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fall 2010 Mature Students’ Weekend


VOL. III No. 1


Jon Foster Howl Staff

The third annual Mature Students’ Weekend, presented by the Mature Students’ Association, WCSA, UTSU, and Student Life, will take place on Friday, September 10 and Saturday, September 11. Together these groups have created a unique and exciting version of Frosh for those with a little more life experience, and don’t want to be forming human pyramids on Bloor Street. Friday’s event will be a family carnival barbeque where mature students are encouraged to bring their partners and children to enjoy some good food and family fun games. Saturday will be limited to students only. It is a little more serious. Titled “Turning your life around – it’s complicated,” the day’s activities will include a series of speakers and break-out sessions to get students up to speed with university life. Woodsworth College is populated by approximately one third mature students. They are students that entered university by non-traditional means, unlike the majority of students who come directly to university from high school. How do you fit in as a Mature Student? Everyone seems so young! So what is a mature student to do when it comes to frosh? The Mature Students Weekend is the best opportunity one has to make new friends and get familiar with the university community. Attendance at this event has increased by more than 150% since its inaugural year. These events do require advanced registration and a small fee.

For more information visit

Thomas chung

Let's SHAKE OFF THE BLUES DANIEL TSIOKOS HOWL STAFF The Varsity Blues Men’s football team play their home opener on Monday, September 6 at the Varsity Centre, hosting the Windsor Lancers at 7PM. This date should be marked on every student’s calendar, if not for the support of the football team itself, then to be a part of the first (and probably biggest) regular season sporting event at U of T this school year. There are plenty of things that come to mind when someone thinks of the University of Toronto. Excellence. Reputation. Tradition. Better than York. But there is one word that everyone can agree on, whether they are current students or alumni, that has deep roots within U of T culture: Football. Entering their 133rd year of activity, the Varsity Blues have plenty of hardware to show off: four Grey Cups, two Vanier Cups, and 25 Yates Cups. Despite having

Varsity Blues' home opener gone through a bit of a slump until 2008, the Blues are on the rise again, and with new blood hope to be rejuvenated this upcoming season.

Varsity Blues vs. Windsor Lancers Monday, September 6, 7PM Varsity Centre The home openers always have the biggest turnouts and - with beer selling for $4 – the rowdiest fans. Spectators come in giant clans, small groups, wearing face paint (or body paint if you have the

guts. No, not gut, GUTS), or just their U of T hoody. Either way, expect to see a mixture of jocks and cheerleaders (errr, “spirit squad”), frat boys and sorority girls, students representing their college, and alumni showing off their Blues pride, and, of course, constantly heckling and badgering the other team! The football home opener is also the last chance students have to let loose and have a great time since classes don’t begin until the next day, as assignments and exams have not yet become a burden. Throw in the fact that tickets are free for students, and there really is no reason to miss this exciting kickoff to the football season, the school year, and university life!

For more information visit





Welcome to Woodsworth College, University of Toronto Photos by: Newton Addo



I wish to extend a warm welcome to all of our new and returning students. As some of you may be aware, Woodsworth is the most diverse and largest college at the University of Toronto. The time you are spending at Woodsworth and at the University of Toronto will be extremely rewarding. This is a great place! You may find that the University of Toronto has so may great resources, services and ways to get involved that it can feel a bit overwhelming. Take your time and look around. Go on a campus tour. There are countless numbers of speakers who come to campus every week. There are over 300 clubs, course unions, and organizations that cater to many different interests. The UofT website has a vast amount of information, and event listings are updated on a weekly basis. Think of Woodsworth as your “home base”. If you have a question or don’t know where to go, stop by my office and we’ll see what we can do to assist you. An exciting development this year is our changing plans for Kruger Hall. Woodsworth College, in partnership with Commerce, has reclaimed the Hall to be used primarily as student space, as well as for hosting events. We are all very excited about the development of this additional student space. As your Dean of Students, I am always interested in improving student life here at Woodsworth. If you have ideas and suggestions for activities and programs, please do not hesitate to drop by or email me.

Greetings on behalf of your Woodsworth College Students’ Association! It’s the start of a new year, which just means more exams, more all nighters, and meeting a lot of new people! We here at Woodsworth pride ourselves on several things. We’ve gotten used to being the envy of the campus, with a hugely diverse and attractive population, our newly renovated ($2 million project) Kruger Hall, the longest (and best) Frosh week, and also the most diverse programming around (Seriously, where else on campus are you going to attend a moustache party? Come November, you’ll find out!). So Wolfpack, it’s that time of year again. Trips to the bookstore, seemingly never-ending scavenger hunts… between frosh week and the hunt for classes on the first day, I almost expect to be rewarded for finally finding half of my classes. Also, don’t forget the never-ending haze of ‘Back to School!’ parties. But not to fret! Amidst all this madness, your WCSA is here for you. From our weekly pancake brunches to outdoor movie screenings and our sophisticated and obscenely fun social events – we’ve got your back. We’re your home in this gigantic monstrosity of a university. If I could leave you with some pearls of wisdom (though the jury’s still out on how valuable these pearls really are): Get involved. - and the best part is that there are no prerequisites! Get involved with our intramurals, this fabulous publication, our amazing clubs or run for a position on WCSA. Trust me, any of the above associations results in immediate friendships with the most awesome people on campus.


