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J U N I O R L E A G U E O F O K L A H O M A C I T Y, I N C .


MARCH 2018

Come along for the ride!

Provisionals, Actives & Sustainers, we’re going back to the OKC Zoo! Jungle Gym Renovation & Expansion April 12-15.

Women Building a Better Oklahoma City

President’s Letter Dear fellow Junior League of Oklahoma City Members,

MISSION The Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to look back on accomplishments, set goals for the future, and make resolutions for the coming year. I find that I always have similar resolutions year after year— eat healthier, drink more water, exercise more, lose weight. This year I’ve added an additional goal, that might be the hardest to commit to—be present, and be patient. In today’s world we move a million miles a minute— it is fast decisions, texts, emails, and trying to get everything done across multiple devices. I was sitting at the Junior League Headquarters recently with the League computer on, my personal MacBook, my work laptop, my phone and an iPad in front of me. I was attempting to do so many things at the same time, I was not able to focus my energy on successfully completing a task. I shut down the computers, put away my phone, and was able to have personal and meaningful conversations with a few Sustainers that came into Headquarters. I was present, not distracted by the buzzing of my phone, and I was able to connect with our members. Being patient is something that I will continue to struggle with— mostly being patient with myself. As an organization, I think it is important that we also set goals for the future— where do we see our League in 10, 15, or 20 years— what impact do we hope to have in our positions next year? In the coming weeks we will be surveying our membership to find out answers to these questions. I look back on the accomplishments that our League has made in the past 90 years, and I am in awe that an organization of volunteers has been able to accomplish so much. I also encourage our volunteers to be patient, and to be present— in your work lives, and in your volunteer roles. The Junior League of Oklahoma City has a busy spring ahead. We just wrapped up another amazing Speaker in the City event, and we are preparing for the expansion and rebuild of the Jungle Gym at the Oklahoma City Zoo. We hope that you and your family will join us in April for a busy week at the Oklahoma City Zoo. If you are unable to attend, there are still lots of ways you can help before the week of the build— we are looking for materials to be donated, and food/refreshments for our volunteers. The week of the Zoo build is also the week that we celebrate Legacy and Legends, and honor several Sustainers who have made a huge difference in our League and our community. Also, be on the lookout this spring for the second release of Goodnight OKC, and the launch of our new entertaining book Western and Grand. With Gratitude and Thanks,

VISION The Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. will empower volunteers to impact our community and enrich lives.

FOCUS Women Building a Better Oklahoma City

2 MARCH 2018

Tracey Frederick President, Junior League of Oklahoma City 2017-2018

MARCH 2018



To inform members and increase awareness of Junior League of Oklahoma City projects and events. EDITOR Jenn Tupps ASSISTANT EDITOR & BUSINESS MANAGER Michelle Phillips COMMITTEE MEMBERS Kelly Burchett, Stephanie Hinton, Leah Jackson, Taylor Rockefeller, Christy Wilson 2017-18 BOARD OF DIRECTORS


PRESIDENT Tracey Frederick PRESIDENT-ELECT Pam Campbell BYLAWS CHAIR Sabrina Froehlich COMMUNITY VP Cortney Smith FINANCE VP Katharine Johnston FUNDRAISING VP Kristen Ferate MEMBERSHIP VP Adrienne Nobles NOMINATING CHAIR Mei Cheng SUSTAINING ADVISOR Pam Newby CHIEF OF STAFF Jamie Manoles



James Farris, Debbie Forshee, Dr. Terry Cline, Lindsay Parks, Nicole Dobbins, Lillie-Beth Brinkman, Mel Martin, Alex Cameron, Beth Shortt, Clytie Bunyan, Mary Melon, Noel Williams, MD, Annette White-Klososky, Molly Ross, Jim Gebhart, Rita Aragon, Aurora Lora, Jeff Kretchmar, Kelly Fry, Michael Brooks-Jimenez, Teresa Rose Crook, Kersey Winfree, Kristine Browne, Susan Webb COMMUNITY PROJECTS/PROJECT MANAGERS ELEMENTARY HEALTH Lindsey Truelove FAMILY FITNESS NIGHTS Danielle Lidwell




January 2018 General Membership Meeting Highlights


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Spotlight on Sustainer Ann Trudgeon Transfer News


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Kids On Track Healthy Practices for Survivors of Domestic Violence Prom Night


Another Mistletoe Market Success In The Books

Meet JLOC’s Managing Director Kellian Schneider


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Jungle Gym Expansion & Renovation





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2017 Holiday Open House ABC & STAR Awards League Leash


League Link is published five times a year by the Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. HEADQUARTERS

The Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. 1001 NW Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73118 Phone (405) 843-5668 Fax (405) 843-0994 www.jloc.org

ON THE COVER: JLOC plans a renovation of the Jungle Gym at the OKC Zoo.


Mistletoe Market Speaker in the City Annual Campaign Western + Grand Goodnight OKC


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Another Mistletoe Market Success In The Books


he final numbers are in from the 2017 Mistletoe Market, and the committee is proud to announce that $170,707.44 has been turned over to the League! This amount surpassed the budgeted goal by over $15,000. Thank you to all of our hardworking members who volunteered their time and talents; the 110 vendors who setup shop, and of course the 7,736 shoppers and members of the OKC community for coming out to support JLOC’s largest fundraiser. The funds raised at Mistletoe Market help support our health-based community projects and helps further the mission of Junior League by sending trained volunteers into the OKC community.

