Foundation received special recognition as our Lion Pride Award

recipients. Auctioneer Karen Sorbo made the Live Auction/Fund-a-Need portion of the evening fun and it showcased the generosity of our donors in support of The Wildcat Sanctuary and in ending the Captive Wildlife Crisis. During Give to the Max Day, your support helped us rank 10th on the greater Minnesota and the Medium Nonprofit leaderboards. Over 300 donors gave to the cats on Minnesota’s biggest giving day of the year. A special thank you to our donors Dan & Sue Schmitt, Joe & Shirley Wolf and Lisa Coldor Stinson who provided matching grants!

Your donations at work Because of you, there will be a lot of exciting things happening in 2014 to support our important mission. • The Small Cat Track building was given a temporary fix for the winter. In the spring, the building and habitats will be completely renovated. It will include excavating the area, rebuilding the habitats and constructing new indoor rooms for the servals. • Safety and security have always been a priority at the Sanctuary. We will be completing the install of 18 high definition cameras that will keep the sanctuary safe and secure but also help us observe the animals in our care. This will be a huge advantage, especially for our shy residents. • The old lion enclosure will be updated and divided into two spaces to make larger habitats for cougars and lynx. • New habitats with roofs in Feline Meadows will be constructed for small cats like bobcats. • Scarlet the clouded leopard will receive an upgraded area.


February 2014


Carlo, cougar

Titan and Lilly, tigers

Together, all of us are helping to create a world of No More Wild Pets. Diablo Guapo, jaguar

O’Malley, serval

Sierra, Tiger

Aslan, Lion


February 2014

Shazam, leopard

Working Together


n the last weekend of October, Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) cohosted a Big Cat Sanctuary Workshop in Durham, NC. Twentyone big cat sanctuaries from 15 different states attended this historic workshop. The objective was to bring sanctuaries together, collaborate, share best practices and help others excel. The Wildcat Sanctuary’s founder, Tammy Thies, was one of many presenters. The workshop included guest speakers, new approaches for sustainability and growth, brainstorming enrichment methods, sanctuary governance, creating effective communication through various media, fundraising approaches and more. Even during the workshop, organizations networked to rescue and place 2 tigers and 2 lions in need of homes. The Wildcat Sanctuary is so proud to be part of such a committed industry. We could not do our important work without the collaboration and support from so many other sanctuaries. We are especially grateful to the following sanctuaries and staff who have provided guidance, on-site support and more to The Wildcat Sanctuary during our restructure.


February 2014



PO Box 314 • Sandstone MN • 55072

WAYS YOU CAN HELP Details of all our programs can be found at WILD VALENTINE Send your loved ones a 4-color valentine featuring some of The Wildcat Sanctuary cats - $25.

SPONSOR-A-WILD-ONE Sponsor a cat of your choice for yourself or a loved one. As a sponsor parent, you will receive their personal story, photos and updates throughout the year.

IN HONOR AND MEMORY Gifts of $25 or more can be made in honor or memory of a loved one or pet and will appear in UPROAR!

LEAVE A LEGACY A planned gift is a way to leave a legacy of support for The Wildcat Sanctuary that endures even after your lifetime. There are numerous different types of gifts, each with unique features and tax benefits.

Felicity, bobcat

email: phone: 320-245-6871

Wildcat Sanctuary Uproar Magazine February 2014  

The Wildcat Sanctuary (TWS) is a 501c3 non-profit, rescue facility located in Sandstone, MN and home to lions, tigers, cougars and other big...

Wildcat Sanctuary Uproar Magazine February 2014  

The Wildcat Sanctuary (TWS) is a 501c3 non-profit, rescue facility located in Sandstone, MN and home to lions, tigers, cougars and other big...