Thank you, Liza Nassim Dean of Students, Woodsworth College



Affectionately yours, Annum Bokhari, President, Woodsworth College Student Association

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Question: How many U of T students does it take to change a lightbulb? Answer: Two. ONE to screw in the light bulb and one to crack under the pressure.

U of T is hard. The classes are long, the readings numerous, and the assignment difficult. Before you know it, the mid-terms will come as a giant wrecking ball to your selfesteem. Indeed, the campus in exam week has as much levity as a Victorian wake. For many of you, this will be the first time that you are living on your own; a daunting challenge in and of itself. By fourth year, you will find yourself thankful for every small blessing that university life sends your way: a hopefully clean-ish roommate, the rare reasonably-priced textbook, and a professor with merciful late-penalties. But all that is for next week, let future-you worry about it. For now, there is Frosh Week. Six days of exuberant festivities sprinkled with some useful academic orientation. Like the Week itself, this Special Frosh Issue of The Howl is a mix of the fun and helpful. In the following pages, you will find tips from us at the Howl and WCSA on surviving this University (page 9); a map on the spots on campus and in the city to work, study, and unwind (see page 6). University is so much more than just studying. Join one of the hundreds of the clubs on the St. George campus, run for student council, try-out for a team, or better yet join the Howl staff as a writer, illustrator, designer or photographer! Try everything once; and if you like it, do it again. Cheers, Ruichen Zhu Editor-in-Chief, The Howl

FROSH 2010




by: thomas chung


Noon - 3pm: Registration at Woodsworth College (119 St. George Street) and BBQ: Lunch provided by your one and only, Woodsworth College Students’ Association. 9pm - 1am: Beach Courtyard Party (Woodsworth College Courtyard): Party it up beach style as we all bring the coconuts and leis for this outdoor jam.


10am: Meet at Woodsworth College . Overnight trip until Thursday morning. Take an overnight trip with us up to UofT’s northern getaway, where we will enjoy outdoor sports, swimming, a toga party, bonfires and camping. Make sure to pack your sleeping bag, tent and toga!


12pm: Return from Hart House Cottage to Woodsworth College. 2pm - 4pm: Woodsworth College Day (Woodsworth College): Enjoy a day with our lovely administration as they show you why you’ve chosen to be a part of the best college on campus while giving you all the tips and tricks of the trade. 9pm-2am: Club Night at Wetbar Night Club (Transportation available between Woodsworth College and Wetbar all night!): Then later, join us as we hit the clubs like we’re in LA at our exclusive Woodsworth all ages club night at Wetbar Night Club. Enjoy a night out on the town on one of Toronto’s best rooftop patio clubs!


10am - Noon: Meet at Woodsworth College for parade prep! 12pm - Onwards: UTSU Clubs Day: You will also be given an opportunity to view all of UofT’s amazing clubs which will give you a chance to see where you want to get involved. UTSU Parade: This parade will be like none you have ever seen! Watch as the University of Toronto’s THREE campuses come together to shut down the city and march the streets with UofT pride! You can count on woodsworth having the loudest music and frosh! * 9:30pm: Alternative event offered: Family Feud at University College


6pm - Midnight: Boat Cruise (Toronto Harbour - Transportation available from Woodsworth College): We will be taking you down to Toronto Harbour for a semi-formal dinner and dance boat cruise. You will set sail with us on the Toronto Harbour’s largest boat and enjoy a delicious dinner, and a night of dancing under the stars.


4pm: Coffee House at Woodsworth College Courtyard: We will finish the week with a Parisian style coffee house, giving students the opportunity to show us their talents while sipping on some delicious coffee.




Meet WCSA ( Photos by: Amanda Pereira

Annum Bokhari

Max Cadmus

Studies: 4th year, Employment Relations Specialist, Sociology Major Responsibilities on the Board: Come to me to learn about how you can get involved with the college! Or just come up to me to have a nice chat about how your year is going. Advice to Frosh: Get involved. Your university experience will only go as far as you take it, so get yourself involved and be prepared to have the best 4 (+) years of your life!

Studies: 4th Year, Political Science and Philosophy Responsibilities on the Board: Talk to me about Woodsworth clubs and one-time events. Advice to Frosh: If you can’t find the right club to join, it’s because you haven’t started it yet.


Najva Amin VP Internal

VP External

Amanda Pereira VP Public Relations


Woodsworth College Students’ Association

Farrah Hasan

Full-time Student’s Director

Studies: 4th year, Environment and Health Responsibilities on the Board: Come to me for anything! If you wanna get involved or have ideas for what else Woodsworth could do for you, then please come and share. Advice to the frosh: If you’re in lifesci, go checkout, great place to get help/ advice for classes!

Chris Chen VP Assembly

Studies: 3rd year Sociology and Philosophy Responsibilities on the Board: Everything and anything.....for a price...I mostly do the minutes at your meetings. So be nice, or I’ll make you sound evil. Advice to Frosh: Take good notes! It’ll be good for studying from and referring to....and some people at the end of the year will buy your notes for like, 50 bucks.

Debbie Friensen-Molnar

Amanda Capone

Mature Students’ Director

Female Athetics Director

Studies: 2nd Year Political Science Specialist Responsibilities on the Board: If you want to see something happen within WCSA or around the college, I am the go to person. If I don’t have an answer, I’ll most definitely tell you who to talk to. Advice to Frosh: Don’t be afraid to talk to people. It’s how you will end up meeting half of your friends at UofT. Make sure you stay active and involved with your college or other clubs on campus in order to really enjoy the university experience.