4 MARCH 2018

MARKET 2017 COMMITTEE MEMORIES I don’t know if I could pick one memory from Mistletoe Market as my favorite! The entire year leading up to Market was full of good memories – our committee meetings, meeting one-on-one with the committee members, getting to know each committee member better on a personal level, and learning how to work as a team – it was all wonderful! During Market, I loved the Wednesday setting-up process for Preview Party because it was exciting to know that our big event was about to start. I loved seeing all the shoppers starting to come through the doors in the mornings and knowing each day was full of tons of potential to raise money for JLOC. —Alex Brady, Mistletoe Market Committee Chair

I always enjoy seeing the new vendors as well as the tried and true veterans, but hands down, the Preview Party is my favorite part of Mistletoe Market. Everyone comes together to have a good time, catch up, and of course, get a little shopping done. We always pull out all the stops and it looks amazing, as well as featuring fun auction items, yummy food and great music – it’s a great kick-off to the Season!! —Christi Coyle, Special Events Sustaining Co-Chair My favorite Market memory was taking a five minute Starbucks break with the other committee members and walking the aisles of merchants, picking out what we were going to shop for first! —Ann Richard-Farinha, Treasury Vice Chair My favorite memory from Mistletoe Market is a tie between developing/cultivating friendships between my Mistletoe Market girls and the Mistletoe Market merchants. Receiving a signed and hand drawn piece of art from a merchant, will be forever cherished! —Lori Mayhue, Merchant Chair My favorite day in Mistletoe Market Hospitality was when we served chips, queso, and salsa from Chelino’s for a snack on the last day of Market, and our volunteers LOVED it. One merchant’s daughter (she was maybe 9 or 10) asked me if she could please have the leftovers

from the chips and salsa bar. The chips had come in a giant food service container that looked like an outdoor trash bin, and the salsa and queso were each in five-gallon vats - without lids. She assured me both her mom and our committee chair, Sarah Miller, had said it was fine. So, I put a piece of aluminum foil over each of the containers and sent her off with a volunteer and a cart to deliver the food to her booth - it took a whole cart! Sarah Miller came back about 10 minutes later and was immediately puzzled as to where the chips and salsa were, so I told her the girl she’d talked to about taking the leftovers had come by to pick them up. Our Little Miss Salsa hadn’t told the truth about approval from Sarah, and I had to take the cart back to her booth and repossess it all, since Chelino’s wanted their containers back! Her mom was ALSO pretty surprised to have been gifted with all that food and was fairly delighted when we took it back as she wasn’t sure how to transport 10 gallons of salsa and queso back home. —Ann Trudgeon, Hospitality Sustaining Co-Chair My favorite memory is wrapping things up with all the ladies on the committee on Satur-

day, the very last day of Market. We all worked so hard for 10 months and after the doors were closed we were able to breathe a little and share stories from the week - talking about our successes, laughing about interesting interactions, with interesting people and supporting each other as we shared the ups and downs of the week. Great bonding time! —Hillary Ashton, Print and Marketing Chair My favorite memory from Mistletoe Market is the total experience. I have made great friendships with committee members, that I will always treasure. I enjoy talking with the merchants about our Market and also learning from them about other markets. The school choirs are always so cute and full of talent. Having the Energy and OKC Ballet visits were new experiences, and fantastic opportunities to showcase their talents to all our shoppers. Playing with the kids in the Philharmonic instrument garden was cute and funny. I visited several other markets throughout the year to learn and get ideas for possible new merchants. We are always looking for ways to grow Mistletoe Market. ­— Katherine Hager, Merchant Vice Chair


General Membership Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month. General Membership Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m., with social time beginning at 6:00 p.m. Meetings will be held at Will Rogers Theater, located at 4322 N. Western Ave.

2018 MEETING DATES April 10, 2018 May 8, 2018

JANUARY 2018 GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING HIGHLIGHTS Guest Speaker *Kelly Dyer Fry, Editor of The Oklahoman *Spoke about Integris Arcadia Trails and her son, Eric *For more information on her story, read A Thousand Hail Marys to Florida, an editorial she wrote to bring awareness to mental health issues and her family’s personal struggle with addiction. Jungle Gym at the Zoo Updates *Ann Cameron and Sheena Karami, 90th Committee Co-Chairs, announced that in celebration of JLOC’s 90th Anniversary, JLOC will be upgrading and enhancing the Jungle Gym playground. The initial Jungle Gym build was part of the JLOC’s 75th Anniversary Signature Project. *Renovations will occur April 12-15, 2018, and will involve nearly 800 community volunteers.

*Members are encouraged to sign up online to work a 4-hour-shift. *League members may volunteer to serve on various committees: Volunteer, Tools/Materials, Meals/Hospitality, Public Relations, Finance, and Art *Personalized fence pickets may be purchased for $100 Mistletoe Market Final Fundraising Announcement *Alex Brady, Market Chair, reported that the 2017 Mistletoe Market raised $177,707.00 for JLOC! Speaker in the City *Laura Steen, SITC Marketing Co-Chair, spoke about the Speaker event set for February 8, 2018. *Giuliana & Bill Rancic will be the guest speakers *Tickets on sale at www.jloc.org

2018-2019 Board of Directors slate confirmed Joining incoming President, Pam Campbell are: President-Elect: Mandy Heaps Administrative VP: Alex Brady Bylaws Chair: Kristen Ferate Communications VP: Natalie Fix Community VP: Leslie Coale-Mossman Financial VP: Lydia Sullivan-Benham Fundraising VP: Sheena Karami Membership VP: Heather Ward Nominating Chair: Kathy Swift STAR Award Recipients *October – Whitney Hood *November – Debra Ridpath & Michelle Keffer *December – Kajal Jassemnejad ABC Recipients *October – Kelli Hilgenfeld *November – Rachel Petty & Becca Sullivan *December – Beth Armstrong 5



6 MARCH 2018



How YOU Have Helped Improve Health & Wellness in Oklahoma City 1 PREVIEW PARTY TICKET provides A car seat for a child in need through Safe Kids Coalition 1 BREAKFAST WITH SANTA TICKET

1 GENERAL ADMISSION TICKET supplies Food for a needy pet for one month


Supply 1 VIP PREVIEW PARTY TICKET supports Healthy ingredients for 15 Boys & Girls Club participants to prepare an after-school meal with Kids in the Kitchen

Jump ropes, hula hoops and sidewalk chalk for Open Streets

grants A gardening pail for a senior participating in horticulture therapy


supply holiday cheer to the homeless children at Positive Tomorrows Elementary by way of decorations

4 VIP PREVIEW PARTY TICKETS provide Yoga mats and a yoga class, followed by a cooking lesson and meal for 13 homeless teens living in the Family Junction Youth Shelter

10 GENERAL ADMISSION TICKETS provide 10 activity baskets with fitness equipment for the kids & families at Educare to stay fit at home 8 MARCH 2018


provides Approximately 55 life vests to children participating in the Safe Kids water safety education event, Wacky Water Wahoo

$300 SPENT IN THE SILENT AUCTION provides A healthy meal for 15 families staying at the Ronald McDonald House





25 survivors of domestic violence with a Blessing Bag (containing essential personal hygiene products and toiletries)

Respite activities for the parents with children receiving care & treatment at the OU Children’s Hospital

EACH 10X10 MERCHANT BOOTH provides 22 pairs of new running shoes for members of the Boys & Girls Club in the Kids on Track program

4 BREAKFAST WITH SANTA TICKETS grants Swag Bags for 150 patients at Children’s Hospital Prom Night event

Starring daily: world languages, art, music, physical education, STEM, and performing arts From age 3, Heritage Hall students begin their discovery of world languages, art, music, physical education, STEM, and performing arts as part of a challenging daily curriculum that emphasizes a well-rounded education. From preschool to grade 12, our students thrive in a creative learning environment, with abundant performance and public speaking opportunities to prepare them for success on a much bigger stage: life.



