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Big Idea: We  become  champions  by   learning  the  truth  about  daily   worship  and  by  tapping  into   the  wealth  of  God’s  goodness.

Challenge: Find a  crea've  way  to   communicate  to  your  child   that  they  are  your  MVP!

Chalk Talk  Week  1:  MVP’s “At  that  'me  the  disciples  came  to  Jesus  and  asked,  ‘Who  is  the  greatest  in  the   kingdom  of  heaven?’  He  called  a  child,  whom  he  put  among  them,  and  said,  ‘ Truly  I   tell  you,  unless  you  change  and  become  like  children,  you  will  never  enter  the   kingdom  of  heaven.  Whoever  becomes  humble  like  this  child  is  the  greatest  in  the   kingdom  of  heaven.  Whoever  welcomes  one  such  child  in  my  name  welcomes  me.     ‘If  any  of  you  put  a  stumbling-­‐block  before  one  of  these  liFle  ones  who  believe  in   me,  it  would  be  beFer  for  you  if  a  great  millstone  were  fastened  around  your  neck   and  you  were  drowned  in  the  depth  of  the  sea.”   MaFhew  18:1-­‐6

Discussion QuesKons: Resources: .: .: .:    “Paren'ng  Beyond  Your  

Who do  you  like  to  read  or  learn  about?

Capacity” by  Reggie  Joiner   and  Carey  Nieuwhof

Do you  think  you  are  great?    Why  or  why  not?

Who do  you  consider  to  be  great?

How do  your  friends  define  greatness?     How  do  you  define  greatness?

Good News: God  has  ordained  you  to  be   the  spiritual  coach  for  your   child.    You  can  do  it!!


If you  could  be  “the  greatest”  in  the  whole  world  at  something,  what  would  it  be? What  would  it  take  to  become  “the  greatest”  in  God’s  eyes? Why  did  Jesus  use  a  child  to  show  the  kind  of  person  who  is  the  greatest?

SEPTEMBER 11&12,  2010

Chalk Talk Week 1 Discussion Questions  

WC orange discussion questions for Chalk Talk week 1

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