Studies: 4th year, Commerce (Marketing Management Specialist) Responsibilities on the Board: I do all the marketing for all the events. Email me with your feedback! Advice to the frosh: Get involved! It provides a perfect balance between studying and fun. You get to meet a bunch of awesome people, you develop skills and learn about yourself, and it looks great on your resume, too!

Studies: 4th Year, Double Major in Sociology and English Responsibilities on the Board: Mature students can come to me for info on how to get involved, how to make friends with fellow mature students, how to balance work, school, family, and social life while being a mature student. Advice to the frosh: If you’re a first year mature student, figure out how to connect socially to campus as soon as possible. Make friends and get involved!

Studies: 3rd year; Equity Studies & Diaspora/ Transnational Studies Responsibilities on the Board: Sports = life. So come LIVE! Talk to me to get involved with Woodsworth intramurals and athletic events! Advice to the frosh: Sleep is crucial! At times more crucial than studying, at times. But if there’s one thing I learned it’s to try to do all your readings and go to tutorials... If they’re used correctly you’ll be golden!

Bosco Ngai

Chad Camacho VP Social

Jonathan Lees

Upper Year Student Director

Daniel Etarsky

Studies: 4th Year Architecture, Fine Art History Responsibilities on the Board: Have a new or unique idea for a fun and engaging event? Let’s make it happen! Advice to Frosh: When in doubt, get up, dress up, and show up!

Studies: 3rd year, History and Philosophy Responsibilities on the Board: You can come to me with literally any issues or questions you have about WCSA, or the college in general. I’m here for you! Advice to Frosh: If it smells too much like fish, don’t eat it.

Studies: 3rd year, Life Sciences, Neuroscience Responsibilities on the Board: Come to me to see how your money is being spent by the WCSA. Advice to the frosh: Get past tests from ASSU at Sid Smith! They really help come exam time.

Male Athletics Director

Studies: 3rd year, Computer Science Responsibilities on the Board: Getting you involved in sports Advice to Frosh: Stay active and join intramural teams! Absent: Maha Masnain, Part-time Students Director; Sarah Clarke, Special Events Director, Ruichen Zhu, Publications Director

VP Finance




Like...What’s a Woodsworth anyway? The man behind the statue Max Cadmus It is standard practice at this school to name every chair or rock after some illustrious person (or generous donor). Innis College is, for example, named after the UofT-grown political economist Harold Innis. Trinity is, of course, named after the Three-Stooges. James Shaver Woodsworth is not the founder of Woodsworth College. At the founding of the college, he was already long dead - the college was named in his honour. Although Woodsworth is best remembered as a politician, it is notable that he received the best education available to a young Canadian at the time, attending Wesley College, U of T (Victoria College) as well as Oxford. He also received one of the most religiously strict upbringings available to a young Canadian at the time, precluding him from drinking, swearing, card games, and even dancing. Although, in later life, he abandoned these restrictions as arbitrary and unnecessary. In his early university years, Woodsworth was a bit of a misguided snob. Fuming after a particularly vitriolic argument with a peer, he asked in a letter, “What can a working man know of logic?” It comes as a surprise that as a young intellectual, Woodsworth also flirted with some political theories that could be considered very controversial today. He looked into eugenics and dabbled in Cana-

dian nationalist scholarship. One popular theory which he cited stated that the very cold climate would discourage the immigration of “lazier” peoples from warmer climes to Canada. Most historians agree that it was during his time in Oxford, at the very end of the 19th century, that Woodsworth became interested in social work. Seeing the slums of industrial towns in England caused a sea of change within him, sparking a lifelong and unshakeable devotion to equality, regardless of race, creed, or colour. Woodsworth became the champion of the poor, the immigrant, and the disenfranchised worker. He fought tirelessly for the development of a socialist Canada. From then on, his reputation as a man of unquestionable morality only grew. Woodsworth left the church when he refused to support war. Instead, he fought on the front lines of socialist reform, working as the only Oxford-educated longshoreman in Vancouver, when no other work could be found. Through union connections, Woodsworth became involved with the labor party. He ran for provincial legislatures and edited the Western Labour News, getting himself imprisoned for one week on charges of seditious libel when the paper quoted a bible verse during the Winnipeg strike of 1919. (The charges were later dropped). Woodsworth spent the next 20 years as an elected official. He even went on to found a new political party, the Co-opera-

tive Commonwealth Federation, which is considered the ancestor of the NDP. Woodsworth’s earliest and most famous victory was the achievement of old age pensions, an achievement which required considerable political finesse and has been credited with providing the cornerstone of Canada’s present system of social welfare. The newspapers began calling him “the conscience of Canada”. His staunch position of non-violence and scathing criticism of British Government in both world wars made him unpopular with the rabblerousing presses, but it earned him the respect of his peers, prompting Mackenzie King to remark that “A man of that caliber is an ornament to any parliament”. Today, Woodsworth’s legacy is remembered through a number of organizations and institutions, of which Woodsworth College is by far the largest. It is because of this continuing legacy that Woodsworth College is the natural home of the faculty of Employment Relations. The influence of his personal convictions is evident in the College’s dedication to equality and tolerance, even today.