1800 NW 122 nd St. • Oklahoma City, OK 73120 • 405.749.3002 • heritagehall.com 9


JLOC received a $10,000 grant from the Kirkpatrick Family Fund toward the Jungle Gym renovation project. This renewed support is indicative of the Kirkpatrick Family Fund’s commitment to the Jungle Gym, which was built in memory of Eleanor B. Kirkpatrick.

Jungle Gym Expansion & Renovation APRIL 12-15, 2018 In honor of the Junior League of Oklahoma City’s 90th Anniversary


ACKGROUND: Through a grassroots effort 15 years ago, the Junior League of Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma Zoological Society, the Oklahoma City Zoo, and community philanthropist Christian Keesee joined hands to provide a 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art playground for the children of Oklahoma City and all who visit the OKC Zoo. What made this project unique was that the playground was designed with input from 3,500 children from 38 metro schools and people from across the Oklahoma City community helped supply the labor and materials to build the playground in only 10 days! This $1.1 million playground project was made possible through the efforts of more than 5,000 volunteers and with the support of more than 100 businesses providing donations of time, tools and talent. With the

Back Row (L to R):Matilda Clements, Ann Trudgeon, Lori Mayhue, Betsy Mantor; Front Row (L to R): Ann Cameron, Morgan Hopson, Katherine Hager.

10 MARCH 2018

guidance of New York based architecture firm, Leathers and Associates, Inc., and their expertise in developing unique, one-of-a-kind communitybuilt playgrounds, our vision became a reality. The Jungle Gym not only teaches children the value of creative play, but is also a civics lesson about a community coming together and achieving goals. The art and hands-on experiences within the Jungle Gym give children a chance to participate in the ultimate playground experience.

CURRENT PROJECT: In honor of the 90th an-

niversary, JLOC will host a four-day expansion & renovation event, April 12-15, 2018. “Again, we are asking Junior League members and volunteers from the community to join together in an effort to update and refresh the playground, as well as expand its footprint to add new components such as the Ability Whirl, a ride that allows children who use wheelchairs to get on and enjoy,” says Ann Cameron, JLOC 90th Anniversary CoChair. In line with our mission, JLOC empowers women to volunteer, lead, train, and make a difference in our community through this unique project. We welcome your families, friends, neighbors, coworkers, civic organizations, and other groups to join us for this blitz! We need Skilled and Unskilled volunteers to help with this project to improve the playground at the OKC Zoo. There will be three, 4-hour shifts

offered each day, and lunch and dinner will be provided for all volunteers.

TIME, TOOLS, & TALENT NEEDED! The Jungle Gym Expansion & Renovation will benefit the Zoo, Oklahoma City and the State of Oklahoma in the following ways: The process of planning and building the playground will bring members of the Oklahoma City community from diverse backgrounds together to forge lasting partnerships. It will continue to teach children the value of art through hands-on creative play. It will continue to provide a unique play place for children and a gathering place for families. It will continue to attract visitors to the OKC Zoo, boosting the Oklahoma economy. HELP BUILD IT! • Mark your calendars for: April 12-15, 2018 • Entire families are encouraged to participate (Ages 10+) • All skill levels needed • Meals and snacks provided • Sign up to work a shift at JLOC.org/JungleGym

WHO CAN HELP • Individuals (Age 10+) • Churches • Civic Groups


Jungle gym shovels and rakes

Opportunities to sponsor a piece of the playground: Ability Whirl - $14,000 Slides - $800 - $4,400 Expression Swing - $3,500 Honey Bee Panel - $900 Butterfly Panel - $800 *In-kind donations of food, materials, tools, supplies, and monetary donations accepted Thank you for your support of the Jungle Gym Playground at the OKC Zoo and for helping us to create a lasting legacy in our community.

Whitney Tero participates in original build




WANT TO HELP? WANT TO DONATE? JungleGym@jloc.org (405) 401-2083 JLOC.org/JungleGym

• • • •

Corporations Artists Fraternities & Sororities Members of the Construction Industry


12036 N. May



Women’s Leadership Society

WHEN CAN I HELP? SHIFT DAYS: Thursday, April 12 Friday, April 13 Saturday, April 14 Sunday, April 15 SHIFT TIMES: 8:00 a.m. — Noon 12:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. 5:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

JUNGLE GYM EXPANSION & RENOVATION STEERING COMMITTEE Ann Cameron, General Coordinator Matilda Clements, Hospitality Coordinator Christi Coyle, Art Committee Coordinator Summer DeFehr, Finance Coordinator Sabrina Froelich, Liaison to the Board Katherine Hager, Hospitality Coordinator Jamie Herrera, Art Committee Coordinator Morgan Hopson, Public Relations Coordinator Sheena Karami, 90th Anniversary Co-Chair Betsy Mantor, Tools & Materials Coordinator Lori Mayhue, Volunteer Coordinator Suzanne Singleterry, Public Relations Coordinator Ann Trudgeon, Volunteer Coordinator

WLS co-chairs Judy Love and Alice Hager.

