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Old Time  Religion

Week 4  -­‐  What  We  Believe:  SalvaHon

Big Idea:

To have  a  powerful   understanding  of   salvaKon  and  our   relaKonship  with  God.

“For God  so  loved  the  world  that  he  gave   his  only  Son,  so  that  everyone  who   believes  in  him  may  not  perish  but  may   have  eternal  life.    Indeed,  God  did  not  send   the  Son  into  the  world  to  condemn  the   world,  but  in  order  that  the  world  might  be   saved  through  him.”


.: .: .:    Book  -­‐  Church  +  Home   by  Mark  Holmen

John 3:16-­‐17

Discussion QuesHons:    Why  do  we  need  to  be  saved?   Do  you  ever  feel  God  is  angry  with  you?    Explain.  


Talk about  ways  that   your  family  can  help   each  other  act  more   like  Jesus  each  day.


Are you  grateful  when  God  forgives  you?     How  do  you  express  that  graKtude?   Do  you  work  on  being  more  like  Jesus  every  day?     How?

JULY 30  &  31,  2011

Old-Time Religion wk 4  

Old-Time Religion wk 4

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