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Compiled by: Ifhtia Haque

G4 F12 C4

R4 E2 E10 R3 G2 F2 B11 F4 C2 F7 G1 F10 F13 F3 G9 B3 C1 F14 E11 B5


E1 G7





F1 C6



B9 F5







R1 G5



G6 R2 E9

E6 B1 B8

R5 C5


E7 E4




Paupers Pub


Real Thailand


Art Gallery of Ontario




Shopper’s Drug Mart


7 West Cafe


Rex Jazz Bar


This is London



Host Fine Indian Cuisine




Shallow Groove


Honest Ed’s European Quality Meats


Pita Q


Bau-Xi Gallery


Aroma Espresso Bar


Lee’s Palace





Gardiner Museum


Sin and Redemption


O’Grady’s Tap & Grill



Green Room



Red Room


Fresh (on Spadina)


Labyrinth Lounge


New Generation Sushi




Wanda’s Pie in the Sky



Molly Blooms


Future Bakery & Cafe


Bloor Cinema


Village Idot Pub


Mt. Everest


Magic Lantern



Einstein Cafe & Pub


Donaur Kebab House


ScotiaBank Theatre


Sneaky Dee’s




The Silver Dollar Room


Aunties and Uncles Insomnia

Varsity Theatre


Retail Shops



Blue Banana Market


Bloor Superfresh


Courage My Love


The Beer Store


BMV Books


Whole Foods Market


Sonic Boom

Dance Cave


Kensington Fresh Mart


Type (on Queen St.)


The Brunswick House


Essence of Life






Manulife Center


Curry’s Art Store











S1 F3






F1 F7






Back Campus A1

A4 F2


S6 E1



R9 E4 A5

A4 Front Campus F4



S5 S8 R4


F8 R5 R8


Kruger Hall


Koffler House





Robarts Library


Parking Passes


HH Theatre



E.J. Pratt Library


Daycare Services


UofT Art Centre


Southside Cafe


Gerstein Info Centre


Accessibility Services


Innis Town Hall


Innis College Cafeteria


Anthropoogy Building


International Centre


GSAs Pub


Med Sci Cafeteria


Hart House Library


Woodsworth Registrar


Wymilwood Cafe


Kelly Library


Admissions and Awards


Daddy O’s


Engineer’s Suds


Bike Chain


Varsity Deli


Graham Library




The Hot Yam!






Hart House Gym


Athletic Centre


Varsity Arena


Back and Front Campus

GSAs Gym

Food/Hangout The Buttery

Ruichen Zhu – Editor-in-Chief, Lydia Kil – Copy Editor, Nuria Paulina – Design Editor, Ifhtia Haque – Layout Editor, Daniel Mermelstein – Comment Editor, Jon Foster– News Editor, Brent Schimidt– News Editor, Jamie Quadros – Arts & Entertainment Editor, Joella Almeida – Events Editor, Ariana Savin – Lifestyles Editor, Chad Camacho - Sports Editor, Daniel Tsiokos - Sports Editor, Shalini Makdani – Illustrations Editor, Newton Addo-Otoo – Photo Editor, Gloria Zhao – Photo Editor,, Thomas Chung – Photo Editor, Special Thanks to: Max Cadmus & WCSA






and dancing, Babaluu offers complimentary hour-long salsa and merengue lessons at 9pm every night. Cover is around $15 on weekends, but there are a few days a week with reduced cover (~$7). - Dani



The Athletic Centre The membership fee is included in your tuition. Why not take advantage of this? They have pretty much everything, so whether you want to swim, shoot some hoops, or play some good ol’ squash, this is the place to be.- Gloria


Get Outside Shoes 437 Queen Street. This really is a one stop shoe shop for Hipsters/Preppies with a great selection of all the classics, Adidas Originals, Birkenstocks, Clarks, Vans, and my personal favourites, Sperry’s!- Chad BQM Diner(Burgershoppe Fine Meats) 354 Queen Street West. A staple on a majority of blogTO’s foodrelated “best of” lists, BQM’s got beautifully prep’d burgers, a smorgasbord of toppings including avocado, caramelized onions, and pineapple, and they also offer up advice on the perfect beer-burger combos. Suffice it to say, this place is the tits!- Chad Real Thailand 350 Bloor Street West. This place is delicious. Run by Thai staff, this place is fast, tasty, and cheap if you make the right decision of getting there in time for their lunch specials.- Dani Burrito Bandidos 362 Bloor St. W on Walmer There’s nothing better than a huge, thick, juicy burrito in and around your mouth after a bombed exam. Their menu is a paradise for every student seeking comfort – meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike will love this place. You can even get your baby wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. What more can you ask for, Woodsworth? Damn.- Gloria

The Bay 655 Bay Street. Yea, it’s a big box store, and I know this not “cool” or “scene” but I go here a lot, just cause they have everything and it seems that it’s always all on sale! That and they let you compile discounts, so with my international license(20% off), my SPC card(15%) and whatever sale they usually have going on(usually 15%) you can get a pretty sweet deal on say, new bath towels cause you used all your old ones to clean up after your drunk roommate last night.... true story.- Chad What are you, a girl?- Dani Courage My Love 14 Kensington Ave. at Dundas St. W Probably the best vintage store in all of Kensington Market!- Gloria


Robarts Corner of St. George and Harbord Streets. It’s bloody ugly, but they really have everything you need in there. They’ve even got a rare book selection that will blow you history buffs away, an awesome AV room that you can loan movies from, and the never-necessary-but-always-welcome Starbucks! - Chad Kruger Hall When it’s not too crowded, Kruger Hall is one of the best places to study or pass time between classes. There’s a giant TV for those who just want to hang out. The Second Cup across from Kruger Hall is great for drinks hot and cold. - Gloria