United Way of Central Oklahoma For more information on United Way’s WLS program:

(405) 236-8441 | WLS@unitedwayokc.org 11

Profile [ people ]

Spotlight on Sustainer Ann Trudgeon


ustainer Ann Trudgeon, is a true champion of the Junior League. As a secondgeneration Leaguer, Ann grew up around JLOC and always knew she would join the League. For Ann, being a member of JLOC is a lifelong commitment; Leaguers aren’t just JLOC members, but community members that take their skills with them to serve. When Ann joined the league in the 1990s, she was a member of the first Provisional Class in which the majority of the participants were working women. This caused a necessary shift in membership requirements as it became difficult for members to participate in certain League requirements. Ann believes that the shift was an important one and as she reflects on it now, she knows that JLOC will have further shifts in the future. Ann says that as things change for

12 MARCH 2018


JLOC, her hope is what’s important stays the same “JLOC will continue to meet the needs of the community, JLOC will continue to maintain meaningful roles in the community and JLOC will sustain the legacy of the League.” As an Active member, Ann served the League in many roles. Her favorite though, one that her mother also held, was that of Community Vice President. This was her favorite because, as Ann noted, “that’s what we’re here to do, to serve the community. In this role, I kept the pulse of the community and the JLOC.” She is also very fond of her two rounds as PAT Chair. For her this was a role that had high importance in the League, as she saw herself being responsible for how the new members understood JLOC. Ann is excited about the upcoming revitalization of the Zoo Playground. As the League’s 75th Anniversary Gift to the community, the Zoo Playground was built, and it was truly a labor of love for those who committed to the project. From the beginning of their work on the project, JLOC was ahead of the game when it came to fundraising and recruiting volunteers. Ann notes that this was another example of how JLOC members use the skills they have learned in the League to do great things for the community. Ann was a part of the Signature Project, taking weeks off work to be on-site daily. She was a novice during the first build, but learned valuable skills to help lead the revitalization of the Zoo Playground. Ann encourages all members to join in! She reminds us that there is a lot of pride that comes from participating in this event and wants members to “see that they are a part of a legacy” that will be there for generations to come. Ann is passionate about the Zoo Project partly because being involved in the OKC Zoo runs in her family. As a child, her grandfather helped raise money for the Zoo to purchase Judy the Elephant. Ann has fond memories of her childhood at the Zoo with her grandfather as he took his grandchildren to the Zoo every

chance he could. During the original Signature Project, every member of her family worked on the playground, carrying on their grandfather’s legacy of investing in the community. While working on the original build, her mother as a Sustainer always wore Ann’s grandpa’s wedding ring. It was lost during one of the work days, but Ann’s mom believes that there is no better place for it to be than at the Zoo he loved so much. Ann also served on the Mistletoe Market Committee this year as the Hospitality Sustaining Co-Chair. This was her first time to serve at Market, and Ann says it is one of the hardest placements. As our League’s largest fundraiser, the Committee understands how important raising enough money is, all while being mindful of the many moving pieces. Though somewhat stressful, Ann is fond of her time this past year on the Committee. “It is a bonding experience and it is fun,” she noted, pointing out that she became fast friends with the women she served with. For Ann, Mistletoe Market, an event she has been to every year, is an important part of JLOC. The money raised from the event allows the JLOC to serve the community and “every dollar is hard fought and hard won” so it’s important for members to be involved, volunteer yearly, and serve on the Committee at least once, if they are able. As a lifelong member of JLOC, Ann wants to remind members that your membership is what you make of it. She believes that members, Active and Sustainer alike, should take every opportunity that the League offers and be involved in the community that the League provides. However, she also believes League members shouldn’t stop there, but should take skills learned in the JLOC into the larger community, “sit on boards, participate, make community boards better by being involved. You never know where you’ll open doors through your JLOC membership.”

Transfer News


he primary focus of the Transfer Committee is to welcome, educate and acquaint our new transfers to not only JLOC, but to Oklahoma City. It can be fun yet sometimes overwhelming when you move to a new city, and we hope to make that transition as easy as possible. The transfer committee is made up of Provisionals, Actives and Sustainers but we always welcome new ladies that would like to join our committee. Recently, the Transfer Committee gathered for an evening of pizza and painting. We had

By Nichole Glover, Transfer Committee Chair

lots of fun creating our masterpieces! On another outing, we “escaped” from a local Escape Room – lots of fun! Welcome to our new Transfer member, Lindsay Ward from Dallas. Please introduce yourself to Lindsay and let’s make her feel right at home!

MEET JLOC’S MANAGING DIRECTOR KELLIAN SCHNEIDER The Board of Directors are very pleased to announce the appointment of Kellian Schneider as our new Managing Director. Kellian has extensive experience in marketing, professional development and nonprofit management. For the past 10 years she has consulted with nonprofits and businesses in the areas of strategic planning and brand development. We are confident that the addition of Kellian will allow us to grow and develop further in the OKC community! To get to know her a little better, we asked her a few questions: Could you tell our membership a bit about your previous employment(s)? I thoroughly enjoy nonprofit management, and have had the great fortune to be entrusted with leading culture, experiences, and programs on the state and national level. Recently I served as the Vice President of Professional Development for the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS, a 501c6 nonprofit organization with about 10,000 members (tenure of eight years). I served as the Executive Director of Experiences at LifeChurch for several years, which my family still attends. For over 10 years, it has been my privilege to serve on the Board of Directors for The Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium (OK Ethics). I have been invited to serve as VP of Public Relations for 2018. What about your family? Are you married? Any children? I live in Guthrie, and have been married for over twenty years to my husband, Sam. Due to an accident years ago, I thought I would never be able to have kids. However, one day it became apparent that I was pregnant and now we have a two-year old son running around – Mason. He is such a joy and loves

to meet new people, so I look forward to introducing him to folks! We also have a few fur babies – Panda (90 lb. Great Pyrenees/Border Collie mix) and River (65 lbs. German Shepherd.) We also share two cats with the neighbors. What are you most looking forward in your new position as Managing Director? I love helping people to flourish and achieve the extraordinary, so I am overthe-top excited to contribute to the amazing things the women of the Junior League are doing! I hope that my experience will greatly enhance the organization as a whole and help members as they do incredible things in our community. What do you think is the biggest impact JLOC has on the community?  What a rich heritage this organization has! The Junior League has a unique reputation that opens doors and opportunity to make a significant impact in our community. I think the dedication, organization and expertise of the members makes this a force to be reckoned with. I feel like this group can take on anything! What do you do enjoy doing in your free

time? What are your hobbies?  I am an extremely curious person and easy to entertain – I’m not sure how to be bored. I love variety and trying new things. I thoroughly enjoy a good giggle and spending time with family/friends. Other than that, some things I enjoy are: travelling, reading, the outdoors – exploring and active endeavors; animals, gardening (edible landscaping is my favorite challenge right now) and working with a school district in Nicaragua. What is your favorite book or most recently read book you enjoyed? I recently began reading “Crucial Conversations” and I think it’s going to be really good. I just finished a historical fiction book “From Sand and Ash” by Amy Harmon that I enjoyed, set in Italy as WWII began. Anything else you would like JLOC members to know? I want to thank the JLOC members for the overwhelmingly warm welcome I’ve received! I am eager to get to know each of you and really look forward to working together. Thank you Kellian. We are looking forward to getting to know you and working with you, as well!



