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ChristMISS Week  1:   MISS-­‐demeanor

Big Idea:

A season  of  hope,  Advent  calls  us   to  prepare  ourselves,  our  lives,   our  a;tudes  to  align  with  the   Truth  of  the  season.    How  are  you   preparing  yourself  for  the  season?


“In those  days  a  decree  went  out  from  Emperor  Augustus  that   all  the  world  should  be  registered.  This  was  the  first   registra=on  and  was  taken  while  Quirinius  was  governor  of   Syria.  All  went  to  their  own  towns  to  be  registered.  Joseph   also  went  from  the  town  of  Nazareth  in  Galilee  to  Judea,  to   the  city  of  David  called  Bethlehem,  because  he  was   descended  from  the  house  and  family  of  David.  He  went  to  be   registered  with  Mary,  to  whom  he  was  engaged  and  who  was   expec=ng  a  child.  While  they  were  there,  the  =me  came  for   her  to  deliver  her  child.  And  she  gave  birth  to  her  firstborn   son  and  wrapped  him  in  bands  of  cloth,  and  laid  him  in  a   manger,  because  there  was  no  place  for  them  in  the  inn.”

.: .:    Orange  ParenKng  Blog:  

Luke 2:1-­‐7

Opposite of  GraKtude   hMp://   .:    Book  -­‐  Paren&ng  Beyond  Your   Capacity  by  Reggie  Joiner

Discussion QuesKons: What  is  advent? Why  do  we  celebrate  Christmas? How  has  your  family  started  preparing  for  Christmas?

Challenge: Challenge your  family  to  have  the   right  a;tude  as  Christmas   approaches  by  slowing  down,   experiencing  God’s  peace,  and   embracing  the  richness  of  the   holiday  season.

How can  you  and  your  family  think  more  about  Jesus  this  advent   season? How  can  we  experience  peace  this  holiday  season? How  can  we  be  peacemakers  this  holiday  season? What  are  some  ways  that  we  can  experience  the  true  meaning  of   Christmas  this  year?


NOVEMBER 27  &  28,  2010

WC Orange - ChristMISS week 1  

WC Orange - ChristMISS week 1

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