Dance Cave 529 Bloor Street West(2nd Floor) Unequivocally the best dance venue for students in the world, it’s a cave, you dance in it, nuff said!- Chad Babaluu 136 Yorkville Avenue. If you want to get away from the dryhumping that is the Toronto club scene, this is the place to go. Genuine salsa music

The Rex 194 Queen St. W I’m a big fan of the so-called jazz music, so a night at the Rex is always a blast. Even if you aren’t a drinker of the so-called alcoholic beverages, the Rex provides a great atmosphere for so called get-togethers. - Gloria

Sammy’s Student Exchange 7 Hart House Circle. Just finished your first three hour lecture with 1500 other freshmen at Con Hall? Why not pop over to Sammy’s for some grub to refuel the ol’ thinker; it’s cheap, always lively, and unlike the ramen noodles that you were going home to eat, healthy! - Chad Hot Dog Stand St.George and Bloor This mundane-looking hot dog stand on the intersection of St. George and Bloor is crucial to student survival. It opens late, like really really late. It is the one constant in your life, even when all the libraries, bars, clubs, and the restaurants have closed and their customers dissipated to the suburbs, this hot dog stand will still be there, an oasis to keeners and partyers alike. - Ruichen

Nappin’ Hart House Library This hidden gem of a library is located in the second floor of Hart House. It really is not a very good library, the collection is old, eclectic, and there is no way to take out any of them. But as a napping place, it is absolutely fantastic - it’s quiet, dark, and blissfully still. - Ruichen


Green Room 296 Brunswick Avenue. Looking for the shady yet safe university experience? This is the place for you. Dimly lit, hidden in an alley, the Green Room is frequented by U of T students in the know. Don’t be a shmoe, be in the know, Joe. - Dani

icated to stare at your ass. Also, there are Women’s Only hours in the weight room every day, just in case. - Dani

Hart House Gym 7 Hart House Circle. Unlike the Athletic Centre, you can go in to the weight room and not feel like a total loser if you’re not benching 300 pounds. Has everything you need and everything you don’t: an indoor track, well equipped gyms, squash courts, fitness classes, a fantastic underground pool, dance rooms, and an archery range! - Chad The Athletic Centre 55 Harbord Street. While Hart House is where the average joe might go to pretend to bench press while checking out the cute babes, the Athletic Center (the AC) is where U of T’s Varsity athletes go to train. Don’t be intimidated by them: if you’re a guy, you’ll be in a place where the company will encourage you to work harder; if you’re a girl, you’ll be in a place where most guys are too ded-


Futures 483 Bloor Street West. This is your one stop shop if you’re looking for something quick, easy, friendly and chill. They’ve got just what every student needs, $5 student breakfast specials for those saturday morning hangovers, great food at almost unbeatable prices, an unforgettable bakery, and a great patio for the summer time. Did I mention that it’s also conveniently located just across the road from the Brunny, for when you feel the urge to turn your late night dine-out into an all night raver! - Chad Sidney Smith Hall St. George and Wilcocks Great place to grab a coffee, meet up with group members or friends. Also be sure to check out the posters for sale during on selected days during the year. -Nuria



12 Tips to Survive & Thrive ariana savin howl staff The first few weeks on campus are very critical. Some of these tips are especially directed at your first few weeks at U of T, while the others are meant for long-term guidance and survival. The most important thing though, is to enjoy the moment as much as possible. Stress and homesickness are normal parts of the transition. Just remember that you are not the only one and that it is only temporary. Stay positive and don’t let it wear you down!

6.Go to class. Obvious, right? Maybe, but sleeping in and skipping that 9AM Philosophy lecture may sound appealing at times but try to avoid that temptation. People that go to class do much better than those who don’t. Also, you’re spending about $500 per half-course; that’s a lot of money – might as well get your money’s worth.

Take a tour. Learn your way around the U of T campus. The grounds encompass about 176 acres, so it may take a while.

2.Go to all orientations. Get all of the information first-hand: studying and writing tips, choosing courses, time management and even tuition fees.

Studies have shown that full-time university students who work more than 12 hours a week do not do as well academically as other students. On the other hand, studies have also shown that those that work up to 11 hours and study full-time can benefit and do better than those that don’t work at all during the school year. More than half of all university students in North America have to work during the school year in order to simply pay for basic needs, such as rent, food, and tuition. On average, they work between 20-30 hours a week. If you add up all your school hours, studying time, plus an extra 25 hours of work, that equals more commitment than a full-time job! It is no wonder university students are under so much pressure these days: they attend lectures, study, work, visit family, volunteer and still attempt to maintain a decent social life. If you choose to work during the school year, try looking for one on campus. Campus jobs can be beneficial for several reasons: The University of Toronto provides students access to a massive database of available part-time job positions. For example, the Career Centre lists more than 10, 000 part-time positions annually. Also, the university’s Work-study program has more

9. Seek a balance. University life is a mixture of academics and extra-curricular events. Both are very important to becoming a well-rounded student. Join a sports team, try doing something new, volunteer for an organization or get a part-time job.

11. Take advantage of study resources. U of T offers a wide range of tutors for various subjects, free of charge. Each of the colleges offers drop-in centres for certain first and second year courses.

3. Get to know your roommates. If you are living on campus, these are the people you will most likely spend the most time with. They are your main safety net; most will probably be going through similar emotions and experiences – take the time to get to know them.