27th Annual Awards Celebration: Legacy & Legends JLOC to Honor Three Distinguished Members


ur 2018 Legacy & Legends Annual Awards Celebration, will be held on Thursday, April 12, at 5:30 p.m. at VAST atop the Devon Tower. Our theme of “Here’s to 90 Years – JLOC Through the Decades” will be integrated into the venue featuring archived items that highlight the momentous accomplishments of the League throughout each remarkable decade. The history of the women who have served our great organization is inspiring, leaving a mark on Oklahoma City like no other. All of the award recipients have dedicated much of their time, life, and resources to the worthy causes they represent, and have undoubtedly created legacies of which they should be proud. The Junior League of Oklahoma City is honored to call these women members, community partners, and friends. The first surprise announcement was made to Jeanie Butts, who will be awarded our Sustainer of the Year. There was genuine shock, gratitude, happy tears, and excitement from all in attendance. Surprising our other honorees,

Matilda Clements and Marnie Taylor, was equally as thrilling, as these amazing women showed humility, grace, and enthusiasm for the honor. Matilda Clements will be awarded our Mary Baker Rumsey Lifetime Achievement Award, named after JLOC’s first President, and honoring a lifetime of community service. The President’s Spirit of Commitment Award, which will be awarded to Marnie Taylor, is a special honor, having only been granted 6 times during our League’s history. Legacy & Legends is a special event where League members can come together and celebrate our past and present, while hearing beautiful testimonials that will inspire our future! We will also be recognizing all Active members who were awarded the ABC (Above & Beyond the Call) and STAR (Special Thanks & Recognition) Awards within the last year. Tickets are available for $35, and may be purchased at jloc.org or by calling Headquarters at 405-843- 5668. Please join our Legacy & Legends com-

mittee, and our Board of Directors as we honor these three distinguished members as our latest Legacy & Legends of the Junior League of Oklahoma City. The committee has been diligently planning this momentous occasion for months, and are confident it will be one you will not want to miss!

“I think this ‘perfectionist gene’ that too many young women have holds them back, and instead they should be really aiming for ‘good enough’. You don't have to be perfect. Most men never think like that. They're just trying to figure out what's the opening and how they can seize it. They're not thinking about, ‘oh my gosh, I'm not perfect, my hair's not perfect today, I wore the wrong shoes’. No.” —Hilary Rodham Clinton

Celebrating Jeanie's "surprise" were Christy Wilson, Sara Sweet, Zoe Butts, Alex Brady and Tracey Frederick.

In attendance for Marnie's "surprise" were Beth Kerr, Sara Sweet, Sue Ann Hyde, Janie Axton and Adrienne Nobles.

14 MARCH 2018

Shown with Matilda are Polly Nichols, Tamara Hermen, Sue Ryan, Carol Johnson, Tracey rederick, Ann Cameron, Ann Trudgeon, Cristi Reiger, Sara Sweet, Beth Kerr, Katherine Hager and Jamie Farha.



Meet Your League Link Committee We asked each of the LL Committee Members to tell us a little bit about themselves…here are their answers.

Kelly Burchett Why do you enjoy serving on the League Link committee? I enjoy researching and writing interesting stories!   Favorite thing you have written this year? My article on the history of the Junior League of OKC from the organization's inception through the 30's.  What is your favorite JLOC memory (doesn't have to be LL related)? Well, I'm new to JLOC, so I don't have too many to choose from (yet!), but I really enjoyed the provisional team building training last year. What are your New Year’s resolutions? To start my own business and to get a puppy!  Why do you like being a member of JLOC? I enjoy meeting new people, going through valuable trainings, and I look forward to doing volunteer work in the community. What are your hobbies? I read a lot! I also love cooking, gardening, and travel! Favorite restaurants? I will never turn down a Johnnie's cheeseburger. 

Stephanie Hinton Why do you enjoy serving on the League Link committee? I love meeting new people in the League, by serving on this committee I've had the opportunity to interview League members who are truly community leaders, their passion for serving our community is the reason why I wanted to be a part of the JLOC. Favorite thing you have written this year? The Sustainer Spotlight on Karen Luke. I was incredibly inspired by the things that she has done through the JLOC and for OKC.  What is your favorite JLOC memory (doesn't have to be LL related)? Our Provisional Community Project, it was a great opportunity to serve the community and to build relationships with other provisional league members. What are your New Year’s resolutions? Learn Spanish! I've already signed up for a class at work. Why do you like being a member of JLOC? Being a

16 MARCH 2018

member of JLOC is a great opportunity to be a part of a community that serves OKC. I love volunteering and I appreciate all the training you can receive as a member of JLOC. What are your hobbies? Reading, spending time with my husband, volunteering Favorite restaurants? I love the local scene in OKC! Really any place on Western, Plaza District, Paseo, or 23rd Street makes me happy! 

Michelle Phillips

League Link Assistant Editor Why do you enjoy serving on the League Link committee? I love getting all the behind the scenes stories from our events and getting to learn that extra detail about our members that we do spotlights on. We have some amazing women and some amazing projects. Favorite thing you have written this year? Every article has been fun and interesting, but hearing all the fun stories from Mistletoe Market was probably my favorite. What is your favorite JLOC memory (doesn't have to be LL related)? Running the fun run at the Memorial Marathon with all my friends from the Boys and Girls Club was something that will stay with me for a long time. I miss getting to play games and leave grown up worries behind every week. What are your New Year’s resolutions? My only goal this year is to make sure that I notice the little things and enjoy life every day. Why do you like being a member of JLOC? I love that we have so many different projects and opportunities to be involved with everything that is going on around our city. What are your hobbies? Yoga, loving on my dogs, and DIY home projects. Favorite restaurants? Upper Crust and San Marcos.