5. Find the ideal place to study. Stay away from all distractions! Maybe it’s on a cozy couch in EJ Pratt; or perhaps in a secluded and quiet cubicle in Robarts. Whatever works for you, U of T has endless study place options!

8. Get to know your academic counsellor. This is the individual who will help you with timetable conflicts, program possibilities and future careers. Get to know them because they will be important for the next four years.

10. Get involved on campus. A common feeling for new students is feeling isolated or not belonging. A good solution is joining a student organization, club, sorority/fraternity or sports team. You’ll meet new people, learn new skills and feel more connected to U of T!


4. Get organized. This is probably the most important tip. Remember in high school when the teachers spoon fed you due dates and constantly reminded you of them? In university the professors don’t care. If you forgot to look at your syllabus and hand in that lab report late, that just means there is one less thing for them to grade.

cause they’re the ones who will most likely be doing all of the grading.

For Math Aid Centre schedules, check out: math-aid For help in economics, try: index/undergraduate/load/studyCentre


Meet with your professors and TAs (otherwise known as teaching assistants). There isn’t a lot of class time to spend asking questions. If you feel stumped on a subject or if you want a second opinion on your paper, go to your professor’s office hours. That’s what they’re there for! Don’t be shy, it shows initiative when you go for help or advice. Also, there will probably be a few TAs in your course. It would be a good idea to seek your TA if you have a question about a test or a paper first, be-

For a list of chemistry tutors, look at:

12. Stay healthy. Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep, drink 8 cups of water, exercise regularly, and eat a balanced diet. Mom and dad aren’t here to make you a good home cooked meal, so you may be tempted to eat Kraft Dinner every day for the next year. And if you haven’t heard the jokes about campus food, you soon will. If you stay healthy, you can avoid the dreaded “Freshman 15”.

PART -TIME JOBS One day while working at Shoppers Drug Mart, a woman and her 4 year old daughter came into the store. They were deceptively unremarkable. The little brat proceeded to steal change from my till, knock over an entire shelf full of products, smear lipstick all over her face, empty a bottle of shampoo on to the floor, snatch a disabled woman’s cane – and she pinched me! While I sat on the floor mopping up the spilled shampoo her mother was declaring how lucky she was to have such a gifted child ariana savin howl staff

• If you are an international student, you don’t

need a work permit to work at the University <> • No need to worry about public transportation -- saves you time and TTC tokens •Work shifts in between lectures • A chance to meet and connect with other students • Some positions have higher pay wages • Graduate students may be hired as Teaching Assistants or Research Assistants • Specific jobs in your field of interest look good on graduate school applications

than 900 positions on campus each year for students that qualify for financial assistance. Both graduate and undergraduate students may apply. These positions are excellent in providing students with the opportunity to develop career-related skills. Helpful Websites • (an introduction to a student job search process) • (UofT Career Centre job listings) • (Faculty of Physical Education and Health job opportunities)


college pros Jamie Quadros howl staff Don’t buy your books before you get to class: The conventional wisdom of buyyour-textbooks-ahead-of-time-so-youwon’t-be-the-only-twat-without-one does not apply to UofT. More often than not, professors will do cool things like: A) demand that you get a very specific (usually newer) version of a textbook B) make a last minute change to the book-list: “Haha, I totally used last year’s list, I guess you guys are fucked now, huh?” C) tell you that “only morons learn philosophy from a textbook”, and will instruct you to buy a comprehensive list of smaller texts. Moreover, many first year courses have different professors for each section, and they do not necessarily use the same textbook (or even lecture on the same topics). PRO TIP: You can often save quite a lot of cash by waiting till after the first class, since upper year students that may have just taken the course will sometimes try to unload them onto the new people in the class, for a lot less than the UofT bookstore. Websites such as are especially helpful for getting textbooks at lower rates. Speaking of class, you should probably go: You may think that you’re not likely to miss much in the first week, and it’s always better to miss class earlier on in the year rather than later, right? Well, the short answer is FUCK NO. The long answer is FFFFUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Okay, seriously, it’s a very bad idea. A lot of professors tend to jump right into the syllabus, and usually cover a lot of material in that first week. You’ll also miss the chance to gauge what the course will be like for the rest of the year. PRO TIP: Most professors are okay with you recording their lectures, and you should definitely do so if you can. Your notes are going to have holes in them unless you can write in shorthand (and if you can, what the fuck is wrong with you?), so it never hurts to have something to fall back on. Speaking of going to class, you should probably go to ALL of them: Again, you might be tempted to skip a couple of your first classes, but that is definitely not something you want to do, given the direction UofT has taken these last few years. The time frame you have to drop your courses without ‘financial penalty’ (a.k.a losing your money) is MUCH narrower than you may think. You effectively only have a week before you lose the option, which doesn’t really give you much time to figure out whether you want to stay in the course. Consequently, going to all your classes in the first week is very important, since that will generally be all the exposure you’ll get in order to make the decisions. PRO TIP: If you’re considering other classes, but aren’t enrolled in them, try going to the first lecture anyway, in case you might have to take the course later on. Be friendly, and try not to puke on anyone, no matter how hungover you are: It never hurts to have a friend in your class,that you can beg for lecture notes from for those few classes that you’ll inevitably miss. Plus, enduring a grueling three hours of lecture is easier if you have someone else who is suffering along with you. Very few people in your first year class will be violently averse to having someone to talk to; so put yourself out there a bit (and I don’t mean your genitalia, that only works for girls) and you might get lucky). PRO TIP: People you meet in one class might very well be in other classes you’re taking - this can be a great conversation starter.