Taylor Rockefeller Why do you enjoy serving on the League Link committee? I like that I'm contributing to some-

thing that all JLOC members receive. Favorite thing you have written this year? I liked writing my article on self-care; Self-Care and Work-Life Balance.  What is your favorite JLOC memory (doesn't have to be LL related)? The Christmas party was fun. I also enjoyed volunteering with my fellow Provisionals at Haunt the Zoo this past October. What are your New Year’s resolutions? I don't do New Year’s resolutions, never have.  Why do you like being a member of JLOC? I like feeling connected to and an active participant within my community.  What are your hobbies? I love love love to garden. I also like doing home focused DIYs (making floating shelves, building raised garden beds, etc.).  Favorite restaurants? Los Arcos, Nhinjas, Urban Jonnies, the Garage and of course good ol' Waffle House.

Jenn Tupps

League Link Editor Why do you enjoy serving on the League Link committee? I like being a small part of the League. Our magazines are teeny snippets of JLOC history, and it is fun to craft an entertaining and informative issue. Favorite thing you have written this year? The Sustainer Spotlight on Pam Newby! Her story and the foundation of Special Care were inspirational. What is your favorite JLOC memory (doesn't have to be LL related)? I loved serving as a Remarkable Shop Mentor. I just loved that place! What are your New Year’s resolutions? My resolution is to get more sleep! (Excited about that one!) Why do you like being a member of JLOC? I have enjoyed getting to know lots of fun women in OKC! Many parents of my daughter’s kindergarten classmates are or were JLOC members – it’s a fun little community and you run into JLOC members everywhere! What are your hobbies? Spending time with my family, obedience training my pups, walking Favorite restaurants? Pho Lien Hoa, Café 7, anywhere serving pancakes.

Adorn helps businesses and residential clients create amazing first impressions with custom container gardens and outdoor décor.

Christy Wilson


elizabeth@adornokc.com 405.255.1730 www.adornokc.com


W O O D Y C A N D Y. C O M

C E L E B R A T I N G 1927

















Communications VP Why do you enjoy serving on the League Link committee? The LL Committee takes great pride, and works extremely hard to publish this high-quality, membership-oriented magazine. I love playing a small part in the success of this publication. Plus, I love being able to tout all the wonderful things that JLOC is doing in our community, by visibly showcasing the impact we are making with this powerful communications piece! What are your New Year’s resolutions? To focus more on myself and allowing actual "me-time". Much like everyone else, I struggle to find a balance with managing work and family life so I want to concentrate on better time management and allocation of said time. I have also discovered that sometimes it is OK to say "no." Not the most novel idea, but it's always been a struggle for me to turn down an offer for help, but sometimes you need to put yourself first!  Why do you like being a member of JLOC? Much like everything in this world, you get out of your League experience what you put into it. Just by being a member of this organization, you will have opportunities presented to you all the time which might come in the form of a leadership role in a community placement or an in-League appointment; the trainings that are available and offered to our members are unparalleled, in my opinion. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, because each opportunity will open you up to something new and afford you with experiences that you may have not been exposed to otherwise. One of my favorite quotes, that I heard in one of our leadership trainings, is that "the League is a safe place to fail". In what other organization will you hear that? The JLOC is the most supportive group of women. I have made lifelong friendships; learned so much about how to be a better volunteer, a better leader, a better more rounded person in general. On top of that I have been exposed to a plethora of experiences and opportunities that I possibly would not have otherwise. I will forever be grateful to the League for developing my professional and leadership skills, and fostering my love of our community and getting involved in the areas that are the neediest and most vulnerable. It's a truly great honor to be a JLOC member! What are your hobbies? In my spare time I love to paint, and just be creative in general with various DIY projects around my home. Photography is another passion of mine. In college, I was a Studio Art minor and used to develop my own film and pictures, but that is a dying art! I need to get with the modern times now and learn how to take better pics with my DSLR! Favorite restaurants? Cheever's is a long-running fave, but of the newer restaurants, I am currently addicted to Yokozuna! So yummy.



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Focus [ projects ]

Kids On Track


he Kids on Track JLOC placement began four years ago and has become a wellestablished program at the Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma County. Each Monday evening, JLOC volunteers plan and lead a running training session at the Boys and Girls Club, with about 25 of Oklahoma City’s most enthusiastic elementary-aged student-athletes. We run a training mile each session and play a variety of games to instill in the children the concept that being physically active is not only empowering, but also an immense amount of fun. Our mission is to motivate and teach the members of Boys and Girls Club to participate in healthy activities and to encourage fitness routines for our athletes to use throughout the

18 MARCH 2018

truly light up the room. Our students are so proud of their own accomplishments and are grateful to Lauren Hammonds the League for providing them a new pair of runJohnson, Project Manager ning shoes to continue their training. Training ramps up in the spring semester as we prepare the students to run in the OKC Memorial Marathon Kids Run or the Redbud Classic Kids Run. For many of our students, this is their first week. Through our sessions, we hope to inspire official race and the first opportunity they have confidence and encourage enthusiasm for runto test out their newly acquired ning, living a healthy live, running techniques and skills. and teamwork. As we build “Believe that you can run For both volunteers and students relationships with the students alike, this is the most rewarding each semester, we hope to also farther or faster. Believe part of placement. The students serve as role models and posithat you’re young enough, are so excited to get to run a real tive examples for our vivacious old enough, strong enough, race and earn a medal or race participants. and so on to accomplish t-shirt. The highlight of our fall everything you want to do.” Since the Kids on Track prosemester is called Final Event. —John Bingham gram at Boys and Girls Club is Our student-athletes train hard based on separate sign ups in the throughout the semester, and fall and spring, different studentas a reward for their efforts, the athletes can participate each semester. As a result, League provides a pair of new running shoes and the League also generously provides a new pair of goodies to each participant. When the students running shoes to the spring semester participants receive their new shoes, the smiles on their faces after they have completed weeks’ worth of training and finished their big race. As volunteers with Kids on Track, we enjoy working with the students each week and watching them grow both in maturity (and in stature!). However, this placement also provides us an opportunity to build relationships with our fellow JLOC members in the placement. We are blessed with a League that is several hundred active members strong. As such, being a part of this placement and other community placements provides an opportunity to make personal relationships with individual members, as we all work together to improve our community and develop our own potential as women.