There are only two kinds of students at UofT: those that belong to Woodsworth, and those that suck at life. Unfortuantely, frosh week will have you interacting with the rabble frequently, especially at events like the UTSU parade. Knowledge of our rivals’ weaknesses and many faults will prove invaluable at any inevitable confrontations in the future.


Jamie Quadros howl staff

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE As far as the other colleges go, UC isn’t half-bad. Although, the fact that it’s called University College is pretty hilarious. The kids there aren’t complete fucktards (for the most part), and some of them are actually pretty cool. In fact, UC was home to the legendary Kyle90. The things this man has done for UofT cannot be adequately represented in words (they may or may not involve epic amounts of pornography); suffice it to say that he is both a humanitarian and a saint. However, his selfless contributions have definitely contributed to the somewhat sketchy condition of the UC residence common rooms (I’d stay the fuck away from their couches). Actually, I rescind that previous remark about UC being okay. They seem to loathe Woodsworth rather passionately for some reason, so fuck those guys.

Top Embarassing Fact: Their fire alarms go off almost every other week. (Seriously guys, stop failing at blazing, hmmkay?) Douche-factor: 2/5 (Every college has it’s crazies) Sketch-factor: 4/5 (Let’s just say you don’t want to walk around UC with one of those CSI UV-light gadgets). Most Repulsive Quality: Thinking up of the line “You can’t spell FUCKED without UC!” was clever Redeeming Quality: University College has a badass urban legend, concerning a gentleman named Reznikoff and a murder. Likely to ask you: “Bro, weren’t you were supposed to bring the porno? Shit, what do we do for movie night now?”


Easily mistaken for the set of Jersey Shore, St. Mike’s College has been home to enough guidos to have its walls permanently tainted with the orange sheen of spray-on tan. You should be wary of physical contact with Mike’s denizens, since most of them cannot be trusted to spell contraceptive, let alone use them. In fact, their frosh kits don’t even contain condoms. Consequently, the good people at St. Mike’s are fond of giving people the gift that keeps on giving: herpes.

Top Embarrassing fact: They have to go to mass during frosh week Sketch-factor: 5/5 (Someone was shot near Mike’s residence last year.) Most Repulsive Quality: St. Mike’s men are ‘easy’ Redeeming Quality: St. Mike’s women are ‘easy’ Likely to ask you: “Does this smell like chloroform?” Douche-factor: 4/5 Did we not mention the guidos?)





Who the fuck is Innis? No, honestly, there are probably five hundred or fewer students that belong to Innis College. Their ‘big deal’ is the Innis theatre, which is actually pretty sweet in terms of the movies they screen, and the occasional pre-release viewings that the CINSSU (Cinema Studies Student’s Union) arrange. That set aside, the actual students are uninteresting, unless you like people with an unnatural obsession with ‘Twilight’ (in which case you should do everyone a favor and euthanize yourself). Top Embarassing Fact: N/A. Douche-factor: 1/5 Sketch-factor: 0.5/5 Most Repulsive Quality: N/A Redeeming Quality: N/A Likely to ask you: Nothing. That would involve growing a pair, and actually speaking to other people… highly unlikely.


Hands down, the most pretentious group of morons to have gathered under a common banner. Widely acknowledged as the pinnacle of snobbery, Trinity College gives exclusive an entirely new meaning. You’ll recognize Trin students by their trademark black robes (yes, you read that right, they wear black fucking robes, in this day and age), and the precise angle by which they look down their noses at you. Just like Vic, Trinity also requires their students to write entrance essays, which only adds to their sense of entitlement. In fact, their passion for essays borders on obsession: even when campaigning for elections, candidates at Trinity are forbidden to give speeches, and must write essays instead. Also, did we mention that they have to “dress up” for meals? In short, tri-hards are best described as self-involved Harry-potter fetishists, with delusions of aristocracy. Top Embarassing Fact: We’ve been informed by reliable sources that the only guaranteed method for someone to succeed at Trinity is for their mother (preferably a woman of loose morals) to perform frequent oral sex upon personages of authority at the college. If this information perplexes you, you’ll understand when the anti-trin cheers are drilled into you. Douche-factor: 5/5 Sketch-factor: 1/5 Most Repulsive Quality: N/A Redeeming Quality: N/A. If you wear Birkenstocks exclusively, there’s no hope for you.

Easily summed up in three words: Vic sucks Dick (remember that now - you’ll be screaming it later). The second most pretentious college on campus, Victoria students function under the mistaken impression that they are better than everyone, because they have to write essays to get in. No doubt, some of their airs stem from the fact that they are funded up to their tits, owing to Victoria University’s old age. Not that they aren’t paying for it: anyone living at Victoria’s residences has to pay fees to VUSAC (their student committee) whether they wish to or not.

Top Embarassing Fact: VUSAC (their student committee) recently ‘acquired’ new office space that just happened to have been a former student space. Douche-factor: 2/5 (Artsy-douches are still douches) Sketch-factor: 2/5 (You can’t be sketch if you’re too busy being pretentious) Most Repulsive Quality: Although Vic sucks dick, there’s no evidence that they’re any good at it. Redeeming Quality: At least they don’t all smell like Axe body spray, and Jägermeister. Likely to ask you: “Wait, you didn’t have to write an essay to get into Woodsworth? Are you slow? Is your residence in the ghetto or something?”

vic NEW COLLEGE As a college that was probably built around the time dinosaurs went extinct, New College’s name is ironic, to say the least. In fact, in the race for the dubious honor of possessing the most uninspired name on campus, New College certainly gives UC a run for its money. While they make a fair attempt at being intimidating, it’s hard to take anyone from New seriously, given that their mascot is a Gnu. If this description sounds boring, we apologize, but let’s be serious: the only thing interesting about New is their food court.