Healthy Practices for Survivors of Domestic Violence I

n the United States, one in every four women is a victim of domestic violence. Over 15 million children in the United States witness domestic abuse every year. Oklahoma ranks third in the nation for women murdered due to domestic violence. Approximately, 49 percent of Oklahoma women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. The YWCA of Oklahoma City is a beacon of hope for victims of

Project Manager Nikki West

the physical, mental, or emotional health of participants. This year, our placement has the unique opportunity to renovate the Shelter’s Meditation Room. Our volunteers are designing a calming, serene, and relaxing atmosphere through comfortable furnishings, mood lighting, water features, and color therapy. We will also provide additional accessories such as yoga mats, aromatherapy diffusers, and mindfulness tools to further enhance the meditative and relaxing purpose of the room. Our volunteers are so excited to see the end results of the Meditation Room renovations as it will provide a safe place for Shelter residents to relax and unwind. The Healthy Practices for Survivors of Domestic Violence Placement has had a wonderful year so far and JLOC members should be very proud of the impact the volunteers are making at the YWCA every week. Their impact goes beyond each Wednesday night session, beyond the yoga and arts and crafts, and far beyond the Placement year. Our volunteers are bringing positive light, smiles, and fun back into the lives of the women and children who reside at the YWCA Thelma Gaylord Emergency Shelter.

domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. The YWCA of Oklahoma City works to break the cycle of domestic violence through advocacy, education, and empowerment. The YWCA Thelma Gaylord Emergency Shelter houses 120 residents. Look past the Shelter’s bars, security gates, and railings, and you will see a safe place, a community, a home. Every Wednesday evening, JLOC Healthy Practices for Survivors of Domestic Violence Placement volunteers conduct healthy and fun activities for the residents of the Shelter. Activities range from yoga, to arts and crafts, but always focus on improving

9 0 T H A N N I V E R S A R Y Western

+ Grand

chance to reserve this piece of Oklahoma City history at the discounted presale price of $40!

By Sheena Karami

Western + Grand cover art by Rita Ortloff


Grand an approach to entertaining and living in

Oklahoma City

Entertaining is an inspired way for a community to come together. Through food and drink we tell stories, communicating so much about ourselves and our homes with relaxed ease. No arena is more intimate or exciting than a home kitchen. Welcoming the people we love into our personal sanctuaries— our homes—allows for ways to connect not otherwise experienced. Our hope is WESTERN + GRAND will inspire you and households across the country to come together and celebrate life with the same flare many of us already experience here in Oklahoma City. A limited number of books will be released in Spring 2018. Pre-sales for WESTERN + GRAND began at Mistletoe Market and will continue both online at www.JLOC.org and through the order form below. Don’t miss your

Project Manager Britnee Joyner

Junior League of Oklahoma City



Prom Night D ozens of kids battling life-threatening illnesses danced the night away at the fifth annual Prom Night at the Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center. Themed an “Evening Among the Stars”, patients were treated like superstars during preprom festivities where they got to select a gown donated by Tres Jolie, a piece of jewelry courtesy of Kendra Scott, and even had their hair and makeup done by professionals.  The main event featured a decorated ballroom, complete with a DJ, laser lighting, dancing, appetizers, and fun for both patients and their families. Prom attendees enjoyed taking photos in the photo booth and

Project Manager Cassie Thompson

getting caricatures drawn of themselves and their friends. Moms and Dads got pampered with chair massages courtesy of JLOC Project volunteers from the “Parent’s Night Out” placement. The event culminated with the crowning of the Prom King and Queen by OKC Energy FC player Cody Laurendi and Mrs. Oklahoma, Emerald Stanley. In addition to taking home a crown, the King and Queen each received an iPad donated by Laura Lynn’s Home Care.  Prom Night aims to reduce the anxiety and depression often accompanying illness, injury and hospitalization. Many of the patients who attend Prom Night also attend Camp Cavett, a camp for children who are battling life-threatening illnesses. Prom serves as a reunion of sorts and they very much look forward to seeing their friends every January. For those who are newly diagnosed, Prom allows them to interact, form friendships and bond with other patients who are also battling illnesses.  


“Prom is a nice time to have fun with other people just like you and to just connect with other ages and different people with different diagnoses.” —Parece P. “This is my first year. I was pretty nervous my first time. I like Prom because I don’t feel any different, compared to how I feel at school. I don’t feel like I need to stay by myself. I can hang around with a lot more people and not feel embarrassed about what I

20 MARCH 2018

have on my body.” —Alizaya W. “This was my first year. I didn’t realize that we were going to get dresses and I’ve never officially gotten makeup done professionally, or hair. So, that was really neat!” —Delaney K.  “Prom is so awesome because it’s a time when we get to come to the hospital and we don’t have to worry about Loren being hooked up to dialysis machines or being sick. She’s happy and everybody is happy and looking nice and just for one night get to feel like a princess. All of these kids have scars and they are so self-conscious outside of this hospital, but here they are comfortable with each other because they all have battle wounds. Not only that, all of the people that put love into this. Through all of the years we’ve had basketball teams and cheerleaders. All of the people that do all of the things. It’s awesome that people give up their time to do the hair, to do the makeup, to donate the dresses. I could never afford something like that. I have insulin and gas to pay for. They don’t just help the one sick child, they help the whole family and it’s one time the whole family can laugh and be happy together and take silly photo booth pictures together. To eat food and dance. Just making

memories. I just got a 10 minute massage! I was so tense and I feel so much better. We are so thankful to get to come here. Loren has been coming for 5 years. We have all of the pictures and all of the dresses! We are really excited to be a part of this. It’s awesome to have people open up their hearts and their wallets to provide a night that the kids wouldn’t otherwise be able to have.” —Tiffani W. (parent) Loren W. (17)   “It was really magical. I think people here are just really amazing. I think everyone here should be Prom King and Prom Queen because everyone here is a king and a queen in my books. Everyone is beautiful through my eyes.” —Luke F. (about being Prom king)  “I’ve been bullied all of my life, because of my problems, I guess. I’ve made life-long friends though Camp Cavett. It’s like seeing my second family when I come to Prom. It’s like the best thing I’ve been to in my life. It’s more than Thanksgiving. It’s more than Christmas day to me- just to come back here. To come to Prom for 3 hours and just to be able to see everyone again.” —Luke F.



Et Cetera [ various ]

2017 Holiday Open House

By Christy Wilson

Members enjoying the Holiday Open House.


embers enjoyed a fun and festive Holiday Open House, held at the beautiful home of Sustainer, Carleen Burger, this past December. The Burger home was previously the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, and JLOC Provisionals had fun recreating a photograph of the 1983 Provisional class on this very staircase. This gathering provided a great time for camaraderie as JLOC members reminisced over the past and built excitement for the future. Thank you Carleen for graciously opening up your home and hosting this fun celebration!  Members of the 2017 Provisional class following suit of the 1983 Provisionals, on the stairwell of the Burger’s lovely home.

Members of the 2017 Provisional class following suit of the 1983 Provisionals, on the stairwell of the Burger’s lovely home.

22 MARCH 2018


JOIN JUNIOR LEAGUE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Please use the official hashtags of #JLOC: #WeAreJLOC, #JLOCFavoriteThings, #JLOCHealthySelfie, #SpeakerInTheCity, #GoodnightOKC, #LegacyAndLegends #JLOC90 Facebook.com/JLOC.IMPACT Facebook.com/MistletoeMarketOKC Facebook.com/SpeakerInTheCity

All applications for Provisional membership for the 2018-2019 League year and associated payments will be due no later than Monday, March 12, 2018 by midnight. For more prospective member information, please visit




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Et Cetera



JUNE: Jenn Tupps, League Link Editor JULY: Chelsea Ricket, Project Development

Committee Chair and Azadeh Adlamini, Vice Chair AUGUST: Kristin Van Nort, Strategic Planning Chair SEPTEMBER: Jenna Hudson, PAT Vice Chair OCTOBER: Kelli Hilgenfeld, PAT Advisor NOVEMBER: Rachel Petty and Becca Sullivan, Co-Community Coordinators DECEMBER: Beth Armstrong, Communications Member at Large STAR AWARD WINNERS MAY: Megan McGinnis, YWCA Placement JUNE: Kayla Coffey, Pet Food Pantry JULY: Stephanie Josefy, Health Beyond Sight SEPTEMBER: Kiley Hendley, Food & Fun at

Family Junction

ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS! Please update your JLOC Member Profile photo! With over half our members missing a photo on their Member Profile Page, it can be difficult to determine “who’s who” in JLOC.  If your profile photo is not current or is a “No Photo” box, please log on to your member profile page and upload a photo!

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OCTOBER: Whitney Hood, Family Fitness Nights NOVEMBER: Debra Ridpath and Michelle Keffer,

Kids on Track DECEMBER: Kajal Jassemnejad, Kids in the Kitchen/Top Chef

Call today and ask for Sormeh or email sormehslater@remax.net



11916 MAPLE HOLLOW CT         $425,000 4 BEDROOMS, 4.1 BATHROOMS 3336 SQ. FT   |   YR. BUILT: 1990

20 NE 3RD ST                     $630,000 3 BEDROOMS, 2.1 BATHROOMS 2773 SQ. FT   |   YR. BUILT: 2008


John Elliott Terrill Born December 1, 2017 Proud parents John & Samara, and big brother Henson

24 MARCH 2018


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Et Cetera

League Leash


Daysha Johnson, Pet owner Baby loves napping, sunbathing, and cuddling.

Each issue, we will feature JLOC pets! If you would like to see your pet in the League Link, please email photos to tupps.editor2017@gmail.com.

Hawk & Sprinkles German Shepherd Dogs

Ages: 6 months & 2 months Jenn Tupps, Pet owner Hawk & Sprinkles love children, chew toys, following family members around very closely, investigating all smells, chasing the cat until he decides to fight back, and snuggling. Both are still puppies, so they are working hard on learning their manners.

Josie & Penny

Amanda Cornmesser, Pet owner Both pups were rescued by Amanda from the OKC Humane Society. While these two are not sisters, the play and wrestle like they are! Josie and Penny love playing with doggie toys and count the hours each day until their family gets home from school and work.

Jonah & Lillie

Laura Polchinski, Pet owner Jonah loves to play fetch, and Lillie loves belly rubs.

26 MARCH 2018



4-year old Doberman mix 2-year old Pit Bull mix Taylor Rockefeller, Pet owner We got Daisy from a Doberman rescue in Florida while we lived in Pensacola. She is fiercely loyal and the smartest dog I’ve ever been around; she knows over 15 tricks/ commands/words. She enjoys fetching things thrown for her in lakes, chasing squirrels, patrolling the house, and going for car rides. She also enjoys wearing scarfs and dog coats because she doesn’t grow an undercoat in the winter. Joey joined us from a local rescue called Country Roads Animal Rescue. He is the sweetest dog ever. He knows how big he is, yet he still insists on being in your lap for some snuggles. His favorite things are snuggles with people (any people, he loves them all), naps by the fire when it’s cold, going for walks, and being around children.


Women Building a Better OKC

MISSION The Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

VISION The Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. will empower volunteers to impact our community and enrich lives.

FOCUS Women Building a Better Oklahoma City

Thank you for advertising with us! Adorn Cindy Ritchie Photography First National Bank Heritage Hall

Juleps at the Jones Parman & Easterday Phillips Legal Safety Skills

Sormeh Slater United Way Woody Candy

Increase your business and advertise with us! Get on board for the 2017-18 League Link year and start advertising. The circulation is over 1,500 and sent not only to JLOC Members and Provisionals, but numerous businesses, and community organizations. Special rates are available for JLOC Provisionals, Actives and Sustainers.


Contact Michelle Phillips, League Link Business Manager and Assistant Editor, for more information at mpteach17@gmail.com.



Profile for Walker Creative, Inc.

March 2018 LeagueLink  

The Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women a...

March 2018 LeagueLink  

The Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women a...

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