Top Embarassing Fact: They are the only known college to have reacted to a water-balloon attack with fear and rage bordering on ridiculous. Douche-factor: 2/5 Sketch-factor: 3/5 Most Repulsive Quality: The food, after you’ve been choking it down for a year Redeeming Quality: The food, before you find you’ve officially tried everything on their menu. Likely to ask you: “Dude, protein shakes are good mixers for vodka, right?”


THANK GOD YOU’RE WOODSWORTH INSTEAD Daniel Mermelstein howl staff



The Howl thought it would be nice for incoming students if we could find some personifications of university stereotypes and interview them. So we did.




photos by: Gloria zhao

Hi there, I’m writing an article for the Howl and I’d like to ask you some questions. I see your posse is really into fundraising. What’s all this for? Omigod, I’m so glad you asked! So, this is, TOTALLY, like, for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. They are doing like, a super sexy job with what they do and we just want to help. That’s very cool of you girls. What does it take to be in a sorority? All you have to do is be a super sexy lady ALL THE TIME! We take anybody as long as they’re sexay, right ladies? (Background: “YEA-YAH! WOoOoOoOoO!”) I like the energy here, it’s very comforting. Tell me, because I want to dispel this myth that university students are a bunch of drunkards, so how often do you girls get down? Oh, don’t tell her I told you this, but you see the blonde behind me? No? The BLONDE. Which one? Fine, the one with the gum. That’s Denise; you don’t have to get her drunk. She’ll go down on anybody *giggle*. OH MY GOD, you meant party? Don’t worry about it, it’ll be our little secret. No, I didn’t write that down… Any last words you want to say to the incoming freshmen? Yeah! Um, if you think you’re a sexy lady, and wanna be with other sexy ladies all the time, OH and you wanna meet some really really awesome people, and some superhot guys, you should TOTALLY come pledge this fall! Yeah!

I’m writing an article for the Woodsworth Howl to introduce the incoming freshmen to different parts of the student population. As a Chinese student at U of T, what would you say is the secret to success in this university environment? Actually, I’m not Chinese, I’m Korean. 멍청한 백인들 (Stupid White people). I don’t usually give advice to people, but if I had to, it would be to spend your mornings and evenings wisely. Find a library you like and stake out a desk that looks comfortable. Normally, I stay at Gerstein till 10:30 until it’s time to go to bed. But you know what’s awesome? Sometimes Robarts is open all night, so I don’t even have to go home when I get tired. Cool man, Robarts. So straight up, our readers would like to know, what’s your GPA? 3.9, but hopefully this year I can get it up to par. I’ve already asked my profs for extra research work so I can bump it up to at least a 3.95. Jesus, that’s friggin awesome! How can I do that? Well, what year are you in and what’s your GPA? Fourth, and 2.5. 하하 (Haha)! Sorry, it’s too late for you. I’d say your best bet is to buy lottery tickets. 바보 (Idiot).

Excuse me, I– what? Get out of that chair. I’m here to reveal to society the irony of their daily life through the lens of the Absurdist genius, Camus. That empty chair represents humanity’s empty soul. So get another one. Cool man. Getting another chair. So, uh, nice camera. What do you like to take pictures of? This isn’t a camera. This is a Canon EOS 50D APS-C digital SLR. Not, I repeat, some camera. Anyway, I’m currently in my landscape phase; I’m trying to reproduce the feel of Philip Henry Delamotte’s work on The Crystal Palace at Sydenham, so I only take photos in black and white. It’s more authentic that way. OK, then. I like your shirt. Where’d you get it? It was some little vintage store down in Kensington. They closed a while ago, so you’ve probably never heard of it. I’m confused and unsure whether we’re making progress. What do you do in your spare time? Well, I’m currently writing the sequel to my novel. My first novel has been published, but I don’t care if anyone buys it; as a matter of fact, not many people have. These days I like to come to Starbucks for inspiration. And for the coffee. But mostly for the ironic inspiration.

So Phil, you’re a Varsity Blues player, right? As a guy whose life doesn’t center around academics, do you have any advice for incoming students? Yeah. Stay away from my girl. That’s her over there. Can you take a picture of her and put it in your article? Take her goddamn picture. Pick up your camera… Good. And underneath her put: “I will fucking kill you”. And then a picture of me. Sure, you got it man. Anything else you wanna tell people? Maybe something about school, or student life or something? Uh yeah, sure. School’s hard. But the frat parties help you get through it all. OH HEY! You should put this in your article! You know that vodka eyeballing stuff that they started to do in Europe? Yeah, don’t do it. My right eye’s all messed up now… Haha. No no, I didn’t laugh. One final question, Phil: tell me about the last game you guys won. Writer’s note: I had forgotten that the Blues haven’t won a game since 2006, and Phil thought he was being taunted. I am in the hospital right now, and should be able to make a full recovery, soon… hopefully.



Sept 6th, 2010 Special Frosh Issue - The Howl  

The September 6th issue of The Howl. Special Frosh Edition.

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